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Lexus RX 400h Audio & Entertainment Questions



  • I must be the village idiot, or at the very least a very non-tech person when it comes to autos and audio.

    I have a 2007 400h, which has enough features to require an owners manual the size of a Chicago phone directory.

    Even with all that wonderful information, it is a serious shortcoming on the part of Lexus to not have this vehicle equiped to play an ipod. Most other Lexus models do, but for some strange reason, not the 400h.

    This vehicle does allow one to play an MP3, but (and here comes my ignorance on the subject), I cannot figure out what I need to do to listen to my favorite tunes as they are now just on my ipod.

    Do I need to buy a separate MP3 player different from my ipod? Do I record from my ipod to a CD and play that? What is the best thing to do?

    I tried to get an answer from the Lexus sale person, but she got a look of abject horror on her face, muttered something about "technology" and headed for the break room. I know - I should have stalked her, and forced her to divulge the correct answer - but I am not that kind of guy.

    Any help will be most appreciated.

  • I agree. I'm also appalled by the quality of the Bluetooth system. Just primitive as far as the variety of profiles it supports compared to what it could/should do.

    My dealer sells an Ipod integration kit made by Vais Technology ( for quite a few hundred dollars. I just wanted an MP3 player, and this was a little much, but the Vaistech system fully integrates into the Levinson stereo and is supposed to let you control the ipod using the same controls as the rest of audio system. I have no first-hand knowledge, but that's all that I know about.
  • I don't know if this forum is still active, and also posted in 'modifications'. Looking for info. on how to override the program shutdown when driving. HH had some posts about this; has anyone been able to do this with 400h? Thanks!
  • tonyd9tonyd9 Posts: 1
    Does the Sirius radio install by the dealer work thru the nav system screen or do you have to leave the radio tuner on a FM station :confuse:
  • brent99brent99 Posts: 19
    I got an "offer" last week to upgrade my Nav software for $350. What an insulting JOKE!!! Most nav systems off the shelf don't even cost that much. My nav system isn't even 2 years old yet -- they should be providing that for free anyway, let alone gouging their customers for the update.

    Consider me one pissed off customer.G
  • It is a strange thing: after 2 months of completely normal sound, suddenly no sound from the speakers (radio/cd/iPOD) or from the dashboard!

    This is a brand new RX400H! I am bringing it in to the shop, but it takes 3 weeks to get in. This is another issue at the manager's side of the dealership- I expected a lot better for Lexus and customer service.

    Has anyone encountered this sound issue?
  • vdocvdoc Posts: 23
    I recently purchased a Samsung SCH i760 Phone/PDA that is running Windows Mobile from Verizon Wireless. Every so ooften while I'm driving the handsfree bluetooth connection spontaneousy disconnects and when I attempt to dial out from the Navi touchpad, it tells me to check mobile phone. If I stop the car and restart, the Bluetooth reconnects only to drop again at some point. the problem is very much intermittant. Sometimes there will be days when it doesn't happen, other times it will happen several times a day. Verizon has be do a soft reset a few times which did nothing and a hard reset twice. After the first hard reset it lasted about 3 days before it happenied again. I finally took the phone back to Verizon and they gave me a new one. Withiin 2 days it started happening again. Prior to acquiriing the Samsung, I had both a Motorola L6 and a Razr. Although I expereinced some problems with these, this was not one of them. Having replaced the phone once already, Verizon is fairly sure it's not the handset. they think it might be the Lexus software or a problem with Windows Mobile. Has anyone else expereinced this pehnomen?
  • kyxydjkyxydj Posts: 12
    Unfortunately, from my experiences, it seems it is the Samsung phone that causes these problems. I've had 2 Samsungs, the T-809 and the U-600, and both do not reliably pair with my RX400h. We have a Bluetooth Valet who works for our Lexus dealer, and he verifies this - he says Samsung Bluetooth technology is not as good as Motorola, or Sony Ericcson. I finally got a SE W580i which works perfectly with the vehicle. I also got an Apple iPhone 3G at work, and it also pairs consistently with the RX400h. However, many Bluetooth features like sending your phone contacts to the car, do not seem to be supported by the iPhone. But at least the iPhone pairs up every time, which is more than I can say for my Samsungs.
  • vdocvdoc Posts: 23
    well gang, here's a follow-up and it ain't pretty. After contacting the Lexus customer relations office in CA about the problem, I met with the regional electronics specialists at my dealer's. They were able to reproduce the problem in my car and with another car of the same vintage. The week before that I had had my car in for service and was driving a new RX as a loaner and never had a problem. Turns out that the Bluetooth/Navi in my 2006 400h is generation 4 and the newer cars have generation 5. Lexus admits that the compatibility issue appears to be a problem with generation 4 navi :mad: and my Samsung phone but had no comment when I pointed out to them that the Lexus Bluetooth website listed my Samsung phone as being compatible with my year and model (and still does, by the way..). Although the obvious remedy would be for Lexus to upgrade my car to gen 5 they have refused citing that "it can't be done". Instead, they have offered me money to purchase a new phone however it would be up to me to establish compatibility which suggests that Lexus doesn't trust the Bluetooth information on their own website. A sad state of affairs.
  • Hi,
    Does any one know if it's possible to transfer the data in the old car's nav to the new car's nav system? I got hundreds of POI & addresses I like to keep.
  • Lexus wants $200.00 to update the Map CD in my 2006 RX 400H. Does anyone know if there is a way to download the updated Maps to a CD for Version 5.1? Evidently there is one for Toyotas, but the Lexus doesn't recognize it. It seems like it should since the Lexus is a Toyota. Has anyone figured out how to get updated Maps without paying $200.00?
  • ghwang7ghwang7 Posts: 1
    My Lexus dealer in Van Nuys, CA, Keyes Lexus wants $300 plus $130 to install the update for my 2006 Lexus 400H. I have seen Ebay motors selling the newest navigation update 9.1 by Lexus for $198.95 but there is no instruction on how to update using the new disc. Also read somewhere that the Lexus Navigation system cannot be updated by anyone but the dealer. If anyone know how to update the Nav system, I sure would like to know how. Thanks.

  • I just bought the 7.1 version on Ebay. The DVD for the gps is in the rear trunk in the compartment under the mat on the right, facing front so you can't see it from the back. You slide a button to the side and the DVD pops up. You put the new DVD in and slide the switch back and it automatically loads. (You have to have the key turned on for the DVD to load and unload).
  • cappilotcappilot Posts: 1
    I am in the process of upgrading my Blackberry to a Droid. I have deleted all of the old phones and have paired the droid. When it comes times to transferring the phonebook, the Nav system says to "upload your phonebook with your phone". There is nothing in the manual regarding the transfer or how to do this. I spoke to the Droid people and they said that this is an issue with the car and not the phone. Any ideas?
  • I bought an RX400h in December, 2010. The GPS showed good detail including showing block-by-block detail right to my driveway. In approximately November, 2011 the level of detail displayed by the GPS was lost. Instead, the screen showed no detail at all, with many streets that had been in the previous display, no longer shown. The nearest street shown is now more than 1/2 mile from my house.
    Contacting Lexus (the local dealer and then the California HQ) gave no satisfaction. Each Lexus rep said that the GPS couldn't change. Each offered a GPS upgrade for $300.
    Has anyone else had this problem?
    P.S. The only other thing that has changed is I declined to renew the Sirius subscription that has been free up to now.
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