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2005 VW GOLF V



  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    Oh ok. The Córdoba must be the bigger sedan then. Thanks.
  • Hi everyone, I am kind of confused. Is the MK V Golf a 2006 Golf that will be released in 2005......or is it a 2005 golf that is going to be released soon?
    I often hear different answers from people.
    Thanks a lot.
  • Well VW has been a little less than clear for their release schedule for the USA. Here is, as far as I can tell the current release schedule.

    1. New Jetta released sometime between next spring Summer and Fall; probably a 2005, but who knows. For some reason VW refuses to Bring a Golf model to the USA before the Jetta even though they desperately need new product here (being that their youngest model cars are going into their 6th model year).
    2. New GTi comes over next fall.
    3. Golf gets brought over in Spring 2006, probably as a 2006 model, but you will not be seeing the non-GTi version prior to 2006 unless you go to Europe.
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