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Pontiac GTO



  • John - thanks!
    You are correct - it is the running light indicator.
    You can turn it off by turning the dial.
    The fog light indicator does look slightly different.
    I had read this info when I first got the car but obviously not in great detail.
    You saved me a trip to the dealer (not to mention some embarrassment :blush: ).
    Thanks again.
  • kentmoonkentmoon Posts: 44
    I have about 25K on my 04 GTO, and I've noticed about 5K ago that tires are wearing unevenly. If I slide hand around surface of tires, I can feel smooth bumps on each thread-same side is on each thread is higher than other side. There is no uneven wear from inside to outside. It is now making a noise in slow speed, and slight vibration while driving. I know this will get worse and I will have to replace tires soon.

    This is the same problem I had experienced in my old Catera, which cost me several sets of tires. I had this problem also with VW Golf a while back. I don't believe this is an alignment problem, and someone told me that it is shock or strut problem. With my Catera, dealer wouldn't install new shocks, and charged me for a couple of new alignments, but it didn't cure the problem.

    Any one experiencing the same problem?

  • The 2005 GTO is the fastest, most powerfull GTO ever made STOCK from the factory. Remember that Ram Air 360hp was Net hp, prior to 1972. It is really like 280 to 290 hp today in the SAE rated hp.
  • elkiiielkiii Posts: 50
    The display is one of those annoying things, like the MPH indicator. On the RSX I used to own the cruise control had a big bright green display right in my line of sight to the gauges when it was on. Don't know why manufacturers need to inform me of things I already know. And then to do it in such annoying ways. Sheesh.
  • You are certainly correct in your statement. The only cars that compare with this GTO in the power and accelleration dept. that one could order from the factory for every day driving were the Camaro/Nova/Chevelle SS 396 equipped with the L-78 engine option. Not to mention the 427/454 versions back in the 60's and early 70's. The Dodge/Plymouth 426 "Street" Hemi's of those days were also in this category. Ford's "Boss 429's" didn't quite measure up to the afforementioned.
    There were others I haven't mentioned that were very impressive in those days
    such as the 302 Z-28 Camaros that could give the big block beasts a run for their money....The new GTO is now in the company of those big block beasts that prowled the streets of the old days...That is saying volumns comparing stock for stock from the factories.
  • That is annoying.

    You can take the cluster off and put a piece of black electrical tape over the LED and put the cluster back on. That is a pain. I heard the dealer can make it less brighter?
  • prguy77prguy77 Posts: 14
    Hey guys,

    This is my first post. I'm replacing my Prelude soon, and i'm leaning towards the M6 GTO. Is it possible to get just part of the Sport Appearance Package and not the rest (the front fascia only)? Also, can you still get the hood scoop delete on the '05's?

    Thanks for the help!
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    i don't accept my dealer's answer that the TSB about too-bright-mph can only be applied to the 2004s not 2005s. i think that is a cop-out and has to be wrong. in the meantime i'll put black elec tape on top of the clear plastic - best i can do - no way am i opening up the dash to get directly at the speedo face.

    in exciting news,i removed the rubber plugs in the hood vents. as far as i can see the pl;ugs block 100% of airflow/air-venting. i'm going to ask the dealer about that too , maybe when i show them the seatbelt adjust that THEY BROKE while they had the car last week. i think the engine will get much dirtier with the hood airvent plugs removed. maybe i'll pop them back in when the weather gets colder! you know, sort of like how you see the diesels/busses with a piece of cardboard taped over the grille during wintertime...
  • elkiiielkiii Posts: 50
    Supposedly on '04s but not 05's. Personally I'd prefer it not be on at all. Same with the DRL indicator and fog light indicator. And if I ever get to the point where I forget I have the cruse control engaged I probably shouldn't be driving.

    I hadn't gotten around to setting up the options on the car and this weekend on a trip the rest indicator came on to tell me its time to rest. Heard an annoying dinging and didn't figure it out until I looked at the dash LCD. Gonna have to turn that one off.
  • Hey guys, I just turned 16 and my dad surprised me with a Black M6. I think I'm the luckiest guy ever. This car is like a fantasy come true. Haha. Anyway I have noticed a little bit of crackling on the speakers. I turned up the sub amp and played with the eq and that made a difference, but there's still that little bit of fuzz in parts of the music. I think I'll eventually replace the front door speakers and the rear side panel speakers. Could someone please tell me how difficult this would be and how much time it would require? What brand of speakers did you install? Some detailed instructions and hints from those of you who have already replaced them would be amazing. Thank you very much.
  • See Robert's posts a while back.

    I think I'm going to be sick.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    herzdawg007, i hope your post is in jest . if you are for real, i think your dad is nuts and/or is trying to get rid of you. did he take out a huge life insurance policy on you?
    if you are actually the 1 kid out of a million who is responsible enough for a car like this, ok, more power & torque to you - you go, it's your birthday. woo hoo!
    but i hope your post is a joke and that no actual parent is so irresponsible as you jest!. if you were responsible enough to have a GTO you'd also know to trade it for the slowest volvo available to increase chances of making it to age 21 ! and your dad might learn a thing or two from you if you were to do that! best regards & wishes, and forget about the speakers, pay attention to the road, you need to concentrate. look at me when i'm talkin to ya, son!
  • your gonna be the reason everyone else pays so much insurance on their GTO's ;)

    just kidding, having rich parents is a blast im sure. have fun driving richie rich.

    anyone remember that cartoon?
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Elkii, there's a gentleman by the name of Chris White (a/k/a GTPprix), a writer for a Pontiac-specific magazine, who has cracked the cluster and can do all sorts of things with it. For example, there is a shift indicator light which Pontiac decided not to turn on - well, thanks to Chris, on my A4, at 5800 rpm it beeps to tell me to manually shift (or let off the gas to let the auto shift for me). I also have the HSV logo (instead of the Pontiac one) on at startup, and a message from my wife (and our anniversary date) on the dash when the car is off. Chris can disable the DRL indicator, play with the brightness of the cluster, et. al. - Google and see if you can find his posts on other message boards.

    I'm presently in Valencia, CA and thus a bit behind in replying to posts, sorry...

  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Make sure your dealer puts a SPAC case (Service Parts something case) on your parts order. This is tied to your VIN and basically means, should any other Pontiac dealer in the U.S. have the parts you need in stock, they are required to send them to your dealer.

  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Sure your car isn't rubbing the tires against the struts? This is rampant on higher-mileage '04's and is due to alignment issues.

    Search back a few posts for the proper alignment specs. Have your dealer check and then align per those specs (got them from a dealer who got them from TAC - tell them to call TAC and ask for the revised GTO alignment specs to help prevent strut rub, should they not believe you).

    Hope this helps,

  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    I hear great things about Sewell in Dallas - would be surprised if they couldn't help you get your alarm sorted out.

  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Can't order an '05 any longer - last one was built back in early July. '06 assembly should start soon. I seem to recall that you can't order the hood scoop delete for '06, but not sure about that.

    DMS (Dublin Motor Sports, in Dublin, CA) was breaking up the 2005 SAP packages and selling front, rear, and/or side fascias separately. I know they come in three colors (black, red, ???) as well as unpainted - not sure what color you are looking for.

  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    You need to remove the door panels to replace the door speakers. Not TOO terrible, just be careful with the door lock buttons/little red ferrules (I stripped one of mine and waited over a month for the part to make its journey from Oz on a slow boat). If you email me (address in my profile) I can send you the link on door panel removal.

    You should also replace the rear panel speakers. I used Kenwood Excelons for both, 6 1/2"ers, and they work and sound great. The stockers were just such absolute junk.

    Getting at the rear panel speakers involves taking out your entire rear seat, as well as trim going up to the sill plates. It's about 5 more minutes of work to get at the subwoofers on the rear deck - by all means, take this time, and replace those, too (need a free-air 6 1/2" design - I got a pair of Goldwoods from for something ridiculous like $27 shipped - they sound AMAZING compared to the crap that Holden installed).

    Hope this helps,

  • Just dropped the car off last night for a re-look today. I was worried that they were going to give me the dreaded "eye-roll" and write me off as another anal customer who "hears" something. I was pleasantly surprised when two service writers got together with me to discuss the problem. They remembered me from the last visit and acknowledged that something was there. One checked the computer and noted that the TSB for rear axle retaining bolts had not been performed on my car, and that is their plan for today. If those bolts are in the process of backing themselves out, would that make a clanking sound on certain bumps? These guys were telling me that a customer from another dealer had his bolts come all the way out resulting in a departure of the axle from the car. I can't imagine that car will ever be quite the same.
  • white6white6 Posts: 588
    I've got a problem with my 04 A4 that, perhaps, someone here could shed some light on. After about a month I started having a real coarse vibration at idle in "D." Also caused a resonance inside the car; kind of like a low bass note that just vibrates the whole car. I can bring the car just off idle and it smooths out. Dealer hung some weights off the rear exhaust system to try and dampen out the vibration (in other words, tried to cover up the symptom rather than fix the problem, big shock, huh?). First they said they would have the regional tech rep come by and take a look. Next day they told me the problem wasn't worth his time :mad: . So I picked up the car, brought it home and filed with BBB. Hopefully after filing for lemon-law buy-back/exchange they will think it's worth their trouble. I was able to get ahold of a take-off GTO exhaust system to swap out with mine. Made no difference, which tells me that the problem probably isn't with the exhaust system. Anybody here have any clue? BTW, I've taken it to the dealer three times to fix this now.........
  • kevm14kevm14 Posts: 423
    Just be patient and give the engine time to break in. It should smooth out.
  • I have a '05 that so far has been great. :shades: I just have one small problem, there is a very pronounces growl when my a/c compressor cycles on. There is also a noise at idle that sounds an awful lot like belt noise. Could these two be related and has anyone else had this problem? Thanks!
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Sounds like either a torque converter problem or a problem with your idle speed while in gear. Basically, the car is still trying to pull while you've got your foot on the brake. Normally, the torque converter should slip enough to smooth that out, but if it's a problem with your idle speed, it's still loading up the transmission while you've got your foot on the brake.

    Next time it happens, lift off the brake lightly to see if the car surges forward. If it does, then your problem probably lies in one of those two areas. What's your idle speed when it's in Park? I'm sort of leaning toward the torque converter.
  • prguy77prguy77 Posts: 14

    Haven't settled on a color yet, most likely black.

    I've been watching this forum for a while, and i've learned a lot about the GTO that the road tests don't tell you. You've always been very informative and helpful. Thanks again.

  • white6white6 Posts: 588
    The idle speed in D is just barely over 500 rpm; probably about 525 rpm. Idle speed in Park is about 650 rpm. Car doesn't really surge forward as I ease off the brake; just a normal creep. It's almost like a switch is being flipped when I come to a stop. Idle will be fine for just a second, and then it will fall into the "grumble."
    BTW, the car is just short of 5,000 miles.....
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926

    That's a pretty low idle, but I don't know if that's normal for an LSx engine or not. Most cars idle in Park between 750 and 850 RPM. Personally, I would think your idle speed is too low and, from the sounds you describe, it seems like the engine is nearing stall speed when you're on the brake.

    Next test; apply the brake while in gear and slowly press the gas. How high does your RPM go before the car feels like its pushing against the brakes?

    I would say ask the folks in the GTO Problems & Solutions board what their idle speeds are. Maybe your ECU needs to be programmed to bump the idle speed up by a couple hundred RPM.

    What has your service department said?
  • My 2005 GTO idles at 500 RPM in Drive as well "Automatic Transmission" and it drives fine.
  • sputterguysputterguy Posts: 383
    Why would a vibration just go away?

    white6, keep taking it back and keep pushing them on it. There is so little dealer support for these cars it is ridiculous.
  • My 05 with Auto Trans also idles at 500 RPM's in Drive and presents no problem
    of any nature.
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