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Hyundai Elantra GT vs. Mazda Protege5



  • mudflatmudflat Posts: 47
    I care not what materials others may like; but as for me, give me cloth or give me death!
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Although I agree that spills are easier to clean up and hair doesn't stick to leather like it does cloth, I do disagree that leather is longer-lasting. Every leather I have ever seen on older cars is always heavily cracked, dry-rotted, and hard to the touch. This includes Nissan, Acura, Mercedes, Infiniti, and yes, even Lexus. It looks and feels absolutely horrible. Some cheaper cloths do rip with age and fade some, but the higher quality ones have always stood up to heat better then leather. The passenger seat and rear seat on my 84 VW GTI look almost brand new. My mom's 92 Accord's cloth seats looked new even after 184k miles. I guarantee you leather would not have stood up as well as the cloth did. As for looks, most leather in cars look cheap to me. Unless they look and feel like the leather on my jacket, it just isn't the same to me.
  • joffficerjoffficer Posts: 169
    I've had several cars with leather interiors.
    The best one, by far, was a '83 Oldsmobile Tornado. That car, aside from handling like a couch, was the most comfortable car I driven! The leather (a light cream color) was always cool to touch and never gave me that sweaty feeling like vinyl or some cloth seats. It always smelled great in that car.. Even with 42k miles when I sold it!
    My Hyundai GT's seats feel good to me as well. Even when baking in the sun I can sit without the scorched cheeks....the heat quickly dissipates! Not as strong a sent as the oldsmobile, but pleasant.
    My '90 Toyota MR2's seats were ok. They held me in nice and tight, but I think the leather was a crappy grade. They felt the most like vinyl.
    I like having the leather. It breaths (guess because it's natural skin), and wears better than cloth. It's easier to keep clean, and With the application of Lexol at ever oil change it looks great for a long time. If you let your dog run around on it (with long nails) you might want to stay with cloth.
  • th003gth003g Posts: 149
    tell me about it... I bought playstation 2 from work and it came in a plastic container (combo packing) and i accidently dragged the edge of the package on my passenger seat cushion... scratched the leather like a dull exacto knife... damnit...
  • ... here in New Mexico -- the sun shines brightly in mid-summer when it's 100+ degrees, but also in mid-winter when it's 0- degrees -- sees neither leather, nor vinyl, nor sunroofs as making a whole lot of sense.

    A good heater and air conditioner, however....

    Anyone have comments on Hyundai Elantra GT vs. Mazda Pro5 when comes to pumping out the BTUs or flicking on the max air?
  • th003gth003g Posts: 149
    i'd say teh gt has a very strong ac system... especially lately and over the weekend when my car has been baking out in direct sunlight with the windows closed (cause the weatherman predicted scattered showers all weekend.. and what'd we get... 90+humid as hell scorchers 3 days in a row... car bakes for 9 hrs a day and i come out to it around six.. start the car and turn on the ac right away.. after 15-30 seconds cool/cold air starts coming out.... and then it gets downright freezing...
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    I agree with th003g as far as the AC being one of the coldest systems I have had in any foreign car. Most of the time if the outside temp is below 90f I have to add some heat or it gets downright uncomfortable. I dont live very far from th003g so we have the same climate. This is not me being all goo-goo eyed about my car...its true. One of the best ACs around.

    Now for the down side. This AC system pulls the most power from this 4 cylinder of any car I have owned. I thought my old Civic Si was bad. Some people are hitting the AC button to pass and then turning it back on (I find myself doing this). I use the power sapping feature of the AC system as Traction Control in the rain and snow. Turn it on and your wheels rarely spin. OTOH turn the AC off and I am very happy with the power (5 spd).
  • th003gth003g Posts: 149
    5 people in car... plus about 30lbs of peaches in the back...
    160+110+134+130+229 lbs
    first of all the a/c came on strong anytime the car sat for a bit and the humidity built up...
    usually my da sits in front and has the ac on the coldest setting at the second or third highest fan speed with recirculation function on... today...he complained that it was too cold... even at the minimum fans speed setting with the temp at coldest I turned the a/c tempt to aboout quarter way back to warm... everyone was wearing long sleeves and pants... except me...even rear seat passenger compalined for me to turn up the temp at lowest setting...
    and the car did feel like it was missing 20-25 hp when moving with a/c on.. especially noticeable in stoplight launches... there were a few merge battles i would have won if i had the A/C off with the five people in the car... and i found out my car can go off road onto dirt paths with no traction problems (even with low profile z rated 45 series 17 inch tires) the dirt road leading to the peach farm was pebble and rock strewn with a few large dips that were about 10 inches deep and a foot and half wide that my car was able to navigate at its lowered stance (because of the human load onboard) with some caution... my dad was more concerned than I was...who needs an SUV when you've got an Elantra GT?
    I did the ac button thing a few times this week especially when I want to merge and knowingly stick my car into a risky situation...
    the car rarely spins/chirps its sticky rubber in dry condition but turn the steering wheel a bit and its another story... i regularly break loose the inside tire in a curve/turn... (maybe that explains my mpg according to the comp of 19.9)
  • My A/C is also the coldest I have ever had in a car, and I too need to turn it down a bit. But my power is not zapped too badly, and this is after three years with a V-6 Skylark, on which there was almost no change in power. I do find that when accelerating from a stop I need to rev it just a little bit more, but not excessively, and it moves along beautifully. For a leadfoot who detests sluggishness in my car or especially the one ahead of me, I have no complaints.

    We are about to go for 18,750 mile oil change. Betsy looks and runs like new. :)

    I should say something in this thread about the Protege5: it looks SO good in bright yellow!
  • shriqueshrique Posts: 338
    As far as the AC goes I've never had a problem. It's cool when you start the car from sitting in the sun and give it about 30 seconds and it's cold. I usually don't have to turn it up to more than 2 (out of 4...I think) on the fan. After driving for a while at highway speeds I find that I have to turn the temp up other wise my eyes start to freez up. (GRIN)
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