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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V



  • amersamers Posts: 3
    I am not sure if I am doing this message board thing is my first time on this site...but I am in desperate need of some advice, if there is anyone out there that can give it. I live in Anchorage Alaska, and am currently looking at purchasing the CTS 3.2L 5 speed. I am a little worried about the fact the the car is rear-wheel drive, considering I would be driving in the snow and on ice next winter. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this, has driven their's in these conditions, and if they still recommend the car. It is such a big purchase for me, I am going from a Toyota Tundra to a CTS, I just love the features and the way it looks, I am tired of driving such a big rig. If anyone can help, I am desperate, and would greatly appreciate some guidance.

    Thanks, Amy
  • Amy,
        Use the search function on the site and type in "snow". I think you will find several discussions by those of us who have had our CTSs in snow and winter driving conditions. Although some of us have been pleased with the handling on snow and ice, I think you will find that none of us recommend the CTS as a primary vehicle for driving in severe winter weather.
  • jipperjipper Posts: 4
    Scott and all,
    I got my car back yesterday. It turns out that they had to replace 'O' rings. The service advisor did not have the specific location of where the leak was coming from. I need to check my garage floor for leaks... hopefully they fixed the leak. Does the 2003 have the same automatic transmission as the 2004? FYI the 'O' rings were made up of a different material then what they had in stock hence the reason for the delay in getting parts.
  • mannytrannymannytranny Posts: 175
         I can't believe that it's been this long on this board. I originally signed on as Wallywalla but left for awhile. I came back with a new name - mannytranny.Snow driving in the CTS is not bad at all in a manual trans.
          Your worst fears should be the other drivers (SUV drivers who go 80mph because they feel invincible):) I don't know what the conditions are like in your area but I would check with your local car dealers to see if they have any advice. I personally had no trouble in 8" of snow but here in PA but it doesn't last long and the roads are cleared relatively quickly. I have to go through a paved way to get to the street and that is never cleared or plowed. My CTS handled it quite well. I was impresssed enough to tell my friends that were stuck with thier cars.
         My problem is the road salt, and other drivers. I couldn't bear to have someone mash into my car! I did enjoy taking my CTS to an uncleared parking lot to have fun with the traction control turned off and see what could happen. I guess that I was just having some fun!
         The final decision will be yours! Good luck
  • amersamers Posts: 3
    Thank you so much, that REALLY helps! I am having such a tough time deciding, going from a dependable Tundra 4x4 to a sporty rear-wheel drive car is kind of scary. But, I am glad to hear that it handled fine, did you get studded tires? I think I am going to go through with the purchase, thanks a lot, by the way, I am getting a manual transmission.

  • mannytrannymannytranny Posts: 175
    Well, I've had the CTS V for about two weeks now, and I really like it. It is so similar in ways to the CTS. My own brother saw it from the rear just outside of the garage in our parking area and didn't even realize that it was a V. The weather has been really bad around here ( rain , rain) and I haven't put but 300 miles on it .( The CTS had over 1000 in less than 1 month.) The Nav is new for me and I will be playing with it this weekend.
         The wheels get brake dust on them rather quickly. The mileage is not that great but I didn't get out of break-in yet. The engine sounds great. The 6 speed shifter is smooth.
         The seats are better especially with the lumbar support and feel more supportive. The suede inserts keep you in the seat even around tight turns. Nice improvement!
         I don't like the lock-out feature from 1st to 4th.
         Miss the wheel toggle for the radio control.
         Love the guages, all of them!
         The dealer wants to know if I'll take it to the dragstrip. I said that'll have to wait til I get more miles on it. (This is a new dealer that I bought it from and they don't know that I took the other CTS to the dragstrip. I couldn't guess why they thought that the dragstrip would interest me, never gave them a clue)Must be my liking of a manual transmission!or I must have the look?
         There is a problem with the readings on oil temp but GM will have a fix shortly. No biggie.
         Odd sound from the engine which is being checked next week.
         The ride is just great!!!!!! Corners beautifully and hugs and holds. Feels firm to the ground just like the CTS did. I'll give more details after the weekend.
  • mannytrannymannytranny Posts: 175
    Never put on studded tires. Just went with the tires that were original equipment with the luxury package. The car went straight like an arrow. At first I was impressed that the handling was because of traction control but I realized that traction had not even been engaged I stomped on the gas to see what traction would do and it held straight. Most of the snow driving traction never engaged , that's why I took it to the parking lot to have some fun with and without traction so I would know the handling characteristics of the car. I was impressed!
        P.S. I also gave up a 4x4 truck on the trade for the CTS. So the first winter I really was wondering if I did the right thing.
        I did.
  • amersamers Posts: 3
    Phew...thanks a lot, you really put me at ease...I feel better. Funny how things work sometimes. I waited years to buy my "dream" truck, the Tundra, I haven't had it a year yet and I want to get rid of it, I feel a little guilty, oh well...Do you have any reservations about services? I have been told by one or two people that Cadi's are known for having to be services a lot, early on. The computers go out, they aren't reliable, expensive to service. Anyhow...I don't plan on having mine for longer than the warranty covers, but, I also don't want to have to bring it in the shop the first year either. Anyhow...sorry, can't help but be paranoid.

    Thanks, Amy
  • mannytrannymannytranny Posts: 175
    As far as service, I had no service problems. I had a leaky license plate surround problem that was addressed. I don't consider that a major problem. No computer problems and Cadillac dealers are usually great for service, providing loaners, etc. Oil changes, I followed the computer. I had 14,000 miles on my CTS when I traded it in on a CTS-V . I bought it new in June 2002. Got 19mpg in the city and 28 mpg on highway runs.
         If you read through this thread there really were no major problems ,in fact, for something to discuss it got quite nit-picky sometimes ( like lack of temp guage and clock accuracy.).
         My CTS is (was) a great car and I would buy it again if the clock were turned back.
         The only reason to trade it in was for the V8 engine. My new ride CTS-V is black just like the CTS I traded in.
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    Amers, I have an 03 CTS with 28,000/miles. I live in PA and drove several times in the snow this past winter. For a rear wheel drive I thought the CTS performed well, however, it is rear wheel drive and will not perform as well as a front wheel drive in the snow. I did not use snow tires. The CTS is so fun to drive on dry pavement I am willing to give up some performance in the snow. I have had only one minor problem thus far and that was my clocks being out of sync. The 2004 model eliminated one the the clocks so the problem is solved. The CTS Rocks! I have had mine over a 100 mph on several occasions and it handles as well at 100 as at 55 mph. The engine pulls hard to 100 mph. You should buy one, you won't be disappointed.
  • Is there anyword yet on a future AWD version/option. A CTS with AWD would be a killer.

    My friend has a C Class M/B and in looking a serveral CTSs tonite he thought that the CTS was the same size as the C Class. I don't have any data but my impression was that it was much more substantial and more M/B E Class or BMW 5 series than anything.
  • bxd20bxd20 Posts: 68
    It's very close to the 5 series, not the 3 series. I believe this translates to E class and not C.
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    BMW 3 Series
    March 2004 - 6,219
    February 2004 - 6,864
    YTD 2004 - 15,097
    YTD 2003 - 17,203

    Cadillac CTS
    March 2004 - 6,057
    February 2004 - 4,588
    YTD 2004 - 14,173
    YTD 2003 - 10,956

    The gap between #1 & #2 has narrowed considerably.
  • Pretty impressive numbers. I guess Cadillac has hit the mark considering the CTS specs more like a 5-Series (but with a 3-Series price point).

    Just curious: Do the CTS stats include the "V", and are the BMW stats for the entire 3-Series line (320, 325, 330, M3) in all their configurations (Sedan, Touring, Cabriolet)?
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    All BMW 3-Series and CTS sedans included.... CTS-V was not listed, so I assume it's in with the CTS numbers.

    This is without Cadillac having a less expensive 325 type version. I believe this is to come for '05 - 2.8l with synthetic leather.
  • mannytrannymannytranny Posts: 175
    Thanks.....I'm already looking into it.

       I didn't think it would bother me but it does.

      It just happened again in traffic and it was not expected. Sort of leaves you in a position of no real power. Luckily I downshifted quickly and saved the situation. You can downshift and then resume because the V just has that much horsepower but it's still not good.
  • While the CTS does spec much closer to a 5 series, all but the most serious enthusiast is going to compare it more with the 3 series due to the price similarities.
  • mannytrannymannytranny Posts: 175
    Check this out on the GM Canada website. Will GM offer this to the U.S. Cadillacs???? - hip/cadi_show_own_overview.html#1
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    For my 14 months of ownership I have finally had a break through with my selling dealers service department . On and off since I bought my CTS I have been complaining about the condensation & WATER DROPLETS behind the reverse light lenses . It just wasn't normal, but that was the answer I always got in Leominister Ma.. I was driving by the Framingham Ma. dealer ( looking to see a CTS-V ) and for kicks I went into the service department . They came out to look at the water droplets and within a split second the service manager said " this isn't right I will order the part" . I think I have found a new dealer and service dept .
  • This has been the standard Cadillac package for Canadian owners at least since I bought my '03 CTS in March 2002. I was always puzzled by some of the notes on this board re the cost of oil changes, etc. and did not realize this was not the case in the US. I've had all my oil changes covered (except for the extra charge for Mobil-1 synthetic), plus air filter and passenger filter replaced once, and I'm just about to do the brakes (one time reline and rotor machine is allowed).

    Unfortunately, if it's not in place in the US today, I doubt they will add it.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    While they are at it you might as well get them to replace the panel with a body colored one.
    It improves the looks of the car immensely.
  • Saw a 2004 CTS at a National rental car location in Vancouver today, and another in the valet lane at the Four Seasons that could be a rental. What's the scoop? I thought Cadillac wasn't putting these out to fleet sales?
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    I thought about that but I like the darker grey bezel against the garnet pearl coat
  • automoleautomole Posts: 154
    You might check with your dealer on the license plate bezel. I just called my dealership because during the last hard rain I had about an inch of water sloshing around in mine. They said they would order the part and call me when it arrived...they also said it would be a body color panel. According to the service department, Cadillac couldn't ever get the plastic panels to seal properly so the fix is to replace them with the 'upgraded' body colored part. This will be the standard part for all future CTS's.

    FWIW, I also like the way the plastic part looks (its reflective properties are a nice contrast to my car's black finish) but it's more important for me to have the leak fixed properly.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    For the last week or so I have been hearing strange noises from the rear of the car. I thought it might be something loose in the rear suspension or even a bad rear shock.

    Took the car in to my dealer, took a mechanic for a ride over some bad local streets. He agreed there was a strange noise and thought it sounded like a rear shock.

    Surprise! it was a front shock and there was even a factory report on the problem so they replaced both front shocks under warranty.

    P.S. I also wish there was a factory service contract for oil, tire rotation, and other regular services here is the states as there is in Canada.

    P.P.S Rydell in Northridge had two black CTSv's last week. One was gone by today. That body colored rear panel with the great big bright backup lights looks real good. Much better than the panel on the show car with bars over the backup light area.
  • richerryricherry Posts: 19
    My cell does not work properly since I bought it last Aug. Have had many problems and worked with On Star many times. Last fall On Star Service said it would be recalled in Dec 2003 and changed from an Analog to dual mode digital. That never happened!

    It will not work from my drive way on a hill, one block from a Sprint tower. So I called them and they changed software etc. It still did not work properly, according to them. They sent the reports to the dealer.

    Today I took it to the dealer and he had all the reports. Found out that the CTS 2004 were ALL ANALOG and it can NEVER be changed to dual mode. Dealer could find no problem.

    So dont buy a CTS 2004 it is obsolete as the analog features will disappear from the towers in a few years. Wait till 2005 when it MAY be available, but I dont trust them.

    I was promised a dual mode system when I bought it and even the dealer thought they all were dual mode.

    The only solution is to dump On Star and buy a Bluetooth system. Hope that it can be integrated in the CTS.

    The car is great but the analog system sucks

  • automoleautomole Posts: 154
    bingoman, could you describe the sound? I've been noticing a popping sound going over speed bumps or rough pavement (and pulling out of the driveway) and have suspected the front shocks were the culprit.

    Also, has anyone else noticed a harsh 'thunk' when the air conditioning compressor kicks in?

    As for the cell phone...I doubt bluetooth will ever be offered as this would be a superior solution to Onstar. GM wants to force-feed Onstar to all its customers even though it's a crappy overpriced service. I was surprised to find that the cigarette lighter port doesn't stay powered when the car is turned off...making it difficult to charge a cell phone, laptop, or PDA.
  • shifty4shifty4 Posts: 53
    Bingoman, do you know the TSB number or factory report number for the shock absorber problem. I noticed a strange rear suspension noise when driving over speed bumps and went so far as to remove everything from the trunk including the spare tire and the problem was still there. I haven't taken the car back to my generally unresponsive Cadillac dealer as yet and would like to be armed with some evidence that this is a known problem. Thanks.
  • jipperjipper Posts: 4
    My 2004 CTS is back in the shop again for a transmission leak. The car now has 10K miles. I am not holding out much hope that they can fix it.
    Anybody elese having auto tranny leaks?
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