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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V



  • See message #6035 for the original post ... looks like the problem might have been a side effect of a leaky right rear axle (differential) seal ... had it fixed just 500 mi from end of warranty (whew!) .. actually, fixed twice ... 2nd dealer (DeLand Cadillac) fixed using a special tool GM provided for the repair, and blames the recurrence on my home dealer not using this tool. The Stability System warning hasn't come on unexpectedly since the do-over, including the 1300 mi drive back from the Sunshine State.

    Anyone else out there have a leaky rear axle? Mine first appeared around 46,000 miles .. I had previously had a very mild case of the "differential whine" that is well documented on this board, but couldn't convince dealer it was not "characteristic" of this vehicle.

    BTW, despite the numerous "1st model year" problems I've had over 3 years of ownership (experiences shared by many regulars here), I still LOVE THIS CAR! ('03 CTS LuxSport). I just don't know whether to keep for another year (at which time it will be at around 65-70k miles and 4 years from build date), replace with a 2005, or go all out and upgrade to STS!
  • between the STS and they CTS is paramount, especially if yours is the once without the DOHC engine.

    The STS has triple sealed doors, 14 speakers and one of the best v-8's in the busienss.

    If you can afford a V8 STS with that huge nav system and bose audio, go for it, you will think your in a different world.

    GM really did a good job differentiating between these two cars. People who drove both are totally salivating over the STS.

    GL :D
  • arby1arby1 Posts: 83
    I traded in my 2003 CTS with lux sport package for a 2005 with the 3.6 engine.The ride is so much smoother .You don't need the STS V8 if you can't afford it to feel like you got a great new car.With the better engine, you will feel like you have a new car.
  • The engine makes a big difference. I test drove the 3.2 and i have to tell you, It did not feel like I thought it would after all of the BMW intentions i have been hearing about. Felt like a little rascal of a motor though. This 3.6 is more serious.

    Does anyone think GM will pump up the output to like 275 or 300 (like in that g6 GXP concept) to compete with the new Lexus IS?
  • I'm assuming that the 3.6 is not only more powerful, but runs more smoothly? The 3.2 feels a bit "rough around the edges" at times, both at idle and under heavy acceleration. Aside from the 60-degree offset angle on the 3.6 (vs. 54-degrees for the 3.2), have they done a better job with balancing shafts, etc?

    I'd love to see a supercharged 3.6 ... should be easily able to top 300 HP, but it would have to be a very compact blower to fit under the hood. Also, not sure if GM would want to push performance of this engine too far into the Northstar V8 range, where they already get a large $$ premium on a proven 300HP engine that gets similar fuel economy to the current 3.6VVT.

    Unfortunately, it's that heavy premium on the V8 (and the bundling of options) that's making me shy away from an STS-V8, and I think I'd prefer to load up a new CTS than skimp on a V6 STS with fewer of the "toys" (both performance and luxury) that I've become accustomed to with my '03.
  • arby1arby1 Posts: 83
    The new BMW 3 series will not have an engine in that range.It is possible that Cadillac will aim for balance and not power, which is what BMW sought to do.
  • I agree with the "balance" vs. "power" theory. Cadillac has already addressed the "power" crowd with the V-Series (as our Bavarian friends have done with the M3 and M5). However, I do wish GM would bundle the "performance" options separately from the "luxury" options, and include HID and polished alloys in the "performance" group. This applies more to STS than CTS, which does have the "sport" packages, but still no polished wheels. Still, I'd love to see a true "enthusiast" package, mating the 3.6VVT (perhaps a "blown" version) with 18" polished rims, StabiliTrak and performance brakes, but with configurable MagnaRide and a 6-speed manumatic for those of us who have to commute all week. :D
  • Is comming out with a new IS that will have a 300hp 3.5L v6.

    If Cadillac does not address the power issue Lexus will dominate the market in not just quality, but performance. Than Both Us and the Bavarians are dead in the water.
  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    Maybe it's just me, but I see gas prices going above $4/gal. within the next 8-12 months. California is already above $3/gal. reg unleaded. Many of the people that I know that have SUV's and high hp vehicles (including myself) are getting out, and these people receive fairly good income (high5 and low 6digit income brackets). I'm now in the market for more fuel efficient sources of transportation. At present it cost more than $54 to fill the SUV every five days, and more than $45 to fill my smallest car (4cy) at $2.85, which last 7 days.

    That would be more than double at greater than $4/gal., and my gas is paid for by the company. The more I spend on gas, the less I pocket for vehicle maintenance. Now, they do raise our gas allowance with the increase in fuel cost, but I'm sure there's a ceiling somewhere out there. Right now we get $0.375/mile, and that is the goverment rate (so they tell us), and those in my company in the lower income brackets (60/50K or less) are already hurting, which means that reimbursement is probably behind the power curve. They make an adjustment about every six months. My point is, the majority of people out there don't get a gas allowance, and fuel cost will govern there choice of automobile.

    I believe the public at large is looking, or will be looking for less hp and more fuel efficiency. I drive close to 3K per month, and as of late, I have taken the big hp vehicles out of the daily grind. In short, more hp = more fuel, which = more $$$. I don't know if you are old enough to remenber the early 70's, but I think history is about to repeat itself. When it comes to overall sales, the 300 hp Lexus may not be as appealing as the 210 hp CTS. And that's the way I see it.

  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    The government mileage rate for 2005 is .40/mile. I bet the 300 hp Lexus gets better gas mileage than the 210 hp CTS. The domestics don't make any fuel efficient V 6's.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,243
    >The domestics don't make any fuel efficient V 6's

    Not true.
    I have had 3 3800s. That's a v6. It gets 33 mpg on interstate trips, 30-31 with hills as in Kentucky/Tennessee interstates. This is with 3 adult size people, and luggage, in a LeSabre.

    It got 38.2 mpg on the 55 miles trip home from father-in-law's on Saturday (there was a 30 mpg wind from the rear side and then rear on the way home 60mph on country highways. Best I ever got was 45.5 on flat highway back from dealer to home. Must have been a 40-45 mph tail wind!!!

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    I beg to differ with you, because the stats say otherwise. Here's a few stats taken from this site.

    2005 Lexus IS 300: 3.0lt V6 215hp Curb wt. 3285 MPG City 18/Hwy 24
    requires premium unleaded fuel

    2005 Cadillac CTS 2.8lt V6 210hp Curb wt. 3509 MPG City 18/Hwy 27
    requires reg unleaded fuel.

    2005 Cadillac CTS 3.6lt V6 255hp Curb wt. 3609 MPG City 18/Hwy 27
    requires reg unleaded fuel.

    2005 Cadillac CTS V 5.7lt V8 400hp Curb wt. 3850 MPG City 15/Hwy 23
    requires premium unleaded fuel.

    The list goes on and on. According to the stats provided on this site, domestic cars are either equal too or better than (in these examples, better than, of course I'm pro Cadillac) foreign models. True, a few domestis may be a little worse, but overall, they are fairly equal. Now on the other hand, if one has to pay more for the gasoline (premium) to achieve the same results, then one would have to say huumm. Do the math.

    In all fairness, many factors have to be considered when talking MPG, and we all know what those are. I took a 5K road test with my 03 CTS, and the mileage was much better than those indicated on the window sticker. At 70mph, it averaged 29/30 mpg, at 92mph, it averaged 26/27 mpg. This was on a variety of terrain features from the Rockies, to rolling hills, to flat straight aways.

    At 110 mph mileage rated at 17/18 over the flats, and that segment of the road test produced a $239 donation, thank you very much. Wind and inclement weather also varied. So don't right off the old domestics just yet. BTW, thanks for the info on the current gas reimbursement rate, I'll look into that.

  • oboroguyoboroguy Posts: 1
    I am experiencing the very same issue. The car is at the Cadillac dealer as I type. I have 17000 miles on a 2004 CTS and the front tires and very badly worn on the outside. They have reported that the alignment needs corrected...duh. I cannot remember hitting or rubbing against anything to throw the vehicle out of alignment this much. The dealer said it was not a warranty item and to only expect at best 25,000 out of these tires. :(
  • Next time, try to take your car to a different dealer, and have a few look at it, see what they say.

    The best thing to do is to find a good mechanic. In the long run this could save you thousands. Good mechanics get parts cheap and pass on the savings to you. also, a good mechanic means you don't have to buy a new car, which saves even more.

    I would not mind a used CTS. 3.6L VVT of course. ;)
  • :confuse: Finally decided that it is time to deal my '03 CTS LuxSport that has recently "miled out" on the 80,000km (50,000mi) warranty. I've truly enjoyed this car, which I was happy to have "first on the block" (build date March 4, 2002 :D

    Was looking at possibly moving up to STS V6 or V8 .... very nice package, more lux interior, but the pricing is ridiculously high with bundled options, and the performance options I'd like to add to the V6 model (particularly, MagnaRide and 18" rims) are not available without pretty much buying "the works", which from a price perspective is just outrageous.

    Sure, the 15-speaker Bose 5.1 surround stereo and DVD nav system are nice, but I'm quite happy with the 8-speaker Bose system on my '03 CTS and with Microsoft Streets&Trips with GPS on my laptop for $99 and OnStar, DVD is a $2000 toy I can do without.

    I'd pretty much made up my mind, and then I sat in the STS ... and felt almost claustrophobic. Even though the wheelbase is 3" longer, overall length is 6" longer, and overall width is about 2" wider, there is precious little additional room (at least in the front seat), and I would lay money down that the front seat headroom is actually less than that of the CTS. I'm 6'3" and 220+ lb with a twitchy lower back, and find my CTS incredibly comfortable, even without the lumbar support that was added in the '04 models. So no advantage for me moving to the "larger" STS. :(

    So, the '05 CTS (1SC without nav system) is what it'll be. The only thing I'll regret is that the Bose system no longer includes the tape deck, and unless I'm missing something, the CD player does not play MP3 format, so my "road trip" option of connecting my MP3 player through a cassette adapter will no longer work. But, I'll pick up 35 hp, get better highway mileage on 87 octane vs the current 91(important when gas in Canada is running near $US3.00), add a lumbar support to an already superb seat, and get another 50,000 miles of relatively trouble-free and exhilarating driving (assuming some of the first model year glitches have been dealt with). I'll post my 3-year 50,000 mile service history at a later date for inquiring minds (yes, I've had most of the common ones).

    Thanks to all for the feedback and insight over the last couple of years on this board ... looks like I won't be moving after all. Will post once I figure out the timing on the new purchase.
  • Risky...
    I've also looked at the 05 STS as an upgrade from my 03 Lux Sport CTS. I haven't driven the STS because each time I've sat in one in the show room, I've had similar feelings that you expressed about less headroom (and legroom) in the STS than I have in my CTS. I haven't compared the specs, but it feels to me that there really isn't any more room in the STS cabin than in the CTS.

    My 03 CTS has a just a little over 10,000 miles on it because I only drive it on nice weekends and on summer vacations. So, my only reason to trade is due to that common male desire to have something newer and nicer. However, after sitting in the STS a few times and thinking long hours about the matter, I've convinced myself that I don't want to spend all that money for something I don't like that much better than what I already have.

    I've enjoyed you postings and look forward to your comments when you move to another vehicle. Cheers!
  • sevenfeet0sevenfeet0 Posts: 486

    I completely agree with your assessment of the interior room of the STS. I didn't really pay that much attention to the headroom since the legroom was so glaringly deficient. At my height (6'11", just shy of my handle :-)), legroom is my biggest problem. The CTS is snug but still comfortable and my 2003 LuxSport w/ 45K miles is the best car I've ever owned. But the STS not only doesn't appear to have more interior space than it's lesser cousin, but the legroom is actually less....*much less*. So much less that I can't drive the car comfortably so it's a moot point as to whether or not I'd ever own one. I think most of the extra wheelbase went into the rear seat, although it doesn't look 3 inches better back there either. Too bad.

    I've driven the '05 CTS when I was given a loaner during a recent service trip to the dealer. The new engine is nice...the extra 35 ponies makes the car seem lighter and it does it on regular gas no less. Of course since the new engine has come out, other manufacturers are extending the class up to 300 HP so it'll be interesting to see if the so-called CTS Sport ever sees the light of day. It would be a good midpoint car between the 3.5L V6 and the CTS-V.
  • arby1arby1 Posts: 83
    I traded in a CTS 2003 with lux sport after 2 years for a CTS 2005 with lux sport.You will be happy with the added horses.It feels much more refined.I have been using the cheaper gas- 87 ,to save money,although it might come at the expense of some power,which I wouldn't know how to notice.
  • tmacguytmacguy Posts: 37
    I put my '03 LuxSport (31K + Mi) for service yesterday. The dealer gave me a '05 CTS for a loaner. But this was a BRAND NEW CTS Loaded with every option and I mean every thing, it had the 3.6L and 17" wheels with 3Mi on the odo. So it was quite an experience, just like trading up my 03, so I can really talk about the comparison. My ;03 did not have the Nav screen, but this '05 did. But the ride and overall feel was quite the same. The new dash treatment, lumbar support, and temp gauge did really wow me much to make me wish I had the same on my '03, the seats are pretty good as is.

    But I really hated that they removed the cruise control to the turn signal lever. I always thought the lever was already crowded on the '03 and now it is even worst on the '05. Further, geting to and moving thru the vehicle info was more difficult (more clicks) on the NAV system than on my '03 model.

    But the car did not feel as responsive as I had expected. In fact it felt lasier at part throtle and regular driving than the '03. Not till I applies WOT from stand still that I did feal the wrath of the 3.6L engine (I know, I should not have done that with a new car, but I was so tempted). So for me, nothing impressive here.

    Now the shocker, as with the my '03 CTS, is that I drove off the dealer lot with a defective front left strut. This is the same problem that plauged my 03 CTS and many other of the LUX Sport CTS's. I replaced mine 3 times over the coarse of the 50k Miles, this spanking new '05 too had a defective rattling front left strut!!!!! GM did not fix this wide spread problem yet. But judging from this forum, this strut problem seems limited to export models.
  • tmacguytmacguy Posts: 37
    Since both the SRX and the CTS share the same interior design, and since I own both cars, I thought I would weight in on what the CTS interior would have been.

    First off, the CTS steering wheel is much more superior. The knob volume control and the 4 programble buttons provide convenice that can't be found in any other car period. I really regret thac Cadillac have not standardise the CTS steering wheel for all of it models. If I ever upgraded to STS I know I will miss the superior CTS steering wheel; I already miss it every time I drive the SRX.

    Second, I also miss the tape deck in the SRX.

    Third, this forum and car reviews complained a lot about the missing temperature gauge in the '03 CTS. Ok, my '04 SRX has the temperature gauge, but it is useless and I do miss the clock whenever there is a message on the DIC.

    Fourth, I love the CTS steering mounted cruise control, it is much more conveniet and elegant.

    Fifth, the SRX trans Oil life is at 97% with 5000 Mi on the odo, while it is still at 100% in the CTS with more than 50K Mi on the odo!!!!

    That being said, the SRX is the better car overall, the car simply feels much more refined and reflects the fact that it is more expensive and hence has higher build qualtity. For example the turn signal and the tilt steering wheel levers has more resistence and better feel on the SRX. The SRX rides smother, quiter and tighter. And I am still so impressed by the damped feel of the doors as they shut, I have never experienced this any any American car before. All in all the SRX is much, much, much better car to drive and much more civilized, and its fit and finish seems better than the in the CTS. And did I mention the the SRX is really roomy in the back and front.
  • Will be purchasing a new vehicle in the coming months.
    I'm considering CTS, but have a big concern with RWD in the winter (even with the stabilitrack). In Michigan I go to the Upper Peninsula quite a few times, and even in the southern part of the state, I have to be on the road a lot when it snows.
    CTS drivers I've asked love the vehicle, but dont like it in the snow.
    What do you all think? Especially would like to hear from our Maple Leaf neighbor - riskybusiness....
  • Cruiser,

    If you do a search on "snow" in this board, you'll find plenty of feedback, including several posts from me. If you invest in a good set of winter tires (I recommend the Blizzak LM22's if you're getting the 17" rims), you will have little difficulty, with the possible exception of standing starts in really slushy or icy conditions. Even in those circumstances, the "winter" setting on the auto transmission helps a lot. Generally, I'd say I do better with the CTS RWD with snow tires on than the '96 Buick Regal (FWD) with all-season tires that was my next-to-last daily driver. The 4x4 Jimmy in between was understandably better in the snow. :D

    I hope you give the CTS full consideration ... 3 year and 50k miles later, it still makes me look forward to the morning commute. :)
  • Does anyone know of a CTS re-design???
  • arby1arby1 Posts: 83
    That was not my experience with the 2005 over the 2003.I found the engine much more responsive in the 2005.It is possible that your 2003 was on sport mode while your 2005 was not, so the shifting was not as respopnsive.
  • Thanks to all (esp. arby1, sevenfeet0 and batmancts) for your recent comments .. they help confirm/validate my decision to stick with CTS vs. STS for my impending trade-in, partly based on price, but mostly based on fit, comfort and functionality. Sometimes, size does matter :D !

    P.S. anyone know when the 2006 model year production begins, or if updates have been announced yet? I'm interested in knowing whether the '06 features an MP3-compatible CD player .. might be worth the wait for a couple of months. As I understand it, the "major redesign" is scheduled for the 2007 model year, based on an article I read in R&T a while back.
  • ed22ed22 Posts: 2
    Yes, that's that is what I heard as well. I really hope the interior is improved hopefully in 2006 model year so I don't have to wait long. And for those saying that Cadilac would be dead in watters when the new 300 hp Lexus arives, even Lexus is saying that it won't be the big numbers seller, just mainly to attract the crowd to the dealerships, the 2.5 V6 will be the much bigger seller with its 210 or so HP. And I am sure that if Cady opted to using 91 gasoline instead of the 85 in the 3.6 they could easily squize another 30 or so HP out of it, without having to spend much money on the redesign of the engine. In fact that would be a good idea, this new engine would fill the gap between the Vspec and the regular 3.6, I guess that is just my dream so I could buy one, hehe.
  • brader66brader66 Posts: 1
    I am planning on buying a 2005 CTS. Meanwhile, I have a 1997 Catera and a 2001 Catera which had the same experience. I replaced them with Michelin, 80,000 mile warranty tires at less than $100 each at Walmart with free rotation included.
  • Some long-awaited changes (18" rims, autoshifter and MP3) .. depending on release date, I might just wait it out before upgrading my '03.

    2006 Cadillac CTS - What's New

    • 3 New Exterior Colours – Radiant Bronze (53U), Blackberry (71U), Infrared (80U)
    • 1 New Cashmere interior color replacing Neutral (Cashmere requires Y40 on 6DM69 and includes Cashmere Instrument Panel Top Pod)
    • New modular option packaging philosophy applied to reduce complexity
    • Driver Shift Control (tap-up/tap-down) feature on Automatic Transmission
    • New 17” wheel – polished (painted 17” wheel not available)
    • Performance package including 18” wheels, high performance tires, uplevel brakes and performance suspension system
    • Appearance Package includes rear spoiler, 18” wheels (different than performance package), lower side and rear fascia and body colored front grille (requires Performance package)
    • Thermostatically controlled engine block heater cord
    • Wood package is now Walnut Burl wood and includes steering wheel, door handles, shifter knob and plate as well as centre stack
    • 2.8L and 3.6L V6 VVT engines will operate on GF-4 mineral oil as opposed to Mobil 1 Synthetic
    • MP3 capability on base radios (interim 06)
    • 6.0L V8 LS2 engine on CTS-V
    • Front grille now light silver
  • stevem4stevem4 Posts: 2
    I own a 03 CTS lux sport, my tires were recalled because of sidewall cracks. My tires were fine, no damage but I had them replaced anyway.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    I had two crack and at different times before the recall came out. Replacing them was a good idea if they were under the recall. You never could tell when one of those tires might begin to smile, and it was on the inner sidewall so you couldn't see it until you had the tires rotated. :D
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