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Toyota Tacoma Stereo/Audio



  • pekosrobpekosrob Posts: 25
    I believe the Kappas run at 2 ohms, instead of 4 like most other speakers. Now I'm not sure exactly what difference that will make when selecting an amp, but it may. That's why whenever I get my rear speakers, if they're infinity's they will be the reference. Honestly, if you don't want it to be really loud, there is not much difference in the Kappas and Reference series speakers. Basically the RMS watts and the max watts are different, the sensitivity is slightly higher I think (if I'm remembering correctly that is) in the Kappas. Go check out the specs at, and try and go to a store that actually has a pair on display for you to hear. One last thing - I used to have a Sony CD player, and it worked fine for me. But do you really want that pocket in the center of your dash console? If I were you, and determined to get a CD player that is single din - then either get a flip up DVD monitor or a center speaker channel. Alpine has a little center speaker that you can install in the single din unit. Check it out here
  • pekosrobpekosrob Posts: 25
    I just realized you put that you might add an amp later if you need more power. You're definitely gonna need one for those Kappas. 2 Ohms is gonna require some power, and also if you spend that much on speakers, whether they're components or 2/3/4 way speakers, then you should definitely get an amp. But DEFINITELY get an amp if you get the Kappas. If you add a sub later, you will probably need a second amp, unless your amp you buy is a nice one. The thing is you can run into problems when you bridge two channels for a sub to get more power if you have speakers running at 2 ohms.

    I also looked up your choice of head unit. To be honest, if you do decide on infinity speakers (whether they're reference or kappa's) or another brand that's more than $100 for the pair, then don't get a CD deck that's worth the same amount as the speakers. Regardless of what you get, try and get one that either has an ipod adapter (if you have an ipod that is) or a usb connector (for most non-ipod mp3 players). Don't mess with that line in crap. You have to control and look at the screen on the mp3 player. My Alpine IVA-W200 has a cable that cost me $30, it charges the ipod and plays off the on-screen controls, while the ipod is chillin' in the glove box. Anyways, hope I didn't bug you too much. I just don't want to see a guy put an average or subpar stereo in such a beautiful truck!
  • Yes, yesterday my fantasy of not having to mess with an amp got grounded on the rocks of reality. I was hoping I could get away with the power from the head unit but that seems impossible. My main objections are not wanting to run cable from the head unit to the back of the truck for the amp, then back to the doorframes for the speakers, and dealing with powering the amp. I did a seat and carpet-out install in my old truck and I really wanted to avoid the time and body-twisting torture (did I mention I’m an old fart) associated with such an undertaking.
    I have looked at a couple of Profile amps, either a pair of AP400’s or one AP1040. My main reason for the pair of AP400’s is I figured I might be able to mount them up front, under the dash eliminating the need for miles of cable, however they are not all that powerful. While under the front seats is often mentioned as a mounting area, this truck has some heat/cooling (I think) ducts that run under both and I don’t want my daughter being uncomfortable in the back seat, now do I?
    Related to the head unit, I was pretty happy with a lower-end Sony in my old truck, so I imagine this one will work OK for me. And since I’m a bit of a Luddite I don’t have an ipod (I know, it’s blasphemy!) nor plan on getting one. You’ve got to understand here, when choosing my first vehicle’s aftermarket stereo, I became embroiled in the great 4-track vs. 8-track debate. I’m sure you will be pleased to know I went with the 8-track! So anything beyond a CD changer is likely beyond my scope.
    Anyway, if anyone has any amp install insight for me (a magical space up front that also converts gaseous emissions to electrical power ;) ) would be great. I do appreciate the feedback.
  • pekosrobpekosrob Posts: 25
    I don't know a whole lot about the best way to run wires throughout the truck, but it seems like many people with double cabs usually put the amp behind one of the seats. i know what you're talking about as far as the heating ducts. i just don't see how an amp behind the seat can get any air to cool off. eventually i plan on getting some component speakers, a pair of 6.5" speakers, and an amp, but i'll have to see about the space behind the seats.

    but seriously, at least consider getting that center channel speaker if you end up with a single din unit. it looks better and adds more sound. i was toying with the idea of getting a multichannel processor so i can hear my audio dvds in true 5.1 (that is if i got a sub), but i'm starting to run out of spaces to put amps and stuff! good luck with the project, i'd at least see if there's a professional install place around town and get a quote and some ideas. you could always buy your stuff and bring it in, although they usually charge more for that.
  • after a little more research I would agree on the the point that i just bought a set of 165 k2p's. if you shop around you can get a good deal.( I paid $650 out the door from an AUTHORIZED dealer) I actually completed buying all my components for my system, no I just have to fit it all in my 06 access cab.

    Eclipse cd5000 (with ipc106 i-pod controll unit)
    focal 165 k2p set (front doors)
    arc audio cxlr 4150 (80x4 or 325x2)(to drive the focals)
    arc audio fd2100 (50x2 or 190x1)(to drive the single 8" sub)
    8" sub (actually haven't purchased yet)

    Any advice on the install would ba appreciated. Also, on the sub, I'm looking at eathie a JBL or an ARC (due to the small enclosure size- .35 cubic ft.). Deos anyone have any other brand suggestions for the sub?

    I'll put up some pics when I get it done.
  • Here's my sound system before I put the rear seats back in. I did all the work myself. You've already seen my Eclipse Nav head unit, so I'll leave out that pic. :)

    Free Image Hosting at

    Free Image Hosting at

    Free Image Hosting at

    Free Image Hosting at

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    Free Image Hosting at
  • Hi, saw some previous messages about installing Polk DB's in your Tacoma, or else Infinity's, specifically without an amp. I would like to share that I recently ripped out the Toyota factory head unit and replaced with an Alpine. Then I put in Polk DB6500 components up front, with DB650's in the rear. I hated it. The tweeters so overpowered the non-bass, plus the tweeters were at face level which made it unbearable. My wife said it sounded like a.m. radio. I had the Alpine BBE set to highest level (loudness button, basically) and bass turned up, and treble turned down. Still horrible.
    I then ripped out the DB's in the front and replaced with Infinity Kappa 63.7's three-ways FOR THE SAME PRICE. What a difference that made. Much better bass response to begin with, and the tweeters are less harsh and located down below, not blaring at your face and bouncing off the glass. (However, it sounds as if tweeters are still up above). Crisp and clear, WITHOUT AN AMP, beautiful sounding speakers. I left the DB650 in the rear, which are fine for the purpose. While I'm sure installing an amp and sub would do wonders, I don't have another $1000 to spend, and frankly my ears could not afford to listen any louder than the point where distortion starts to kick in with the Kappas (VERY LOUD). In other words, The Kappas are plenty loud and no distortion without an amp. Keep in mind the 2ohms should require less power than the 4ohm speakers and hence probably worth going with the Kappas (not Reference). And 3dB of sensivity (say 95dB Kappa vs 92dB Polks) makes a big difference with how power is handled.
  • Thanks man, that's funny how we both came to the same speaker selection. Did you buy the mounts from or build your own? What was the wiring like? Let me know. Thanks for the response, it's helpful!
  • I got the Sony cd changer, head unit, and the Infinity Kappa 63.7i’s in (the latter in the rear doors only). I did the Sony install (props to Crutchfield) and listened to it with the old speakers for a couple of days, and that alone was a tremendous difference. Toyota must pay around 75 cents for their base model head unit because this relatively inexpensive Sony blows the stock unit away. I can’t recommend strongly enough that people replace their head units--you might be happy with just that! Due to a problem with the fit of the Kappa 680.7cs’ I switched to 60.7cs and am still waiting (maybe today) for the exchanged Tacotune front adapter. Anyway, I’m really liking the new sound and can’t wait for it to get done. I’m also thinking I might not have to put in the amp I have, but I doubt I will get maximum performance out of the Kappas without it.
    The wiring with Tacotunes' instructions (and info here if you need more) was very DIY friendly. I did screw up and forget to put the wiring through one of the mounts and had to undo/redo it, but that was my fault.
    all da best,
  • I just remembered; there was/is a screwy deal with the stock speaker wire: Blue positive/Green negative in the front—Red positive/White negative in the back. Toyota doesn’t want it to be too easy, apparently. This came from Crutchfield who were willing to help me out even though I didn’t get the speakers from them, but did get other parts there. New Tacotune adapter plates just arrived! They suggest you "might" want to predrill the screw holes for your speakers. I can't imagine not predrilling as the adapter is tough enough to get a screw into with predrilling. Not doing so is just asking to slip and drive into the new speaker :cry:
  • tacomaguytacomaguy Eugene, OregonPosts: 41
    While listening to an AM station on an out-of-town trip last week end, the radio cut out several times for a minute or so and then came back on. We assumed that we had just lost the signal as we were going through a lot of hills. When I got back to my home town, I had the same thing happen while listening to my normal station. I normally only listen to the radio during short trips. I'm wondering if the radio was over-heating and something was shutting it down until it cooled off. We also played a lot of CD's and I understand that the CD unit can get too warm. Any similar experiences??
  • Got the install completed, including adding sound barrier/resistant material to the cab behind the back seats, and to all four doors. I used a slightly different material, called Protecto Wrap that is designed for home/commercial construction applications. It’s foam cells with thick adhesive backing that comes in a roll 5 1/2 inches wide by 25 feet. It ended up being about a buck/square foot. It was very annoying, as would likely be anything that works, to install however I can tell the difference strongly in the rear, but not sure about the doors yet.
    A couple of other challenges (besides the screwy Toyota wiring colors*) I ran into were the power into the front door speakers and the little white clips that hold the “sail panels” in place. First the latter; had I read thoroughly previous posted info I would have already known this without losing a clip. When taking off the sail panels you will notice three small white plastic clips that remain in their respective holes, wherein a locking tab will be reinserted when putting it back on. Problem is that the white clips can be pushed out the backside of their hole, by the locking tab. So just pinch them together and pull them out, then reposition them on the locking tabs so the whole (small) assembly can be reinserted together.
    The power issue had me a bit stumped initially but I finally figured out the power for the front speakers comes into the tweeters first, then down to the main speakers. The Kappas, instead, are wired from a passive equalizer. So, I merely stripped the pairs of wires that ran into the tweeter, and joined the like-colored ends and then capped them. Works great. One last piece of info that I had forgotten is that the Kappas apparently take a bit of time to get broken-in so they were initially a disappointment but are now functioning nicely. I do not need the amp, but I may have it installed later to maximize the Kappas. Good luck with your install!

    *on double-cab with power windows: Front driver's side, pink=positive, blue/purple=negative; Front passenger's side, blue=positive, light green=negative; Both rear doors red=positive, white=negative
  • Just so you guys know. Those home improvement stores sticky roofing and insulating products are a lot cheaper than name brand dampening products, but on the other hand they are usually asphault based insead of butyl, so they will have less dampening ability, and they are more likely to come loose from body panels in hot weather.

    My favorite dampener is RaamMat.

    BTW, you can kill a lot of road noise by adding a thin layer of foam on top of the Dynamat, or whatever dampening you are using. Foam blocks noise. Butyl and asphalt absorb vibrations. There's a big difference.

    And you can break-in your speakers a lot faster by playing a test CD for a few hours on a Pink Noise track. A sweeping Pink Noise track is even better.
  • What kind of foam? How do you apply? Is is messy? Thanks.
  • That box looks awesome! How did you make that and is that an 8" sub in there? I have a 10" Infinity in a small box behind the console of my double cab and it sounds pretty good, but I would like to have my space back and go behind the seat instead. I would like to hear more about this box and how good it sounds and how you made it. I will look forward to hearing about it. This is almost exactly what I was looking to do for my Dub Cab. Thanks
  • Ensolite foam. It's about 1/4" thick. You just use spray adhesive to make it stick to a body panel. It's easy. Check
  • It's a 12" sub. Here is more info on the whole installation. I also recently added some ribbon tweeters in the kick panels. It sounds so awesome.
  • Does anyone know what the colors for the stereo wiring are i have Subs and an Amp im trying to hook them up cuz i don't have any money to pay someone can anyone help me out with all this stuff. I have an output with the rca hookups and the positive and negative wires on it but i don't know how to hook it into my stock stereo. Need Help PLEASE!
  • errinerrin Posts: 1
    I had the Ipod Interface installed in my 2006 Tacoma at the dealer. It just seems to charge the ipod and not play any tunes. I have a shuffle and I added the belkin adapter, thinking the problem was the adapter I tried a friends nano, but it only charges - no tunes. I checked at the dealer where it was installed, but they don't know anything about Ipods. It could just be a user defiency.... lol. any thoughts? :confuse:
  • I've been reading these forums for a while and thank everyone for the great info, gave me enough courage to try the install of a new head unit. I've got a little write up and some pics up on my blog here. It went pretty good so check it out and let me know what you think.
  • For anyone interested, I successfully added the USA SPEC Aux Interface to my 2007 Toyota Tacoma (DF-Toy). I had it done at Circuit City. Even though the USA SPEC box says it only supports models 1998-2004, it worked on my 2007. I have a 6-disc in-dash changer that came with the truck. The USA SPEC plugs into a mini output jack on the back of the unit. There was some uncertainty as to whether the radio would have the mini outlet or not, but there it was. I connected an aftermarket Sirius radio and iPOD connector. Both work very well and I haven't had any problems (3 months). The iPOD plays through the headphone jack (unfortunately it doesn't charge the iPOD unit at the same time). The sound is fine (although the gain is a little low (requiring the iPOD volume to be up pretty high). Sirius sounds great (clean sound and good volume gain). Selecting the aux unit is easy; just hit the "DISC" button twice to move between the 6-disc in-dash changer and the USA SPEC. The USA SPEC shows up as "disc 6". The 2 aux inputs (iPOD and Sirius for mine) can be found on tracks 1 and 2. The 6-disc in-dash changer is unaffected by the USA SPEC; all 6 discs are available and fully functional.
  • I just installed an AVIC-Z1 and am looking for a good location for the backup camera. Thinking either by the third light so I can see the bed of the truck or just under the rear bumper....any suggestions?
  • kentpfl - thanks for the input, very informative. do you have any recommendations for when i get this done? are there any links for additional info? Thanks for your help.
  • Here's where I installed my backup camera.

    Free Image Hosting at

    Check my CarDomain for more info.
  • Hey Kentfl
    I would really like to ask you a cpl questions about this.please email me at
  • I'm so confused. Why did you need a dash kit? Aren't all Tacomas isomounts? I managed a 2 bay installation department for Circuit and we never used a dash kit. I also own a Taco and the isomount looks better than any kit, not that I have ever seen one.
  • I need a little help here. I have the USA SPEC DF-TOY. It is suppose to add 2 audio inputs to my stock 6-disc changer. I am hoping to use this to input my creative mp3 and sirius satellite radio. Someone posted here (message #177) that it plugs into a mini plug in the back of the deck. The cables it came with are a 12-pin to din and some other loom? It is also suppose to leave me with a working 6-disc chgr but the box reads the opposite .The directions say nothing really... anybody done this on a 06-07 Tacoma? Does the interface really take the place of the 6-disc chgr ? What's the deal with the mini plug?
    thx for any help ...A picture of the back of a 07 6 disc chger/radio would be golden
  • ddigglerddiggler Posts: 17
    I have a few questions for Taco owners who have done their own installation of alarms.

    1. Where did you install your control module or where are the best places for the unit. Under the driver seat, behind glovebox, under dash near steering column. I's asking being in the process of doing such an install.

    2. Starter interupt: Has anyone found a place that sells a interconnect cable. Since 2006 Tacos seem to have (2) ignition and starter circuts (wires) do you need to use both of them to stop the vehicle from starting or can you just iinclude one wire in the alarm cut off circut to work?

    3. Where have you guys been mounting your status LED, any cool spots that have decent access to install and are easy to see from outside the vehicle?

    4. Where did you install the paging antenna?

  • pawjampawjam Posts: 1
    I have an 05 tacoma with a type 1 single CD stereo. I recently got a great deal on an 06 tacoma Type 3 JBL 6 disc system. When I tried to install the new radio, the clips on the wiring harness don't match up. Is there some type of adapter available to make this work? Am I better off selling the JBL and getting an aftermarket unit?
    Thanks in advance for any response.
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