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Toyota Sienna Maintenance and Repair (2004+)



  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "Do you know whether there is a centralized internet repository containing "recall" information?"

    Official government repository for recalls. Also includes recall summaries.
  • pilot130pilot130 Posts: 319
    Then again, you don't speak for "most folks" jipster.
    "Most folks would agree" that blanketting all those other forums with the same TSB is just a little peculiar.
    In maybe the Problems and Solutions forum---OK,---that makes sense.
    But why all the others?
    In my opinion it was unnecessary--and it has all the earmarks of an agenda quite different from what the poster stated.
    Most folks would also agree with the "horse pucky" comment made re the claim "I was just passing along the information.".

    How many recalls are there for the Buick Rendezvous?
    I found 3 just in one 2004 model:
    Why don't we see these plastered all over?
    The fuel system one is really scary!!
  • c2rosac2rosa Posts: 76
    Regarding the article I sent out, it does mention (at the end), the following:
    "In August 2003, Toyota recalled more than 30,000 Sienna minivans from the 2004 model year because of concern that the fuel tank was prone to damage and could cause a fire."

    That sounds like more than just a cosmetic problem.

    In any case, it's not a bad thing for folks to be made aware of issues with vehicles (including Toyota's).
    If you don't like the posting, then skip it.
    Others who are scanning for information on Toyota's (and haven't yet gotten the recall notice because they don't own the vehicle - or haven't scanned might be interested.
  • c2rosac2rosa Posts: 76
    "This may be a proper forum to post the recall notice, but not he other numerous forums that were chosen. "

    Are there rules on Edmunds regarding where something should be posted, and where it shouldn't?
    If so, I wasn't aware of them.
  • frank2005frank2005 Posts: 2
    the a/c was cool last year, but this year,the a/c doesn't work,the lamp didn't blink,I took it to dealer,they said the compressor was seized,and i need replace the compresser and clutch, i live in toronto.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "In any case, it's not a bad thing for folks to be made aware of issues with vehicles (including Toyota's).

    No, no problem with that. But when you post this notification in 5 different forums, it leads many people to believe (myself included) that you have an agenda beyond simply 'informing'.

    I spend a great deal of time all over Edmund's; however, I don't recall similar shotgun blasts notifications from you regarding other vehicles and other recalls. Doesn't mean anything; obviously I don't keep up with ALL threads on ALL boards. I'm sure that, in light of how fair and unbiased you appear to be, that you HAVE posted similar multi-notifications on OTHER brands/vehicles as well. Correct?

    In fact, as the owner of a Buick Rendevouz, I'm sure that (as a public service to other Buick owners), you would waste no opportunity to keep the public informed of any/all recalls and TSB's regarding YOUR vehicle. I don't imagine you could point us to any posts in which you've called attention to any Buick recalls, could you?
  • taxesquiretaxesquire Posts: 681
    Rule #1: "Stay on topic
    The Forums insist that users stay on topic. Use the Search function to find a discussion relevant to your topic."

    Click on "Rules of the Road," above.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095's been established that multiple postings across various topics is inappropriate. Time to move on and stop seeking ulterior motives.

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  • c2rosac2rosa Posts: 76
    "In fact, as the owner of a Buick Rendevouz, I'm sure that (as a public service to other Buick owners), you would waste no opportunity to keep the public informed of any/all recalls and TSB's regarding YOUR vehicle. I don't imagine you could point us to any posts in which you've called attention to any Buick recalls, could you? "

    I must admit that I haven't informed others of any Rendezvous recalls.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Fair enough.

    Consider Sienna owner's fully informed now of this seatbelt recall. As the Host has pointed out, it's probably time to move on.
  • I own a 2005 Sienna LE with package #6. I am disappointed about the poor FM reception while driving. This also affects local channels.

    Does anybody know a solution for this?

    Maybe a different antenna, amplifier?
  • sienna05sienna05 Posts: 1
    I just notice the same problem with 3 week old sienna. When cruise control is on driving on highway, it pulls to the left. What shoudl I do? Any suggestions? TIA
  • dduffdduff Posts: 1
    Just learned from service dept. that all 4 of the "Run Flat" tires on 05' Sienna with 20k miles are "Bad" and Toyota won't replace them. Service mgr. tells me "off the record" that this has been an on going problem with these tires regardless of make. Can this be true? Car is 13mos old so falls out of 12 mo, warranty on tires. Anyone else run into this?
  • jcdayjcday Posts: 1
    Yes, we just replaced all four Run Flats on our '04 Sienna at ~22K miles. All four were worn evenly but almost worn down to the wear bars. We probably could have gone another 3K miles but certainly no more.

    Fwiw, we replaced them with Dunlop Graspics from Tire Rack, which have worked out just fine. If the more aggressive tread creates more road noise, I can't notice it.

  • I agree with you that the simple air spring insert works well. We got it installed by Project Two - customer installers the day before vacation (since Andrews Toyota in Milwaukee was so slow in responding to us). Cost $85, plus $15 overnight shipping, plus $95 install.

    Pumped it to 35 psi for trip. Never bottomed on the road and trip went fine through the Smoky Mountains and Cape Hatteras National Sea Shore.

    Reduced pressure to 10 psi now - ride still good.

    I'm still trying to get an appointment with the dealer to share our facts and let them know our information displeasure.
  • gaawbgaawb Posts: 5
    I've been reading many consumer complaints about the Run Flat tires. I really liked my test drive of the XLE AWD but am now very leary of these tires. Are the Dunlop Graspics self-inflating tires? If so, what makes them different from the stock Run Flats? Lastly, a major beef is that there is no spare. Did you end up buying a spare and placing it behind the third row seats? This issue is a real concern and will likely prevent me from purchasing this vehicle. I appreciate your response.
  • gaawbgaawb Posts: 5
    I was about to purchase a 2005 XLE AWD. I then came across this forum (as well as others) and noticed a significant problem with the Run Flat tires. I expressed my concern with the dealer and he told me they would replace the Run Flats with regular tires as well as put a spare where spares usually go in the FWD Siennas. After reviewing several of your emails, it appears this option was never given to you which makes me wonder if they actually can put a spare underneath the AWD Siennas (there is a tire bolt under the floor mat in the second row - passenger side in all Siennas). Carrying a spare behind the third row seats is absolutely ludicrous for a $38,000 vehicle. Any thoughts??
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630

    The spare tire location in the standard FWD Siennas is OCCUPIED by parts of the AWD system on the AWD Siennas. I don't think your salesman has any idea that a spare will not fit in this location on the AWD Siennas.
  • gaawbgaawb Posts: 5
    I thought it was too good to be true. This is definitely a deal-breaker. Now I have to decide between the FWD Sienna and the Odyssey. Thanks for the info.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    That is correct. There is still a flap in the carpeting where the bolt for the winch is found in the FWD models, but it's just a plastic cap that covers where the bolt goes. The rear drive-shaft takes up the space where the spare normally goes.

  • gaawbgaawb Posts: 5
    Yep. I talked to the salesman again and he said, in fact, they could not put a spare underneath. He also called Toyota to see if they made changes to the 2006 AWD models. Toyota told him they made zero changes to the tires or the lack of a spare tire. I'm really disappointed. Will probably go with the XLE Limited FWD unless I hear there are inherent problems with that too.
  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    Since the national news is telling the world that Sienna has a problem with seatbelts, I wonder how long it will take Toyota to start sending out the letters. I will just wait and have the door tape and belts done at the same time and make just one trip to the dealer.
  • govettgovett Posts: 1
    I am sure your dealer has told you you must press the brake. However, we have about 10,000 miles on our van and we are experiencing the same issue every once in a while. No same stuck one in a drive thru, got stuck once after being somewhere, very sporadic. The last time no matter what we tried (smashing the brake, turning car on and off) it would not come out of park. Called a tow truck but before they got there, it started working again. The dealer replaced the shifter assembly unit last week but unfortunately, my wife had it happen again yesterday. They have it now and are baffled with no clue as to what is causing it. So I would be wary as I think this is the start of something not quite right with the locking brake mechanism and will end up being a recall at some point.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    There's a sensor/selenoid attached to the brake pedal that allows the shift lever to be moved. I would have them check that/replace it before looking too much further. I have seen one or two fail over the years (not common at all), but they have the exact symptoms you're describing.

    Hope it helps and good luck.

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    near the shifter is a little blank panel, sometimes with a slot. With the slot you can push a small screwdriver down into it and force the solenoid into the shifter unlock position. With the blank panel, ~0.5" square, you remove it then you can manually unlock the shifter.

    Instructions for same within all owners manuals.
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    Toyota left a space where the spare tire will fit in the rear "tub" on AWD models. Of course that also means that you can not fold that portion (the 60 portion) of the seat down into the tub when the spare tire is there.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    Toyota is right, to an extent. They do not warrant the tires. Goodyear/Dunlop does. Each finger points to the other. Toyota says 'we don't warrant the tires.' G/Y says, 'Toyota didn't tell customers these were 'high-performance' tires, and have a lesser warranty. In any event, your G/D dealer will offer you some compensation if you have less than 30K on your tires, provided you've rotated them regularly (and can prove it), and your van isn't seriously out-of-alignment.
  • I fold my outside mirrors on my 2000 Sienna Van one time every day to park in the garage. This year both outside mirrors broke at the pivot points. This cost me about $325 per mirror. I can only conclude that the mirrors are not designed to be folded every day and should only be used ocassionally. This needs to report to owners since it is not in the owners manual.
  • I have only 2400KM (15000 miles) and tires are more than half wear out. I check I have following tires in my 04 Sienna: ch=false&partnum=26TR6LX4&fromCompare1=yes&place=7

    Available for only $102 a piece at tire rack.

  • :lemon: I just replaced all 4 run flat tires on my 04 only has 12,000 miles on it. The service dept claims that the van's tire pressure monitor must have gotten reset somehow to a pressure that was much lower than the recommended pressure, thereby causing excessive wear. Yeah, right.

    While I am willing to overlook many of the annoying quirks of this vehicle (i.e. poor FM reception, the multiple occasions of a dead battery secondary to the rear interior lights that don't automatically shut off after one of the sliding doors is left open by my kids), this problem has cost me $1300.

    Is there any other solution than looking into a class-action lawsuit?
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