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Pontiac GTO



  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Not sure where you are in California. DMS in Dublin (SF Bay area) seems to be an ace dealer and they definitely have the '05 hood for under $500 before paint.

    JHP,, can set you up with everything you need to Monaro-ize your car (front fascia, badging, et. al.).

    Hope you get your misfire issue sorted out,

  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    I read on that GM is reviving its rwd plans...

    Yep. See my post from a couple back. Looks like we will see a next-gen GTO in MY2009 or so, even though the current model will definitely die after MY2006.

    With the way Pontiac's investing in GTO racing, no way they will let this platform die and not come up with a suitable replacement, unless GM is hurting more than anyone realizes (and we know they are hurting, just not how bad)...

  • I know I'll sound like a weeny here but the brakes, motor, tranny, etc. on the '04 were plenty enough for me. The drive by wire system also was on my list of reasons to jump on the '04, I would of appreciated a better traction control unit though. Let's face it, unless you are taking the car to the track (road course or drag strip), in day to day driving the difference between the '04 and '05 are mainly cosmetic especially when driven as a grand touring car. The improvements you speak of are well appreciated by me, I own a track car and know a thing or two about what it takes to go, stop and turn faster. Also to be honest, the GM Fire Sale last December made the decision pretty easy for me.
  • If I got a great deal on a 2004 I would have bought it over my 2005 no questions asked. I did get employee discount & 1k rebate on 2005 so I was happy.

    All mfg are going to the drive by wire. It has been used sucessfully on the C5 Vette since 1997.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    hey there skippy! yeah, if someone was local i'd consider swapping my 05 hood for an 04. i see you are in the golden state though... and i'd still have to get it painted. so if i do go for a hood swap it will probably be part of a full "stealth makeover" like that ex-nascar dude did. but i'm so busy that i probably won't have time to do jack squat to the car other than drive it and bring it in for whatever regular services though. if i could wave a magic money wand i'd get it all done, but every dealer visit is a major pita in my too busy workin-slug/makin-the-donuts life.
    i never had any misfiring problemo. i gotta remember to check the oil though. at work today a dude reported his pal had a CTS-V that was a quart low after 2000 miles, blew a tire, then blew the tranny. ouch. my LS1 Z28 burned a quart about every 6k miles even after it was broken in. none of my LT1 Z28s ever burned a drop of oil, but burned plenty of rear tires of course, oh yeah. i wonder whether the LS2s burn any oil, especially when new.
    australia - i gotta visit that down under place some time!
  • I have an 04 and as soon as i get it back from the shop I am going to slowly turn it in to what it really is... the monaro from my home land Aus!! It will still be the gto which is a blend I love but there are some things that Aussies do better with the car. The hood and the wing deal is one of them. Imonty gave me a cool website check it out and youll see some wings that are much more stealth like.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    i hear ya, ausstar. i do see them thar stealth spoilers on jhp down under - nice! i might call those folks to get the aussie rear bumper piece which doesn't say "GTO". GM seems unable to provide me with the american rear bumper part which says "GTO" - maybe they are too busy building 06s with any such new parts they produce.
    at first i was considering a stealth makeover to avoid attracting boy-racer drivers. but the real problem seems to be that the car attracts cops even when i drive it exactly the same as i've driven my volksy TDIs for the last 80k miles. i drove Z28s for decades too so i know that f-body/goat drivers have to play by the book more than 'generic' car drivers do. i'm trying, really! i don't think a stealth makeover is going to solve my "cop magnet" problem with this goat. my latest strategy is to avoid driving in the fast lane here. (the *right lane* is the fast lane). the mass cop who tagged me last week was so irate that i thought he was going to lose it and punch me out - this despite my total respect/honesty with him, and following all the rules-when-pulled-over 'by the book'. i've never had luck with mass cops, although it's been 16 years since one last bagged me. they must feed those guys cranky-pills at the barracks or something. they scare me.
    if driving the car 60 mph on the highway is the only way to avoid tickets, i'm going to have to trade it! waaaaah waaaaah waaaah!
  • whats up Monty. This the aussie that replied to you the other day about my GTO in the States. I am going to turn my gto into a monaro HSV gts or something along those lines. Do you know any good reliable sources in Aus that can ship me the ready painted body kits?? My Family is all In Perth and my Dad wants to use the car for Australia week that he organises in LA in Jan- Feb. I figure I need , aswell as the body kit, the steering wheel cover and replacement badges and maybe the plastic engine covers.
    Thanks mate
  • What a pain in the [non-permissible content removed]... you might want to have the exhaust toned down a bit. thats the problem I have as everyone can hear you even with the stock sound... but I love that too much to quieten it. Maybe turn it into a Cadilac Catera coupe.. cops might think twice then.. ha ha what colour is your car again?
  • no that s exactly whats happening. I got my 04 that has 5000 miles on it for 25K, and that was from a dealership. The employee discount thing is kicking everything down. I got the car at about 6K below the original sticker just because they sell for less on the net
  • "at first i was considering a stealth makeover to avoid attracting boy-racer drivers"

    Ok. A little bit of an aside here, but I guess I don't understand this. I've owned several performance cars (Firebird, Lightning, now a Mustang GT), and I have no problems with the boy-racer drivers. I don't race them. I don't pay attention to them, and if they want to drive fast off the line with their Rice Burner Type-RS Spec B Turbo Ultra Super Sport with the ridiculously large glass pack exhausts and wings that could put a 747 aloft and clear out all the cops on the road, that's fine too. What do they do, exactly, that makes them so feared, beyond act like fools and stare over at you, trying to get a race going?

    "but the real problem seems to be that the car attracts cops even when i drive it exactly the same as i've driven my volksy TDIs for the last 80k miles."

    This is part of the price to play, unfortunately. If you drive an attention getting car, you will get attention. When you see them, just don't drive like a yob, and let the goofballs who are trying to race you, above, get all the tickets. If you're being normal, the most the 5-0 can do is stare and sputter like Jackie Gleason.
  • Question:
    What advantage if any, do the 18" wheels, have over the standard equipment
    17" ones? My 05 GTO came with the 18" wheel option.
    Tires are Bridgestone Potenza P235/40Z/R18
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    The suspension geometry is set up for 18" wheels, so in theory it will handle/corner better. The Bridgestones are a summer-only tire, so that should help performance in the dry (hope you weren't planning to drive it in snow, at least, not without changing the tires).
    Ride quality is supposedly noticeably worse with the 18" (due to the lower profile rubber), but I've seen arguments erupt over this issue.

    I'm thinking about putting CV8-R 18"ers on my GTO when my tires are gone, however I want to ride in a similarly-equipped car first, to make sure the ride isn't back-breaking, since I live in the upper Midwest (can you say concrete expansion joints?)

  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    thanks ausstar, yeah, i like the exhaust too much to tone it down. it's quiet enough as long as i don't downshift & goose it.

    mojojojojojojo, in my earliest posts on the forum i described what the boy racers have done. i'll repeat: i don't engage them at all, i just drive normally. actually racing on the street is a HUGE (and criminal) violation! not gonna do it. these youngsters have done WILD stuff to "demonstrate" something in their civics or whatever crapboxes - dangerous stuff - changing lanes 3 at a time, driving in the breakdown lane, intentionally blocking me from doing low-speed lane-changes in city traffic, massively tailgating other cars on the highway. all this stuff happened in the first week when i was driving the car really gingerly, really slow, staying in one lane, doing *nothing* - just putt- putt-ing along with city or highway traffic. my fear is more for the other drivers who don't see these yutzes coming - i can easily stay back and away from them, the brakes to stay away from them but they surprise the other drivers ahead as they zig & zag. i'm tellin ya man, people are nuts around here.

    last week i was driving the tdi in the right lane, slowly since i had extra time before an appt - same day i got tagged for 85 in a 65 at 5:30AM. i heard a really weird/loud noise approaching - a dude in some small sedan came by at about 90 mph - driving with NO TIRE on his right front rim. the bottom of the car was scraping along, massive smoke and sparks emitting. somehow the dude retained control! all the other cars moved away to let him pass - it was just like out of the show _cops_ - but no cops was chasing the guy! i called 911 and they were all over it, asking me where the guy was going. but he was going so fast i didn't bother to keep up - and seriously i was scared to try to keep up. later i called them back to tell them that i had gotten a partial plate # and to give a better description of the car - they told me they had already bagged the guy. it was one of the freakiest things i'd seen in 25 years of driving. but yeah, that one had zilch to do with the goat - i was driving the tdi at the time. weird car karma though :)

    as for the 5-0, as long as they don't single me out i'll be fine.
    but when *all* the cars are doing 80 mph in a 55 or a 65, the cop can pull over whoever he wants to. "i was just going with the flow of traffic" does not hold up at all for the clerks/courts in MA.
    and there's no way i'm going to actually drive the speed limit on the highway ! pfooey on that.

    for years i've been driving in the right lane (80 mph) with my TDIs. apparently the TDIs are stealthy enough to do that. but with the goat, i gotta be on much better behavior. i drove Z28s for decades but not since 2004. with the Z28s i definitely had to drive with "better behavior" than the average-sedan-driver . after driving stealthy TDIs (like a jetta wagon) for a couple years, i've lost my "best behavior" touch. it's like i'm the "mr invisible" guy who used to be invisible but doesn't know that he got coated with paint or dust and is not invisible any more. ;) i don't suppose jessica alba does that in that fantastic-4 movie, eh - it's the cliche thing that happens whenever someone is invisible in movies/cartoons, know what i mean?

    i'm actually thinking of putting 245/45 blizzaks onto the goat and driving it this winter. i did that with all 5 my Z28s (and one v8 firechicken) and never regretted it...
  • Robert, thanks for the input. I suspected it had to have something to do with handling. The car won't be driven in the snow or on salted streets. I have another car for those situations. You can be assured the ride isn't backbreaking.
    It rides pretty good as far as I'm concerned.....
  • I agree 100% and I am still waiting for some one to make a functional ram air kit for those scoops. Lingenfelter has a cold air kit for the GTO but it does not utilize the scoops,it follows the factory routing and runs an open air filter,not what i want.
    I checked two company's Hammen told me about but have seen nothing on either site.
  • About a month ago I posted a picture of my old Firebird 400 which had the hood scoops. So you know I like hood scoops, real or fake. But I needed a car last year and couldn't wait til the '05's came out. But the '04 is a real fine car in it's own right. I'll be checking out the '06's though.
  • Yo mate. I have the silver '04 also. Do you have the manual or auto? I just turned 9000 miles and haven't had a mechanical problem yet. With 5k miles you must still be under warranty. Is your car in the shop for the misfiring? Hope you get it fixed. Keep pushing them about the shifter. They don't like to bother with it but they will if they have too.

    You bought a GTO so keep it a GTO. I thought it would have been better just to import the Monaro instead of calling it a GTO but after seeing a picture of a Monaro, the Pontiac front end is much better looking. Awesome in fact. The Monaro front end looks like a Ford Taurus to me.
  • Advantage of 18" tires and wheels?

    Handling, traction, and braking.
  • Ticketed at 5:30am? Bummer! That's when I'm coming in to work and about the only time I get to really open up the goat.
  • yeah got the gto out of the shop, it was just a minor electrical problem. The shifter part is coming next week and I have the manual tranni. I think i am going to get the B&M short throw shifter and have them put it in at the same time. The Monaro is a better looking car but I am talikng about the HSV Monaro. Have a look at this pic and youll see what i am going to turn it into.
    Thanks for you response mate. Look at this link. h.jpg
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Do yourself a favor, do NOT buy the B&M - it is a piece of junk. Lots of unhappy owners on another GTO board have pulled theirs out due to problems. A far better alternative is the GM Motorsport Ripshift (another Aussie product), available from JHP or LS1Speed.

    Disclaimer: I'm not associated with JHP, LS1Speed, or GMMotorSport. I am lazy enough to have an A4 vehicle, so I can't even comment with personal experience on the issue. Just passing along what I've read elsewhere...
  • Couple of questions...This came off of jhp's website, "Improve performance with a Genuine 300kw HSV MAF pipe, designed for non-restrictive airflow. Performance gain is approximately 5kw plus." Is this thing sort of like a K&N and how much horse power is 5kw? Is it worth the cost? Thanks! :)
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    yeah, the 5:30AM ticket was a bumma. around here they usually don't ticket at all during rush-hour, but just-before or just-after, watch out!
    hammen2, thanks again for the jhp info - i've ordered the rear bumper piece as well as the side lights.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    i encountered 2 more racers over the weekend, a boy racer and a girl racer. the guy was in a sweet looking yellow previous-gen mustang GT. he clearly wanted to race me on 3-lane highway - i stayed right and waved him past and gave him a thumbs up. the girl racer was in an audi S4 - i stayed in the middle lane on the highway when i saw her coming, after she ate some exhaust when we were side-by-side at a stoplight. on the highway she blew by at about 100 mph. no thumbs-up for her . maybe if her S4 was yellow i would have given the thumbs up. i do like yellow even though my goat is grey!
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    One of the big things that a K&N will do for an '04 is provide a bigger pipe from the intake to the MAF. GM also did this on the '05 GTO.

    I have heard that using the larger JHP MAF with the stock airbox, with two holes cut in the bottom, can provide close to the power gains of using a K&N cone, without the debate over heat soak, or deviating much from the stock look (i.e. your dealership service department might not notice the wider pipe or the holes in the bottom of the stock airbox, whereas they'd definitely see the K&N cone).

    I haven't decided which way I'm going to go. I've seen dynos of an auto '04 that got 12+ rwhp from a K&N, so it is a worthwhile upgrade (also adds a louder intake sound, which you may prefer...

  • Thanks Robert, I have an '05 A4, are you saying it would be a waste of money for me or are there significant gains for the '05's with a K & N? Thanks again!
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    There is still a gain from adding a K&N filter, it just isn't as significant as on the '04's. I wouldn't do the JHP MAF tube on an '05, though.

    I have heard of a couple of issues with the K&N on an '05... be aware of an electrical/grounding issue... watch the screws when you tighten the clamp, is my understanding... wouldn't preclude me from buying one, just would take extra care when installing one on an '05...

  • Hi Robert
    What is your opinion on the b&m rpper shifter for an 04 GTO with 6spd??
    I am waiting on mine, should be here in a few days, but I saw a message on this forum saying that people have had problems with them. Is that anything to do with bad installation I wonder. How hard is it to remove the grill and center console for the installation?? would you reccomend getting a different one even though this one seems to be the only one available?
  • kevm14kevm14 Posts: 423
    How come you can't use a Hurst from an LS1 F-body?
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