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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V



  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,319
    Try asking over in "Ask a dealer a Question"
    jasmith52, "Any Questions for a Car Dealer?" #11858, 19 May 2005 5:42 pm
    May Terry, rroyce, will have a suggestion on push amount available to help move the car. Is it a repurchase or returned vehicle???

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • fungus440fungus440 Posts: 21
    No. Brand new and been on the lot 1 year. Ship to/Sold to on the sticker is not another dealer, either.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Check out my post #6121. $53k sticker..........$42,xxx on sale !
    $11,000 off msrp

    I suppose that dealer would offer the same discount............
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    Your owner's manual doesn't suggest any oil. It REQUIRES that you use Mobil 1, 5W30 synthetic only on both the 2.8 and 3.6 liter VVT V6 engines.
  • j1205j1205 Posts: 9

    My '03 CTS with 16 inch tires started having a noticeable vibration after 25,000 miles. I had rotated the tires once at 12,000 miles. At 27,000 miles the dealer said all four tires were shot, especially the front ones. They said it was because I had not rotated the tires enough. I've owned a lot of cars and I've had front tires wear faster than rear because I didn't rotate them enough but this sounded fishy to me (only 27,000 miles on tires rated at 40,000?). They wanted $740 to replace all 4 with the same Goodyear GS-A's. I asked if they offered any other options than the Goodyears and they said they could only recommend what the factory specified and they had never heard of any problems with premature wear when properly rotated. After doing some on line research I said no thanks. I went to a Firestone dealer and bought 4 Goodrich Potenza 009's with H rating (like the GSA's they replaced). Firestone did an alignment test for free and they let me see how the alignment test is done. The front wheels were towed in (I drove all the miles on the car and never hit anything). So they corrected the toe-in and installed the new tires. The car rides great now. I'll go back to Firestone for oil changes and free rotations. My local Cadillac dealer gives me the heebie jeebies. It's like they are from the 60's. I have no trust in them at all. After reading tons of comments about the GSA's wearing out fast, I can't believe the dealership never heard of that.

    I love this car but the Cadillac dealership I bought it from has been poor from the start and continues to disappoint.
  • sugarbear1sugarbear1 Posts: 1
    Just replaced Goodyears after 19,500 miles of low speed, passive driving. Called my tire guy to find out any info and he had done the same thing for a cts with 21,000. Alignment ok. Rotated once at 9500. Something is up with the tires or the car. Any thoughts?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,019
    A lot depends on your driving style and local road conditions, but that's not unusual for performance tires on a luxury sport sedan. That's the price you pay for a soft, quiet ride and good handling. You can get a 60,000 mile tire but they're noisy and hard.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    A tv reporter is hoping to talk with someone who wants to purchase a Cadillac. Please respond to with your daytime contact info by May 31, 2005.
    Jeannine Fallon
    Corporate Communications
  • raleighraleigh Posts: 98
    Am considering buying a CTS, but would like a standard transmission with sport package, but can't find any in the DC area. Does anyone happen to know exactly what the sport package consists of? Could you easily duplicate it on the aftermarket for less cost? Appreciate any thoughts.
  • tester1tester1 Posts: 33
    Just picked up my 2003 CTS from dealer. The check engine light was on and off for a good month, sometimes "Gas Cap Not Tight" will show at information center.
    Second trip to the dealer, no solution. The warning and light were off when I drove off, I suspect it will come back on sometime soon. Any idea? It is a 20000 miles car.
    Any suggestion or maybe I should think about trading the car and get a Japanese?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,019
    You're going to trade it because of a bad gas cap? A little extreme, don't you think?

    If that dealer can't fix it go find another one.
  • tester1tester1 Posts: 33
    Not sure how to answer but this morning the warning message comes up again. I just do not know should I keep bringing this car back to dealer ship again and again which takes time. Or just assume now the light is because the gas cap, no worry?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,019
    It shouldn't be that hard to fix. Have they tried replacing the cap? What about the sensor?

    If one dealer can't fix it try another one or ask them to get help from GM.
  • richw5richw5 Posts: 152

    Apparently your dealer isn't doing his job.

    The DIC on our CTS started indicating "stability system engaged" at random times and the "Gas Cap" warning came up once. I took the CTS in for scheduled oil change and informed the service consultant. The mechanic checked the car's computer and they replaced two steering wheel sensors (stability warning problem) and the gas cap. The consultant said the gas cap was leaking air. All of the service was completed under warranty and I had a Seville loaner for the day.

    Now that's the way a Cadillac dealer should handle the problem. The CTS is back to normal again and there are no problems showing up on the DIC.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    I would not JUST let it go. Do not assume it is the gas cap. There is obviously a problem. I would contact the Cadillac zone office.

    In 1986 I purchased a Cadillac from a new dealer in the area. The car repeatedly stalled in traffic. I took it back for service. When I picked it up nothing had been done and the mechanic said the car was too new for him to make any adjustments to the carburetor. I called the zone office with my problem. They sent me to another dealer in the area and alerted the dealer to the facts of my problem, which this dealer promptly fixed. The selling dealer had their franchise pulled the next year because of many dissatisfied customers.
  • mpellotmpellot Posts: 1
    The Sport Package consist of Sport-Tune suspension, Stabilitrak 2.0, P225/50R17 W-Rated Tires and 17" Aluminum Painted Wheels. I live in the DC area and in Jan 05 bought a CTS with standard transmission.
  • raleighraleigh Posts: 98
    Thanks for the input, mpellot. How do you like your CTS ... and how do you like the 6-speed? Ever wish you had gotten an automatic? What dealer did you get your car from in the DC area? I have not been able to locate a 6-speed anywhere on the east coast.
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    I love the 6 speed. I originally bought an automatic six months ago, and just traded it for a 6-speed. They are difficult to find which is why I got an auto to begin with, but I'm much happier with the stick now. If you go to you can search dealer inventories to find what you are looking for. The only downfall to getting a 6-speed will come at trade in time. If you lease it, it becomes the banks problem not yours.
  • richerryricherry Posts: 19
    I previously reported this last Dec 2004 at 7000 miles, message 5936. Have had it to dealer twice, and they could not fix it. Says it is not missing.

    Just had the ECM module replaced, and going in on Thur to change the CD player or radio and the recall on the air bag. When the six CD's circulate when the door is opened ot the key put in, several items are set to zero like the miles driven. This is another problem they are aware of.

    Car was made in July 2003, probably the FIRST one with a 3.6 engine!!! It now has near 10000 miles in 20 months.

    They gave me a 2005 CTS with a 3.6 for a day, I did not notice it shaking, but didnt drive it much.

    At idol and 600 rpm, when sitting in the seat, the car shakes, you can see this in a water bottle in the depressions, by the shift lever. When the air comes on it shakes more for a few seconds.

    Today I opened the hood and put my TWO hands on the cowling, pressing down, The engine really shakes. When the air comes on, it is worse. It may not be missing, but something is out of balance, probably a cam.

    Seems like it is a BAD design!!!!!!!

    This is the vibration that I find when sitting in the seat.

    You can also feel this vibration, just open a front door, wide, and put your upper arm on the top of the door, you will feel the vibration . This is the vibration!!!!

    I sold a 1995 Buick Rivera to get the CTS, it never had a vibration like this, I also have a 1988 Pontiac Bonneville with 90000 miles. Today I started it and waited till it got to low rpm at idol, It had NO vibration. Water in a bottle on the dash, hardly moved.

    Check your car out with a water bottle half empty, lay it on upper dash , and in the depressions.

    I want to know if early 2004 have this problem or just me.

    Iam reality disappointed in the engine, I cant believe they would put out such an engine. I am sure it also happens on the 2005, but at a much lower level.

    I have looked at the TL discussions and now believe it would be a MUCH better car.

    I have bought about 10 different GM cars in the last 45 years in Calif, always want to buy American, but my next car will be foreign.

    Please run the tests above and report on your CTS.

    Does any body on this site know just what changes have been made in the 3.6 engine from 2004 and 2005?? Guess the 2006 will be out soon.


  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    Sorry to hear you're having problems with the car. Since this appears to only be noticeable when the car is idling, I'm curious when this started for you. I occassionally feel a rough idle, more like a stumble, but it's very intermittent. I dare say it's because the ECM is trying to keep the fuel/air mixture as lean as possible and perhaps it errs on the side of too lean.

    Seriously, if the engine runs fine and you get around 20 or more mpg, I wouldn't consider it a design flaw. I consider this a very well engineered motor, in all respects and can live with an intermittent stumble. If it's really bothering you, I'd say you should try another dealer, different brand of gas, etc.
  • arby1arby1 Posts: 83
    If have the same problem with my 2005 CTS with the CDs moving when I start the car and my trip odometer going to zero.Let me know if they do anything for you .When I brought in my car to the dealer for a recall, I mentioned that problem and they said "could not duplicate." My engine idles fine and has no vibration.Consider a different dealership.I changed dealerships in NY and am now being treated much better than with my previous dealership.
  • richerryricherry Posts: 19
    No it also happens at stop signs, that is when I first noticed it. When was your car made? See at left front door side when you open it.

    Just try a test with the water bottle and put your hands on the cowling over the engine.

    Yes you are right it is a intermittent stumble that brought this to my attention, then with further testing I decided that also built in vibrations were taking place.

    Looks like a poor design of the engine. Now I wish I would have bought a new Bonnevile, they NEVER shake.

    My dealer has been very good at looking into this, they have put it on the big machines and can not find a miss. But they seem to ignore the shaking but did mention that it was a cam problem that causes the vibration.

  • richerryricherry Posts: 19
    This a list of some of my recent problems, that I emailed to the Cadillac dealer. They have identified that the radio or CD has a problem. I also get that description, "can not duplicate it"

    PS The dealer is really trying to get these resolved!


    1. ECM Problem

    2. On 3-24-05 turned key on and did not start, backed key off and on again and was OK.

    3. Car SHAKES at a stop sign off and on and sometimes at idol.
    You had this in recently and did not correct it! I need the guy who will fix this to drive it for 10 minutes. It bother me!!!!!!! You need to sit in the seat with your foot on the brake at a stop sign and may be wait for several minutes.

    4. When I open the door or put key in, the 6 CD's circulate for 1-2 minutes, THEN the following are set to zero.
    Trip A
    Trip B
    Gallons of fuel used.

    This has happened on 5-19-04, 6-13-04, 2-1-05, 3-30-05

    Also in early 04 took it to Allen and they did not fix it.

    5. Four buttons on steering wheel change to OTHER things, like changing Temp or changing radio, from what they were set too. OK now but this has happened twice recently . When I restart the car it is OK.

    Since obviously items 4 and 5 are software problems, call GM and see if they have a fix. I believe it also happens to others.
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144

    I agree you have some kind of electrical problem.

    But, where the rough idle is concerned, I think you are worrying too much about nothing. The 3.6 employs a VVT system that changes the cam lobes position based on engine speed, accelerator position, and so on. At idle it is sitting on the largest end of the cam lobe which tends to induce a rougher idle, just like a car with an oversize cam for racing has a stumble to it's idle along with significant vibration.

    If you think the Acura TL doesn't experience this same sysmptom with it's VVT system, head on over to the Acura TL Owners:Problems and Solutions forum and do a search there for "rough". In truth I think you are nitpicking. Also, engine roughness at a stop sign infers you are idling. :P
  • richerryricherry Posts: 19
    Took the CTS to the dealer today and got the CD changed and the air bag recall, only took an hour.

    Then the service mgr and advisor showed me a car with 10000 miles and it shutters and shakes just like mine at idol. They say that is what you get with the V6, as it was modified from a North Star engine.

    They say Cadillac is NOT trying to fix it, BUT they will call me if they hear anything! They also say the 2003 model has had complaints and the 2.8 ver is even worse. BUT I am the first one to complain at the dealer.

    I am an Engineer and very familiar with vibrations and have worked on engines from my Model T in 1944, when I was 14, to recently on my 1972 Comero and 1963 Cutlass. Guess I am too fussy, as you suggested.

    It is a cam problem at idol combined, in my opinion, and a fuel/air mixture problem.

    They ALSO claim no changes to the engine have taken place.

    I am now going to rename my car CTSssv.


    What I am bothered about it as it took a year to develop. I drove a 2005 CTS loaner with 2000 miles and it DID not ssv.

    I believe every body should complain about this problem, when they take the car in.

  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    The 3.6 liter V6 is not a modified northstar V8. It is a 60 degree V6 design that was designed as a V6. The northstar is a 90 degree V8. The shortstar V6, available in Oldsmobiles only, was a "modified" northstar V6 engine. The shortstar was a 90 degree V6 design based on the northstar V8.

    The 2003 CTS came with an Opel V6 of 3.2 liters that was a 54 degree design if I remember right. The 2004 CTS's with the manual transmissions had this engine yet. The current 2.8 liter V6 is based on the 3.6 design, but has a shorter stroke and smaller bore.
  • richerryricherry Posts: 19
    Thanks for the V6 description. The dealer was also a Oldsmobile dealer so guess they were mixed up.

    Seems like you should know if the CTS 3.6 has been modified from 2004 to 2005 and 2006. I believe some changes could have taken place. Cadillac will have to fix this problem.
  • 1997montez341997montez34 NJ, USAPosts: 202
    Great to know that GM's dealer base takes the time to fully learn about their products and conveys accurate information to their customer base..... :(

    Actually, most dealers are terrible at the product knowledge side of the equation, not just GM dealers.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    GM's web site shows that they made some changes to make it quiter. One change is the chain that drives the cams. Most of the car magazines that have tested a vehicle with this engine have thought highly of it. I will say that my Seville's northstar is not as smooth when first started up cold, as it is fully warmed up.
  • ss7416ss7416 Posts: 1
    Has anyone purchased the Navigation system with traffic? What has been your general experience?
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