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Chevrolet C6 Corvette



  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    Yes the Corvette is not the most reliable car on the road. But if you look carefully at Consumer Reports (terriblly Japanese car biased though, if you ask me) in terms of owner satisfaction the Corvette rates very highly. Which is true, most of us are very very happy with our Corvettes, and live with the little mechanical problems that may come up.

    As for the Z06, it's supercar performance at less than half the price, and, despite the fact it may not be as reliable as a Honda Civic (or your S2000, for that matter) it is much more reliable than your average supercar (Ferrari, Lamborghini, 911 Turbo) and costs much less to maintain. (OK, the NSX is quite a reliable car, but it's the exception- and of questionable supercar status anyway)

    One final point, yes, people spend $70k for cars they want to drive on the track. In fact, they will spend far more than that on a car that is only track legal. It just means they have a lot of "discretionary cash" that they can use. I don't know where you live, but if you live by a major racetrack go down sometime when one of the local car clubs is having a track day. I'm sure you'll see some very expensive cars (and some very inexpensive cars too) and some very happy drivers! :D

    Yes, I agree with you, GM has it's problems. But the reliability of the C6 is the least of the General's problems right now. But if it makes you feel better to buy a car in it's 3rd or 4th year of production, by all means wait. It's a long wait though! :D

    Good luck.
  • As far as waiting goes, the C6 is in its 3rd year now. By my completely unscientic assessment, that should be enough time for GM to get any managable kinks out of the production process. And, to boot, the C6 is based on the C5. So despite much of it being new, its not completely new. I invested in a 2007 C6 without hesitation.
  • Consumer Reports is allergic to luxury, incapable of appreciating high-end products in any catagory, especially cars. CR is useful only for run-of-the-mill, middle-of-the-road products, toasters and air-conditioners. For example, they short-changed the redesigned Mustang GT, which has unversally garnered well-deserved praise and attention, as well as made all sort of top-10 lists, including Wards best engine.

    As another example, if you want the best in audio and/or video, one of my passions, CR is the LAST place to look. They'll steer you to frumpy, mediocre, mid-level stuff every time.

    Finally, high-performance items of any ilk are almost always more tempermental, requiring more care and maintenance.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    smu... "POOR RELIABILITY Do you disagree with Consumer Reports?"

    That's just it, the press release said poor 'predicted' reliability, I'm presuming that means based on past data which by definition means from the base C6, not the new Z06. That was the reason the article said it placed lower than the winning 911, so considered it a major factor.

    As to $70k cars on track, as has been pointed out, I see many well beyond that and I pass a few of them every so often with my under $50k C5. GT3's come to mind quickly but there are plenty of others not to mention a GT3 Cup car at a recent event. Lots of discretionary income here in Calif. so that may be unusual, but I can't know too much about elsewhere.

    And yes, I did read your original post, it mentioned the Z06 and then talked about 2005.
  • Is everyone taking consumer reports so seriously? They dont specialize in autos, they even had to change up their usual reviews/ratings jus for cars they had never (price range) touched before..!

    Reliability issues come with any vehicle, jus less likely with some. Some ppl complain about a car always being at the dealer while others have never even needed a wheel alignment...

    anyway, I hear the Vette is getting a new engine in 2008? N this doesnt involve the new stingray or blue devil as some speculate coming out around the same time...
  • Nonsense. I can outshift, out-accelerate any automatic, anytime, anywhere.

    Wha? Indy and NASCAR racers use auto? No? Then why not?
  • smu1976smu1976 Posts: 110
    This is my orginal post, nothing about a 2005 Z06. Don't proclaim to be a car "expert", but have had enough sports cars in my 50 years to be able to post on a forum.
    I do agree, CU does favor the vanilla cars and the high end is not rated well, but if you read the article and please do read the article before commenting it does compare other high end sports cars, actually nothing below 46K. I would imagine we all read all the auto rags, from MT, CD, Autoweek, Automobile, R&T, etc. Yes, super high end, you will get simlar performance Auto versus Stick, but this forum is not about those cars. You will not find that with the Vette (see auto versus manual performance) and if you get it (an automatic) with the Z06 Vette your doing some great work in your garage, cause they don't make it (kinda ends that discussion on this car for auto does it not). If you like the automatic in the other Vette's, it fits your lifestyle, buy it and enjoy, thats not my message. My message is your not getting an AUTOMATIC IN A Z06, as the S2000, or VIPER. They have not found an automatic that will handle that torque, nor is there a demand for these cars with auto's with it. They sell fine, they are niche cars that don't effect the bottom line of GM, Honda or Dodge with there actual sales revenue anyway. You may want to answer this question though, why is there no AUTO with the Z06 Vette? One final thought, would not Vette owners on this board (read about 50 post on the thread) be so much better served by GM with a 50K plus car with a little better warranty than the Chevy Cobalt? Can't they give you girls and guys 4 years 50K miles bumper to bumper without bucking up more $$?. Is the Vette the worst warranty in the over 50K cars? Why? See Buick, Caddilac, Saab divisions with much less expensive cars, but 25% better warranty coverage. Maybe a lesson from Hyundai to be learned here? Owner satisfaction goes way up when you ain't got to pay for repair (South Korean Proverb). Have a good and safe holiday weekend, whatever you may drive and lets be thankful we can all choose what we like and afford to have fun.
  • smu1976smu1976 Posts: 110
    I think some believe paddle shifters from some auto makers without a clutch is what is on the high performance cars.
  • I know the new Lexus has a paddle shifter, but to me this represents part of the overall trend of luxury European cars, BMW and Mercedes included, to have computers and gadgets take control of the car from the driver. That's fine for a big fat luxury sedan, I guess, but, imo, is anathema to the purist driving experience of a true sports or muscle car.

    I want to drive, not have some computer try to do a better job than I might or might not be able to.

    Most of the time, I even disable the traction control on my Mustang.

    I don't even want a navigation system: too distracting; ruins the simplicity of the dash (high-tech nerdy look); and if you don't know where you are, you don't need a $1700 GPS system -- take out a $4 map.

    Also, auto adds weight to a car, detracts from gas mileage.

    The only advantage I can see to auto is that once in a while it frees up a hand.

    Personally, I've shifted all my life and feel much more comfortable with manual, feel I have more control, than with an auto. I can downshift on curves, hills, in emergencies, etc. With manual, I can drive soft, at low RPM, hard at high RPM, or anywhere in between. And I really don't like auto, especially on take-off.
  • Thanks pony pirate for speaking the gospel. Manual is essential to the driving experience.

    I bought my '07 Corvette with manual transmission, without a computer screen and without extra crap... er... I mean gadgetry. My upgrades were the 2LT interior (for side air bags) and Z51 for suspension and gearing.

    But its a personal matter. Different strokes for different folks. And I do concede that when I test drove last year's M3 with the SMG transmission, I was pretty excited. It was a little like a video game. Gears available at the touch of a button. I can see that it would be intoxicating after getting used to that type of driving.
  • btw., why is there such a wide range of 0-60 times for the C6? Maybe that's true for all cars out there and I'm just more aware of it with the Corvette. But I've seen 0-60 times listed between 4.1 and 5.1 secs.

    That's an outraggeous difference. 25% swing! And that 1 second is the difference between a really fast car and an exoctically fast car. 5.1 is marginally better than a supped-up, $35k Japanese 4 banger (STi) or some quick V6s (350z). 4.1 is $100k ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche Carrera S territory.

    The 5.1sec slow pokes are the numskulls at Consumer reports (I think -- I was flipping through a mag earlier today). They posted 5.1 with a non-z51 convertible. Undoubtedly, that's the slowest possible C6. btw., they also advise buyers to avoid the "overly harsh ride of the z51 package". I like their maintenance info. Very handy. But woe be the day I go there for driving excitement advice.

    The 4.1 and 4.2 times were posted by Car and Driver (I think...) in their 2005 reviews. And I believe Chevy claims 4.5 0-60.
  • Our discussion group hosts posted the slowest 0-60 time ever. They managed to reach 60 in 5.23 sec with a non-z51 when they were comparing the Corvette to a Carrera S. btw, they got the Porsche to 60 in 4.48 sec.
  • chevy claims 0-60 in 4.1 with a 6speed manual with Z51. They claim 4.3 for a non Z51 6 speed. I read it on another forum.

    but YES I WANNA be a Baller and do 4.1!!

    As far as real world results, they are ALWAYS slower and who knows how many trials magazines do cuz sometimes they achieve really good times.

    As for the guy that got the Z51 with 2LT, did you get a good deal? thats exactly what im looking for-- coupe!
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Consumer Reports - I'm pretty sure I've read in the past how they run their quarter mile tests. For automatics, they do not 'brake torque' the car, they just hold the car at idle and then floor the accelerator at green light.

    Not sure about manuals, but I bet they do not run up a high rpm, and probably do not rush shifts.

    I'm not surprised their times are the slowest.
  • I think my 'deal' was ok. There are very few 2LTs in dealer's stock. I ended up ordering my car and have yet to receive it. Expect it in 2-3 weeks. I originally got a dealer with an allocation down to $2500 off MSRP (in Northern CA). Then through slow negotiation and pointing to deals on Kerbeck and others, I got the price down to $3500 off MSRP and ordered the car. My car was supposedly $1800 above invoice, so I figure there was some more money on the table I didn't take, but it wouldn't have come easy.
  • I know that here is SoCal there is usually a demo event at the end of September.

    With regard to everyone reading the various reviews in CU (which I didn't read) or Car and Driver (I think) it seems to me that the Vette does not fit nicely in anyone's categories. For example, in the review that I read they were comparing the Vette to $100K cars such the Ferari and Lambroghini. So when it comes to fit an finish, the Vette was not the top pick. With regard to performance, the Vette beat every other car that they tested it against. So depending on why you are buying a Vette you may decide to buy one of the other cars. Me, I am stick to the Vette and am willing to give up the fine Italian leather to save the 50%. Besides, you can alway get the seats re-upholstered in better leather than the Ferari and still be saving a chunck of change. Corvettes as I have learned is a very unique car that is in a category of its own. As a result, Corvette owners that I have met have tended to be happy owners, and very unique themselves. Most importantly of all they would not have bought any other car regardless of the time spent in the shop or any other reson just because they love driving them.
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    Not that Sequential Manual Gearboxes are true automatics, but they will shift themselves and they do not need a clutch, but I daresay unless your last name is Schumacher or Andretti, one of these trannies will outshift any day of the week or the weekend. The latest versions from Ferrari and BMW will shift in 80ms. That's 0.08 seconds. I doubt you can push the clutch pedal in that fast, let alone complete the shift.

    Let's face it, F1 cars are the fastest track cars on the planet (yes, even faster than Nascar!), and they use paddle shifters. IMHO, the true performance cars of the future will only have 2 pedals- and they will be faster too. :D

    I do agree that you can probably outshift the current C6 auto (for now) but it's only a matter of time before the Vette get's a more advanced tranny too. And who knows, maybe even Nascar will eventually get them too! ;)

  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    Oh yeah, BTW, the Bugatti Veyron, with 1000 hp, has a sequential manual gearbox. Um, an automatic. ;)

  • But who decides when to shift, you or the computer?
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    Whatever you feel like! You can choose to use the paddle shifters and make all of the decisions (and blunders! :D)or you can let the computer do it! It really maybe the best of both worlds.

    Just some food for thought. I personally love to shift myself also, but it just wasn't practical and I figured the 6spd auto was a reasonable compromise, and it is. It's still a very fun car, even in auto form.

  • With a paddle shifter, can you skip a gear, shift, say from 2nd to 4th, or vice versa?
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,935
    “With a paddle shifter, can you skip a gear, shift, say from 2nd to 4th, or vice versa?”

    No – and yes.
    My current GM sedan & the 3 prior ones I have driven for thousands of miles work much like the Corvette’s paddles. ( Based on my 2 test drives. )

    If you press or pull the paddles twice in succession, the trans. will execute the 2 shifts as quickly as the trans. can build line pressure, etc. In essence, you must cycle through all the gears sequentially – but you can ‘stack’ the shift requests. As long as the vehicle speed is appropriate for both shifts.

    So – if the point is to be in the gear desired and then ‘forget about shifting’ for a bit, a very rapid double press or double pull will accomplish this.

    I use this feature quite often.

    - Ray
    Not shiftless . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • Sounds interesting. I remain skeptical, but am intrigued enough to want to test drive this device. My main concern is if you would have the same control and freedom as with manual, to engage the engine to the drive train at whatever RPM you desire.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    As noted before they are fairly impressive on a race track and if I had to commute in heavy traffic I think I'd have it for my daily driver, not my track car. Also, GrassrootsMotorsports just did an article on how to treat transmissions for those that go to the track and/or drags. They also did a side bar and said that no matter what is prior wisdom, Auto's don't suck! They then go on to discuss what is better and worse about the new systems, worth reading.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Some highlights, 73% of verts and 66% of coupes got the 4 sp auto. Just an indicator of the demographic where most Vette drivers just want a nice touring car for two. 34k total production with 6.3k Z06's or 18%. I'm betting that goes up in 2007 since production start on the Z was pretty slow. The other 30% of non Z's were almost evenly split between 6sp manual and 6sp auto, with the auto holding a very slight edge.
    For color the Z's preferred black followed by silver and then Victory Red. In coupes/verts it was black followed by deep red (Monterey), then Victory Red and silver.
    The Z51 preformance suspension package came on 37% of coupes/verts while the mag ride suspension was on 26% of verts and only 16% of coupes. Many coupe drivers seem to go with low cost all the way if they can, while verts seem take many more high cost options. Verts were 33% of production while coupes were 49%.
  • I think I will visit a dealership today--- wish me luck guys!
  • Just got my '07 coupe. Am wondering about the following. Your insights are welcome.

    (1) steering feels over-assisted. I'd like it to be a heavier like my previous M3. Any thoughts?
    (2) the heat from the engine can be felt in the cabin. If I reach underneath and touch the uncarpeted area in the center, I'm touching hot metal. Is this similar to yours?
    (3) The trunk isn't a light-locking motion. If I just slowly drop the trunk, it doesn't lock properly. I need to do a light-slamming motion if order for it to properly lock. Again, is this like your car?

    Thanks much, in advance, for your input.

    And btw., for those you are thinking of buying -- don't read this as reasons to not buy. I'm very happy with my yellow C6. Its doing the attention getting I want, its demonically fast, and yet still easy to drive. And yes, you should get the Z51 package. Faster is better.
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,284
    In short (I have an '06):

    1. I agree with you.
    2. Yes.
    3. and yes again.

    Overall though it's a blast to drive.
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    1. Agreed. The steering isn't razor sharp- but there's enough feel, IMHO.
    2. The center console is a good place to keep your coffee hot! ;)
    3. I find if I drop the trunklid from about 6-8" it closes just fine.

    Last point- AGREED! A great car. Not perfect, but a great car nontheless.

  • 1. The steering in my 07 does not feel overly-assisted.
    2. I have not felt heat in the cabin from the engine but I have noticed that the vent air is warm if the car had been running shortly before.
    3. I had the same question regarding closing the "trunk." (I have a coupe.) It was my understanding that once I started the hatch back down most of the way that it would keep going on its own and that the latch would then grab it. I almost have to come close to slamming it to get it to close correctly. This does not seem to be the way it should close as per the description of the owner's manual. I would very much appreciate the input of others on this issue.

    Last, I agree, a great car! (I don't like the 1st-4th skip shift on the manual, but other than that and the hatch it really is a great car!!!) I have received all kinds of compliments from all age groups, kids to retirees. I just love to drive it!

    If you are considering buying a Corvette then test drive one. You will be won over!
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