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Pontiac Vibe Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    All the 2008 vibes were sold heavily for about 4000 or more off msrp the last 3 months. Very few left. Probably the same for 08 matrix. Many of the 19500 vibes 08 went in the 15000's last month or two. For the new Vibe, I would want at least 1500-2000 off but with the run on hi mpg vehicles the dealers are working the trout while they are running.

    Good luck
  • trashfishtrashfish Posts: 3
    :shades: Thanks both of you!

    I finally caved today..panic mode since my current vehicle goes to the insurance co in a few days.
    Drove a 2004 GLSTurbo Jetta wagon that was SWEET...almost got it ($$$13000/ 39000 miles)...BUT cannot pull a boat and heard VW Service is high cost$$$ as are the Jettas. So...ran back to the Pontiac dealer.

    There are almost ZERO '08 Matrix's here as well.
    I like the Vibe's design much better. (09's stink)

    So...I called the local Vibe dealer back...he put me in a "loaner" (2000+ miles...mostly geriatric Caddy owners (Its a Cadillac-Pontiac Dealer) and not the White I wanted (It's a Blue-Grey with clad), no Sun and Moon OR ABS (WAAAA!)

    BUT dropped to below $16,000. (After $$2000 rebate) so walked out the door $17,402. $3400 less than the car I tried to get...(wanted ...White, clad, ABS,Sunroof...BUT figured a sunroof, ABS and "on star" was NOT worth $3400 more!) It's HOT here and everyone I know with a sunroof keeps them, why did I want it??? NO clue.(scratchin head)

    I know I could have , perhaps, gotten this '08 for a little less but I was not in the mood to haggle it more. He TRIED to sell it to me for $18,430 out the door. UH Uh.
    I'm a woman..figures he'd try that...LOL!

    He refused to budge on the final price, and was going to let me walk if any lower than the $17400 (tax, etc incl). So...that was what I paid.

    Hey! Gotta FULL tank of gas too!!! Hehheh!

    One NOT like the interior/seat covers..DARK GREY-BLACK??? NOT so Lovely in the summer....
    going to get beige seat covers this week.

    So the zip and the road feel..for a small cyl.
    I am migrating from a sluggish 4 cyl auto pick up truck with NO pick up!

  • amethisteamethiste Posts: 28
    I am interested in buying a 2009 Vibe 1.8L automatic transmission with the preferred package with the radio upgrade, A/C and anti-theft device. The dealer says it may be difficult to get in a 1.8 rather than the larger engine. But the larger engine is not as fuel efficient and would push the price over $20,000.

    I've been quoted $18,762.33 in Baltimore, MD. Is this reasonable?
  • gary_ggary_g Posts: 13
    "I've been quoted $18,762.33 in Baltimore, MD. Is this reasonable? "

    I live in Abingdon, Harford County.
    I used and was contacted by Fox Pontiac in Laurel. They sold me my '08 Vibe at $3500 below sticker.

    Good luck.
  • amethisteamethiste Posts: 28
    $18,762.33 is the out the door price for an 09 Vibe. Sorry I wasn't more clear. :blush:
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    No Idea. Taxes vary from $100 to $1800 depending on state. Doc fees at dealerships vary from 50 to $500.

    Many of the 08 vibes were cleared out for $4000 or more off msrp. An 07 used vibe in the 19000 dollar msrp range wholesales for about 12000 so $15000 or so (4000 off) is about what the new 08 was worth. For the 09's I would want 2000 off or more (plus tax title). Whether thats achieveable now with the run on hi mileage vehicles I don't know but it soon may be.

    Good luck

    18,762.33 is the out the door price for an 09 Vibe. Sorry I wasn't more clear
  • amethisteamethiste Posts: 28
    Every dealership I hav e contacted is offering a GMS price that is basically $1400 of of MSRP. 09 Vibes seem to be tough to find, I may have to order one.
  • ssampierssampier Posts: 3
    MSRP is $21,300 so $1,127 off; not bad, but not great either. I probably could have done better if I had waited until the end of month (I was hoping for invoice or lower).

    The dealership was great, though; no-pressure at all, ever.

    I love my Vibe.
  • novanova Posts: 135
    If you look on edmunds new car pricing there is only about $1,000.00 between invoice and MSRP . I check looking up a GT model so it looks like you made a good deal. Enjoy your new car.
  • cmortoncmorton Posts: 15
    I just purchased a 2009 Carbon Gray Vibe, 2.4 litre engine, with the Preferred Package, Sun and Sound, Automatic, Air, Theft Alarm, Cargo Cover and Fog Lamps from approximately 1200.00 under sticker at Marina Motors in Capitola CA. Great dealership and the best service departmane I have ever dealt with. I got my 04 Vibe (traded in) from them.

    It was the last of their initial allocation on the lot. they have been selling well thepast few weeks. Another local dealer in Los Gatos, CA has 14 Vibes at one time and a recen burst of sales has left them with 3.
  • I just bought a 2009 Carbon Gray Vibe, 2.4 engine with the Preferred package, 5spd Auto, Air, etc. MSRP $19,365 Purchase Price $17,643 + License, Tax and Title. Overall I felt it was a pretty good buying experience! :shades:
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 5,579
    I just looked at the GM Summer Sale website... 2009 Pontiac Vibe GT, MSRP $20,585.00, Employee Price $15,363.00, cash back $500.00, your price $14,863.00. Is this a misprint? The employee price on the GT looks to be lower than the employee price on the base model.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    You're misreading something. The employee prices are about 2000 off msrp for all the models. Your misreading something or the website was temporarily burping.

    Otherwise, get a model and dealer located and get that 5100 off NOW!

    Good luck

    just looked at the GM Summer Sale website... 2009 Pontiac Vibe GT, MSRP $20,585.00, Employee Price $15,363.00, cash back $500.00, your price $14,863.00. Is this a misprint? The employee price on the GT looks to be lower than the employee price on the base model.
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 5,579
    On the 20th, they had the GT (and some other vehicles) mispriced on the GM Summer Event website. It was fixed by the 21st. :cry:
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    Why on earth is GM sending the Corolla Vibe to the dealerships with only the 1sa, auto, and preferred package? There are a host of other options I would love to have such as the theft deterrent system, upgraded MP3 radio, rear security cover, rear storage system, and bumper protector strip. I guess I will just order one and use my buying service rather than take these "stripped down" models that are being gobbled up by everyone. Boy, it is real hard to get a Corolla Vibe in the east. Camry Vibes, yet, but Corolla Vibes with the better gas mileage....forget about it.
  • Hi - I'm looking at a 1.8L Vibe, with 4spd auto, A/C, Preferred package 1SA, listed as MSRP $18900. Per the dealer, after the current employee discount and $500 rebate, the price offered is $17400 (approx $1500 off list.)

    Should this not be (at least) less than $17000, based on the general assumption that everyone is getting at least $2000 off MSRP, including the current discount plus rebate? Thanks
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    no, the margins are very small on a Vibe. There is a GMS discount calculator on the website. Just click on the employee badge to the right. I just special ordered my 1.8 liter Vibe. Dealers around the country are not swapping Vibes, and the 1.8 liter Vibe is not coming with some of the options I want. Even if I miss out on GMS pricing, I'll be happy I ordered all the amenaties that I want (theft/alarm system, rear cargo storage, upgraded MP3 radio, and my exact color), and get it at my car buying service discount price.
  • Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I initially misread my quote - the net price is actually about $16,900, after the current $500 rebate is factored in.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    yeah, I only hope the GMS pricing is extended when my car comes include the $500 (or more). Keep your finger's crossed.
  • My 1996 Geo Prizm(Toyota Corolla) blew it's water pump recently. We got 145k miles out of her and I don't feel like putting in the $400 plus other things that really need to be taken care of. It got around 20/30 mph for 12 years. Also had a Geo Metro 90'(suzuki swift) that we really liked, fun to drive but hard on the body-this was one of the spartan 50 mpg 1liter/3 cyl jobs.

    I'd been looking for about a week when I back searched the prizm and found out they were making Vibes in the same "shared" factory the prizm was made in.

    I really wanted a manual trans.(we have a 16 yr old learning to drive and we hadn't had a manual for two or three years). Was seriously looking at the Saturn Astra.
    I still think the shifting was a little smother, but we ended up with a pretty nice Vibe.

    Momma liked the Vibe better and I have to agree it's a more fun/comfy car all around.

    We got a base Navy Blue 2.4L with Manual 5 spd, Sun n Sound, Preferred pkg, AC, and fog lamps out-the-door for about the original Sticker price of $19,715. Really wanted the 1.8L but they've been snapped up as soon as they're delivered. Probably will be happier with the extra power, but would have liked the extra mpgs.

    We got the "Emp. discount" which my wife could get anyway and $500 rebate. The dealer sold wifey a few add-ons, basically oil changes and detailing, which will be a fair deal if we get to use them all. The dealer also "upsold' a $300 "paint coating" on all cars(can you say "mo profit") Indiana sales tax of 6% put the price right back at the sticker price.

    Paid more than I would have liked to for this car, but we have long time loyalty to GM products and although we test drove several others we'll probably keep going back to them until we get a real lemon. Currently have a 05 impala thats pretty well decked out, almost bought a used 2004 SS for myself instead of vibe, but was sold already. (mamma gets the new ones so I'll be happy with the 05 impala, it gets just as good mpg anyway)

    If you're looking for a manual transmission 09 Vibe, either order it or if you find one you like, buy it or it'll be gone. I found two 1.8s, but they had been sent to other dealers or already sold.

    We drove off the lot with about 40 miles on the odometer of which we had put about 38 miles test driving on Saturday and Monday(bought on Monday 8/25/08)... the manufacturer date was 07/08... {;{)}
  • Bought a 2009 Vibe Liquid Silver, 2.4L, 5speed auto, 1SB for $16200 in dallas. Dealer had just the one on sale, something to do with special coupons from the manufacturer got the price down from $19,300. Would have liked to get the 17" wheel upgrade and the Monsoon sound system, but for the price I can just upgrade my stereo myself and find some good aftermarket wheels.
  • Had to go to Atlanta to do it. Most of the dealers in the Greenville/Spartanburg area are holding buyers up for a $299 document processing fee. The one that didn't only had a single Vibe in stock and was loaded with options we didn't want or need. Carl Black Pontiac in Roswell came through (only something like a $25 documentation fee) after we mass emailed dealers in a 150 mile radius. We got the 1.8l engine, 4 speed auto, a/c and preferred package. After GM rebates and employee pricing the car came in at $16572. About $800 under Edmunds invoice after you figure in shipping. The final sweetner was the $2000 in GM card rebates that lowered the final price to just under $15k including TT&L. Don't know what it's like in the rest of the country, but around here it's like the dealers got together and decided on that $299 "documentation" fee. It's not only the Pontiac dealers, the Toyota dealers have it in place as well. There were two other vibes I was willing to cut the deal on and both times the dealerships wouldn't budge on the the documentation fee. Regardless of what I've been reading, car sales can't be going that badly for them, when they're so so adamant about the additional markup via a documentation fee.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    In VA, it is equally hard to find a 1.8 liter "Corolla-Vibe". Moreover, they won't budge on the $299 processing fee, stating some bogus VA law. In MD, it is illegal to charge such a fee. Toyota is mandating that you purchase one of their outrageously marked up option packages when ordering a Camry hybrid. Don't fret; soon we will see the days when all dealerships go away, and you have only distribution centers to pick up your car that you ordered straight from the factory.
  • We just took delivery last Friday on a very hard to find 1.8L 5-Spd MT PV. Had to wait for something close to what we wanted, not the exact specs, but we were comfortable with it (in fact, we love it!). It has more power and is quieter that its predecessor due to major engine updates, and we're getting more MPG as well (although our 03 was an AT). Get the 5MT; 4-Speed AT's are a thing of the past! And if you're getting a Base model (FWD), you don't need the 2.4L - it'll just cost you more upfront, in insurance, and gas. Plus, this car is still actually fun to drive and has a bit of zip to it. I could see why you'd want the 2.4L in the GT or AWD though.

    GMS on the vehicle was $16, 657.00, minus the 500 rebate, minus the $888 I had through GM Flex Card Earnings. Unavoidable surprises reported elsewhere inc. "Dealer Processing Fee" of $298, and $175 VIN window etching fee = $15,741.88. Sticker was $18, 030. Options were Power Package, upgraded MP3 stereo, and A/C; that's it! Out the door at just under $16, 600, inc. tax, title, registration, everything!

    Agree w/other writers that they should make more of these (1.8L/5MT) available.
  • You did very well with pricing on that car. I paid about the same ($16k out the door) for an '08 Vibe in April 2008 in Baltimore. 1.8L, manual transmission, no power package. It's a great car. Getting 35 mpg.

    Good luck.
  • WOW! That is a Great price!
    I got an '08 (had a couple 1000 miles on's loaner) Auto, power, 1.8, for 17,000-+ out the door. Could have gotten an '09 for the same...but I LOVE the back window that opens separately from the hatch.'09 dropped that...a shame. (You can carry 8'-10' boards with hatch-window open...had to do it and it made a big difference in not having the entire hatch up.) :D
    Taken a couple of long trips in it and it flies...very zippy for a 1.8, and the seats are really comfortable. which is nice! Had a trailer hitch put on and it pulls my Whaler with ease. AND holds a LOT of stuff in back...I love this car! ( Only regret I have is not getting White...durn it.) I have been getting about 30 MPG but I drive FAST and that is city/hwy w/ auto & A/C not too bad.
    The Pontiac Dealer I got it from (Savannah,Ga) is great too...ANY thing they do to the car (maintenance) they loan the customer another car, so no waiting around!
  • Well we took delivery today of the 2009 Vibe. For information purposes, it has the 1.8l engine, 4sp automatic, a/c, and convenience package. We got the GM employee pricing, the $500 GM instant rebate, and we had $2028 in GM Mastercard points which clinched the deal. We've got the "old card" so we used them all. Without the GM Mastercard points the price came to just over $16700. Then knock off the points and add in Sales Tax (max $300 in S.C.), dealer documentation fee $75, and $3 lemon law. and another few bucks for title and registration and we're out the door for under $15,200. If it wasn't for the GM Card we probably would've taken a strong look at a Hyundai. Dealer was Carl Black GMC Pontiac located in Roswell just outside of Atlanta. No pressure from the dealer or the internet sales person. We probably didn't get the best price possible, but we feel we were treated well.
  • I'm about to close on an 09 Vibe GT for $19,504. That doesn't include any taxes or other fees. Is this a good deal?
  • I didn't look @ the GT's, but if you're getting GM Employee Pricing + the 500$ rebate, its always a good deal. On a $20K car, the profit margins are so small, anything less than $1500 less than sticker is great, and I think that's about what you're getting.
  • Looks like you got a great price, I don't know why you think you "probably didn't get the best price possible". GM Employee Pricing + 500$ rebate alone make this car a very good deal; dealers really don't or can't go under that price. The way compact cars are selling now, people are feeling lucky to get $500 off sticker. I'm glad you didn't look @ Hyundai; Korea has unfair trading tariffs on our cars sold there, but we let'em sell w/o tariffs here. Buy American! Especially when they've (finally) got it right!
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