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Toyota Tacoma Real World MPG Numbers



  • jobizzujobizzu Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if getting the Prerunner version of the 4-cylinder engine has a big impact on the mpg? I was planning on going with a 2.7 Prerunner (I like the body style but would like to get the better gas mileage out of the 4-banger) but I've been reading conflicting information online about the kind of mileage to expect out of it. Some sites claim the Prerunners get just as good mileage as the base models (20 city/28 hwy), while I've read in some online forums that the Prerunners get very similar mileage as the 4x4s (19 city/23 hwy). Starting to wonder if maybe I should just go with the V6 if the I4 Prerunner only gets a few more mpg...any suggestions?
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    The Pre runner weighs 180 lbs more than the Base. They are rated the same mpg. If you are concerned w/ mileage get the 2.7 5 speed. Hope this helps.
  • seranikoseraniko Posts: 27
    prerunner 2.7 mt average 21 mpg...,it's over 10k now.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Thanks for the info.
  • tank5tank5 Posts: 10
    I just purchased a 2007 tacoma with the 4 cyl motor and automatic with cruise control. For the first mpg checked at 360 miles is was a lousy 19.3! This is many highway miles at 70 mph

    I have the 3:73 rear and have just put in 51 psi of air in my tires. Let's see what happens on the next go round. My 5.3L 2004 1500 silverado with extended cab got this same mileage and I traded it to get better mileage. Boy am I not a fan of this rice burner

    Would changing the Mass air sensor help to get better MPG at a normal everday RPM's ?

    Would modifying the air filter and air intake box help and how do you do it?

    On the chev silverado I put on a K&N cool air filter and new air intake pipe for #$300.00 and it did not help one bit except at 8000RPM- which if right before the engine gives you pieces in return.

    Would use systhetic oil with a viscocity of "00" help'

  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Don't tamper w your truck. You may void the warranty. See if you can run a little slower. You can get 15% better mpg @ 60.
  • tank5tank5 Posts: 10
    Hi: I get lousey gas mileage in my 2007 4 cyl tacoma. I am supposed to have the 3:73 ratio rear end. Does anyone have the 3:23 rear end and what is the gas mileage with that?

    Also, does any one know who, if anybody, sells a fiberglass hood and/or tail gate for this model. The hood is real heavy steel and changing that out should get better mileage by reducing weight. Same for the tailgate.

  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    I don't think any of the alterations pay for themselves. Leave the truck stock till the warranty expires. Drive a little slower. Keep your tailgate in the up position. Be smooth. Hope this helps.
  • tank5tank5 Posts: 10
    Thanks for your helpful hints.

    I'm now thinking about replacing my tailgate with a wooden one made from 1"X3" to save weight.

    Also I'm looking around for a 15" compact spare to replace the 15" full size spare that came with the truck, again to save weight.

    Finally, I trying to replace my hood with a wooden one that would really save weight- I have issues with that and am still trying to devise a nice way to do it.

    I feel confident on the hood as there is a big 4" x 4" solid aluminum bar connecting the two frame sides in the front behind the radiator and a/c heat exchanger. The bar is the way they got the good frontal crash rating. So the hood is a throw away for crash protection.

    If any vehicle should get good gas mileage it is this one. The only option is the air conditioner. I made them find a vehicle that did not have the $699.00 extra for the Southeastern Distributor and vehicle polishing, undercoating and 24 road side assistance for only one year plus one free oil change.

    After I bought the vehicle I had the dealer install cruise control on it. It works fine and should save gas.

    The vehicle had a list of $16,885.53.

    They charged $299 for their paper work, some taxes for $34.26 and title transfer of $16.50 for an out the door cash price of $17,235.29.

    There was a $1,000 rebate for the 4 cylinder Tacoma so the actual price was $16,235.29. They gave me $16,347.68 for my truck and handed me a check for $112.39 as I drove off.

    Another dealer close by wanted my truck and $2,900.00 for the same Tacoma. So I got a good deal I think.

    I just want better gas mileage for the inconvenience of driving this rice burner.

  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Look and listen! The mileage is what it is for your vehicle. See my previous posts and stop fighting "the facts." Hope this saves you unneeded mods. Hope the wooden hood is a joke.
  • tank5tank5 Posts: 10
    I'm not one to give up. The mileage sticker said 21 to 27 and I expect something reasonablely close to that or better. If not its false advertising as no one at the dealership refuted it.

    My wife has a 2006 Solera Convertible and the average for her car is 27.5 mpg. She has a lead foot.

    In Alabama if I drove 60 mph I would be killed in the first 30 miles.

    The trucks routinely go 80 and the rich out of state tourists on their way to the Gulf Coast go 80 to 90 in their BIG suv's. They can afford the %300,00 ticket, it seems.

    Slowing down is not an option. I don't go over 70.- the speed limit.

  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    If you want 27 @ 70 then you needed to buy a car not a truck.
  • ritacoritaco Posts: 3
    I have an 06 Tacoma, 6cyl, auto, short bed, crew cab. I just hit 5500 miles. In general, I love the truck.

    In terms of MPG, my city mileage is awful. Over the winter, I was averaging around 14 MPG. My daily commute is about 10 minutes of in town driving (not city driving). I asked a toyota service tech - he said that the MPG should improve once the "summer" gas comes out. My MPG seems to be up to about 15 now - but definitely not 17.

    However, I'm ok with my highway mileage. I've taken two 500 mile trips - about 99 percent highway. I get just under 20 MPG - cruising at 75 or 80 and every once in while jumping higher than that. If I drove 65, I'd probably easily get 21 or more. Maybe one day toyota will come out with a hybrid tacoma.
  • jaggy9jaggy9 Posts: 3
    2nd update - 21.7 MPG. 390.9 miles at 18 gallons. City driving. Can't complain about that. Love my truck!!
  • Your mileage sounds encouraging. I'm thinking of buying the same set-up as yours. A 4x4 Access Cab 2.7 with the 5 speed. My primary driving will be all highway on a 100 mile per day commute. I need either an AWD vehicle like a Forester or the Tacoma, and it looks like they both get similar mileage. Please keep reporting your city and highway mpg. Do any other Tacoma owners with the 2.7 and a 5 speed drive 100 miles/day? If so how's your mpg?
  • matt51matt51 Posts: 8
    I have been getting 23 mpg highway at about avg speed of 72-75 mph.
    I had overdrive locked out. My first Toyota, floor shift. There is a narrow slot label 3-D. If the handle is to the right of the slot, overdrive is enabled. If the shift handle is to the left of the slot, overdrive is locked out.
    The mileage I posted was for using only 3 speeds. I am getting new readings, using all 4 speeds, will post those numbers when I get them. :sick:
  • matt51matt51 Posts: 8
    Now my first highway check, 72-75 mph, with a few city miles, is 26 mpg. I will make more checks and post them. EPA is 21 city, 27 highway. I have put Mobil 5-20 synthetic in the truck, but had not noticed an improvement when I did so.

    Sure helps to let the overdrive work. My fault, not the trucks.
  • Thanks matt51,

    26 mpg for the highway is my kind of driving--about 100 miles worth. Thanks for the posts and the updates. As far as the overdrive: I did that in my Scion XB for about 35 miles once. I accidently pushed the OD button and turned if off. Luckily I was on 2 lane roads running about 50-55. My mpg also was a bit short on that tank.
  • uncalumnusuncalumnus Posts: 11
    I just filled up my tank for the first time (the dealer gave me a tank when I bought). I averaged about 19.6 mpg. That was with a mix of city and highway driving. I would say about 60/40 for in town driving, though. I am pleased so far..... :)
  • kcros11kcros11 Posts: 2
  • kcros11kcros11 Posts: 2
    I just bought a '99 Tacoma w/ V6 and 4X4. I'm looking to get a little better gas mileage. Does anyone have any suggestions on products that work, and ones that don't. Thanks
  • 3tacoma3tacoma Posts: 15
    I have an 05 4x4 DC with 65,000 miles on it. I buoght it new. My average MPG is 18.8 everyday driving. Interstate only is 23.5. I have checked it every 3-6K miles at the pump, (Not on the computer in the truck) the worst mileage ever was 7.5 mpg (while pulling my boat). Best ever was 25.7 interstate only abount 320+ miles.

    This truck is great for everyday mileage. If you pull or haul anything other than a weedeater, be prepared to pay dearley for fuel. I am very dissapointed in fuel economy when towing. Other than towing, MPG is great compared to full size pickups!!!
  • Is your truck RWD or 4WD? Auto or manual? It looks like there some factory to dealer incentives for the 4th of July. I've seen Access cabs with the 4x4 4 cyl. 5 speed setups advertized for $20,481. This is in the Northern Virginia/DC area. Is this a good price for this truck?

    I also got $750 dealer cash from a local dealer by mail today to apply to any 2007 Toyota if used by July 4th.
  • garyodsgaryods Posts: 7
    Pushing 100k, in town average 18.5, highway 21 (80 MPH). The best I've done was following a friend towing a big trailer (averaging about 50 MPH) 28 MPG
  • jaggy9jaggy9 Posts: 3
    Been busy and forgot to update the board. Finally broke the 400 mile barrier. All city driving.

    3rd update - 22.2 MPG. 395.2 miles at 17.8 gallons. City driving.

    4th update - 22.3 MPG. 405.5 miles at 18.2 gallons. City driving.
  • fggfgg Posts: 2
    Same here! I have no other complaints except my 4x4 07 Tacoma w/ automatic transmission V-6 gets bad mileage....~ 14 mpg.

    I drive it a lot on the hwy and was hoping for ~ 17-18 mpg....but it's not happening. I've kept it maintained as always 3000 mile oil changes, and I burn premium gas, I'm not towing anything , so I believe 14-15 mpg is all I can hope for these days.

    I'm happy w/ everything else.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    That's lousy mileage. How fast do you drive, IOW, are you heavy footed?
  • dmuttdmutt Posts: 48

    Make sure you do have it in 5th gear. The gear selector needs to be moved to the right. D for Drive. Otherwise, you are running in 4th gear. Knew somebody else who did this and was also noting the bad gas mileage.
  • fggfgg Posts: 2
    My mechanic tells me to let it break in a bit more, and try premium fuel 100% of the time for now.

    I am driving in D not 4th. Thanks for the feedback.
  • dmuttdmutt Posts: 48
    Boy, you are getting the worst mileage out all the people I know who have one. Most are getting 16-18 in town and 20-22 on highway. I would think something is not right. Might just have one, for whatever reason, gets bad fuel economy. Un-Luck of the draw.
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