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Pontiac GTO



  • Ok, that's good looking. Much better that the Monaro. Are you doing the 18" wheels also?
  • Glad it was just a minor problem.
  • Those are actually 19" wheels , but I am looking for 18's I just can't decide what wheel to get. I am going with Americas Tires and it seems to be harder for me to decide on a wheel I like. I am open to sugestions.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    How come you can't use a Hurst from an LS1 F-body?

    Beats the heck out of me. I know that Hurst has been working on a GTO shifter - I know the guy in Cleveland who has helped them with some prototypes - but it's still not available...

  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    I have read on "another forum" that covers the LS1 GTO lots of horror stories about the B&M. Big problems include bolts shearing, and the gasket tearing. B&M has come up with a revised kit with a new gasket and some new bolts. I would call B&M at (818) 882-6422 - ask to speak with Frank (x238) and make sure you have the revised unit.

    Here is the alternative product, if you decide not to stay with the B&M:

    Hope this helps,

  • That is a really cool looking car. 19" wheels, man that's got to handle good.
  • Thanks for the advie Robert. I talked to Frank and this is the deal. The B & M is still well recommended but only the revised one. Well what is the revised one?? you ask... its exactly the same as the original but they include a gasket kit to seal and secure the thing. This is what supposedly was causing all the problems. I get mine next week and Frank will send me the kit if it does not come with it already, although I was assured that all the Ripper shifters now come with this kit. I will post a message if I have any problems with the Shifter.
    I was going to buy the Aus made one but its alot more money and alot more shipping. If this one fails I will send it back and get the Aus one but I believe the Band M shifters are good quality.
  • Went by the dealer the other day and there was a red '66 or '67 goat facing the street. The window sticker said $27,995. I didn't bother to check it out but wonder if someone traded it in for a new one.
  • mparis1mparis1 Posts: 107
    bringing my 05 GTO IN FOR 2ND OIL CHANGE...luv this car... areal in nyc... aday does not go bye without someone making comments about the great looks/ race me......mostly mustangs/ G35s...... from a light 1800 rpm ..1st gear.. light turns green.... the car launches and pulls and pulls ...what a machine....
    ANYHOW, what should i ask the dealer to check/do.........bringin it in for oil change???
    any tech bulletins?????thanks guys :)
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    2nd oil change at 4000 miles? imho that's a waste of time/money/oil. i think that in modern cars it's fine to wait a Long Time for the first oil change! but i think ONE oil change by 5000 miles is probably reasonable enough. my goat has 4700 miles and it's amazing how clean the oil looks! well, it is going into the shop anyway next week to put on the australian rear lower bumper and australian side marker lights and to get radio & washer fixed, so maybe i will go for an oil change too. i wonder how long the goat computer-thing would wait to tell me to change the oil. i've had other new cars where the computer didn't tell me to change the oil until 16000 miles! would the goat wait that long before telling me, i wonder? maybe i'll find out. maybe dealer would forget to reset whatever oil-thingy tells the computer that the oil was just changed. naturally our goat-avatar hammen2 will be able to tell us how to do it - in fact i think he may have posted about that already.

    in other news, another wild move by another driver last week - dude in SUV was weaving through traffic behind me - so i went to center lane. he weaved and weaved to get past me. as he drove past, his passenger teen/twenties male leaned out the passenger window, practically falling out of the SUV, giving me some sort of signal, pointing upwards. i think he wanted me to goose it or downshift to get that sweet exhaust sound. but traffic was packed, so i didn't. no reason to get all revved up with nowhere to go. i won't bother posting about these wacky boy-racer/girl-racer incidents, they happen so often that they are getting boring except for the part that people could get killed with wacky moves like my reasonable driving and subtle cyclone-gray goat seem to evoke !
  • At my first oil change at 1500 miles, I had the dealer add Mobil1 5W-30, and didn't change the oil again till the comp prompted me at 9700 miles - 8200 miles between changes. The manual says that driving style and RPMs will affect the change interval.

    On my old 96 Grand Am w/ 3.1L V6 would do changes at 10,000 miles w/ mobil 1. That grand-am now has 170,000 miles on it has never had major interior engine work. Only starter, alternator, and idler pulley have been replaced - at around the 125-135,000 mile mark.
  • ...aside from a couple of dudes driving their own GTOs from time to time...

    Anyway, one of my seat motors gave up a couple of weeks ago and the driver's seat is now stuck in its closest to the steering wheel position. It sucks because I'm 6 feet tall but I've been managing OK so far by leaning back really far. It makes putting a toddler in and out real easy though since I don't have to deal with the slow speed of moving the seat back and forth in the first place ;-) Its current limited functionality reminds me of getting into the back seat of the series of Trabant station wagons I grew up with. Here's a pic of the vehicle I'm referring to (26HP 2-cycle engine, so that's different at least):

    I don't have time to go to a dealer anytime soon but, obviously, I'll have to one day... I wonder if this is a common problem and how long it will take them to order the part and fix it. I don't expect an 'in and out' visit for sure but we'll see.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Actually, if you have an '05 it's a "Torrid Red" or, as the Aussies call it, RedHot. Pulse was a limited-edition 40th anniversary color for 2004 (W40 option code, though Pontiac dropped officially calling it the 40th Anniversary model when sales of the '04's were lousy).

    Haven't heard of failing seat motors as being a huge recurring problem. You just never know how long it's going to take to get a part in, so, if I were in your shoes, I'd get it to the dealer ASAP for diagnosis. My gas cap broke (it just spins and clicks when trying to put it on) - at least I can get it off, and I'm not getting an SES light from it not being sealed, at least, not yet - but we'll see how long it takes to get one.

  • That's what I have but not enough coffee today, so sorry...
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    naturally our goat-avatar hammen2 will be able to tell us how to do it

    With the car off, turn the ignition to the On position (but don't move it to Start and begin cranking)
    Press and release the gas pedal slowly two or three times within five seconds
    Turn the key back to the Lock position.

  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    thanks Robert for the oilchange reset info ! tovarisch cracovian, your name is from the movie _the terminal_ right? man was that movie excellent! and even better, a gto reference: "goat! goat! ... he really loves his goat!".
    my parts arrived from jhp to my neighbor's house yesterday. they already thought i was crazy, but having a rear lower bumper delivered to them leaves no doubt. the side marker lights are small. i hope the paint is all good under the monstrous triangle GTO tags. whatever, the dealer body shop will do what they have to do. i'll probably get the car to them on thursday.
    so even the gas cap on these cars is an aussie-only/holden part ? hey, could be worse, at least the gas cap don't screw in with counterclockwise direction due to the southern hemisphere coriolis effect.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    so even the gas cap on these cars is an aussie-only/holden part ?

    I don't know that for sure, was just guessing/making fun of the fact that it might take days/weeks to get one. But, I called the dealer, and something happened that's never happened to me before: they actually have the part IN STOCK and I have an appointment first thing tomorrow morning to get my gas cap replaced! I'm guessing this must have happened to one or more of their other GTO customers (I know that their parts guy has a red GTO), so they're stocking the part.

    Beats the month and a half I waited for door lock ferrules, and the 3 1/2 weeks I waited for one of the retainers under the back seat that shattered when I changed out the subwoofers and peeling grille (don't want to admit what I paid for what probably is a 12 cent piece of plastic...).

  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    wow, Robert, the dealer has an actual goat part in stock? who knew. my local dealer has the rear-bumper-lower-half in stock now. naturally the GM/USA part arrived on the same day i talkd to the parts guy and told him to cancel the SPAC order since i was going ahead with ordering the aussie part.
    check this dashboard oddity: i think the diagnostic-speed-mode on the lcd display shows a different speed than the big-numbers/non-diagnostic lcd speed indicator. i think the big-numbers/non-diagnostic-mode lcd speed indication is reading a few mph faster than actual speed. i think the diag mode shows actual speed. this shows me that the angry mass state cop who bagged me lately was really lying. he said i was doing 85 to 90 when it looks like i was doing 79 or 80, max. oh well, no worry, the penalty is not much different in either case.
    privetotruski/cracovian i sure did not mean to offend by using the russian word for "friend" - i hope that is obvious. i figured that using a russian word was cool since a soviet-era (russian) car was mentioned by cracovian dude/dudette. i plead guilty to cultural moronicism and total US-centricism!
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    the dealer has an actual goat part in stock? who knew.

    Yep. In and out in under 30 minutes - probably a record. Had the car fixed within 16 hours of calling them - fastest dealership repair ever.

    i think the big-numbers/non-diagnostic-mode lcd speed indication is reading a few mph faster than actual speed.

    Yep, known issue on the 2004's.

    From Chris White's
    "2004 Odometer/Speedometer Correction (Corrects 2.91%+ Error on the 2004 instrument cluster)"

    Chris can activate the shift light indicator, customize the DIC (mine has the Holden HSV logo at startup, and a customized message on the LCD), et. al. Cost me about $125 for him to do this (hook up his laptop, or send it in to him. He can also customize/change out the gauge needles, LCD's on the radio, HVAC indicators, et. al. - I'm going to get matching purple LCD's on the cluster and change the radio colors when my car's in storage over the winter...

  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    woah woah woah Robert - are you sure the odometer is 3% high too? that stinks. so my mpg reading is almost 1mpg too high? grrr! and my odometer is reading 150 miles too much? pfft, i will rip the lungs out of mr. goodwrench on that one especially if there is a warranty failure at 12149 miles. or more, if they don't fix it. i hope the odometer is actually correct and it's just the speedo which is off. they better have a TSB for it, those sillies.
    years ago with my 1989 iroc-z, the speedo was WAY off and the dealer couldn't get the tranny speedo gear matched with the speedo head gear. they finally sent it out to a speed shop to have a custom speedo head gear cut. GM gave me a letter after that, extending the warranty to 15000 miles on the odo, or some such. after i bought that car, i was driving up the rt 2 hill (steep!) outside boston, speedo said 70 mph and i thought it felt slow. then a volksy bus passed me going up the hill. "what's wrong with this picture".
  • Good try, elias, but just like privetotruski said 'cracovian' is Polish. It refers to the beautiful city of Cracow where, as the matter of fact, one of Spielberg's movies was shot, however, it was "Schindler's List" and not "The Terminal". He must have gotten inspired by that name though when he invented the fictional country of Krakozia (sp?)

    My brother almost imported the '04 Goat to Warsaw (the price then was sooo good) but he ended up with the Honda Pilot instead. Good for him; he'd be in big trouble now - he's much taller than I am ;-) He would probably have to get the part from Britain where they're sold as Vauxhall Monaros...
  • Got a question... I have read a lot about people upping the horses on their GTO's, can anyone tell me what kind of power the drive train can safely handle? I have been planning on various power upgrade to my '05 but I'd hate to do that and find the rest of the drive train can't handle the engine. :sick:
  • I thought I had seen posted here that some folks upgraded their stereo speakers. I just turned over 1,000 miles and I'm beginning to think my speakers/sound quality from my 02 Bonneville had better overall sound. For some reason i just don't think the factory speakers have enough overall depth. The bass is not all that good either. Has anyone changed out their factory speakers and has the quality (and bass level) improved with after market speakers? Did you change all speakers or which ones should I focus on replacing for the best effect? I would like to try this change-over myself, but would likely have a professional audio store do it.
  • ausstarausstar Posts: 21
    For some reason i just don't think the factory speakers have enough overall depth. The bass is not all that good either.

    Robert pointed out about 3 pages ago that you can change the output on your stock sound system. I did and it made a large difference.
    OPen the boot, trunk.. peel back the laeft wall of carpet... on a metal plate between the gas tank and the fender is the amp for the system. REach around and you will feel the output nob. Turn it up or to what ever level you like. From stock its really low.
  • kbobe67kbobe67 Posts: 23
    First post, although I relied heavily on you guys in my decision to get the Goat. 2005 Phantom Black on Black M6, had it for a week. Hands down the best car I've ever owned. The local dealer got a glut of 05's (six, which constitues a "glut" around here) delivered in a two week span in August. Gas is $3.00 a gallon, he's got six GTOs (two sat on the back lot in their styrofoam and protective shipping materials) and the 06's are right around the corner. I figure they're ripe for a deal. I guess the mark-up is low because they weren't real enthusiastic at first. My buddy works at the dealership in the body shop. Apparently they'd just had a meeting about how crappy their numbers were for August, and September was looking disappointing as well. (Damn! If only they'd had more Azteks!)
    Anyway, he suggested timing my strike as near month end as possible, since that's when the sales pressure really ramps up. It was tough because the black M6 sitting on the back lot unprepped was the only one I was really jazzed about and I was afraid it would be gone. The end of September rolls around and doesn't GM put the Employee Pricing on the remaining 05 GTOs? I got the employee pricing and a $1,000 dealer cash, brought the price down to $29k.
    The forum is great. I've already done the sub amp tweak (very cool) and ordered the replacement Goldwood subs as suggested by Robert. I'll be upgrading the door and rear panel speakers next week. I did have XM added using an XM Commander unit. The control module fits perfectly in the little storage unit below the head unit, but it wasn't possible to recess it enough to be able to close the door. The appearance of the control unit ties in nicely with the car's black-and-silver interior appointments. Ditto with the Escort Solo 2 cordless radar detector, which also eliminates the issue with the lack of a dash mounted 12v receptacle.
    XM has its own unique compression characteristic that tends to sound "boxy" if there isn't a direct connection to the amp (RCA or a cassette shell adapter). With the Blaupunkt the only option was FM modulation. The XM Commander physically jacks into the antenna input rather than relying on over-the-air modulation, however there is still a marked loss of highs and separation. I'm hoping replacing the door speakers with high grade aftermarket gear will help. Note that the XM unit will step on your regular FM stations, so turn it off if you want regular on air radio (but why would ya?)
    With regard to removing the head unit, the tool is handy (Circuit City sells them for $20, in my case the Pontiac dealer loaned us theirs). As far as requiring re-coding, we had the head unit out of the car entirely for several hours, and when re reconnected it, not only did it function fine, but it still retained its settings (except for the clock).
    My question is, how do you disable that goofy "overspeed" indicator? I've run through the set up screens and I think I'm selecting "No" for overspeed, but the damn thing goes off just when I'm about to "get busy". Thanks again.
  • ausstarausstar Posts: 21
    Whats up mate. As far as I have experienced you can;t turn the bloddy thing off. If you go to the display that has the overspeed setting you can just turn it up as high as you want. I dont usually go more than 100 m/hr so that is what I have mine set to.
    On another note... Robert if you are reading this I was wondering if you have had any problems with the trunk release buttons. Sometimes mine works but most of the time I have to get out and hold the lid up and press the remote button at the same time. Fricken annoying cos I dont want to have to turn the car off every time I want to open the boot. I know the Aussie Monaro's dont have this problem I think this is just my car. The dealership does not have a clue how to fix it.!!
  • mick1mick1 Posts: 84
    The car must be in park to turn it off. I had the same problem it was driving me just as crazy playing with the buttons while driving. On the other hand maybe the car is trying to tell us GTO guys to slow down a little!
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    on the aussie rear lower bumper/cover. the part i got is unfinished black. in photos of the aussie version they seem to be similar/dark grey to what it has on the GM USA part. i'm not sure i'm going to like the black lower bumper. i think i want it painted body color. maybe i'll try it in the flat black for a while and get it painted later. dunno. what are your thoughts on the whole thang ya bottler !
  • kbobe67kbobe67 Posts: 23
    Somehow I got it to turn off. I had just refueled and press the "set" button to reset the fuel stuff, and now in the left screen it reads "Overspeed: OFF". No idea how I did it.

    On another matter, I'm thinking of replacing the stock front speakers with components. Has anybody had success finding an appropriate mounting location on the upper door for the tweeter? There's a little triangular plastic piece that trims out the inside of the side rear-view mirrors that looks promising. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • jontyreesjontyrees Posts: 160
    If you do go with components for the front, try to get the highest efficiency drivers you can find. The stock head unit doesn't have a whole lot of output, and you may find yourself lacking volume, or cranking it up to distortion levels. I replaced the stock speakers with some middling Blaupunkt coaxials, and after some tweaking of bass/treble and the sub amp, it sounds pretty good. I definitely have to turn the volume on the HU way higher than before though, (around 40-45 for fairly loud, whereas 35-40 did it for the stock speakers). As a huge generality, cheaper drivers tend to have higher efficiency and are easier to drive than high end stuff, (eg an Infinity Reference speaker tends to offer a dB or two higher efficiency than an equivalent sized Infinity Kappa - the more expensive line).

    'Coure, you could add an amp.
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