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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V



  • rstephrsteph Posts: 109
    I looked briefly at that site...didn't see what I was after (which doesn't mean he doesn't have them). Anyway, I did find a site (but now can't find it again...I'll keep looking) that had LED cluster "bulbs" that appeared to be designed to put in place of a regular incandescent bulb. They were colored though (amber or red) and I'm not sure how that'd work behind a colored lens. Nor do I know if "the fix" would be as easy as simply replacing the current brake/turn signal bulb with an LED. Ultimately, that's kinda what I'm looking for if anyone knows of such a thing or if it's even doable.
  • cu95cu95 Posts: 96
    Thanks for the cleaning tips. I might try to pick up some wax/etc this weekend and go at it. I can see why you might want to avoid synthetics at the final stage when applying/removing the wax, but before that when you're washing and prep'ing and possibly using something with mild abbrasives, such as ScratchX, I'd think you could get away with a gentle synthetic material (e.g., Clorox makes a disposable cleaning cloth; I haven't handled one yet to see if it feels gentle, but something like that seems acceptable at the cleaning stage.)
  • automoleautomole Posts: 154
    Trust me on this one...don't use synthetics on a black car. Sheepskin and/or 100% real cotton is the only way to be safe...I KNOW from experience!
  • Trust automole!!!... and the rest of us who have owned several black vehicles. You can't undo damage once you've done it (or once someone else has done it).

    Part of the price you have to pay for having a beautiful black car is taking special care of the finish.
  • automoleautomole Posts: 154
    -I finally found wheels I liked (I've been looking for almost a year) and bought them...hopefully this link will work:

    batmanscts: You can see my other black car in the background...and my last car was black...and the one before that was black........something tells me the next one will be black too! I guess if I get a CTS-v in a couple of years (like I hope to) I'll have a 50% chance of getting black again.

    berrycherry: Congrat's on the new CTS. Hopefully the CTS won't follow the lead of the Escalade and you won't need LoJack OR Onstar! I just read an article that said the Escalade topped Acura for the most stolen car.

    sonjaab: Thanks for trying to get the coupons. FWIW I probably wouldn't have been able to use one anyway since the local dealers haven't gotten in any 2004's that I'd be interested in (and most likely won't before Sept2). Now that I've got the new wheels and refinanced at a lower rate I'll probably just drive my 'old' 2003 for a couple of years before trading it in on a new one.
  • 04ctsv04ctsv Posts: 13
    I got to say, I think I saw your previous post about how you couldn't find any wheels you liked, I thought you were going to pick some really ugly wheels, but I have to admit it you made a good selection they really fit the car, what size are they 18"?
  • rstephrsteph Posts: 109
    Thanks for the LED website. I've found a few others too. Have you tried these at all? Will they retro-fit ok (I'm thinking just for the rear signals/brake lights) on the CTS? Are they bright enough? Work okay as turn signals? Etc..etc...or does anyone else know.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    what kind and what are the spec's on the wheels you bought ? They look good
  • automoleautomole Posts: 154
    rsteph: I don't really know anything about the LEDs. I found the website through a link on the website...people are using them to replace the 12v bulbs on arcade machine emulator coin doors. I haven't tried or purchased any of the LEDs...yet.

    04ctsv/wwhite2: I thought I was going to pick some really ugly wheels too since that seemed to be my only I said in my previous post(s) they all looked too plain and 'musclecar' (like something you'd see on a Mustang or Camaro) or too 'pimped-out'. I had to look for a LONG time to find something I liked that was 8" wide...most were 7.5" in width. I also kind of wanted to stay with the '7 spoke' Cadillac wheel theme and would have been OK with either painted or chrome...the wheels I found ended up being available in chrome only.

    Anyway, they are "TSW Heaven7" wheels and are 18"x8". The 8" width was important because all of the 245/40/18 tires I found require an 8" rim as the minimum width. I was a bit scared after ordering the rims because I saw a picture of a Mercedes on the TSW website with the same wheels and they didn't look too good on the MB IMO. I was relieved after seeing them on my CTS because they look 'right' the car should have come that way from the factory. They also look better in person than in the picture. I was also worried that the 18" rims would compromise ride quality but was surprised to find that the car actually seems to ride smoother (especially at higher speeds) and the steering has a much lighter feel. The Continental Extreme Contact tires also seem to grip much better than the stock Goodyears and don't seem to be any noisier on harsh pavement. The Contis also have a better all-season tread pattern, 400 treadwear rating, and were relatively $cheap$!!. The car does take hard bumps more harshly (like potholes for instance) but that can probably be expected since I have 2" less of tire sidewall to cushion the blow.
  • jemillerjemiller Posts: 183
    The tires you bought are pretty much intended for a soft ride, they're not hardcore performance tires.

    18x8's a reasonable wheel size, though from a purely personal standpoint your wheels are too blingy for my tastes.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    They are less blingy than most.
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    I saw some wheels very similar to those on a late '90's Aurora at the car wash yesterday.... his were 20's and they looked sharp.

    Dude said he would be adding spinners next year. He would have them now, but he just did $3.5K in audio.... slammin' hard.
  • automoleautomole Posts: 154
    >The tires you bought are pretty much intended
    >for a soft ride, they're not hardcore
    >performance tires.

    ...Ummm...I'd beg to differ that ANY 245/40/18 is intended for a "soft ride". I will agree though that they are not hardcore performance tires and I never intended to imply that they were. Like everything, it's a tradeoff...if I was willing to have a treadwear rating of 150, terrible all season performance, and a loud ride on rough pavement I would have chosen a "hardcore performance tire". The truth of the matter is that if you live in the NW like I do "hardcore" performance tires are "softcore" performance tires since it rains 80% of the time and wet weather performance is much more important. Lastly, the babyseat in the back of my CTS limits it's performance more than my tire selection ;).

    >18x8's a reasonable wheel size, though from a
    >purely personal standpoint your wheels are too
    >blingy for my tastes.

    As I said (and implied by my only partially sarcastic post title of "bling bling") the wheels are slightly blingy due to the fact they are chrome. From a design standpoint they are actually pretty plain (no rivets, spinners, etc) and if they were painted silver with the Cadillac logo in the center could easily be mistaken for factory wheels. Still, to each their own...I personally wouldn't wear pleated khaki pants, tassle shoes, shorts with painter pockets, or Big Dog t-shirts but 90% of the male population seems to love that stuff. FWIW I LOVE my new wheels.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    Those wheels do not look that ostentatious . I like them . What did the wheel /tire package cost ? I think you made a good choice on the tire .Really, who on the street needs a skidpad tire .
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I was going to say just what you said. The design is not blingy. It is actually very clean looking.

    It is the chrome that draws your attention.
  • Yes, it's the chrome as much as anything, I just don't like chrome wheels, period. As noted, that's a matter of personal taste.

    245/40-18 tires and ride: once upon a time, anything with that low a profile would have been a hardcore performance tire. You'd find very few all-season tires in that size, and you certainly wouldn't find anything with a UTQG treadwear rating of 400.

    But since a lot of folks are now buying them for daily-driver go-to-the-store use, the tiremakers are cooking up a lot of low-profile tires that are tailored more for ride comfort and long life than for corner-carving.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    I've noticed several first generation Auroras with lots of "bling bling" treatments. I guess since they can be purchased so cheaply now, it gives the owner more cash to customize them. I've noticed the same thing with Infiniti J30s and am starting to see it on 97-01 Q45s.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I have an aversion to chrome.
    I am 40 and went through the chrome Cragar/ET mag look of the 70's.
    You know, Trans Ams, Z28s, Vans, etc.

    When I see a chrome wheel I think, been there done that.

    It just looks dated.

    But for the younger guys, it is new and fresh.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    It has it's own look . I like the the "opal" coating- a la Konig- when applied to the wheels of your choice it gives a sporty but formal look . I dont think it's available to fit the CTS
  • The below web site lists all the currents CTS Services Bulletins, posted at the web site called "AllData". Make for some interesting reading.
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    Are very well suited to being tricked out.

    It's a very nice car that you can get cheap. It has a standard GM radio that can be easily yanked out and replaced with a big aftermarket stereo, and it looks really good with big wheels.

    I've seen quite a few like that.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    Is that supposed to be a comprehensive list ? Didnt see anything about the leaky plate bezel
  • rstephrsteph Posts: 109
    .....Nor the clocks out of synch.

    Interestingly, while my clocks have been out of synch by the reported 2-mins for the last 3 months, they, all of a sudden, spontaneously are now the same. Dial clock now "clicks" off to the next minute within a second of the radio clock changing.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    Mine are now in sync too. there must be an internal calibration process,at the most mine have been 2-3 min different . Now the other clocks in my life ....they are way off. Guess it's all to to with how anal you are with the time of day .
  • I'm looking into getting a pair of chrome exhaust tips for the CTS. I'm not really mechanical so is it hard to install? Any recommendations or advice will be greatly appreciated.
  • b4z: You're dead-on when you say that chrome looks dated. Still, there's a fine line between being 'dated' and 'classic'. Those AR Torq Thrust wheels for example, are a classic look that still fits the appearance of muscle cars both new and old IMO...they look great on Camaros and Mustangs.

    I also think that with anything the trick is 'moderation'...whether a wheel is polished, chrome, or painted it will still look good in a few years if it's a simple clean design. I guarantee that the 22" chrome pie tin dubs will look stupid 10 years from now just as the lowered mini-trucks with neon paint look idiotic now. Personally I never have liked oversized pie tin wheels OR mini-trucks.

    Like I said before, if the wheels I picked came in painted silver there is a good chance I would have selected them over the chrome (if nothing else due to the fact that silver wheels are typically $100 cheaper per wheel than chrome). On the other hand though if you're putting out the money for custom wheels and tires you want them to LOOK like it and be worth it...otherwise what's the point? My wife's opinion was "get the's a CADILLAC for god's sake".

    In a way I think that the silver painted wheels are starting to look dated (so "90's European") and when fitted to the CTS have a tendancy to make it look like a Jetta from the side. I can't tell you how many people mistook my CTS for a VW at first glance when I had the factory base model wheels.

    wwhite2: Send me an e-mail and I'll give you all the details on the wheels.

    johnnycsk: My next and final mod will be some sort of stainless exhaust tip. Like my search for the wheels, I'm having a tough time finding something that looks nice and isn't cheesey. Most of the available tips are HUGE like you'd see on an import car...I wan't something just slightly larger than the 2 1/4" factory tip. Also, I want a weld-on tip as opposed to the clamp on one-size-fits-all types you see at local parts stores. The weld-on types can be found for $25-$50 and the local muffler shop said they'd install one for a whooping $10-$15...IMO they are worth the extra $$ because they look much nicer than the clamp-on types.
  • Keep me informed of what you get. Im thinking along the same line as you as far as the tip is concerned. I don't want something to gaudy and big.
  • cu95cu95 Posts: 96
    Ok, no synthetic fibers; I picked up some 100% cotton terry towels for washing, drying and wax removal and some 100% cotton flannel towels for final wipe down (I'll save those synthetic Clorox towels for the tires and wheels). And I've got the ScratchX, Meguiar's Cleaner Wax and Eagle One Wax As U Dry. I figure that I'll use the ScratchX followed up by the Cleaner Wax for the first waxing, use just the Cleaner Wax (assuming that swirls are at a minimum) for subsequent waxings and use the Wax As U Dry after washes when I don't plan to do a full waxing. I think I'll also use the Wax As U Dry on the wheels to give them a shine and help keep grime and brake dust from clinging. Probably won't bother with any tire dressing for the time being. Seven, Auto, and Batman, thanks for the guidance. Now all I need is for it not to rain this Saturday...

    Auto, for the wheels, I'll echo what most others have said. The design looks sharp; complements the CTS a lot better than many other aftermarket wheels I've seen on CTS's in photos. But I'm in agreement with jemiller; personally I'm not a big fan of chrome finish (I don't hate it, just would not choose it if I had options, which you didn't). I was wondering, anyone care to speculate how much would it be to purchase the 18" wheels that will be featured on the CTS-V? And would GM somehow restrict a person's ability to purchase these? From the few pictures I've seen, they appear to be attractive and complement the CTS-V well and have the perk of featuring the genuine Cadillac crest (I assume, haven't seen a super up close picture). I'd probably not be too upset to wake up and find them strapped to my regular ol' CTS. :-) (I still think the base wheels have the best design, if only they were offered in a slightly larger diameter.)
  • necrosnecros Posts: 127
    Honestly, you'd be better off going aftermarket. A replacement painted-finish base model 16 inch wheel off of a 2003 CTS runs somewhere between $300-$400. You can get a really, really nice set of forged wheels for that price.
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