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Chevrolet C6 Corvette



  • (1) I think the steering info is a near concensus -- its got a little too much assisting and feels a little numb. Car magazines generally agree. For sure some won't find it over-assisted, but that depends from where you're coming. Probably feels right to drivers of older Corvettes or (for that matter) other American cars. But I'm assuming drivers of BMWs, Porsches and other Euro sport cars would like a heavier wheel with more feedback.

    (2) Heat in car: the center console does get hot. We shouldn't expect hot air in the car when the vent is blowing over time, but the initial vent can be "warm". Hey! Its a big enginer and it generates heat! Its a SPORTS car. At least it won't burn you, like the Viper.

    (3) Trunk - no consensus here. This seems inconsistent among us who responded. I have to do a "light" slam. Otherwise, the self-locking mechanism doesn't fully lock the trunk. Without the slam, the trunk is "locked" but it sits about 1/2 in higher than it should. Odd. I definitely don't want to break the trunk process from having to repeatedly slam it. I might take my Corvette to a local dealer that specializes in Corvettes to see if they have feedback. Unfortunately, the dealer where I purchased mine is about 1hr away and their service dept. is closed on weekends!
  • Buyers - did you get the warranty extension? I've an '07 which comes with a 100k powertrain warranty. But GM is still selling an extension for the other elements that are only covered for 3 years/36k miles.

    How has your '05 or '06 been with its electrics? I'm assuming that's what will be (most likely) failing over time, rather than the power train.

    Currently I purchased an extension for a total of 5 yrs / 75k miles for $1,600 and a deductable of $100 (I think). That amount is refundable if during extra 2 years the purchased warranty is not used. I've another 25 days to decide if I want to keep this extension or get a refund or extend it to 6 yrs (total) for $2,100 (I think) instead of $1,600.

    Thoughts? Reactions?
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Just for comparison on an '02 Coupe, C5 has had 2 extended warranty claims, the rear brake light module (don't know cost) went out just past 36k miles and then at 50k the ABS and electronics were replaced. The board on the ABS electronics was a $2700 part not including any labor. I'm thinking the $1100 I spent for 6/60 was well spent.

    BTW, you might want to check GMPP pricing, not all dealers try to make the same margin, making the end price very different. If you qualify makes no difference where you get the policy.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,932
    “Currently I purchased an extension for a total of 5 yrs / 75k miles for $1,600 and a deductable of $100 (I think). That amount is refundable if during extra 2 years the purchased warranty is not used. I've another 25 days to decide if I want to keep this extension or get a refund or extend it to 6 yrs (total) for $2,100 (I think) instead of $1,600.

    Thoughts? Reactions?”

    Some will likely suggest that any extended warrantee is a bad deal. Since ( obviously ) GM & the dealer both make money on the sale.

    My view is that the additional insurance policy on a C6 is well worth looking at – since the complexity built into a ( any ) modern $50,000 car is something I do NOT want to pay for diagnostics, parts & actual repair at current or future rates.

    If you do decide on a GMPP ( the only extended warrantee I’d consider ) keep in mind a couple of things:

    Thing 1 = Any GM dealer can sell you a GMPP extended warrantee. If you shop around, as I did, you will find GM dealerships that specialize in selling these plans at a substantial discount, saving hundreds of dollars.

    Thing 2 = As I understand it, the GMPP adds the number of additional months purchased to be the new total from the date of purchase. But the mileage is added to the current odometer reading.

    What this means is that if you wait to purchase the GMPP until just before you hit 12 months or 12,000 miles ( and still qualify for the ‘new car’ rate ) you will extend the months as stated in the warrantee, but add the miles stated to whatever you have already accumulated.

    For example, if you purchase your 2007 Corvette today, and drive 11,999 miles in the next 11.99 months ( OK, 11 months and 29 days ) , you could then purchase a 6 year \ 75,000 mile extension, that would actually cover you to 6 years ( from today, just over 5 years from when you buy the GMPP ) and cover you to 86,999 miles. ( 11,999 + 75,000 )

    And the GMPP is transferable to a new owner, a plus come sell or trade time.

    The quote I recently received via email for 6 \ 75 with $0 deductible on a new 2007 C6 was $ 1,080.

    I intend to do this, probably at 11,xxx and 8 or 9 months, as I typically drive over 12,000 per year.

    Just my 0.02 gallons worth . . .

    - Ray
    Itching to ‘pull the trigger’ on ordering a 2007 . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • Ray,
    I would very much appreciate knowing who you got the $1,080 price on the extended warranty from.

    PS. I have never purchased an extended warranty before but I think that it is a no-brainer on the C6 with all of the electronics. That is not meant to be a reflection on the build quality which I think is very good.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Do a search on Fichtner Chevy in Laurel, MT and then email Dennis for a quote. I got both our C5's GMPPs from them and I've had others mention that it seems to be the best price around.
  • I'm still interested in the GMPP topic, so let's not drop it all-together. But I'm now on mile 250 with my '07 coupe and wonder what folks found about breaking-in the C6. My dealer told me to break it in 'hard' -- literally, drive it hard and fast and then get the oil changed early -- say around 1k miles.

    but that's counter to everything I've ever read about breaking in cars. I think the oil change idea makes sense, but the 'hard' part is counter intuitive.

    Thoughts and stories are welcome.
  • I can only really reflect on what the owners manual and my dealer stated, that was to go easy for the first 500 miles. (I did so and now have about 650 miles on the car.)

    The computer is stating that I have about 92% oil life remaining. Remember that the oil in the 07 Vette is Mobil 1 synthetic. Change it after 1,000 miles????? In my opinion your guy is living in the past. (Is he aware that the car is running on Mobil 1 synthetic?)

    Hopefully you will get opinions from some auto mechanics on the issue.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Guys that encourage you to ignore the manual are just plain out of touch. They have no data and are relying on personal experience where nothing bad happened in one or two cases but don't know how it compares to following the book. Then again what's hard to one person may be easy to someone else so it has no precise definition. Since both our C5s were picked up in Montana and driven over 3 or 4 days back to SF, CA area the easy breakin for 1500 miles was easy and in both cases seems to have worked well.
    As to changing the oil early, that seems to be fairly common as there is some initial wear and a magnetic drain plug used to get swapped into C5s so you could see what was there at the next change. I don't know if the C6 comes standard with the magnetic drain plug, my 2002 didn't.
  • Gents (and ladies?)

    Previous posters are 100%. GMPP may be purchased up to 1 year after you purchase your car. Or I guess 11 months and 29 days after. Prices do vary wildly. Shop around before buying a GMPP. I agree the Vt dealer (Fichtner) does have great rates and is honest and clear. No slide of hand with them, so I do recommend them.

    I bought my GMPP from where I purchase my car -- Ellis Brooks. That was a bad idea. I've learned that dealer was dishonest with me and over-charged me $800. I paid $1,600 for something that Fichtner would have sold to me for $800 and change. This emphasizes something we all should know -- the finance guys at the dealer are not your friend and are there to make a quick-buck. Do not depend on them for information. Typically, expect a rip-off.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,932
    First: Thanks to all on this Forum that have provided valuable information & insights.

    Resistance was futile.

    I ordered a 2007 Corvette C6 Coupe on Wednesday. Expected delivery in 5 – 6 weeks.
    Monterey Red \ Titanium Gray
    3LT, MX0, CC3
    - Ray
    Soon to be Corvette Driver . . .
    Counting the weeks & the days . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Congrats on the Vette! I've been watching your posts on the LPS, Lincoln LS forums, etc and wondered what you'd end up with! You'll love the Corvette!

    Monterrey red is a beautiful color. Grey works incredibly well with that red. If I had a Monterrey Red, I would have gone with a tan interior though, but I love tan interiors. Pain to keep clean though.

  • I've had mine now for 500 miles (coupe, z51). Its been a great car. The hardest transition for me has been to learn to drive at 20% of the car's ability. Generally, with most cars, you accelerate and hit cruising speed by pushing the gas down to say... 50% or 60% of the car's max and then hold back when you hit cruising speeds. Well, with the C6, you'd be hitting the guy ahead of you everytime if you drive that way.

    Also, consider the GMPP but don't buy it when you're with your dealer receiving the car. Generally, don't buy anything from the finance guy -- that's the safest approach.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,932
    "If I had a Monterrey Red, I would have gone with a tan interior though, but I love tan interiors. Pain to keep clean though. "

    The seats in the light tan ( they call it Cashmere ) might be OK from that standpoint - but all the carpet in that color would be a nightmare for ME to keep reasonably clean...

    Gray ( called Titanium - for reasons known only to GM Marketing, I suspect - who has ever seen a piece of raw Titanium? ) is paired with black carpet. Works better for me . . .

    - Ray
    Looking also at the Bowling Green \ Corvette Museum VIP Buyer's Tour - where you follow YOUR car for part of the assembly process, and start it for the first time, at the end of the line...
    2016 BMW 340i
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Believe me, tan interiors ARE a pain to keep clean, but are quite beautiful when the are. :)

    There are a LOT of Corvette-specific forums available out there. Just have to google for Corvette forum and you'll find a great one!

  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    When I toured the plant, the cars were started near the end, but not very end of the line.

    I thought what they did to the car was horrible. The car is still up in the air, the wheels are put on it, it then comes down on the line but still not down on the tires. A guy with a big hose puts gas into the tank. A guy gets into it and starts messing with things. He maybe hooks up an instrument. Looks like lights, etc are turned on.

    He then starts the car. Looks like he is testing and maybe looking at the instrument and auto gauges. He puts the car into gear, an automatic, and lets the wheels turn at idle.

    He then SLAMMED THE CAR INTO PARK!!!!!!! WITH THE REAR WHEELS TURNING!!!!!!!! A horrible ratchetting sound from the park pawl until it caught the drive line and stopped the wheels, etc.

    I really don't think this was a 'test'. I think it was just a union man not caring about GM's and someone else's property. It wasn't his, wasn't going to be his, and he didn't care and didn't take the half second to put his foot on the brake before doing this.

    Overall, watching the assembly line is scary. Loud blearing music from boom boxes all over the line, smoking on the line except where the 'flammable' signes were at. And, precision tools being used - regular looking electric drivers turning screws into place, with no 'clutch' on them.

    If you have seen a service manual, there are all these warnings about replacing this or that is hazardous, specified torque values must be used, etc etc.

    I stopped and watched the guy (and talked to him too - that was another big mistake) that was putting the brake lines and calipers onto the car. Precision tool - he had an open end wrench with the end cut off and welded onto a straight handle which was wrapped with soft rubber material. And he just hand tightened all the brake fittings. What about the warning and the 35foot-pounds in the service manual? Just a good heave on the wrench.

    At the true end of the line the cars are driven onto a 4-wheel dynometer. Cables are hooked up to connectors. A guy gets into the car and fires it up, on the dyno. A large display is in the front of the car. It stays on the dyno quite a while, up to maybe 5 minutes. The car is taken up to a rather high speed, I think the speed on the display was 70mph. A car on a dyno, with only about 3 posts in the front and 2 on each side near the front is also pretty scary. The car will 'drift' back and forth on the dyno drums. If something happen to the car, stop totally and suddenly, lock up the motor or tanny, or drift off the drums - I really would not like to be near that thing. I really was interested in the dyno run and stayed until it ended, but worried all the time if that car would come flying off the drums...

    Also, at the end of the line are multiple cars with boo-boos from damages or just paint problems - sitting around with large areas of paint buffed off, waiting to go into another fix-it paint booth there at the end of the line. I wouldn't want to get one of these cars.

    Some of these things might have changed. This was Bowling Green, about 1986-88, I really don't remember. No wait a minute, It must have been about 91 or 92 because there was a row of ZR-1 alumium engines sitting there waiting for installation. Engine and trannys all wrapped in clear plastic. 91 was the first year for these, right?
  • Random question: Have non-Z06 C6 owners out there looked into getting red colored brake calipers (or I suppose the housing for the brake calipers?) I dig the red brakes on the Z06 and would like look on my C6 Z51 (mine is yellow -- I think it would be nice contrast). Anyone aware of a brake painting kit or something similar? I don't suppose messing too much with the brakes is a highly intelligent think to do. :-)

    And a btw., I finally crossed 500 miles. Decided to open up the engine a bit yesterday on the freeway. The car amazes me. Its just demonically fast. I merged onto a freeway and jotted over to the open left lane (CA freeways). Roared from 50-55 to 80-85 in what felt like an instant. It was effortless. And that was in 4th gear. I'm still babying my car too much to do it in 3rd.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Paint them with a heat resistant paint?

  • printzprintz Posts: 70
    Good luck with your Vette....Quick question for ya............I know the discounts that Kerbecks gives on vehicles instock......What kind of deal did you get when you order a car from them????......I have no need for the 3LT pack, or Z51 option.......I would like the QX1 wheels......Went down to AC last week & stopped into Kerbecks, what a dealership..........Anyway, thanks for any feedback you can give me on the pricing for ordering a car..

  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    You were there a week ago?

    Why didn't you ask them?
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,932
    "Why didn't you ask them? "

    I just negotiated a deal for an ordered 2007 Coupe at a local dealer.

    My experience has been that the discount for an ordered car is often a bit less than for an in-stock C6.

    But the final number we agreed on was - the same as for their in-stock units...

    My impression is that Kerbeck has a rather rigid business model - so ( as stated above ) the only way to know for sure is to ask - and my opinion is that if you are that close, I'd ask in person - with checkbook open.

    Good luck!
    - Ray
    '07 on order.........
    2016 BMW 340i
  • printzprintz Posts: 70
    I'm not that close to buying, still about 8 months away....They're not starting the garage work in my building until after the winter because they do not want to inconvenience the residents during the winter months......He just ordered 1 so he would be the 1 to ask...Yeah, I could of asked at Kerbeck but really didn't even think about it...There's plenty of time for that..
  • Rob,
    I did not end up ordering from Kerbecks. I used their numbers to negotiate with a local dealer (Binghamton, NY area). In May of this year Kerbecks was doing $3,000 off Z51s w/o 3LT package and $4,000 off 3LTs. Those cars were on the lot. I was very pleased to get a local dealer to discount $4,000 off an order for an 07 (with 3LT). I did a lot of research and found Kerbecks and Maxies to have the best prices online. Since I bought mine it appears that Fitchners (sp?) will also deal seriously. In my opinion the best case scenario was to get a local dealer to match their discounts. Luckily I found one that did.
    Good luck when you do order!
    Extended warranty: I contacted Fitchner after input in this forum and found their prices to be great! I will buy it just before 12 months are up since the extended warranty is discounted in the first year of ownership of a new car but starts running months and mileage wise when you buy the extended warranty.
    This forum has been great!
    Ray, congrats on the new car order! You will love it! The colors will look great!
    The complements that I get on the car are daily. The neighborhood kids are in love with it (and so am I)!
    PS. Now 1,150 miles on it.
  • printzprintz Posts: 70
    Thanks for the info.....When I know my garage is near completion i'll go too all my local dealers & see what they can do(NY, outside NYC) on pricing........I'm spending 50,000, will definitely try & get the best deal possible.....
    I went to college at Brockport, passed by Binghamton many times.......Do not think your vette will see the sunshine once December rolls around........
    Take it easy
  • I have been told that GM pricing on Vettes is hard to come by but depends on the dealership. Does anybody if it is possible?
  • Do a Google search. Go to Google then advanced. On exact phrase type in Corvette Forums
    One of the first (not the first) choices that you will have should have sub-choices, one of which is C6. Choose this choice. At this site you will find tabs to purchase a Corvette. You can find some great prices. If area dealers won't come close to matching them then Museum delivery, pick up at the dealer, or courtesy delivery are all options. (I have previously posted the other forum site but it my post was deleted by Edmunds. I was informed that this violated the rules of the forum.) You should be able to find it easily with a google search.
    Good luck!
  • Brian, Thanks for the info.
    I did find a dealer yesterday that will honor the GMS and they have what I want in stock. Thank you again.
  • Hi guys its fotorich. I had the heat from the vents problem with my 51 packaged c-6 standard trans convertible. While I was forced to sell my c-6 because GM refused to fix the problem, I sure wouldn’t believe or go by anything Consumer Reports had to say.

    Several years ago Dr. Bose, of Bose speakers, confronted Consumer Reports about a lousy review received by one line of his home speakers. He had a meeting with editors and was ridiculed and lambasted because he wanted to know their testing procedures. They refused to divulge any information about the tests and went into a personal attack on him. He sued Consumer Reports. In open court Consumer Reports actually admitted they do not do any testing. But hired “experts” to evaluate the products that were being scrutinized. As an example, they would contact a writer and hire him at $500 to do a report on four different manufacturers of speakers in the range of $800 to $900 each. Now do you think this writer was going to spend $3600 minimum to test speakers while receiving only $500. Yeah right. The writers report on the speakers was published with the stats taken right off the free brochures and not measured by him. Obviously this occurred with all their so called tested items including car tests. Believe it or not Consumer reports won the case. They argued that reports printed in their magazine constituted editorial opinion and was a right under the first amendment. They even had several well known car magazines editors say they would have to shut their doors if Dr. Bose won. Sorry guys but the emperor really doesn’t have any clothes.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,932
    While Consumer Reports is hardly perfect, your statements here regarding the lawsuit brought by Bose do not agree with what I read here:,9171,955280-2,00.html

    or in the published Supreme Court transcript, here: - 3/1983_82_1246

    Regardless of the outcome ( CU won their case, Bose lost ) there is reference by the Bose Corp. lawyer acknowledging significant testing done by CU.

    I see nothing to indicate any sort of admission that CU did no testing before the report in question. Or that anything like what you describe occurred. The crux of the issue is something quite different.

    I have Consumer Reports issues dating back for quite some time, and it is quite clear that they do, indeed actually purchase the products they test. Unlike every other consumer oriented magazine that tests cars. ( The others, including Edmunds, all request ‘loaners’ from manufacturers’ test fleets. )

    I do not use Consumer Reports as my only source of information regarding cars ( C6 or any other ) but I do read their reviews and the results of their annual reliability survey.

    I truly sympathize that you had an unresolved service issue with your C6. But how is any of the ( factually unfounded, as far as a lunchtime Google search & read seems to indicate ) additional ‘stuff’ you posted here relevant?

    - Ray
    Very confused . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    It makes sense to refute/affirm any of CR's specific reviews of the C6 here, but a general discussion of CR's reliability/practices would probably draw us down a bumpy side road. While this discussion's interesting, it would probably be more at home in the News & Views Forum.


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