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Pontiac GTO



  • Well, if you haven't driven one then you have no idea what you are talking about, period. I will add to that......Why must a car that has a name associated with a 60's or 70's muscle car be retro? The things that come out now (i.e. Dodge Challenger) with the retro style are like a musical group trying to live on the records of 40 years ago! To keep a car viable for the long run it has to change with the times and that includes the styling. I would rather see a manufacturer go for a current version, as in new styling, than try to hang onto and live on a past laurel.
  • hippehippe Posts: 14
    I think this discussion was dead and buried long ago. Lot's of people don't like the GTO and haven't even ridden in one. That's par for the course though. So what's new? What goat do you have?
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    hippe non-chick - maybe you mentioned earlier, but how many miles on your tires, how old, what type? 17s or 18s?
    with my 05 (17s) a couple times i thought there were front-end or alignment issues, but really it was just tires. at around 20k and again around 45k/50k.
    New tires made all the difference - no more 'wandering' feeling from the right front, especially on very crowned roads. (rotating the old tires hadn't helped - one time I rotated left to right in order to avoid the inner-tire-wear - requires remounting tires - didn't help with the tire-related handling issues).
    Pulling/drifting to the right sounds to me like expected behavior on a crowned road, especially with semi-worn or very-worn tires . there are a variety of good value/performance tires available for the 17" size, btw!
    way earlier on the thread i posted alignment specs/#s for my 05.
    it could be cool if you would post your recent alignment #s, before & after & spec.
    (Pontiac had revised the specs over the original/factory/negative-camber specs.)
    ps - my squirrel-grey GTO still gets enthusiastic raves from pedestrians and other drivers about 99 44/100% of the times I drive it, so there are plenty of folks out there who appreciate these goat-naros along with the h8rs out there too!)
  • mparis1mparis1 Posts: 107
    GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK.......elias
    What do you think about the coming CAMERO?
    Big new LS3 engine.....gas prices falling.....economic we can drive our big the food lines......if GM survives. :confuse:
    Yes, I agree my 2005 grey still gets stares and everybody wants to race me when they come upsides.....still good fun :shades:
    What is GTO Robert upto? what is his latest "pearls"?
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    mparis1, I am wild about the new camaro - I've had about 14 browser/PDF windows open on all the new ordering-guide stuff today and have hired bald trapezoid-head security guys to keep me chained to the radiator so i don't go to my nearest chevy dealership to order the 2010 camaro. seriously, i like. :) aside from the maxxed motor, I'm probably one of two people who would like to see the new GM light-duty diesel in the camaro too.
    Robert's ls2/ls1 site is doing fine from what i've seen !
    TTFN !
  • hippehippe Posts: 14
    OK, what happened is I bought the 06. Couldn't pass it up. 2000 miles and in mint condition. Even has some great mods. It has the original 17inch BF Goodrich's on stock rims. Before turning in the 04 my wife decided we should keep it and was willing to help pay for it. So now we have his and hers. Now, back to your question, with the 04 I replaced the back tires at 16K. I put on about 8000 miles a year so this was at two years. The fronts were worn on the inside edge but the rest of the tires had lots of tread left. I had them rotated left to right and got an alignment. At 24K (a year later) the inner edge was worn and I replaced the two fronts. The new tires are the original size and rating and the brand is Rykon and had a great price. It was around $500 for the tires and alignment. As long as they aren't from China I don't care. I go for the rating, not the brand. They are probably Korean. I have 32,000 miles on the car now which means the rears tires have 16,000 on them and the fronts have 8000 and they hardly show any wear. So far there is no abnormal wear in the front and I guess I slowed down a little as the rears still look new. And they handle just as well as the Goodrich's. Needless to say I am very pleased. I hope I didn't get too long winded here. I'll get back with the actual specs next time.

    Hippe non-chick, that's cool. I kinda like it. But let me introduce myself. Long ago and far away, before Edmunds hosed up my account, I was sputterguy. It's good to see you guys are still around as this place is like a ghost town. I waited a long time for the Challenger to come out but when it came out in barge trim I was so disappointed. I am so happy to have gotten my hands on a low milage 06. Now it's the best of both worlds (no not Miley Cyrus).
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    cool, glad you like the hippe nonchick concept, maybe better than that previous account name which got hosed.
    when it rains it pours GTOs on you! niiiice...
    good to know the tires are working out nicely like mine and also that you find disney-radio (sirius?) unavoidable like me. i'm looking into sirius satellite tv next.
    no pressure on typing in all those alignment specs, but hey, if you get around to it. ps - selena gomez #1!
  • hippehippe Posts: 14
    Selena is Hot! Check out Lola, aka Eiza Gonsalez (I think that's how it's spelled) in Si Me Besas. Oh yeah!
  • hippehippe Posts: 14
    front left right
    actual/before actual/before
    camber -.3 / -.2 -.3 / {-.8}
    caster 8.1 / 8.1 8.7 / 8.7
    toe .09 / {-.07} .08 / .04
    SAI 13.1/ 13.0 12.8/ 13.2

    cross camber .0 / .05
    cross caster -.6 / -.6
    cross SAI .3 / -.2
    total toe .17 / {-.03}

    rear left right
    camber -1.5 / -1.5 -1.0 / -1.1
    toe .18 / .19 .23 / {-.03}

    cross camber -.4 / -.4
    total toe .41 / .16
    thrust angle -.02 / .11

    I hope this makes sense to you. The numbers in brackets are the ones that were out of spec. I tried to make them bold or in red but couldn't do it here. It looks like they tried to hit the middle of the range for most of the values. It works good on my car......
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    thanks hippe... at some point i'm going to find my post with the align #s
    and compare side-by-side with yours. cheers!
  • hippehippe Posts: 14
    I just noticed this. I had everything in neat columns, left and right, before and after. When I submitted it I guess it just slammed everything to the left. All the info is there, it's just needs some spacing. thanks Edmunds!
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    Hippe, I blame microsoft for anything like that.
    in other news, my GTO seems even more awesomely aligned now that it's running on $2.50 gasoline instead of $4 gas.
    If I sell a car to pay my property-tax, maybe I'll sell TDI instead of GTO. :)
  • hippehippe Posts: 14
    For heaven's sake, don't sell the GTO. Yeah, I think I paid $2.29 or something like that yesterday. Makes you wonder why we paid over $4.00 not to long ago.

    About two weeks ago my 06 started popping out of first gear. Really freaked me out. I think I mentioned that the dealer I got it from went out of business. I know they would have fixed it no problem. I was afraid the local dealer would void the warranty because of the after market shifter. Some dealers are like that. I'd start out in second gear so at least I could drive it around. Kind of a bummer though. That took the fun out of it. Anyway, I was able to locate the service manager who had taken care of my 04 all these years and who did a good job of it I must say. He is now the service manager at a Chevy dealer which is about 70 miles away. I took it in this week and it turned out that it was the shifter and not the tranny. He fixed it for no charge. So, this story has a happy ending but it could have been a disaster.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    cool about your fixed shifter... lemme guess, the service manager drives a vette or z28 or something GM with mucho mods. ? :)
    $1.99 for 87 octane... i feed my GTO 87 octane all winter and it is pleeeeeenty cold now.
  • hippehippe Posts: 14
    Ah, that was a nice vacation. I thought I would be working over Thanksgiving but it is getting a little slow (which is scary) so I was able to take the week off.

    Actually, the service manager races motorcycles and has never really known much about the GTO. But he will check around and makes sure things are done right. Well, they did mess up with my alignment but it is minor and I didn't want to keep going in for that. I'm glad I didn't start trouble over it. Fixing my shifter is worth way more.

    I used to run the highest octane but after learning here that it is only an anti-knock measurement I tried 89 and it worked fine. I then tired 87 but the 04 seemed to knock so I stayed with 89. I've run all three grades in the 06 and it runs fine but I do detect some clatter with the 87 octanne but that probably has more to do with what gear I'm in. If the rpms are up it runs fine. But who cares, gas is virtually free now. just kidding
  • mparis1mparis1 Posts: 107
    The King is Dead...So live the new King....GXP...rave review ...quarter mile 13 seconds 4.5 0-60. wow. What are you guys hearing? Also hear you can order headers/air induction...etc. etc. :shades: :shades:
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    niiiiiiiiiiiiiice. :)
  • pkocherpkocher Posts: 1
    what is a good coil spring combo for 1967 GTO conv.?
  • jimtnazjimtnaz Posts: 1
    I would like to know if all automatic 64 GTO's had the two speed automatic transmission. Any production numbers, it does have the tri-power 389 of course.
    I would also like to know the break down of production numbers and if they can be seperated from the Lemans. The car is all original rust free, esitmated value range would be great also.
  • mparis1mparis1 Posts: 107
    Weird Problem-----left side directional signal lights stayed on after leaving 2005 car. Played around with remote key door locked/unlocked until they went off. WHATS GOING ON? :confuse:
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    hi mparis. just back from FL & seeing 3 shuttle non-launches. missed it by that* much, but got a solid 25 mpg on 87 octane for much of the east-coast bostonFL commute. "I'll be back"..

    I've never seen the symptom you describe on 05/gto but just now I tried to trigger it, without success.

    could it be a software feature being triggered somehow?
    it seems to act just like euro-vehicle feature to satisfy particular state and/or courtesy requirements for leaving street-side turn-signal illuminated all night when parked on the very thin streets. this reminds me that illuminating parking lights 100% may use less power than flashing the flashers. counterintuitive? call mythbusters? :)

    A way to turn on that feature on some German cars for example: hold the turn signal indicator left or right before you shut off ignition/engine. Maybe while holding brake pedal down. For Holden vehicles possibly it is also required to simultaneously recite the Monty Python "Australia we love you" skit.

    Could it be that there is a particular wizard sequence to trigger the feature on GTO and you have found it, Harry Potter Paris ! ?

    On a long-distance cruise the car is simply incredible, it amazes me every time. (Only downside is that stop & go with the 6-spd is not very fun unless the traffic is fast enough to leave it in 2nd gear.)

  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    I quickly fell in love with my new pulse red 2004 GTO which I bought on Christmas Eve and drove the next day with my wife and a baby from Atlanta to Chicago through the ice and snowstorms in Kentucky. It cruised beautifully and it felt solid as long as you kept low RPMs. I miss that car but it would have probably killed me (that is I'd kill myself) one day...
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    I hear you , cracovian.
    With GTO and a wrongly-timed flick of the right foot, one can get into big-trouble/dangerous-situation with the traction-control off - even on dry roads.
  • I had an 07 corvette but became unemployed. I enjoyed 19-22 mpg all day long around town, no matter how I drove the vette. I got the 04 GTO because it was frankly the only car I could afford that gave me the same thrill the vette gave me to drive. I did a lot of research on the car before I bought it but misses a few things that turned out to be critical.

    The first is gas mileage. EPA says 16 city, so ike EPA says 17 for vette, I expected that to be on the low end of possibilities depending on how a car is driven. Of course the vette is far superior in fuel management technology and the fact that it offers a tranny capable of cruising at under 1100 rpm in high mids accounts for substantial gas savings too but my GTO gets far worse than estimated and I have to drive it with paranoid cautiousness to get that! If I drive like a little old woman, I can squeeze 16 out of it. Highway 16.7 to 19!!

    If I bust off the line and drive it GTO style, 13.5 to 15 are the numbers I can expect.
    Even a Dodge Hemi washing machine gets 19 and 20 driving in attack mode.

    I run only 93 octane gas - albeit Kroger to save the 10 cents. I ran that gas in my vette. IT sipped on it like an iced bar-brand martini.

    So what is this I see on all the boards from consumers that are pleasantly surprised about GTO gas mileage being better than they thought..posting 17,18,19 mpg in city driving. How does that happen? Based on the fuel avg digital gauge in the car? I have only figured it manually once against the gauge and the gauge didn't lie..

    So I am wondering..could it be that the 16k low miles that came with the car have worked against me? Did the former driver not drive this car the way it should be driven to perform at optimum level..did it accumulate sludge prematurely?

    IT doesn't act sluggish or idle rough. It doesn't blow smoke of any color. It doesn't run hot but it sure does eat my money.

    Any suggestions? COLD AIR, a good engine cleaning additive, what?

  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    hello xtranaut. Your mpg expectations may not be possible to be met due to GTO being 500 lbs heavier than vette, worse drag-coefficient, more frontal area to multiply with drag-coefficient.
    As far as I knew, it was identical fuel-management between GTO & vette.

    With my 05 M6 I get 21 mpg all-around. Mostly highway, mostly with 87 octane.
    For pure highway driving I get 23 mpg with E10 and 25 mpg or more with pure gasoline. Pure city driving, 17 mpg would be about right.

    Sludge at 16k miles? I haven't heard of that being an issue even at 75k or 100k miles with these cars. If you are worried about it, probably good to swap the oil and get some fresh mobil-1 in there!

    Btw your comment about lugging the vette at 1100rpm to get best mpg is right on - that's the way to get best mpg with GTO too. lug the motor in the top gear you can manage. (that's not the way i drive it!)
  • if for all these reasons I shouldn't expect to get 19 or 20 mpg, how do YOU do it? My car is completely stock and from all appearances, has been pampered. This is the kind of gas usage I would expect to get if I modded the car out.

    Are you figuring your gas mileage out using the gauge or the old fashioned way. I am assuming that the gauge is pretty accurate. I used it against my own calculations when I first bought the car and it seemed to line up.

    Any suggestions?
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    I calculate mpg the old fashioned way "distance/gallons", but remain surprised that the GTO mpg-gauge is "spot on" tank for tank, just like yours! I trust it now.
    I think I almost always get >20mpg for each tank because I use the car mostly for highway driving and long-distance-highway roadtrips.
    The car spends more than 90% of its miles on interstates & state-highways.
    Of the other 10%, much is actually "suburban" driving rather than "city". Suburban driving can actually yield mpg better than highway mpg for some cars!
    (I have a VW TDI which I drive when my drive is sure to be city-ish or stop-and-go, or snowy/icy/etc, or all three.)
    -Don't be afraid to "lug" the GTO engine and let it torque the car along at 1100 rpm just like you did with your vette.
    - Oh, another factor. I have the 17" wheels/tires. Maybe you have 18s and they have more rolling-resistance? I inflate tires to 34 psi cold. Maybe your tires are low? Our president says "air up those tires" and I agree with him on that!
    - and here's one. The gas cap - maybe it's that simple!
    These cars eat gas caps since they don't
    seal/lock like typical USA caps - I guess it's a Holden thing. If your gas cap is not sealing, this will cost you massive MPG due to the fuel evaporating! You can tell if the gas cap is bad if it just keeps spinning without any ratcheting sound. The ECM on these cars will NOT necessarily throw a code due to no gas cap seal - although I understand that "OBD-something" mandated they should.
    - also try 87 octane and see if that saves you 10% cost without costing any mpg, like it does for me. my car runs fantastic on 87 at all temperatures but I do use premium during warm weather.
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    16.7 - 19 HWY MPG? I doubt it... not on the stick unless you have auto and in that case your mileage is normal.

    My 2004 M6 GTO had a lifetime 14 MPG but I drove it like a bat out of hell (part of the reason why I had to give it up now that I'm a Daddy) but I could get mid 20s on the highway easily at 75+ mile speeds. I was putting in regular too.
  • ELIAS...CRACOVIAN... Thanks for the input..although, as you see, there is still a slight difference of opinion as to what the GTO will do without effort in terms of gas mileage. With mine, unfortunately, there is little effort in getting bad gas mileage and not the other way around, as with my vette.

    I absolutely love this car as much as I did the vette and the interior is even better.
    I put a Pioneer Nav with about every bell and whistle you can get. It fit right in the Blauplunkt radio slot and looks like factory.

    My car is an A4 and runs strong. I have been a bit worried since I read about the tire shredding issue with the way they put wider tires on the car that rub the struts. I have the original tires and wheels on the car..17s..although I don't much like them. I don't know what I will replace them with yet but for sure, something quieter than these BFGs. They sound like truck tires.

    It doesn't help that my car didn't come undercoated to deaden some of the road noise. I am also in Houston where everything is concrete so you note every little variance in the grading as you drive.

    I found a chip made by VOLO that seems to be the only possible legit performance-fuel economy chip that rally does anything, aside of a programmer.

    The VOLO says it retails for 149.95 but sells for 89.95 at the intro discount. I am thinking about getting one after I see what a few guys that bought them think.

    I also noticed that before I bought the car, the dealer changed the oil and 1000 miles later, it looks to be a full quarter low. Is this normal and what kind of oil do you guys run that you find best for this car? The car doesn't smoke at all and there isn't a drop on my garage floor so ???

    I am seeing more people saying that a Group 3 like Castrol GTX is the best for this car instead of synthetic. Many are also suggesting to ad a product called AUTO-RX to the oil at change and run for 3,000 miles then change and ad a small amt again. The product is ester based so isn't corrosive but cleans all the engine parts and rings.

    Since my car wasn't driven that much over the almost five years the original owner had it and it was a woman, I think it could be possible that the car built up sludge from just sitting or not being run like an LS1 should be.

    Your thoughts about any and all of this?
  • ELIAS...That sounds like my car alright. If I drive it like a GTO (but not radically) that is what I will get. I can't even imagine what these guys who mod everything are getting and my guess is they don't really car. If you have an extra 10 grand to make a 350, 500 horse, then you don't watch gas mileage.

    I have an K&N in my airbox but don't have cold air....and by itself, cold air doesn't help anything. Then I would need to change the exhaust and can't get away with anything less than about $800... so there is an easy 1200. dollars to get maybe a few MPG more.

    Now that the economy is tanked, I give a lot of thought on everything i do and what kind of a return it's going to give me on my mone. I figure I could make that CAI-EXHAUST money back in 18 months but its always easier to pay for the gas as you go than plunk out 1200 and not even be able to get excited! ha.
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