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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V



  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202

    Do you think the 2.8 will be underpowered? Even with a manuel trans I would think it would be underpowered.
  • jhl4jhl4 Posts: 18
    Thanks for the reply. I will get Mobil 1, on my next change. However, I'm a little concerned that the dealer I bought from and currently getting service from, is NOT offering this to customers.

    I specifically asked about the requirement, and the reply was "we use 10w30. No synthetic oil".
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    If you've driven an '03 CTS and think it's underpowered, then you'll probably think the 2.8 is underpowered. There's only 10 hp difference.

    IMO, the '03 CTS motor is fine for power... the new motor is much more modern (basically the same as the 3.6) and no timing belts.
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202

    I have an 2003 CTS and feel the power is adequate, but would like the extra horses of the 3.6. I plan to trade my 03 for an 05 next year. I have not driven the 3.6, but understand that it feels and sounds more refined than the 3.2.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    My 3.2 with the manual trans has plenty of power to get one into trouble . Saying that I plan on skipping past the 3.6 and move into a V because I really like those insurance surcharges .
  • shifty4shifty4 Posts: 53
    I agree with the word "adequate" to describe the engine power in the 2003 CTS. "Adequate" is probably an appropriate word to describe nearly all aspects of the vehicle. There is little about the car to produce more laudatory superlatives.

    The car handles well and corners great but the engine power, the sewing machine like sound of the V6, the many engineering and assembly deficiencies coupled with the marginal dealer service is not likely to make me a Cadillac repeat customer.
    I have owned the CTS for 27 months and have since undergone the "Lexus experience". Having now owned a Lexus GX-470 for 6 months my experience is that Lexus operates in a totally different league. I realize there is a substantial increase in price for a Lexus but what a difference in service and product.
  • rstephrsteph Posts: 109
    We've had our 2003 since April of that year. Just turned 18k miles on the odo. Also just took our first long road trip, about 1200 miles. Both freeway and mountain driving. Car drove and ran flawlessly. The only two criticisms were the road noise (new tires will probably take care of that) and the seats weren't too sympathetic to my poor old butt and back on the 11 hr. drive down and 9 hr. drive back (different routes).
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    I certainly hope you don't rely on the oil life monitor to determine when to change that 10W30! Make sure it gets changed at 3000 miles and if I were you, I'd call GM and report that dealer as being non-compliant. I would also not give them my business. An old school shop like that may not believe in keeping up on their technician's training either.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I am sorry to hear that you are not more happy with the CTS.
    You were an early adopter.
    I have to say that my 4 test drives in the CTS echo what you are saying.
    After waiting for the 3.6L I thought that it would be the magic bullet that would take it over the top in the near luxury category.
    The 3.6L had tremendous power and the car felt very sporty but it was lacking in refinement.
    the engine was just a little too loud, and the road noise was just a little more than i wanted.
    We are talking degrees here. Maybe 2-3 db quieter and I would have felt better.
    Ultimately the lack of room made me go for the SRX.
    As soon as I drove the SRX I knew that there were
    improvements in sound insulation and some improvements in refinement.
    I think Caddy has realized this already and have gone the extra mile to make the STS more refined.
    Hopefully the next gen CTS will have those qualities too.
  • pecclespeccles Posts: 52
    Hopefully Caddy will be able to upgrade the interior and refinement
    in in the next couple of MYs ('06/'07) without having to wait
    for a new generation of the CTS. Caddy should be able to reduce
    cabin noise by 2db or so without increasing weight, make the interior
    a little more luxurious, and increase the power. They'll need to do this due to increased competition from Infiniti (upgraded G35 interior
    and more power) and BMW with the next gen 3 Series. They need to keep
    up with the competition with the current CTS and surpass it clearly
    with the next generation.
  • scott1scott1 Posts: 50
    I had the same problem with Russ Darrow Cadillac in Waukesha, Wisconsin. I bought my 04 CTS from them in March, and they have already lost my future business because of incompetant service and a real bad attitide. I had a free oil change coming from them though, and took my car in a few weeks ago for that. Bottom line...they changed the oil, but did NOT use an oil that met the GM spec GM4718M, which is REQUIRED for the 3.6 engine in my car. I took it to an oil change place near my house the next morning and had their oil drained out and the proper 5W-30 Mobil 1 put in.

      I'm not going to take a chance with a very expensive engine because of an incompetant Cadillac dealer. They should have their franchise revoked, and so should your dealer if they did the same.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    Scott ,
       There is nothing you can do with a bad service department . Cadillac doesn't care and would never "revoke" a dealership due to a poor service . If you ask Cadillac they will say " they are independent businesses and we cant control them " . Your only recourse is to stop going there .
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Had a similar experience at another nearby Waukesha dealer (Wilde Pontiac - actually used to have the Caddy franchise before they traded with Russ Darrow last December). Complained to Pontiac, even wrote a letter to Rick Wagoner (unanswered) explaining that they could make the best darn cars in the world, but if the service departments suck, they'll still lose business) and all I got was the "independent contractors/can't do anything about them" speech (even when the dealership lied to the Pontiac rep about mailing out my rental-car reimbursement check - she admitted she was lied to).

    I sometimes wonder when the spiral will stop.

    who is buying a new GM car, but not from Wilde or Russ Darrow :-)
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    They are independent dealers but they operate under a franchise which the factory can refuse to renew if they fail to meet the agreed terms thereof.

    I cannot say if it was caused directly by their bad service, but I personally know of two dealers who lost their franchises after exhibiting poor customer service. A Ford dealership in New York which repeatedly failed to provide proper service for my fathers Thunderbird, and Magic Mountain Cadillac that provided screwed up service on my 1988 Cimmarron. Both were under new management the following year, The first selling Pontiacs and the second still selling Cadillacs.

    I have occasion to contact Cadillac dealers in locations across the country. Most have been very accommodating. Some not so. My own dealer's (Rydell, Northridge, CA) service department goes the extra mile to provide good service and I would recommend them to anyone. Service departments in Phoenix, Santa Fe, Atlanta, Colorado Springs and other places have done their best to accomodate me and give me quick service as a traveler. I can remember only one service department, in Cheyenne, WY who would not schedule me for several days even though I had several check lights. I continued on to Colorado Springs where I had everything checked out.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    From the evidence I have seen you really have to be horrendous then maybe , probably not the manufacturer would act . As stated after my post they love to use " they are independent businesses and we have no control". If the dealer is moving product the manufacturer will keep quiet.
  • scott1scott1 Posts: 50
    ""Had a similar experience at another nearby Waukesha dealer (Wilde Pontiac - actually used to have the Caddy franchise before they traded with Russ Darrow last December).""

    I did find a great Cadillac service dept to replace Russ Darrow.

     Crest Cadillac in Brookfield, Wisconsin has been everything a Cadillac Dealer should be. They treated me great, even though I didn't buy my CTS there, they had a willingness to fix the problem I was having...and most important...they had the expertise to fix it right the first time, BRAVO!
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    Scott, a dealership like that is a keeper . I have found one like that too. None of the " we will fix it right after the third time"
  • On July 8th at long last I took delivery of a White Diamond CTS including the Luxury Sports package and an XM Satellite radio. I didn't particularly want the color or the radio but now that I have them am really pleased. Never liked white but this white is different and we play the XM channels all the time. Buying experience was good and so far the post delivery service at Vero Cadillac has been excellent.

    Have a little over 500 miles on it now and it drives like a dream with nary a rattle.

    Only complaint is OnStar. The local provider must be lousy. Can connect rarely and as for using it as a phone forget it. I get some roaming service that wants a dollar to connect and a buck a minute. The dealer is looking into it. So far have used 20 of my 30 minutes and never spoken to anyone. I think that part of the problem may be the town's fault. I remember that a couple of years ago they would not permit a new tower because of its appearance.

    Not many posts recently so don't know if anyone will read this but I am so happy with the car and the dealer I wanted to share.

    Am now investigating the Zaino board as I am going to clean and polish this car myself.
  • luxosportluxosport Posts: 22
    My 2004 3.6 CTS runs great and in this Texas heat has not shown signs of overheating even on a long hot drive from Dallas to Houston and back. My question is that I keep it garaged and find that even with moderate use and after several hours in the garage, the hood and fender areas are still extremely hot. Is this normal?
    My previous cars were never this hot. Are any of you experiencing this?
  • richerryricherry Posts: 19
    Have had lousy reception with cell phone on the CTS 2004. Many problems from my drive way which is a block away from a sprint tower.

    Ask for a recall to get a dual mode cell phone, they Onstar Support said last fall I would get one last Dec, BUT now it will never happen. Onstar because of my problems gave me 200 minutes for a year, which is up in Sept.

    See my posts of 5683, 5684, 5695, 5698.

  • richerryricherry Posts: 19
    I have a 2004 CTS boughjt last Sept. Yes sometimes it feels hot as we have had 90 degree temp here in California. Have been testing it to compare with another car same garage.

    Famillar with your problem as we also use a 1988 Bonnevile, bought new, low miles, great car, BUT the last few months it would be hot on the hood and stank up the garage.

    Took it to the garage last week and they found that the radiator cap leaked, spraying steam into the insulator under the hood. The insulator was dirty after 15 years.

    Replaced the cap and it is now like the CTS when garaged and the door shut.

    Maybe your cap os loose!

  • This Onstar situation is really obnoxious.It is about as useful as [non-permissible content removed] on a boar. Reminds me of an ATT cellphone that I rented to use primarily when going up and down to Canada. It didn't cost much but on the other hand I could never contact anyone with it. I joked that it was like paying a small sum each month to carry around a block of wood. But it was still better than OnStar. And the service! Its going to take 5 days for them to get back to me. You say to ask for a dual mode phone. But then you indicate that they will do nothing. So why ask? I must not be understanding that part of your message.

    Aside from the phone though, I love the car. Have put 500+ miles on and it is even better than I thought it would be. And the dealer here in Vero seems to be really good. Let me know if you get anywhere in solving your problem and I will do the same from here.
  • Have many contributors to this board actually purchased and are driving Cadillacs? I would be very interested to know what their experience with OnStar has been like. Maybe my experience and Rays are unique.

  • luxosportluxosport Posts: 22
    There is a CD that comes with the car that explains the On-Star system. It will be helpful in understanding how to communicate with the phone service since it responds to specific commands only. When you get it right, you should find it to be an excellent addition to the user-friendly technology Cadillac has designed into the car.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    My Onstar personal calling is flawless . It has never dropped out and is crystal clear . Better than my Verizon cell phone . Places were verizon has no coverage the Onstar always works . THis is on my 03 CTS Lux Sport all options except the auto trans . Does Canada have a decent cell network ?
  • richerryricherry Posts: 19
    I want everybody on this site to ask for a dual mode cell phone. Something changed. It was promised on the 2004. Now may be in 2006/7 models and not in the 2005.

     I WANT A recall.On Star support said last Sept/Oct that we ALL would have a recall in Dec 2003 for the 2004 model. I want it to happen! Lets all force it!

    The analog technology is 1990, 15 years old. Typically GM .

    Your best bet is to talk to Support via the cell phone and say it is useless, say you wamt more time to evaluate it, be a pest. Ask for more time. GET the name of the support personel. Call them back each week. Say you have spent time in the car and using gas.

    Tell them to update the software, do it from your driveway. Have another cell phone to talk to them while they update the software. May take an hour and you have to run the car. Tell them to call you in the car and see if that works.

    I have spent hours talking to them.

    Where are you in Canada? I came from Saskatoon and Toronto 40 years ago to So. Calif OC. Canada now has digital all over.

    When is Canada going ALL digital??
  • shifty4shifty4 Posts: 53
    My Onstar cellphone has performed flawlessly. I renewed the Onstar contract twice in order to keep the cellphone service. Otherwise the Onstar basic service ($199) is pretty much useless except for emergencies. I cannot remember a single instance of dropped calls or non-service.
  • psedrishpsedrish Posts: 49
    My Onstar ('04 CTS & '04 SRX) is flawless. So too is the A/C, even here on the Louisiana bayou.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Onstar works great in my SRX also, but
    It does have a problem with the number "9". It thinks I am saying "5".
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