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Toyota Camry Rattles



  • Thanks, Ken - You got it! Sorry I didn't see your message until after the problem was solved, but I wanted to tell you how right you were. It was the tire pressure! Apparently the sales manager at my dealership was aware of previous complaints from new owners about the same issue I was having, but they haven't learned to check the tire pressure before sending a customer home in the car. I guess the Toyota factory loves to overinflate tires for whatever reason. Maybe it's a car carrier regulation or something. Anyway, the sticker on my doorjamb says the tires should be 29 psi and they were all 42 psi!! Once we let the air out the car rides just fine. Whew! What anxiety THAT caused me!

    My dealership has a written policy that within 72 hours (and not more than 250 miles) from delivery, you can return the car (undamaged) for full purchase price refund. Obviously, this is just an individual dealership policy. But I can tell you I was thisclose to calling it into play. I chastised the sales manager for not checking the tire pressure beforehand. It would have saved me a lot of grief.

    The slight rattle is still there and the sales manager rode with me and heard it, too. He thinks it's the rear seat belt mechanisms in the top of the seat and they will be ordering me new ones to replace them. Otherwise, I now love the car.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    The reason they are overinflated from the factory is so that they don't get flat spots on them from the transport trucks. If you've ever watched them unload a truck, you'll notice that they chain them down at all 4 corners and when they release the chains, the car/truck pops up about 6-8". When they're chained down this hard for any period of time, if the tires are not overinflated, they will get flattened. Part of the PDI (pre delivery inspection) for the dealer to do is to check the tire pressure. So either someone forgot or was lazy, but at least you found what it was. I'm glad you're enjoying the new car and I'm sure you'll have many more miles of enjoyable ownership.

  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    ...they also get flat-spotted just sitting on the dealer's lot, which is another reason they are reluctant to set the pressures at proper delivery levels until the car is actually ready for the customer.

    I can't tell you how often I have answered this question or couseled people complaining about ride and noise problems with a new car to CHECK THE TIRE PRESSURES BEFORE YOU TAKE DELIVERY OF ANY NEW CAR. For that matter, I never sign anything on a new car until I have driven the particular car I'm intending to buy - a couple of times I've called off the deal, or picked another car in stock, because of issues that have arisen on that "acceptance drive".

    Nothing unique about Toyota here - I've had to adjust the tire pressures on a number of Mercedes, BMWs and other high-line cars before taking them on a test drive. I consider the tire gauge an essential tool for any test drive.
  • makarandmakarand Posts: 3

    I bought a 2005 Camry hardly 10 miles on it. I observed a rattling noise
    driving above 50 miles while passing over bumps. It mostly cme on the
    concrete road not on a smooth road. It sounded like noise of glass
    vibrating in a frame. It could not pin-point it but seemed from the
    passenger side door.

    Anyone had such problem ? Any solutions ?

    Makarand Vaidya
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    Seat belt mechanism noises are quite common and annoying. They come an go. I have heard of NO solution to the issue short of one dude taking the thing apart and fixing it himself by adding insulation. He outlined his was complex. After they install the new mechanisms and the noise remains you may wish to consider printing his solution and brining it to your dealer...ot Toyota if they balk. I think his post was somewhere in the last 10 pages or so.

    I wonder if his solution has endured?

    Personally I gave up on getting this annoyance resolved. Perhaps when the next complete redesign occurs....

    Regarding the window buz.....get used to lubing you door seals every 10 days or so. That usually quiets many of these pops and buzzes.

    Good Luck and remember, just like in my old GM and Chrysler can always crank up the radio!
  • Thank you both for the info on tire pressure. I will never go to a dealership again without a tire gauge in my hand. :D Lesson learned. I thought I went into this deal relatively well-informed, but I can always learn something new.
  • slim2slim2 Posts: 20
    I noticed my dealer put in 35 psi and so did Sears when they put the replacement tires on. Yet the door label says 29 PSI . Which is right ?
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    I would use the tire manufacturer's ratings over the car manufacturer's ratings all the time. However, with any tire there is a minimum and maximum rating. So the recomended may be 35 but 29 may be within tolerence. The 29 will give you a softer, probably quieter ride, the 35 will give you better handling.

    Hope this helps.

    Toyata Ken
  • Yeah, I posted that solution a few weeks back. Since then it has endured. My best advise is try to put as much insulation as possible (Burbur Insulation is what the factory uses) without obstructing the movement of the seatbelt height adjuster or the seatbelt in the column itself. You should be able to put 2 or 3 layers of insulation inside the plastic pillars, and one layer against the frame column itself. It doesn't "FIX" the noise issue but it muffles it enough making it hardly noticeable.

    From what I can tell, inside the frame column there is an impact beam which is insulated using what appears to be some sort of spray foam, it seems they don't use "enough" to prevent minor vibrations inside this frame column. I assume they have to use the insulation as the car needs to be just a little tiny bit flexible as cars flex slightly when they move. I imagine making these things so rigid would produce an unpleasant ride.


    I honestly don't think they will change the manufacturing in the new Camry model that is coming soon as before this current generation Camry the seatbelt pillars have been similar construction year over year for a long time (not only in the camry but in other cars like corolla as well).. as such, I assume they will continue to make internally housed seatbelt height adjusters as visually it gives the car a more clean luxurious appearance.
  • My '05 XLE V6 has had a rattle in the back since I first left the dealership with it. It just had the outboard rear seat belts replaced but the rattle is still there as bad as before. Maybe someone can give me a hint as to what is rattling. It comes from the right side just inside the trunk behind the seat. When I fold down the passenger rear seat and stick my head in the opening, I can hear the rattle as plain as day right at the side wall just inside the opening. I can't tell if it is the seat belt, although I will say that when I first left the dealership after the belt replacement I didn't hear the noise, but by the time I got home it was back full force. I will be riding with a technician on Saturday to try again to diagnose this, but I'm hopeful one of you will have a clue.
  • ray_paray_pa Posts: 10
    After 500mi, my LE now has exactly the same rattle. whenever it runs over a tiny tiny hole/bump. certainly not deafening but audible all the time. it's embarrassing. sounds like falling apart. :cry: nothing wrong w/ the trunk, cabin tho. it must be suspension. it all started after i took two friends for a ride in the back seats. but they are skinny people.
  • Have you had the rattle checked out by the dealership? Is it on both sides of the car? Mine is only on the passenger side. It probably has nothing to do with people sitting in the back seat. I'd be interested to know what you discover. You're right though -- although not a deafening noise, it's irritating nonetheless. I don't want to always have my radio on just to cover up a rattle.
  • ray_paray_pa Posts: 10
    "Have you had the rattle checked out by the dealership? "
    Not yet. will do it soon. only on the passengre side.
  • Well, I took the car to the dealership last Saturday for the tech to hopefully hear the rattle. The skies were clear and the road dry when I left home (and the rattle was there), but within a few miles it had rained and the road was all wet. Well, shortly after the car got wet, the rattle stopped. The tech heard absolutely nothing and neither did I. I was told that anytime you schedule to have a rattle checked, and it's raining or really humid out, just cancel the appointment. Seems moisture makes almost all rattles disappear. Tomorrow is another day, and the skies should be clear -- I'll try again. Obviously it has nothing to do with the seat belt mechanism or it wouldn't have stopped rattling. I think it's in the suspension, because the car also thunks badly over bumps. I truly hope something is loose that they can find because the thunking is driving me nuts. If this keeps up, I won't have this car too long.
  • 05camry0505camry05 Posts: 1
    Some rattle all the time on the smallest bump or little rough road from both front corners of the car. One big rattle from passenger side back of the car whenever car passes over a hole or bump. Had not expected camry to do that. I am totally disappointed. Wish had bought Accord instead. Will take my car to the dealership today and check out what they say...
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    I HOPE there is a solution! I have a had a 'vibration' noise in my ear periodically since I got my '02 three years ago. Of course the dealer never could hear it. Well now it is non stop. It quiets a little if I put the window down 1/8 inch or so. It stops if push the inside of the window outwards while driving. I cleaned the window and weather stripping and ,oiled and lubricated. It's still there. I am due for an oil change and I dread going in because everytime I go in I have a new rattle related complaint.

    If they do not 'hear' this one or fix it, I am having a Toyota rep come in. If anyone has had this issue and has a DIY fix, please post!
  • What did your dealer say? Mine found that the rattle in the rear was caused by the right rear strut being bad. They have ordered the parts and will replace them. I don't know how long they had to look for the problem, but it couldn't have been long, as they called me about two hours after the service dept. opened. Maybe you have bad struts, too -- more than one! I am anxious to hear what you found out.
  • today I called the dealer and ask if I can get the car rental for free before my car can be fixed since i bought the 7 year /75K extended warrenty including the car rental. but the guy said the rental does not cover the rattling, is this true?

    I just had my camry LE for 10 days, now the rear passenger side between the seat and the trunk start to rattle, seems from the side wall, creaking and rattling sound, I am so depressed by this.

    Please help me and give me some ideas about the rental.

  • If you have rental car coverage I see no reason why you should be denied a rental car under the extended warranty simply because the car is rattling. I'm assuming you bought the warranty from the dealer. Ask to talk to the service manager, or the salesman who sold you the car. A brand-new car should not be rattling. Mine did, too, from the day I picked it up. Rattle was coming from the same area you describe. Maybe Toyota had a defective batch of struts, since that's what mine is, and my salesman told me that someone else just recently had the same rattle and he had a bad strut, too. Check that out, maybe that's your problem.
  • ragdollgirl, thanks for your information.
    I am wondering how loud your car rattling, mine isn't that loud, but it is annoying.
    I am a little worried to let them tear apart the brand new car.

    I still didn't receive the warrenty information from dealer yet, is there any limitation on the car rental? I bought the extended warranty at the dealer, seems after i bought it, they don't care you anymore.

    thanks again,
  • Unfortunately, cold_in_town, I can't answer your question regarding the extended warranty since I've never had one. But on the subject of the rattle, ANY rattle is annoying, I'll agree, and mine is not noticeable when the radio is on, but certainly is when it's quiet. It rattles all the time, and since I'm very sensitive to funny noises, it drives me crazy. I also agree with your hesitation to tear the car apart, although I will say that if it is a bad strut, or something else mechanical, you definitely want to get it fixed, and the sooner the better. You want your suspension to be right, as it will only get worse later. Good luck. Let me know what you discover.
  • Ragdollgirl, thanks for your reply, I do have one more question, does your rattling sound come from the upper side wall between the rear door and the back windsheild or lower ? what kinda sound? creakiing, clicking?
    mine is kinda right above the deck, clicking kinda sound,
    especially over the bumpy road. I made an appointment on next Tuesday, hope the dealer can have a solution.
  • Cold_in_town, my rattle comes from the same area you are describing (upper side wall). It is a constant tapping sound (but not evenly like a clock ticking, it's changeable), not creaking -- sounds like two parts vibrating against each other. I guess you could also call it "clicking". I don't have to be going over bumps, it rattles all the time. I do have what I consider an excessive thunking noise in the rear when going over sharp bumps, although now I hope that is also connected to the bad strut and will be corrected as well as the rattle. The technician at the dealership told me that Camrys do have a certain amount of "thump" in the rear, as he's driven many of them and rented others. So some of THAT noise may be normal, but I hope it does lessen a little with the repair. If you haven't done so already, fold the passenger rear seat down and ride in the back seat with someone else driving. That's what I did, stuck my head in the trunk compartment and could hear the rattle plain as day coming from the side wall right in back of the rear seat. Frustrating, isn't it? I also have the same complaint many others have of a ticking sound coming from the driver's side seat adjuster on the side pillar. It's not to the maddening stage yet, but when I go in for the seat rattle, I plan to ask the technician to show me how to pop the seat adjuster cover off so, if necessary, I can do it myself and attach some foam as I've heard others have done. I sure hope no more funny noises show up. This is a brand new car, for cripes' sake!! :mad:
  • They did my oil change and tire rotation and applied some sort of tephlon around all the door and window sills...again. This quieted some of the pop and crackles but not the one right in my ear. I can however duplicate it if I press on the window and let go. It almost sounds as if the window perhaps compreses against some dried up foam insulation or something. I'll be brining it back again as soon as I have a chance and if they say nothing can be done then I am calling Toyota. My only hope is it goes away when the colder weather comes...of course that is when the noises in the dash by the speaker grills start again.
  • today it rains in my area, the car getwet, and like you said before, the rattles are gone, I am just worried that how long the quietness lasts if the weather gets good later. like one hour or two right after the rain or need longer time? since I want the mechanic to hear the rattles and don't want to drive there for nothing, hope tomorrow the weather is hot and dry, :)

    how is your driver's side seat adjuster noise? Did you do something about it already?

    Keep me posted and thank you for your information.
  • just want to add something, I am just confused that how come the strut would cause the tapping noise upper rear seat so far away from the strut.

    Does your rear rattles stay gone?

  • Hi All,

    Well, I'm glad I found this board, I just posted my question under Problems and Maintence but just now noticed this. Ragdollgirl, I seem to have the same problem as you. I just bought my car about a month ago and about 2 weeks ago I noticed a sound coming from my back passenger seat (the seat behind the driver's), I thought it sounded like a rubbing sound, another friend thought it was rattling and yet another thought it sounds like tapping. I've pulled down the seat thinking it didn't click back right, I've thought it was the safety belt and then I thought it was stuff in my trunk. I still can't figure it out.

    I've made an appointment for Wednesday and like Cold_In_Town, I just hope it makes that noise when I am there!

    I am slightly disappointed because this is a new car and the sound wasn't there when I bought it!!! I hope it doesn't mean this is a :lemon: cuz I would be really depressed!
  • cold_in_town, I'm happy to say that my rear seat rattle seems to be gone! They replaced the bad strut last week and so far, no noise (from that area, at least). I have no idea why a strut would be rattling that far up in the side of the car, except that I do know noises aren't always originating from where you think you're hearing them. Good example: Several years ago, my '94 Grand Marquis did a lot of squeaking that I would have sworn was coming from the front suspension. Turns out some "on the ball" technician discovered that the adjustable hood mounts were loose and needed to be tightened up against the hood when it's closed. Figure that one! Regarding how long to wait for moisture to dry out, I would give it a couple of days, or at least a day, to be sure the rattle is back so your mechanic can hear it. The last thing we all want to do is waste time running the car back and forth and nobody can hear the noises. I certainly learned something new about not bothering to take a car in for a rattle noise if it's raining or wet. It's true. Of course, if it's something in the interior that's causing the rattle, moisture may not make a difference, but it might. It doesn't seem to affect the ticking noise in my driver's side seat belt adjuster. That is still happening. I had a tech drive the car while I sat in the back and neither one of us could hear anything. Of course, I wasn't sitting where I normally am when I hear it, but I thought since I was putting my ear right up near it, I would have heard it. But nothing that day. Next day, I heard it (naturally). I will probably be taking it back again at some point to try again on that one. I sure hope you have a bad strut. That's a relatively easy fix. Keep me posted.
  • Boy, midorigal, SLIGHTLY disappointed didn't begin to describe how I felt about that rear rattle. Mine was apparent the moment I drove the car away from the dealership the night I bought it. Talk about fearing you bought a lemon! Rattles and squeaks are some of my biggest nightmares, as I have extra keen hearing and the slightest strange noise drives me buggy. I just prayed they could find and fix it, and for now it seems they have. Have your checked your spare tire and jack to be sure they are tightened down? Have you tried pulling down the rear seat and sticking your head in the trunk while someone else drives? If it's coming from just inside the trunk on the side wall, it could be the strut, as mine was. Yours may have just taken a little while longer to show up. However, as a sideline, my dealer located my car in Virginia (I live in Delaware) and they had an older, retired man who works part-time for them driving cars around take one of their cars down to VA to swap for mine. He drove it back, putting 171 miles on it before I ever got it. I can't believe he didn't hear that noise! Either he was stone deaf, or he figured his job was to drive the car back, not report on funny noises. If he had mentioned it, maybe they could have fixed it before I got it and lost a few years off my life worrying. Let me know what you discover about yours. Good luck! Oh, by the way, have you checked your tire pressure? The tires are overinflated from the factory and mine were not checked by the service department before I took the car, causing it to ride like a truck. Also, check the spare. All four of my tires on the car had 42 psi, and the spare had 46 psi. They should have 29-31. Just thought I'd mention that.
  • Hi, Ragdollgirl, thanks for your response. I finally went to dealer where I bought the car, I am glad they took the rattling serious instead of saying " we can't hear anything", first I insist to ride with the techician, but they did the testdirve without me. :( anyway, they found out the rattles at the rear seat coming from the two metal things inside the sidewall, they just refix everything there, now I think the noise is gone for the past several days, but I could still hear sometimes when i go over really big bumps. right after this noise fixed, seems like the dealer made a new one coming from the drive seat side like yours, it is still not very annoying now, I can live with it for a while i guess. I am afraid now if i go there to get this new one fixed, i gonna get another one right after that. maybe I just bought a rattler.

    BTW, they checked the strut and tires, said they are fine. thanks for the information on those two things. at least i know now they are not bad. :)
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