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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V



  • sevenfeet0sevenfeet0 Posts: 486
    Here's an article from the Detroit news about the aftermarket coach roof business and how that despite what Detroit wants, the problem won't go away. The real problem? Demand!
  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203
    Is it purely for appearance? Or is there any functional advantage?
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    I cant say if it was functional but it did look "right " for the CTS . The window sticker didnt show it as dealer installed . I didnt ask if it was a Cadillac option
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    When one buys a coach roof CTS does it come with curb feelers?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,319
    I believe curb feelers and the gold chain license plate surround are both part of the package. You may also be able to add on the fake Park Avenue Ultra gold air intakes on the sides of the fenders for a small additional fee.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • I bought my 2004 CTS Sports Luxury Package (3.6L 255hp engine) here in Toronto on April 1 of this year, black on black, absolutely gorgeous head-turning vehicle. DVD Navigation system, sunroof, HID headlamps, etc., the works. As a previous Catera owner (what a disaster), I was initially hesitant about buying this car but had read reviews, talked to a LOT of people, and was convinced that Cadillac had finally redone what was supposed to be done right back in '97. So I made the plunge.

    It's now June 23. About 2 weeks ago, I noticed that the DVD Navigation system started to silently fail, in a nasty way. When I would turn on to my street, the screen would give me my current location as a block away from where I actually was and would start to recalculate the directions. When I phoned OnStar from the car, they would give me the wrong location of my vehicle. And, when trying to use all the navigation features (nearby attractions, points of interest, programming a destination address, etc.), most, if not all of the option buttons were 'greyed out', and the screen was LOCKED completely until I turned off the car. In addition, it would not find streets in the database that are main streets in Toronto. I called the dealer and OnStar many times and was told to try a variety of things, including 'driving around in circles in a wide open parking lot' to try to reset the GPS system, resetting the direction of the car from the Nav system itself, etc. In addition, when I tried to use the Personal Calling system, it failed, and so I called OnStar again and they told me somehow all the minutes on my account had been removed by the system and so I wouldn't be able to use it. They did remedy that problem, and very generously, I might add, gave me an additional 30 minutes usage for the trouble it caused. (OnStar has been great!).

    So the car finally went to the dealer yesterday. Mind you, it has only 1,500 kilometers on it (less than 1,000 miles). I got a call from the Service Tech that the entire DVD Navigation system has to be replaced due to a "calibration issue" with the unit -- and that my head unit would be taken out and recalibrated to give to another customer!!!

    I'm LIVID. What was a $3,000 (CAD) option now is a liability. The resale value of the car most likely will be affected, who knows what else will fail (will OnStar still work with the original # they gave me?). Why can't they just reprogram (recalibrate) the unit that's currently in my vehicle? Has anyone heard of this before? The dealer (Service Manager) told me that these things typically fail early on (I find that hard to believe). I am so upset about this, and it makes me wonder what else is about to fail.

    In addition, the gas gauge goes haywire after I refill the tank. The needle initially moves right to Full but it stays there, even after driving several hundred kilometers. Then, after turning the car off and then restarting it the next day, the needle moves to 1/4 or 1/2 empty, and bounces around while I'm driving, and never seems to stabilize. This is the same problem I had with the Catera. I have brought the car in two times for this issue but they refuse to replace the sensors, saying that it's my style of driving (city roads) that causes it to be bad. I don't believe that. Any comments would be welcome.

    Thank you.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    I hope my Nav system doesn't become a liability . I had the same fuel gauge problem. Cadillac knows about it you need a new fuel sender . Sounds like your dealers service department is incompetent ( a common problem) . I would go to another dealers service department
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    "they refuse to replace the sensors, saying that it's my style of driving (city roads) that causes it to be bad."

    Please... do you need a bigger hint? These schmucks are clueless. Go to another dealer.

    Could be worse. There are posts on the other boards from people with incompetant Infiniti dealers... of course they're stuck with them since it's the only dealer around.

    That's one great thing about Cadillac - unless you live in a small town you'll have dealer choices. I'm very happy with the one I've got, but if they start screwing up there are 3 others.
  • sevenfeet0sevenfeet0 Posts: 486
    First, your issue is probably a known one that involves an improperly calibrated GPS module in your DVD head unit. That would explain your symptoms. However, since the whole system is integrated into one unit (GPS, Onstar, DVD), they have to swap the whole unit out in order to fix the problem. This is not an uncommon practice in automotive repair these days, or even computer systems repair, which is really what you are doing.

    The problem with the unit's calibration can obviously be fixed based on what they've told you, but they don't want to do that with you. Why? Probably since the re-calibration can't be done in the field. Therefore, instead of tying up your car for 3-5 days waiting for this unit to be unit to be fixed and shipped back (and it's likely your car may not function properly without it), they ship you a new unit which the dealer can install easily on the same day you bring the car in for service. The old unit is recalibrated and sent out to another owner as a refurbished part. This saves everyone (including you) time and money when solving this problem and it is highly unlikely that something like this affects your resale (replacing the engine or transmission might).

    I had a similar issue a year ago when the analog clock on my CTS wouldn't match the digital clock. This was a common problem on first year models. The fix was to send the entire dash cluster back to GM for a recalibration. Unlike your problem, I have to get my old dash cluster back since it is has the odometer computer as part of the package. Car companies can only replace the odometer under certain conditions in order to avert potential fraud situations. This means I had to wait for the unit to be returned and obviously, I couldn't drive the car without a dash! In my case, my wife had scratched the CTS in a parking deck, so I scheduled the clock fix at the same time the body shop had it, which only increased my wait time by two days.
  • Thanks for the insightful information, sevenfeet0. I just picked up my car and everything seems to be working ok for now. They said that since they could not get any diagnostic 'codes' on the gas gauge, there was nothing to fix. I'm going to pursue this further at another dealership. However, the DVD Nav system seems better for now. Nobody had taken the time initially to explain to me that while driving (anything over 0 mph/kmh), you can not navigate the "attractions" menu or any of the other buttons on the right-hand side of the unit, until you either come to a complete stop or put the car in park. I felt rather embarassed by this but still, after all the people I had spoken to about this problem, not one person had told me that you can't use the "Nearby Attractions" or other menu features while in motion. So I'll see what happens in the long run.

    Overall, I'm still happy with the car. I wish we could post pictures with our messages here, would love to show everyone hot hot it looks (I had the windows and rear windshield tinted).

    Cheers, and thanks for all your suggestions/help.
  • scott1scott1 Posts: 50
    I'm glad you got it all fixed...I have the navigation system in mine as well, and really love it. It's gotten to the point where I glance down at my position on the screen often just to see what roads and intersections are coming up. Very helpful.

    I have also found a huge difference among cadillac dealer service departments. The dealer I bought my CTS from was awful, but I found another dealer who has been great...a night and day difference in attitude. With my original dealer, it seemed like their goal was to find some reason NOT to fix the problems I brought to them. The new dealer has treated me great and has been very eager to fix what needs fixing.
  • scott1scott1 Posts: 50
    I picked up my 04 blue chip , 1sc CTS on March 31st of this year, and overall I have been pleased with the car. My main complaint has been car had several annoying ones that my original dealer would do nothing to fix.

      I found another dealer who has been very helpful though. They tracked one rattle to the AC vent by the passenger side door. It had an internal rattle that could not be stopped by placing youir hand anywhere on the louvers. They replaced it, and that rattle was gone. Another was found in the A pillar on the passenger side by the windshield. This post contains an air bag and a speaker. They insulated this post, and that rattle was gone.
       I took it upon myself to quiet things further. There is a hole by the glove box latch that lets you see up inside the dash...and its largly empty space. I used about 8" wide strips of fiberglass insulation and pushed it up through the latch opening to pack that area inside the dash . It was cheap...cost about 5 bucks for the insulation and maybe 10 minutes of my time...but it made a difference.

      The only other sorce of rattles that I have found is the overhead control console for the sunroof. When it starts rattling, if I put my hand on it, I can make the rattle I know thats where its coming from. The car can stay rattle free for days..until it just starts up again ..but manipulating the overhead console gets rid of it again. I havn't taken it to the dealer for the overhead yet...that rattle has been gone now for several days..and I'm hoping maybe its gone for good.

      I am now driving a totally rattle free CTS, which makes me a happy camper. I just wish it didn't have the rattles in the first place. Have any of you other CTS owners had these problems?
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    My CTS is over a year old with about 35,000 miles. I have had three rattles over the past six months. I have a rattle/clicking sound in my dash on drivers side, my latch to glove box rattles and a buzzing/vibration sound coming from my rear speaker area below rear windshield. My Cad dealer fixed the rear speaker area buzzing sound, tightened my glove box latch which did not fix the rattle in my latch. The clicking sound did not click when they test drove my CTS to find the rattles. I am going to continue to pursue the rattles with my dealer until I get them fixed. I really like my CTS and plan to buy another one in a couple years, I hope the rattle problems are solved by then. My CTS is the most expensive car that I have ever owned and has had more rattles than any car that I have owned. I don't expect this from Cadillac. I can't believe we still have to deal with dash rattles in 2004.
  • scott1scott1 Posts: 50
    " My CTS is the most expensive car that I have ever owned and has had more rattles than any car that I have owned. I don't expect this from Cadillac. I can't believe we still have to deal with dash rattles in 2004."

      I have to agree with you there. In the last 10 years I have owned a 94 and 99 Corvette, a pair of chevy Astro Vans, and a 2000, and 2003 Silverado. None of them have had the rattle problems that I have encountered in my cadillac. It's very annoying to spend the kind of money we have spent on a luxury brand, and then be kept busy for the first three months of ownership, in my case, getting rid of the rattles.

      Rattles are not as serious of a problem as something mechanical that can leave you stranded..and I have to say I am very pleased with the engine and transmission in my CTS....but if Cadillac wants to compete succesfully against brands like Lexus, then they MUST get their act together and eliminate the design/ build/ or quality control problems that result in all of these rattles.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    I do not have any rattles to date . Now on my 88 Corvette .....that was a rattle trap . But WOW did that Z52 suspension handle
  • jhl4jhl4 Posts: 18
    I have '04 CTS, 3.6. The owners manual recommends Mobil 1, but you can use GM approved 10w-30 oil. The dealer I bought it from ONLY uses the non-synthetic. I always change the oil @ 3,000 intervals.

    Asking for feedback on should I insist on Mobil 1 and let the oil life system say when to change?
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    Use mobil 1 and the oil life indicator . That 3000 mile interval is old history . Technology has made it obsolete . Of course you can change your oil whenever you want
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202

    I agree with your comments. I want to make it clear that with the exception of the rattles, I am very pleased with my CTS. If I had it all to do over I would still buy a CTS. I find myself going for Saturday and Sunday drives on a country road with the Bose system a blazing. I have never owned a car that made me want to do that. The rattles are just frustrating.
  • scott1scott1 Posts: 50
    "I have '04 CTS, 3.6. The owners manual recommends Mobil 1, but you can use GM approved 10w-30 oil. The dealer I bought it from ONLY uses the non-synthetic. I always change the oil @ 3,000 intervals."

    The owners manual says to use an oil that meets the spec "GM4718M". The ONLY oils that meet that spec are full synthetic like Mobil 1. A few other companies make synthetics that meet that spec..Valvoline for one I know does, but I would never use an oil in my CTS that did not meet that spec. The owners manual also states to use 5W-30, although you could probably get away with a 10W -30 in warm weather.

      I took my car back to the dealer I bought it from last week because they owed me a free oil change. They have already lost my business because of awful service, and my visit just reinforced that opinion. I mentioned to my service writer that my engine reguired a full syntheric like Mobil 1, and he stated that they use Citgo Products. I asked if it met the GM4718M spec..and he hemmed and hawwed and never answered my question. After the oil change..I did some checking, and found that Citgo doesn't even make an oil that meets GM4718M. The bext morning, I took the car to the oil change place near my house that I have used for years, and had them drain out the wrong oil..and put in Mobil 1. I'm not taking any chances with a very expensive engine. Any Cadillac dealer that is putting oil in customers cars that does NOT meet the specs called for by the manufacturer, should have their cadillac franchise revoked.
  • scott1scott1 Posts: 50
    Rattles in cars drive me crazy. I did manage to get all of them eliminated ..but it took me three months. I too love my CTS..its a well engineered car with great handling, a smooth powerful engine, and the most refined automatic transmission I have ever experienced.
    I just hope someone from Cadillac sees this thread and does something about it.
  • budbud Posts: 3
    Just purchased a 04 CTS that came with the Billet Grill. After 60mph I get a wining sound from the front end. I read other messages on this site and they were indicating a differential problem. They have changed the grill once and the whining noise is still there. Help, any suggestions????

    P.S. They are ordering a Mesh grill they say will solve the problem. Any comments on the mesh grill.

  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    "I get a wining sound from the front end. I read other messages on this site and they were indicating a differential problem."

    Well, considering that the differential is in the back and the noise is in the front, I'd doubt that the diff is the problem.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    The dealer's mechanic and I agreed that the rattling sound was comming from the rear suspension, but when he checked the car on the rack the problem was the front shocks. Sound travels strangely in the CTS. Sometimes a wining sound comes from the front, sometimes fromt the rear and sometimes from the nut behind the steering wheel.

    Sorry, no one here inplied, just a bit of humor.
  • Well, the story's not over. A day after picking up my 2004 CTS from the dealer with the newly-installed DVD Navigation system (second one), the same problem occurred: either I show NO street at all on the screen for my current location, or else the street is wrong -- about 1-3 streets off. I finally got mad enough and called GM (Cadillac) Customer Service to report the problem and insist on a fix. I also called the dealer back and asked to speak with the General Manager. This should not be happening to a $3000 (CAD) system.

    The third-party firm they use (Mass Electronics, authorized by GM-ACDelco) to repair these problems FINALLY called me back, 36 hours later, to tell me that GM just released a Service Bulletin last Friday that they are aware of a software problem in the current DVD Navigation systems that will exhibit exactly the behavior I'm seeing (wrong or no street listed in the GPS system). Apparently they're "working on a fix", and it will become a recall.

    Anyone else having the same problem, contact your dealer or GM immediately.
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    But maps don't tell you where you are, only how to get from one known point to another known point. They do not identify a point three ways, by address, intersection and selected location on the map (lat & long). They also do not instantly select a new route when you wander off the original chosen route because of a missed turn or a detour. They do not give you distance to target without a lot of manipulation and do not give you estimated time of arrival.

    I have the original CD navigation system in my '03 CTS. I have used it from Los Angeles to Chicago, Houston to Spokane, and across western Canada and had very few problems with the system. It has been especially helpful when trying to locate out of the way places in large cities such as Los Angeles and Vancouver B.C.
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    Using a MapQuest printout.
    And it was FREE! :-)
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    Nope... MapQuest always gets me where I'm going.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    Even when you change your plans after you've left the house?
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