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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V



  • I got the Lux and not the Lux Sport first for cost reasons. Secondly, I live in Pittsburgh. Our roads are so bad here that even a Seville slams around on the roads. I can't imagine what driving something like an M3 or M5 is like around here. So, sure the Lux Sports handles better, but their Pittsburgh owners have the back aches to prove it.

    The Lux is still pretty decent though, just doesn't have magnaride.
  • bagsbags Posts: 12
    I'm really enjoying the CTS. My wife has never cared about any car we owned in the past. This is the first one that she talks about and makes excuses to go driving in. Only negative comment I can make is that you can't put 2 sets of golf clubs in the trunk without manipulating and squeezing them in. I never checked it before buying it because the dealer said that it would hold them easily.
  • After about 8 miles of driving whine from drive train starts. Any input appreciated.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    Don't drive over seven miles at a time?

    Sorry, the devil made me do it.
  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    Bingoman post #5863, now that's mean, 8o). Anyway, just the other day my battery in the 03 CTS died for no apparent reason. When I called onstar, the respondent told me that many 03 CTS's had same problem and they could only offer a loaner battery because they had replaced some many over the last few days.The CTS battery is on back order due to the all of a sudden demand. It will be exchanged (under warranty) when the when they get more batteries.

    I'm at exactly two years and 26000 miles. The tech also mentioned that the other batteries were leaking from the positive terminal (mine wasn't). This may be related to the intense desert heat with daily temps of 105-110. Has anyone else (other than in the desert southwest) experienced this problem, or heard of a recall in this regard? Aside from this, I have had absolutely no other problems with my 03 CTS.

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    Is the battery in the engine compartment or the trunk?
  • scott1scott1 Posts: 50
    "After about 8 miles of driving whine from drive train starts. Any input appreciated."

    I'm assuming you are referring to the infamous CTS , and SRX for that matter, rear differential whine. My 04 had it too, like yours, it wasn't there when the car was cold, it had to warm up first. The whine on mine was between about 25 and 35 mph, and was when I gave it a bit of gas at that speed. Take my foot off the accelerator, and the whine stopped. Many others have had the problem, on 2003, 2004, and even 2005 models. Cadillac knows about it, but has not really done anything about fixing it that I've heard of.

    Some dealers will try replacing the rear differential with another, it may or may not work, based on others feedback. Other dealers will just tell you there is nothing wrong with it, and for you to just live with the whine.

    For a problem like this to continue over three model years without a fix is inexcusable. For some dealers to not even acknowledge the problem is like throwing gasoline on a fire. When the whine started on mine, I chose to cut my losses and traded my CTS with 4,700 miles on it, in on a new Lexus.

     After the first month of ownership on my CTS, I was already in a full fledged battle with my Cadillac dealer over defects that they couldn't or wouldn't repair. I've been driving my Lexus for about a month now, and have never needed to take it back to the dealer for repairs. Nothing has gone wrong with it.

    Good luck with the whine on your CTS, you're going to need it.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    The battery is in the engine compartment on the passenger side back against the firewall and covered with a sort of blanket with a small hole to observe the green eye.
  • bporter1bporter1 Posts: 229
    GM/ Cadillac never cease to amaze me. To know about a problem for the past two model years and do nothing about it is very inexcusable! The other luxury car makers would fix the problem. Anyway typical GM.
  • I had battery failure in 2003 CTS with approximately 1,000 miles and within 60 days of purchase. It was due to fluid leakage but do not know additional details. This was in Maryland and was replaced under warranty.
  • tmacguytmacguy Posts: 37
    I am surprised about this sudden surge of complains about the differential whine. i bought my '03 Lux/Sport CTS back in OCT 2002. I looked at this list regularly before I buy and till then and till only a short time ago no one talked about the whinie at all.

    Only very few isolated problems were mentioned back then The most major one was the restricted fuel filler neck; and that is about it. And over the past 2 years I had never experienced the whining problem.

    The problem that keeps repeating for me and for almost all lux sport owners here in saudi (and is never mentioned on this list) is the repeated failiur of the front left shock absorber. Otherwise the car is problem free (oh and I also replaced a battery and the right side power folding mirror), i.e., no major problems other than the shock absorber. I will be delivering the car to the dealer to fix the shock by Sunday, this will be the 3rd frt LH shock.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    You might be even more amazed if you actually owned and drove a CTS.
  • scott1scott1 Posts: 50
    I owned and drove one for six months. A loaded 04, blue chip lux/sport package, with the nav system. The sticker was over 43,000. The dealer treated me like crap, and the car had multiple defects, including lots of rattles, and the rear differential whine. I got sick of dealing with it and traded it in on a new Lexus a month ago. My Lexus has needed no repairs at all, and nothing in it rattles or whines.

    I was a loyal GM buyer for many years, owning 94 and 99 Corvettes, 94 and 97 Astros, 2000 and 2003 Silverados, etc. GM really let me down with this Cadillac, and they lost a customer because of it. That's the bottom line. It's lots easier to keep a customer you already have, then it is to win one from another brand. It's next to impossible to get one back after you've dumped on them. GM should know that already, but they don't seem to care.
  • bporter1bporter1 Posts: 229
    The CTS is one car I would like to buy, after reading all of these problems I don't know now. There really is no other near luxury car that interests me, except maybe a G35. Oh well, this is all probably a dream for me, as I cannot afforrd either car. Oh well, back to the Buicks, Chevys and Pontiacs.
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    "The dealer treated me like crap and the car had multiple defects, including lots of rattles"

    You said the 2nd dealer treated you well and fixed the rattles... so what's the issue again? Doesn't sound like you had one.

    "and the rear differential whine."

    Which you never gave the good dealer an opportunity to fix.

    "My Lexus has needed no repairs at all, and nothing in it rattles or whines."

    Yet. You gonna dump it after the first thing comes up, too? Anyway, you traded a minor issue for a 100% crap driving experience, something I'd certainly never, ever do. Enjoy lumbering down the road in that Lexus.
  • Like Benz with frequent HVAC problems. Acura with transmission problems "Out of warrenty? Out of luck". Lexus with sludge problems. Audi with wipers and power door locks that quit working.... etc.

    Every car company has issues. I have 11,000 99.9% trouble free miles on my CTS. I had one fussy sunroof switch at 3,000 miles that was replaced during an oil change.

    The differential whine seems to be rare and random. Dealers are replacing the differential when needed, but it doesn't appear that a nationwide recall is called for.
  • "GM should know that already, but they don't seem to care."

    You should change that to "the dealer doesn't seem to care"

    My biggest problem in buying my CTS was finding a dealer that would take me seriously. I'm a 25 year old, unmarried, network administrator that owns his own home. I'd go into dealers in jeans, t-shirt, and ball cap. The first two dealers wouldn't let me test drive the car <even though I was already certain I wanted the car>. The second dealer offered to show me a Pontiac or Saturn.

    I told him where he could park his Saturn and went to the third dealer. The third dealer treated me as a customer and ended up selling a $40k car.

    I took great pride in driving my new CTS back to those other dealers to show their salesmen.

    BTW.... The Lexus dealer was far too snooty for my taste. One does not open a sales session by deriding the customer's current car when the customer says "I really like my current car, but it is time to replace it."

    Scott, I think your biggest problem is not brand experience, but dealership experience.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    ...from Scott's Cadillac dealer, and can confirm that they are a real bunch of you-know-whats. Set foot in there once, never again.
  • bporter1bporter1 Posts: 229
    A good dealer is sometimes hard to find, I am still amazed though that the Cadillac dealers are still thinking old school. Treat everybody like crap and they will keep coming back for more. Sounds alot like the Honda dealers. As for problems with every car? Sure every make has problems, but this is where GM needs to get it right the first time, and if there are problems that arise, have them taken care of in a timely manner. Just my take on the whole thing, I still would like to buy a CTS, because I like the look and it is now "cool" to be driving a Cadillac.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    Here in the Los Angeles area there are few 'bad' dealers left. I guess the competition has driven the bad dealers out. My wife's Honda dealer takes excellent care of her car with no hassles. We bring the car in and they take care of any problems.

    My Cadillac dealer is just as good. I took my Catera in at 60,000 miles for a small transmission leak. They determined that the transmission oil was burnt and replaced the whole transmission with a brand new unit under the extended warranty. All my other problems (mostly minor) have also been taken care of similarly. And when a service person gives me any problem I go to my saleslady and she reads them the riot act.

    On the other hand when I had problems getting proper service on my 86 cadillac and complained to the district I got set up with another dealer who took care of the problems with no hassle, and the next year the selling dealer lost their franchise to new management.

    So I think GM does care and does something aboout problems when they can.
  • richw5richw5 Posts: 152
    I bought my CTS in May of 2002. It's been almost perfect over the last 2 1/2 years and 30K miles.

    The only problems I've experienced were a mis-routed cable, around the gas filler tube, and a bad airbag sensor(after 28K miles). Both problems were fixed quickly by my dealer. They are courteous and professional, a reason I chose to get my oil changed there. The dealer always has "service specials" that give me a chance to talk to the service staff and sales people.

    My next door neighbor has had his Lexus in for service (for problems) four times in the last year and a half.

    Nothing is perfect, but my CTS has been a wonderful car to drive and a pleasure to own. I hope that Cadillac continues to improve it and to listen to the people who have had problems.

    I would not hesitate in replacing our CTS with another, newer CTS, at some point in time.

    Besides, the only whine I've ever heard is here on Edmunds.
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    Hey all...........Long time no post.
    Glad your all lovin' your CTS..........

    I still am rolling in my 03 Deville. A CTS is too small for my bunch. Still droollin' for one!

    Hey Bill W. I am in NJ right now after the Snow plow BBQ. The local giant used Caddy dealer on Rt. 73 in Palmyra has a used V advertised........

    Gonna head down today and schmooze the sales guy and get a demo ride...Maybe a overnite.
    Wanna ride that monster V !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will post if I get lucky!
  • Brought the car in last week and dealer said they thought the front tires were cupping a bit at 6500 miles and should be rotated and this would probably cure the noise. I felt this was bs but what the hell I let them do it. And it didn't fix the noise. Brought it in again today and they are ordering a new rear end and replacing it next Monday. They don't guarantee that it will fix the noise though. They claim it is endemic on rear wheel drive cars.
  • Hey All &#150; I&#146;m having the same whine(moan) on the differential. I have 11K on my 04 CTS, the whine started at about 8K after they fixed the differential valves. Apparently when the differential was made they didn&#146;t vent it properly and it built pressure up causing the differential to leak. With in 3 weeks of each differential fix, I would imagine I lost most of the fluid. A mechanic friend has told me that if the fluid level is too low, it will cause the differential to burn hotter causing metal shaving to create in the remaining fluid, thus causing at slight whine or moan. The CTS goes in today, and I have told them this problem wasn&#146;t here when I bought the car and only started after they attempted to fix it. The service guy heard the sound and said that it was normal, but I told him I don&#146;t think so. My noise starts around 35-40 mph, and leaves when you let off the gas pedal. But at 70-75 mph on the expressway the noise is intensified, and is very annoying. Has anyone had resolution if they replace the whole rear differential?

  • My 2003 CTS LuxSport automatic has nearly 40K miles on it now. So far, here's the list of things that have happened:

    C-pillar curtain air bag sail panel came loose twice. Fixed under warranty both times.

    Dashboard clock not matching time with radio clock. Fixed under warranty (new dash cluster). Curiously this happened again recently and later it corrected itself, so I think there is something to the new dash cluster.

    Part of rubber dam under front bumper disappeared...probably I ran over something and it fell off. Was repaired.

    Tires replaced per recall.

    Steering column tightened per recall.

    Otherwise, no drivetrain issues to speak of. Front brake pads were replaced about 5000 miles ago (along with one rotor...I'd let it get down too fault). The only rattle I can tell is one involving the passenger seat and it's not consistent. It also never happened when someone is sitting there. It hasn't happened enough for me to want to get it fixed.

    As far as comments about dealers, I would agree that the right dealer makes all the difference. When I visit my dealer in Nashville (Andrews Cadillac), I'm always treated with respect and fairly. The owner is around most of the time and always has time to talk with you as well as his son. He's offered (and I've accepted) use of his conference room where I can conduct business while I wait on my car to be serviced. I've seen a lot of other customers there and talked to their sales people on numerous occasions and cannot say that I've ever seen a high pressure sales tactic.
  • cu95cu95 Posts: 96
    I learned my lesson last year driving the stock all-season tires through the winter. Just had four Blizzak WS-50's installed. The WS-50 is the "hardcore" snow tire (there are some more performance oriented Blizzaks, but I want all the snow/ice grip I can get). There has been interest here in the past about snow tire performance. I'll try to update when I get a chance to have it out in snow. FYI: you cannot "downsize" to a 15" wheel (I was thinking of going with a with a narrower 205 15" tire on dedicated steel wheels but there isn't enough clearance for the calipers with 15" wheels).
  • It took my dealer two working days to get a new differential. I brought it in Monday morning at 8:00 m and got a Deville loaner. At 5:00 I was called to say job done and pick it up any time this morning Tuesday. Got it at about ten am. Guess what? No whine. Asked what was wrong and was told all they know is that rear end was defective. They got a new one and sent the old one back to Cadillac. It sure pays off to have a good dealer.
  • Had rear end whine problem in wife's CTS at 4000 miles, was fixed in November of 03 by replacing differential. Shortly after we began to notice front end Whine - very intermittent, low speed. Kept coming back from Dealer as can't duplicate condition. I finally made a 5 minute audio tape of whine with accompanying narrative of driving speed, road surface, etc. This got service supervisor's attention who then had a tech ride with me after car had sat all night. (never whinned when totally warmed up). Finally got it to whine for him and car went back to shop last month October 04. Using electronic chassis ears tech diagnosed problem as faulty Air Cleaner Resonator. Tech replaed one F - Resonator. This seemed to have corrected problem at first but have noticed occaisonal whine. Now at 17000 miles, car is going back into shop next week. I hope they're closing in on the real problem because we really like the car.
    My question for you gear heads out there is "what does an Air Cleaner Resonator do"???

    Any info is appreciated
  • I have been unable to plot a navigation course using phone numbers on my '04 lux sport.

    My dealer didn't even know there was such an option.

    I'm in Canada ... hopefully that's not the cause of my problem.

    Has anyone else had difficulty (or success) with this feature?
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    My 2003 CTS (Lux Package) just blew through the 50,000 mile mark last week. I have owned my CTS for less than two years, I travel much in my work. My CTS is the most fun car to drive that I have ever owned. Love the handling and strong engine, the auto trans is a great trans too. I am seriously considering replacing my CTS with another CTS in the spring of next year. My warranty has expired and I am a little nervous. My gripes are the numerous problems I have had with my CTS. Some of the problems are listed below:

    1) Had instrument cluster replaced for clock sync problem. Clock problem came back after one month. Apparently no fix so I decided to live with it.

    2) Anti lock brakes were activating for no apparent reason. Had a module replaced which solved the problem.

    3) Had CD player replaced due to CD's jamming. The CD and radio is one unit so when I had the unit replaced I had radio reception problems. The unit was replaced again and now reception is better, but not as good as it should be.

    4) Had two rattles which my Caddy dealer did a good job of tracking down and fixing.

    5) Had two rear panels covering air bags replaced due to poor workmanship.

    6) I have the rear end whine from time to time. I could not duplicate at dealer so I will live with this. My gut tells me GM is aware of this problem, but does not want to correct it.

    I have owned ten cars over my lifetime and have had more problems with my CTS than any car that I have owned. The CTS being so fun to drive helps me overlook the problems. I hope for the 2005 model year GM will fix the rear end differential whine problem. I also wish the engine had a more refined sound and feel. Again, I plan to replace my CTS with another CTS next spring. The strong engine and great handling will bring me back.
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