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Pontiac GTO



  • zingerzinger Posts: 61
    Thanks Again Robert!
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    This kind of funny, but GTOs don't have the traditional new car smell that you get from most GM cars.
    It is more of a sweaty Australian autoworker smell than anything else.
  • Did you have the 17's or 18 tires?
    I'm considering a tire replacement too, primarily to get a softer/less hard ride and to enhance winter driving. Of course,I have not yet experienced the BFG's (OEM 17's) yet in the snow, so don't really have a feel for how well they will perform.
    I would be interested to know how your Dunlop M3's handle in the snow so keep us posted. With the ride quality, did you notice if the Dunlop's seemed to cushion ride quality over interstate joint strips for example or bumpy pavement. Also, how is the road noise on the Dunlop's compared to the BFG's...any difference?
  • Robert:
    In a recent post to Zinger, you mentioned something about as part of the PDI, to "remove the spring compressors". If this was not done upon delivery, would this affect the overall ride quality (I'm assuming so). Is there a way to check for this or would it be really obvious if the spring compressors were not removed? Still hoping to improve ride quality!!
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Spring compressors - usually orange or black, would prevent the suspension from fully traveling.

    There's a huge difference between my first GTO and my second. I strongly suspect the dealer never did the PDI on my first car... tire pressures were at 60 psi until I figured this out, 800 miles later, and I suspect the spring compressors were left in (until they fell out on their own), compromising the suspension... leading to some of the car's suspension problems (clunking/popping that you could hear AND feel in the front end, during cornering/turns... tie rod ends were drilled out, and it helped, but didn't resolve the problem... of course, that may also have been due to the engine and tranny being dropped and realigned, in an attempt to find the front end creaking and popping noises which ended up being an improperly-assembled firewall).

    Car #2 rides much better. My 1998 Aurora has the best ride, though, and I can certainly feel the difference between the two vehicles. I still have the stock tires and will probably not upgrade them until I wear 'em out (after next year). I run 32-35 psi in all 4 tires, except when I stored my car, I pumped them up to 60 psi to help avoid flat-spotting. Your tires will do that overnight and it will take a mile or two for the ride to calm down...

  • I have 17" wheels and the OEM tires are the B F Goodrich. This past week I was driving across a bridge (four lanes one way interstate) on my way home, about four or more cars were stopped on the bridge from various slides into the guard rails. Traffic was moving at about 25MPH at most. Apparently the bridge was ice covered but you couldn't tell it from my car as their was never a hint of a slip. They closed the bridge five minutes after I crossed.
    Being a cheap accountant, normally I would not buy winter tires but Hammen said it was a necessity for the GTO and I sure believe him now.
    What I am suprised at is that the snow tires are quieter and the bumps are much less pronounced with the snow tires.
    I purchased the tires from after seeing a posting for the site earlier in this topic. One reviewer had said he intended to keep the tires on all year round because of the improved ride. I can understand his view, though I doubt that the winter tire would last long if used all year. Also in comparison to the BFG's on the dry pavement, on a sharp turn there is less squealing and pull out with the Dunlops.
  • As a point of reference I should say that I live in the midwest and have not had a set of snow tires since I owned a Plymouth Duster in the 70's which used Bias Ply tires. Since then I have owned a Firebird, V8 Thunderbird (8 years)and V8 Cougar (8 Years) without snow tires using three bags of sand in the trunk for weight. so I am no expert on tires.
  • drove a 05 gto yesterday, with the 6 speed manual. liked the car very much but like lots of you, i noticed that the shift throws are very long and soft.
    i went online and noticed that several companies are manufacturing short shift kits for the gto and very inexpensively at that (under $200).
    has anyone put one on their gto and did it make a noticeable difference? if so, which brand did you buy and how big a deal is it to install it?
  • Hi Robert,

    Do you have a picture of those CV8-R tail lights? I'd love to see how it looks. Thanks!

  • mparis1mparis1 Posts: 107
  • No way can 100 mph = 1700 rpm if 80 mph = 2000? If we ever get rid of this rain and snow, I'll see what it really is. I'm guessing 2500?

    I agree with the need for a little shorter throws when shifting when you're really gettin' on it. I was still able to beat an F150 SVT. Every time I shifted he would close a little, but once in 4th, it was all over. He actually followed me to Wal-Mart. He got out with this puzzled look on his face. It was hilarious. "I haven't seen one of those yet." "So that's the new GTO?" "Are you runnin' nitro?" I said, "nope, Quik Trip 91 octane". "How many pounds of boost are you pushin'?" When I told him none, it was naturally aspirated, he wouldn't believe me until I lifted the hood. Maybe he isn't used to reading what's in front of him. I guess Pontiac 6.0 didn't register with him. His SVT was fast, just not fast enough. I'm sure he's used to smokin' GT's, just not GTO's!
  • I just took an '06 for a ride and it sure smelled like a new car.
  • Sorry dude. I musta been asleep at the wheel. I meant 100mph=2700rpms.
  • From another forum:

    Total retail November sales for GTO = 770, 27% increase over October, 31% less than last November.

    Grounded stock = 2,568 or 108 days supply, 87% 2005 models or 360 2006's on ground, next ship due in on 12/15 with 350 units, then 12/26 with 700 units.
  • xkssxkss Posts: 722


    Darkened rear tail lamps for 2006

  • mick1mick1 Posts: 84
    My radio presets retain the station but not the equalization. I called Pontiac customer service who only read back page 3-45 from the owners manual and said it doesn't do that. the manual says tune to the station, set the equalization and hold the preset button till it beeps. If I set five buttons to rock, then the sixth to jazz they all change to jazz. Anybody else have this problem.
  • Even though the manual says the EQ will be kept for the presets, it doesn't work on my '05. I've also tried EQ off and manual settings for bass and trebel, same thing.

    xkss, nice pics of the '05 and '06. I bet I could buy the dark colored taillamp lens with the $2K cash back and still have money left over.

    I'm happy to be 1 of the 770 November retail sales. 507 miles of total satisfaction (outside of a minor dash rattle which can wait until my free first oil change). I guess I can go faster than 55 mph now (ha! ha!). Oh well, I've always said break 'em in how you normally drive 'em - and this one wasn't made to drive 55. Heck, my wife had it over 100 in 4th gear before it had 100 miles on it. Like Sammy Hagar said, "at 55, I can't even get my car out of 2nd gear".

    If anyone is even thinking about one of these, don't wait any longer, go take a test drive and make sure you take your check book with you.
  • Hello, My 12k '04 has some sort of stearing issue that 2 dealers have been unable to rectify.

    The car seems to follow any grooves in the road and is especially bad on uneven road surfaces like beat up black top. It takes more force to the steering wheel than it should and constant adjustments to keep the car going straight. I just bought 4 new Perrelli PZeros but the issue remains.

    Sometimes I feel the car wants to go a diferent direction than I do..

    I've been assured the alignement is perfect....

    Any ideas? With the holdiay season upon us, its impossible to drive this car even after one drink for fear of getting pulled over for swerving... ;)
  • white6white6 Posts: 588
    Probably caused by the front strut rod bushings. Mine were shot after one hard stop. They are fluid filled and, evidently, are quite fragile. Static alignment won't find this problem. If the bushings have been "blown" they are so squishy that while just driving down the road they will allow toe-out of the front tires. Not only does this mess up tracking, it will wear out the inside edges of the tires pretty quick. I have ordered aftermarket bushings to fix mine, as I'm sure the dealer wouldn't be able to "duplicate the problem." Pretty bad that I have to spend money out of my pocket to fix what is a defect, but I like this car that much...
  • white6,

    Thanks for the reponse. Is there a way to test/see that it is the Bushings? This seems to make sense, but if I put it up on the rack, is there something that will tip me off the bushings are shot?

    What bushings did you go with?
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    i wonder if that bushings problem could be related to the crunching sound i get from the left front suspension on some low speed stops & once today on a turn without the brake engaged - after not having driven the car for 6 weeks. i'll have dealer check that crunching during the next snowstorm...
    in other news, i verified today what is not a surprise to anyone: the stock 17s are DOWNRIGHT HAZARDOUS on snow, such as hard-packed snow from a tiny snowstorm.
    ... local tire shop has blizzak WS50s on the way...
  • Well I'm putting mine up on the rack tomorrow to get a good look. I'll let you know and maybe post some picks of what I find.
  • white6white6 Posts: 588
    Don't know for sure how you would tell, short of witnessing them actually leaking fluid dripping on the garage floor (like I did). Where's our resident expert? Bueller.... Bueller???
  • Just read a copy of Speed magazine, issued by Road&Track. They evaluated 8 stock cars for their drifting abilities, ease of completing a drift course, the angles, speeds, etc. All 8 cars were RWD and stick-shifts and were evaluated independently by two drivers. I was surprised at the results. Here they are from worst to best:

    8. Acura NSX
    7. Mazda Miata (new body)
    6. Dodge Viper
    5. Ford Mustang GT
    4. Porsche Carrera 911
    3. Nissan 350 Z
    2. Pontiac GTO
    1. BMW M3

    Good going GTO!
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    any of you annoyed by the way the gas cap hangs against the side of the car when refueling, with no room to put the cap next to the filler neck? it hasn't scuffed the finish yet, but it just sort of annoys me. anyone got any ideas on anything else to do with the gas cap while refueling?
  • It did annoy me - I clipped the pastic leash w/ wire cutters and do what I used to - put it on the gas pump...

    I did the same thing on my old 96 grand am - but that fuel door had a little grippie thing to hold it.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    thanks tolenash. i considered cutting the gas cap leash too, but sooner or later i'd surely leave the cap on top of the pump. a fuel door grippy thing would be very nice - seems like that might be a cool aftermarket add-on, maybe someone makes sort of stick-on grippy thing.
  • white6white6 Posts: 588
    I just turn mine 90 degrees and it fits right in to the left of the filler spout...
  • mick1mick1 Posts: 84
    anybody had a water leak where it's soaking wet in the back floor and a little wet under the floor mat both on the driver's side. I had the door panel water shield replaced and it may have not totally solved the problem as there is still a slight wetness in the driver's floor carpeting around the rubber foot pad. And some of you guys are upset about the gas cap.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    hi Mick - who is upset about the gas cap!? it just goes to show how great the car is if "gas cap" is one of my few complaints...

    but a wet back floor sure would tick me off due to the smell/mold/etc!

    white6, thanks, i will keep trying to fit the cap in there. (i was lousy with rubiks cubes too.)
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