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Toyota Camry Rattles



  • Well, cold_in_town, I'm sure glad your rattle is fixed. However, I had to chuckle a little when you said the dealership seemed to cause another rattle on the driver's side. When I drove home from getting my strut replaced, I, too, had another rattle on the driver's side (opposite from the bad strut) that had not been there before. I was beside myself! My husband had followed me home and the first thing I did was go back out the driveway with me in the back seat and my husband driving and tried to hear it again. But before driving away, I had pulled the back seat down and pushed it back again, in case it had been loose. Maybe that was it, as we didn't hear anything in our "test drive". But the next time I drove it, I heard a little something coming from that area, but I think I can live with it if it doesn't get worse. Why does it happen that so many times they fix one thing and muck up another? Anyway, I'm glad your problem is fixed. On to the next rattle! :mad:
  • Naaa those tissues wadded up and sticking out the driver and passenger window in the corner are only there to prvent the incessant vibration/rattle that is getting worse. It looks stupid but quiets the noise. You may want to try it. Fold a tissue in half 4 or 5 times. Lower the window a half inch, insert the wad in the rear corner, careflly close the window without cutting off you finger. It does work! I guess I'll have to trek up to the dealer yet again to get this looked at. This time the 'lube' they put on the door gasket will not be accepted. What a pain in the but on an otherwise fine car. Shame Shame Shame!
  • check the brake light on the rear deck which seems to be a common item which gets loose....I had the rattles on my 03, and that was one rattle the dealer found. :lemon:
  • I've had my XLE V6 for 3 months now and more and more noises are showing up. I've only driven the thing 2500 miles. This is ridiculous. My Grand Marquis with 202K miles doesn't rattle nearly as much. When I picked up the Camry it had a horrible rattle in the rear that turned out to be a bad strut, which was replaced. That noise is gone, but there is one in the driver's door pillar (probably the seat belt adjuster), and various intermittent taps and clinks coming from the rear. I fear that they are so vague (as far as a mechanic hearing them) that it's useless for me to report them at this point, although I feel they should be able to hear the one in the door pillar. I did a lot of research before buying this car (my first "foreign" car, built in Kentucky) and although I like the way the car handles and rides, I'm not sure I will buy another one. I hate car noises and I get annoyed each time I drive this car. A new car should not do this stuff. Somebody on this forum said something like "you're worrying about strange noises, but owners of other makes are having transmission problems, and other major stuff" (to paraphrase), but I can definitely say that major problems aside, rattles can drive you crazy, too. I had planned to keep this car for 10 years, but now I doubt it. :mad:
  • Wow...
    I have the exact same problems as you do. The rattle from the back (tapping/clicking sound) has been on & off but it's pretty constant now. Of course I have the usual seat belt noise and other rattles coming from the dash and doors...T.T
    They are so annoying that I am even thinking about trading in already. (btw, my car is only a month old with 2,000 miles).
    I dont think i've had one day of quite rattle-free driving since day 1.

    I have an appointment with the dealer this saturday (my second visit, they couldnt hear anything on my first visit) and hope they hear at least one or two rattles.

    This is so frustrating....and even pathetic...
  • Not one day of rattle-free driving? -- me, too. I also need to go to the dealer a second time to get them to (hopefully) hear the seat belt noise in the driver's door pillar. They, too, couldn't hear anything the first time. Are they deaf, or what? With all the millions of Camrys out there I can't believe there are only a relatively few of us who own ones that rattle. What do most people do? Don't they notice? Don't they care? Do they just drive on and figure the rattles are normal occurrences they just live with? Maybe I'm too picky, but from the other comments on this forum, I'm not the only one. Maybe us picky people should be writing letters to Toyota about this issue. I certainly wouldn't have bought a Camry if I had known I'd have to put up with these noises. The worst part is, with this young a car, how bad will it eventually get? I have to believe as time goes on the rattles will just multiply. What a horrendous thought!! :cry:
  • It appears that the Camry, Matrix and Rav4 models of the past 5 yrs or so are plagued by rattles and squeaks....not sure of any other models at this point.

    Whoever thinks that this is a minor problem compared to a transmission or the like is not entirely correct. It appears that many of these noise problems never go away, whereas a "major" problem is easy to diagnose most times and can often be fixed in one service, with minimal haggling under warranty. Dealerships more often than not try to make you feel stupid for wanting your car noise free and often say they can't hear it, so nothing is wrong. If this continues, Toyota may have a problem on their hands, as people leave for other manufacturers that don't make squeaky/rattly cars and actually offer 10 year warranties on all the "major" stuff.

    It amazes me that a car company that can make engines last forever has so much trouble making certain cars quiet on the inside....
  • I have been saying this since 2002. First Toyota said these were limited run issues and were corrected. Then board posters said it was just the 02 and 03s...come on. If one model year does it all will unless they fundamentaly redesign some...well that coming in 07. The difference is that I hope folks will not just blindly purchase because of the Toyota name but instead drive one that has some miles first...then decide.
  • Those door pillar rattles are no about to go away. Any buzzing from the radio area can be cleared up for about 70% of the time by having them put some felt insulation in there. The rattles from the passenger dash speaker appears more prevalent in the winter...that is when I wedge a stuffed animal over the speaker and against the windshield to quiet it. Some have had luck with the dealer putting felt in there as well....not me. The constant pop and buzzes around all windows can be temporarily quieted by having the dealer lube the'll get you threw a few weeks anyway. In fact they just lubed mine but the buzzing in my ear was so bad I took the car back and complained. Well I am out of my 36K warranty now and I guess the 7/75 does not cover door seals. I was told the door seal is loose from where I raise and lower the window and that there is some play in the area where the window inserts itself into the seal...that causes the buzzing. Yes friends, once out of warranty these noises are disnosed as normal wear and tear; nevermind I have been complaining since the beginning. WHAT A JOKE. If I click the window dow 1/16 of an inch it is better. If I wad up a paper towel, lower the window 2 inches, drape it over the window and rais the window it almost goes away. Of course this method only eventually will lead to more play between the window and seal. If I had time I'd get a rep in...but that's one reason I bought the Camry...I wanted less trips to the dealer!

    If you have CR, do your duty and check off: CRAP in t he rattle area on the yearly review they send out!

  • This '05 Camry is my first non-American brand car, and I thought I had researched what to buy diligently. However, I am seriously dismayed that I did not find this forum before I purchased the car. I agree that rattles are more frustrating than major issues because, as stated above, the major issues can be found and fixed. Rattles are a shot in the dark. If I knew how to take door and pillar panels apart without breaking something, I'd try it myself and jam insulation of some kind in there, but I don't know the first thing of how to go about it. My car had a major rattle in the rear from day one, but that was a bad strut and has been fixed on the first try. After one week of ownership, the pillar noise appeared on the driver's side and has not gone away. Now, after 3 months, two more rattles have appeared, one in the driver's door panel near the pillar, and one in the right rear door panel. Both seem to come from near the edge near the opening (not the hinge side). What will rattle next week (or tomorrow)? In every other way I love this car, but if this keeps up, I will not be keeping the car more than a few years and will not buy another Camry. I will change to another brand. More times than not, I like to ride in peace and quiet with no radio on. I don't want to feel I have to blast the radio to cover up the rattles and squeaks. That's just ridiculous. Listen up, Toyota! You've got lots of disgruntled customers out there.
  • I bought an '05 LE in late July and almost immediately discovered a clicking, tapping, creaking sound coming from behind the rear seat on the driver's side. I've had it into the dealership where I bought it so many times I gave up and am now trying a different one 22 miles away. I am wondering if it is the strut problem you had. When I tell dealers to check the strut they act like I've been smoking something. Do you know exactly what was wrong with your strut? Also, would you mind telling me what dealership fixed it for you? Maybe if I could tell my dealership to contact a dealership that has actually found and solved a problem like this I could stop wasting my time. By the way, today the dealer gave me a slightly older LE as a rental today. The passenger window rattled all the way home. I guess I have something to look forward to.
  • mit1mit1 Posts: 18
    I had a 1996 camry wagon that had popping and snapping sounds coming from the dashboard,doors that rattled,a rear tailgate door that made sqeeking noises,went to different dealers for second and third opions,beacause some dealers did not want to deal with and or take resposibility for their product.applied the lemon law and toyota was forced to buy the car's answer to arbitrator,turn radio up.its not just recent models its been a problem for years.unless it affects their bottom line toyota will not(arrogance) own up to anything.i know this from experiance.people are not being to fussy to expect a brand new(15,000-30,000)vehicle to be tight and noise is well aware of this problem.its about time they stopped playing dumb.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    Hello everyone! I've been in the car market since last February, and have spent the last 8 months test driving, and renting, practically all in the mid-size area. In March I came very close to buying a Camry LE, but decided to wait. Then, in May I test drove another new LE, and it had rattles emanating from both the driver's and passenger's door pillar. Of course, this is the infamous seat belt mechanism rattle, but I wonder why they all seem to do it? This can be very irritating in any car, especially a new one.

    The only mid-size that seems to do everything well, without any interior rattles I might add, is the new 2006 Hyundai Sonata, most built in their brand new plant in Alabama. This is truly a landmark car for Hyundai, and will change the way people look at that company. But, you have to buy the LX with leather to get the power seat - standard on the Camry LE. Technically, you can get the power seat in the Sonata in lower cost models, but try to find one on the lot! Interestingly, the new Sonata has very even panel gaps car-to-car, and apparent excellent build quality. However, I think the Camry LE is still the overall better value, and with its excellent resale, a better investment. I guess we're all looking for the perfect mid-size, and I don't think we'll ever find it. Still haven't bought anything yet, but hopefully will make a decision within the next month.
  • jdeibjdeib Posts: 70
    You need to check out the Sonata boards, there are more than a few people finding rattles in their 2006 Sonatas. The Sunroof is the most complained about. The Sonata seems to be a nice car, probable the landmark car you say, but to state that no one is having any rattle problems is not a true statement and is misleading to anyone who hasn't, or won't, get a chance to check out the competition further.

    In my experience, my 2002 has suffered from the seatbelt rattle from time to time and when it is below zero, I have heard a slight creak. (But I creak below zero) Would I like to not have the seat belt rattle when I hear it every month or so? Yep. Do I believe that others have worse rattles? Yep. But I'll tell you, I have put over 70,000 miles in the almost four years I have had it and here are the things done to my car besides oil and fluid changes 1. New brakes 10,000 miles ago. 2. An O2 sensor replaced under warranty last year. 3. When new, a sunroof drain was was damaged (punctured) at assembly because the side airbags. (Toyota sent someone from the factory to solve it and subsequently changed the assembly procedure) 4. New tires.

    So that's 2 wear items, 1 assembly flaw and 1 classified as other(the O2). Not bad. Plus if it is like my 1992 Camry that I had for 10 years and 137,000 miles it will stay trouble free and I sold that for 25 percent!!! of what I paid for it 10 years earlier!!! And I had my choice of three people to sell it to at that price. I hope someday that a buyer of a 2006 Sonata can post similar results.

    I would hope the people reading these boards realize the true big picture. Your Camry is not going to fall apart. Most people do not have rattles, but all brands of cars can have them.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    I was referencing the cars that I, and my wife, have driven. Over three test drives, and a week's long rental with a Sonata GLS V6, no squeaks or rattles were noted. The rental did not have a sunroof, and we would not buy one with a sunroof. Of course, this is our personal preferance, not shared by others. I agree with you on the high resale value, but Toyota's did not always maintain their value well. I owned a 1968 Corona, and it depreciated like a sinking rock. A history of building reliable vehicles and market perception drive high resale values. And, Hyundai has neither, but it's certainly possible that we may be witnessing a parallel path taken by the Korean marques as compared to the Japanese marques (since their sales launch nationwide in the '60s). Only time will tell . . .
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    A number of '06 Sonata owners posting on the Edmunds Sonata discussions are also dismayed by mysterious rattles emanating from the rear of the cars that their dealership service department personnel A> can't fix and/or B> can't seem to hear. (how convenient ;)) A few have sucessfully tracked their particular noises to improperly cinched-down spare tires or jacks, or improperly adjusted trunk lids, but most are still mystified and annoyed by the untraceable rattles.
  • mit1mit1 Posts: 18
    i agree your toyota will not fall apart,but the fact remains that anyone who purchases a new car should expect at least 3-5 years of trouble/rattle free driving.unless of course the car was abused.rattles are embarasing in a new car and can in some cases be worse than a mechanical problem.
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    Rattles are an annoyance (though they might eventually lead to a mechanical problem). Mechanical problems are disabling.
  • All I was told was it was a "bad" strut. That problem is definitely fixed now. My dealership is Price Toyota in New Castle, Delaware. I am glad you are trying a different dealership. Your usual one should not be taking you for an idiot for asking them to check the strut. My dealership had several Camrys with the same problem, so I'm sure other dealerships have seen the same thing. They probably are offended that you seem to be telling them their business, but I would have done the same thing. They need to swallow their pride, if that's what it is, and just try to make the customer happy. As far as the door pillar rattle, it rattled EVERY day since a week after I got the car three months ago, and Saturday, when I took it in for a technician to ride with me, it never made a peep the whole way there, so I just canceled the appointment and said I'd call again when the noise started up. I could not believe it (well, yes I could, since I've had that happen many times before with other cars). How aggravating! It was so nice to ride in peace and quiet, but why did it have to pick that day to shut up? I just know it will be back again. I agree that rattles are an annoyance, compared to a mechanical problem, but a new car should not rattle, and when I have to listen to that sound every time I drive, I can almost hear my teeth grinding in anger and frustration. That's not how I wanted my new car experience to be. I want to be able to enjoy the ride. Although I had thought I would pick another car next time, as someone said, no car is perfect, and the next brand might not rattle, but have other stuff go wrong, so you just have to weigh the benefits on each one.
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    "As far as the door pillar rattle, it rattled EVERY day since a week after I got the car three months ago..."

    Just curious - is the rattle in the driver's side pillar or the passenger's side pillar? I had a rattle "in" the passenger's side pillar of my Sonata that I eventually traced to the belt being twisted such that the latch's metal tongue was in contact with the hard plastic covering of the pillar and rattling with nearly every bump in the road. Once I straightened the retractable belt so that the metal latch tongue faced toward the centerline of the car, instant, blissful silence. Might be worth a look in your Camry...
  • mit1mit1 Posts: 18
    i meant worse in the sense that the repair usually is not permanent.
  • rlj50rlj50 Posts: 4

    I just purchased a 1997 Toyota Camry XLE and need to get another keyless entry remote. Is there someplace besides a Toyota Dealer that sells these remotes? If so, any information will be helpful.


  • Sorry, I hit the wrong button (above). mit1, I certainly agree that rattle fixes are usually not permanent. That's why I fear hearing a rattle more than I do some other noises. Not only do they usually return when fixed, more times than not, they don't get fixed in the first place.
  • I sure wish my rattle fix could be as easy as yours, haefr, but mine is in the driver's door pillar, so the belt is fastened while driving. It's inside the plastic panel that covers the seat belt mechanism. I am determined to have a technician hear it if it takes several visits to do so. If I knew how to take off the panel myself and jam some felt or something in there, I would, but knowing my abilities, all I'd do is break the panel or the clips. Hmmmmm, I just thought of something. I have a stethoscope that came with my old blood pressure machine. Maybe I could have the tech use that to locate the noise. ;)
  • Radio buzzing or crackling noise is very annoying. When I push on the faceplate of the radio or right above the radio between the faceplate and clock area it stops, until I take my finger off. I have taken it to the dealer at least 5-6 times since I bought it in 2002. They keep putting insulation or tape around the radio and the grill area. Nothing seems to work. Every time I leave the lot it is appears on the way home. I have about decided that it will be a noise I will have to live with as long as I own the car. I now have 47000 miles on it. I really can't trade it or sell it right now. I just took it in to the dealer for one more attempt to fix it. Now, the dealer and I decided that I should drive it a few days without the grill on around the radio. So far, I haven't heard the noise so it must be in the grill somewhere. Do you have any suggestions on where it needs to be insulated exactly. Please I really could use your help!
  • Radio Area: I have no idea where they put the insulation. I know it vibrates far less than it used to. If it does not do it with the faceplate off they should be able to find the magic spot and correct it.

    Door Pillar: You can try this. It may not be the door pillar rattling / crackling at all. I always thought it was the pillar but when they tefloned the door seals most of that noise went away. Now and then though I'd still here what I thought was noise coming from the pillar. It has gotten worse, now I almost constantly here a crackle / rattle at ears height BUT I have determined it is NOT from the pillar. (or at least the current rattle is noiser than the pillar one so I do not hear it)

    Try this. While driving, when you hear the noise, raise you left arm, place your elbow against the window and apply pressure to the window outward. When I do this the noise stops. I showed the dealer this and they said that, 'naturally the drivers door sill is worn a bit from the window going up and down' and that 'the window has some play between the inner and outter seal when fully raised' and finally that 'since the car is out of warranty any attempt to correct this would not be covered'. Of course my extended warranty would not cover it either...assuming they had a way to fix it.

    I am going to look for some sort of thick slicon goo and try putting it in there. If that fails I may just try another dealer or contact Toyota. Note I get similar noise from the passenger may be the same thing.

    Let me know if your is a similar issue, we may be onto something....
  • ragdollgirl, I am just wondering how big is your noise from the door pillar,
    my situation is whenever I driving over the bump, my car seems will fall apart, i don't even know where the noise come from, the window , the door or else.

    Please keep me posted

  • mine is just a vibration / crackle that is actually coming from the window not seating itself tightly in the seal. If I push on the window it goes away. You may think your is the pillar but might actually be the window too...try pushing outward on it while driving and see if the noise goes away.
  • andrelaplume, can you hear the noises when you are not passing the bumps, just driving on the highway? how do you define the ear level noise? I just want to compare mine to yours and decide if I need to go to see the dealer,

  • I am sensitive to these things I admit it. To be honest those little buzzes, vibrations and crackles drive me nuts. Thats one reason I switched to Toyota...go figure!

    Yes, the pillar area noise happens at anytime, any speed on any road. For the most part if I press outward on the window it goes away. SO it may not be the pillar at all. Or the Window / door seal noise may be louder than th epillar noise so I do not notice it. If you get a fix please'll be the first.
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