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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V



  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,056
    another reason to consider a stand-alone GPS.

    I've used Garmin very successfully over the past 3-4 years, and their mapping/direction software doesn't cost anything like the numbers you're quoting.

    Besides which, the device I can use in either of our cars at home can be brought along on a business trip (as I'm doing now) and used in the rental.

    GPS capability is wonderful. I remain to be convinced that a dedicated system is a good idea. It may be expensive, but at least you can't take it with you.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,020
    Gee, Steve - I kinda thought you'd be a paper map guy - if you know what I mean.......
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,056
    Touche (lacking the accent capability), Allen.

    Much recent technology is more trouble than it's worth, but GPS doesn't fall into that category. In spite of my hard-earned ability to do coastal marine navigation, celestial marine navigation and (drum roll) mapwise ground navigation, the GPS rules.

    GPS has rendered my ability to navigate most vehicles anywhere, anytime completely irrelevant. Any moron (including me) can buy a little box (for as little as $350, per my earlier post) that makes traditional navigating ability moot.

    Point (still) being, why do people think it makes sense to pay 6X or more to have the thing in the dashboard?
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    Regarding cost and reasons:

    The current cost of a built in system is less than 2X the cost of the nearest equivalent Garmin system (less than $1,800 for the built in versus $1,200 for the latest Garmin with features equivalent). In 2002 when I purchased my CTS their was no system on the market with the screen size or features of the built in system.

    As to reasons to buy the built in system a major point is aesthetics. I do not care to have a screen sitting on top of the dashboard where it looks odd and blocks my view; and a GPS receiver attached somewhere else, both with power and data wires trailing about. I also think that if you leave the vehicle parked in public site you must disconnect and store everything or risk having the vehicle broken in to steal the exposed equipment.

    These of course are my personal feelings and others may well see it otherwise.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Wow, 14 days without a post.
    That is a new record, or perhaps a new low for the CTS thread.

    Wanted to add that there were some changes for the
    '05 V6 engine.

    New chain and front cover to quiet the engine down a little.
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    For that 2.8 pricing. Nothing like waiting till the last second to release it.
  • With Francis on the way Had to abandon Vero Beach and drive to Atlanta to find a room! The car drove beautifully and I noticed that cross winds didn't seem to bother me half as much as other vehicles. Also absolutely no leaks from driving rain. Of course as soon as we crossed the border into Georgia OnStar ceased working and I began getting a cellular roaming message. Got ahold of customer service and they fixed it where I was staying but the same thing happened again when I sarted home and got out of the immediate area. Customer service is as helpful as they can be and I just called them and had them do the dialing for me. Ran into a couple of occasions where I had to input numbers for computer answering and they did this for me too.

    Great to be able to use regular gas. Wonder why this is never mentioned as an advantage of the CTS over competition.
    Got a mailing from my dealer wanting me to bring the car in for a 3000 mile checkup. I think this is completely unneccesary. My intention is to bring it in when the oil needs changing at about 10000 miles. Any comments?
  • Just got a 2004 CTS today. Dealer gave me a quick run through of the personalization settings. However, at one point I saw "personalization off" flash on the screen. Now, at home, when I tried to go back to set things up, "personalization" isn't even listed as a selection. I checked the manual and this discussion, even played the CD to see if I could find anything on bringing it back. Anybody know anything on this and how to get it back on the menu listing?
  • I discovered by chance that I can lock the car while keeping either corner lights on for safety. Like you leave the left side front and rear coner lights when parked on a right curb. I do not knot know if I am making my self clear here. I know BMWs had this ability for some years, but this is the first time I see this on an american car. While the car is parked and keys off, simply put the turn signal lever to the right or left, your corner light will be on accordingly.

    My car is an export 2003 CTS (3.2L), is this frature on the US cars too?
  • No, it doen't do it on my US 2004 CTS. I can put both parking lights on by rotating the switch into the park position though.
  • If I turn on my radio,and punch the right button a menu appears on the screen. Then if I scroll by turning the right button eventually I'll come upon the word "Settings". If I punch the button again the second word in the list is "Personalization". Punch the button to check it and away you go.

    My Cadillac dealer must be head and shoulders above most. I had a similar problem and they have a guy assigned just to help new owners with this type of thing. I went back and he spent an hour with me helping me set things up.
  • Found out the problem -- "personalization" option reappears when the engine is on. The engine was on when the dealer showed me but it was also 90 outside so it needed to be on. If I remember, the manual says the engine DOESN'T have to be on.
    Caddy needs a help site like those who sell computer programs. . .my last two (a '70 coupe, last of the fins, and an '84 Eldo w/a 65K engine) were much simpler. But this one still blows them away.
  • To operate the radio functions the engine does not need to be running. However, the ignition switch has to be set to 'on' for the radio to operate, except for 10 minutes after the ignition is turned 'off' as long as none of the doors is opened.
  • I just bought the 2004 CTS. I test drove the 300 Touring and was greatly disappointed. I feel the Led Zeppelin commercials totally represent what this car does--Rock and Roll!
  • They are working on the roads here (Vero beach) even more now after hurricane Francis. Washed the car today and the amount of tar thrown up by the front wheels is unbelievable. Thinking of putting on mud flaps. Only ones I find on the web are Power Flow 6401 at the astronomical price of $12.95! Has anyone put flaps on a 2004 CTS? Is it hard to do? Does it ruin the appearance of the car? Any input will be appreciated.
  • Congrats on your new CTS. I bought mine in July(a May 1994 build) and am delighted with it. I have a diamond white with sports package and all the goodies except a Nav System. What did you get?
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    They do work . They dont look to good . Dont drill any metal to install them . Its up to you !
  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    I had mudflaps (more like splash guards) installed on my 03 CTS. They were installed by a friend (free) who rebuilds and customizes antique (model T's) cars as a hobby. I think they look pretty good, a nice touch if you will.

    They are fastened with plastic rivets. Black in color, rounded on both ends, and hang down about 4 inches. They actually look like they were made with the car. I had it done because I drive through a lot of construction areas with loose gravel. They do serve the purpose.

    They look so natural, that once I lost a rivet and while in for an oil change, I asked the service rep to see if they could replace it, and they did it without any questions. I thought they would at least ask where I got them, or charge me, but they didn't. I don't think they noticed because I had other custom work done.

    If you have one in your area, Vogue may be able to add them for you, they added my dual exhaust system which also looks and sounds very nice. The one in my area is known for the custom (pricy) fabrications they produce.

  • Just wondering if any of you fellow 2004 CTS owners with automatic transmissions have noticed this problem: At around 20 mph, I start to hear a low-pitched warbling noise from the back of the car. The noise becomes more of a constant tone or faint howl that increases in pitch as I go faster. It disappears around 50 mph. The only time I hear it, however, is when I am lightly pressing the accelerator. I hear no such noise if I'm coasting or accelerating moderately. Anyone else have a similar experience? If so, what did your dealer say about it? Thank you very much.
  • I have the same sound (whine) on my 2003 CTS. I have taken to the dealer, but cannot duplicate since my car needs to be driven for several hours before the noise appears. The dealer says they are unaware of a problem. I have read ( that other CTS owners have had their differentials replaced, in some cases it corrected the problem and some cases the problem returned. My warranty runs out in 5,000 miles so I will probably live with the noise. I plan to trade cars in the spring of 2005 and might get another CTS as I like the car. I understand the whine problem has been corrected in the 2005 CTS. The rear end whine is one of several disappointments I have with my CTS, but I love the looks, handling and acceleration.
  • Sorry to hear yours is so hard to duplicate. Maybe it's a mixed blessing that mine isn't -- mine does it all the time, even though I have less than 3,000 miles on the car.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,020
    It's the differential. Had the same problem with my Aviator. Mine only occurred between 55 and 65 mph and only with the accelerator engaged. Turned out they used the wrong oil at the factory. I'm sure they'll figure out the problem and issue a TSB once and for all.
  • 2.8 V6 base price - $30,695.
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    "2.8 V6 base price - $30,695."

    Dang! That's a couple of G's more than I was hoping for and less than $2K under the 3.6. Not enough off, IMO.
  • The base 3.6 is now $32,945.
  • You could get a base BMW 3 cheaper than that!

    I think i remember Lutz saying that he does not want cadilac cars to be considerred good deals or something like that, implying under 30,000 is not an option. So I guess we are going to see three things happen here,

    1.) the CTS will have more rebates
    2.) the CTS could, if GM is slow on the rebates, sell less or grow sales at a slower rate YTD next year to this.
    3.) loose resale value faster than it currently does, a direct consequence of rebates

    Hey Lutz, i know your in the business and all, but if you wanna establish prestige, you don't do it through overpricing and rebates. You'l keep a better image with reasonable prices and no rebates. They are acceptable in chevys, not in Cadillac's.
  • I think I have to disagree on this one. Sales are ahead of last years pace.

    02 37976
    03 49392
    04 43064 with three months to go.

    I do not remember exactly but I believe resale for the CTS is pretty strong. And there have not been many rebates. Time will tell.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    There haven't been sizeable CTS incentives in 18 months.

    Right now, 04's have 0/36, 2.9/48 and 3.9/60 financing or $1k cash back. '05's have 1.9/36, 2.9/48, and 3.9/60 financing and no rebates at all. Car is a bonafide hit and is selling well, so they can afford to raise prices. The new 2.8 will be at the lower end, so they'll probably keep the price-sensitive customer in that model.

  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    1) perhaps a base BMW is worth less.
    2) what is the basis of your exalted knowledge of automobile sales that you know better than the professionals at Cadillac what sales tactics to use?
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    I can tell you that as someone that was very interested in the 2.8, I've completely lost interest at only $2K differential... I'd go for the 3.6.

    "perhaps a base BMW is worth less."

    Well, I'll take the CTS over the 3-Series anytime.... but I'd take a base STS over a loaded CTS. The new STS is really sweet.
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