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Pontiac Vibe Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am on the same boat as wux and kathyc2. My hang up is cash for clunkers. I would not get the loyalty rebate, but this is what I was told on my test drive. More rebates and incentives on G6 then Vibe as Vibes are selling just fine, but there is not any reason to change any incentives as all of these Pontiacs need to go. In fact you will see the '10s(2.4 1SB) now being offered at invoice of 19k where air conditioner is standard. I drove a car with no preferred package,auto, air but with premium wheels and the dealer had the price at 16862 with the loyalty credit built in. Unfortunately, I was told that I would need to add 1k back for the loyalty not applying to me.
  • kathyc2kathyc2 Posts: 159
    Tiger, don't know if it's been announced to the public yet, but my dealer tells me July rebates are the same for 2009 models and 2,500 for 2010 models. Even on the 2010's supply is limited, so if you are interested you probably shouldn't wait too long.
  • Kathyc, I just saw the rebates for 10 as you had mentioned and you are right, the supply is limited for sure. I am waiting for the cash for clunkers details to worked out.
  • kathyc2kathyc2 Posts: 159
    Good luck! Hopefully, there will still be some around.

    Just sealed the deal on a 1.8 w/ air, auto and perferred. Pick it up tomorrow.

    Are you going with the 1.8 or 2.4?
  • Enjoy the new ride! I am looking at a 2.4. Please post your price if you can and the model year. Did u take the rebates or the 72 month 0%?
  • kathyc2kathyc2 Posts: 159
    There was a trade in involved, so discussing price is moot. I did get a very good deal though!

    We test drove both the 2.4 and 1.8 quite a bit, and while the 2.4 did have quite a bit more power, the 1.8 was sufficient. The extra 4 MPG w/ gas at 2.50 was not much more, but my guess is during the course of ownership gas will be double to triple current prices.

    We came out better much taking the rebates since only 60% was financed and my credit union has rates currently at 4.6%.
  • wuxwux Posts: 18
    Here is the price information on a Red Vibe GT we got on 6/30/2009:

    Current MSRP: $20,875 + $1,050(Auto) + $700(Sunroof) + $295(Alarm) + $53(CargoCover)+$635(Dist. Charge) = $23,615

    Current Invoice: $22,215

    Price paid: $17,425+$300(SC car tax) +275 (other fees)=$18,000

    Hope it may help.

    1) Dealer had this car since 9/2008 at a then lower MSRP of $22,000 and Invioce of $20,783.
    2) We were told that there is a $680 dealer added "car care protection system" on the car, not sure what it is, likely worthless.
    3) We also had $3,441.47 GM card reward, so final cost for us is $14,558.53.
    4) Would like to trade in our silver 03 base vibe with 65,000 miles and top condition. Did not work out, as dealer's offer was very low. Edmunds' trade-in value is about $6,900. We'll be happy to get that much. How hard will it be to sell the car? What is the best way to it?

  • kathyc2kathyc2 Posts: 159
    Sounds like you got a great deal. $300 below the OLD invoice amount!

    Not sure if this is the best way to sell privately, but these methods have been successful for me in the past.
    1. Totally detail the car inside and out. Make it as clean and shiny as those on the lot.
    2. Take it to a well known trusted garage (I've used the dealer garage) and pay for them to give it a total inspection, the same as if you were looking to buy the car. Make sure you get their written checklist and make copies to give to those interested in buying.
    3. Get the Carfax report on it and also make copies.
    4. Advertise both on the internet, paper and on free community bulletin boards.
    5. Put for sale signs on the car and make sure it is at visible well traveled areas.
    6. Let family, friends and co-workers know that is for sale. Even if they aren't looking they may know someone who is. Buying from someone you know or knows someone you know makes people more open to buying privately.
    7. Use the internet to really research how much you should ask. Look how many similar vehicles are for sale in your area, and how much they are asking. Leave yourself some wiggle room between the asking price and how much you really want. No one wants to pay full price for anything!

    Good luck!
  • Just saw this on Pontiac site for 2.4L -> 12877.93.
  • bh1973bh1973 Posts: 1
    I just paid $13990 for a brand new (80 miles) 2009 Vibe 1.8 auto w/preferred power package (sticker was $19650). With tax & tags I was otd for $14415.50 in North Carolina. If I add the $140 for the one way rental car to pick it up + $40 I spent on a Carfax, I was just under $14600.

    Got it from a guy on Ebay who bought it for 16800 otd - a ton of GM cash he had accumulated. His intention was to sell it so he could pocket the difference. But he was unable to get his original asking price, so he put it on Ebay for $13990 in the hope it would be bid up. It wasn't and I got it.

    This was about $2100 less than I could have worked a dealer down to on an otd price. I financed with a 60 month, 3.9% loan from Pentagon Federal that I plan on paying back in half the time, so add about $720 in interest.

    I'm thrilled with this deal! I would have preferred a 2009 Mazda3 hatchback, but would have been hard pressed to get a manual for under 19k otd.
  • gflightsgflights Posts: 1
    White Manual Vibe with Anti-theft, 2.4L, A/C Front/rear vents, $150 audio system and that is with all discounts and negotiations in Burlingame, CA. I have not ever had a GM car in my life nor had I accumulated any of those 'GM Points' or what not.

    Good or sour deal?

    The car was just delivered from another location and I can possibly refuse delivery, or not.

    $16.5K puts the actual car price ~$14.5K because 9.25% tax, license and registration neared $2K
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    I'm assuming the msrp is about 21000. This is a good deal on this vehicle. I'm sure we are talking about an 09.

    Congratulate yourself for not voluntarily being on GM's leash with the GM card. Cards with cashback you can spend on anything or low interest rule. Having GM "allow" more points on heaps they need to move, and limiting points on hot models was for the birds. (as is GM itself now)

    Good luck

    White Manual Vibe with Anti-theft, 2.4L, A/C Front/rear vents, $150 audio system and that is with all discounts and negotiations in Burlingame, CA. I have not ever had a GM car in my life nor had I accumulated any of those 'GM Points' or what not.

    Good or sour deal?

    The car was just delivered from another location and I can possibly refuse delivery, or not.

    $16.5K puts the actual car price ~$14.5K because 9.25% tax, license and registration neared $2K
  • I've gotten an offer from the dealer on a 2009 GT with Automatic and A/C. Credit union members get "Supplier pricing" + $250 cash back. The OTD offer was $20,583. This includes about $1500 in tax, title and transfer fees plus $2750 in rebates. The dealer also included $915 in "Event Savings". It's not clear from the dealer site what that includes.

    Going by Edmunds, Invoice + Destination - Holdback should be about $21,200 before rebates. With $2750 in rebates + $915 in "Event Special", is $17,535 a reasonable price to start as my base before factoring in dealer profit? Also, there's a $500 manufacturer to dealer incentive through the end of the month.
  • Some of the local dealers have 2009 GTs for sale as new that came from other dealers out-of-state. They all include the destination fee on the window sticker. But wouldn't that have been paid by the first dealer? If so, does that mean that can be negotiated as part of the price?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 103,975
    The destination fee is part of the price... If the first dealer paid it, then you can guarantee that the next dealer paid the first dealer the full amount that they were out on the car...

    In other words, the second dealer's cost is the same as the first dealer..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • "In other words, the second dealer's cost is the same as the first dealer.."

    Sure. I get that. But normally destination is considered non-negotiable. In this case, I'm wondering if it can at least be negotiated since it's no longer "required"? I also noticed that the out-of-state cars have lower MSRP. Is that an indicator that they have been sitting around for a while (besides having come from out-of-state)?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 103,975
    The destination is broken out.. but, it isn't paid separately... It's just part of the price of the car... like the base price, or any option..

    Out of state cars having a lower MSRP? Two possibilities...

    Older inventory, before a price increase..

    Or... PZEV cars sometimes are priced about $200 more vs. non-PZEV cars.. These are usually found in CARB states.. Not sure if this even applies to Vibes (or even if a CARB state could sell a non-PZEV car.

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • OK. I'm sure the dealers would balk at giving up the destination charge but I can always ask.

    I'm pretty sure that those lower MSRPs are from older inventory.
  • Wow...even lower than in July? I paid 13,400 for a 09 hot red metallic Vibe 1.8 liter manual trans just last Thursday!
  • kw07090kw07090 Posts: 2
    I'm trying to work out a deal for a 2010 Vibe w/ sun and sound, chrome wheels, cargo cover, fog lights. Dealer took $1500 ($500 cash back + $1,000 for four "$250 coupons" he can give away) off the "supplier price" of $23418. So, I'm looking at $21,918 - less $3500 for CARS program, $1,000 GM Card earnings, and $750 for USAA member discount... for a grand total of $16,668 + MD 6% tax and fees.
    After reading some of the forums, I'm thinking I should counter the supplier starting price with something closer to $22,000, even though Edmunds TMV is $23,170 (which is only $248 less than dealer's supplier price). Anyone have any thoughts?
    Thanks in advance!
  • Build your car using this site so that you can see GMS (employee) pricing. Compare the employee pricing with the supplier price before any rebates. The $500 from the dealer is standard. The $1000 is not so that's something to keep in mind when comparing prices as that's money they are giving that you don't have to give up. When I was comparing supplier to employee pricing on the 2009s, there wasn't a huge gap between the two, about $400.
  • kw07090kw07090 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your input, novidriver. I found out late yesterday that GM just added an additional $2000 cashback for the 2010 Vibe. So, I jumped at it (MSRP - $24,260. My cost, after $2500 cashback, $3500 CARS, $1K GM Card, $750 USAA discount, $1000 dealer "coupons" is $14,668. Even w/out the CARS discount, it's about 25% off MSRP.) OTD price, w/ MD 6% tax, title fees, etc. = $16,341. We're picking up the new car tomorrow!
  • Very nice! Now I wished I could have waited a week so I could have gotten my first preference on color for a new Vibe and a model a year newer than I bought! Oh well, it was still a good deal, just not as good as the one you're getting!
  • johnb62johnb62 Posts: 3
    Just purchased one of the last 09's in my area about three weeks ago. Base version, 1.8 liter, automatic, air....Cash for clunker $4500 plus $4000 rebates and GMS pricing I financed $9,696 with $100 down....I love this car. Only 1k miles and am already getting 32.6 in mixed driving.
  • May I ask all the features of your car?

    I got a 1.8L auto w/ air, dvd, power everything, and cargo cover for OTD price of $12K... I'm sure I paid a bit more than I should have.. but I'm curious what extra options your car had.
  • Sorry.. forgot to add that OTD = w/ Cash for Clunkers 4.5K
  • coffmlucoffmlu Posts: 20
    So how much should I expect to pay for a 2010 with the preferred package, Automatic, and AC? MSRP is 20285 and invoice is $19246. It looks like there is still $3000 cashback available. So, invoice minus that is $16246. Should I be able to get it for less than that? Thanks for your help!
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