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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V



  • raleighraleigh Posts: 98
    Am in the market for one of these great Caddys and would appreciate any thoughts or opinions. Is the V worth 10 Grand more than the "regular" CTS? What kind of gas mileage are you getting with each? Many thanks.
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    Only you can answer that question. Take both for at least a 30 minue test drive, preferably hiway and twisty backroads, then make up your own mind. Othewise, you're asking for other people's subjective and biased opinons, which may not match yours.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    There are several downsides to the V. First, you have to pay a 1300 gas guzzling fee listed on the window sticker. Then you have feed it with gas that is $2 a gallon. If you have plenty of money, that may not make a difference to you but it does to me. Drive the 6; it has a lot of pep. I was amazed at how fast it was when I test drove it. Also, I think you will take a bite when you go to resale or trade the V. With gas prices, I don't think it will be an easy sale. We have an 05 CTS purchased in December. We love the car. It is fast and handles great on the road.
  • twest88twest88 Posts: 6
    I too am pondering this question. I've owned the 6cy VVT for a year and a half. Since I live and work in the DC area, the traffic calls for the automatic transmission. The pep and handling in the 6cy is great. It's the best in a mid-size sports sedan I've driven. Two minor recall issues is about the extent of the repairs. I've experienced the unusual tire wear and the cd player will need to be fixed soon like you could read about from many CTS forum members. Overall though, I love this car. Looks good and feels good. The seats are under-rated. Very comfortable and no problems with 3+ hour long drives.

    Then I drove the V series once. 400HP is 400HP. Looks good, sounds good, feels good, it's all there, wrapped in a sweat $50k package. My buddy has one. He loves it but doesn't drive nearly as much as I do. He averaged 16mpg on a recent trip to Ocean City, MD. Cool thing here is, you can still put two car seats in the rear for the kids and blow the doors off the lexus, acura, infiniti, mustang tool boys whenever you want.

    So you have to ask yourself, can you work the cell phone head set and gears in traffic? Can you afford the ~15% more in gas? Can you control your self in speed zones? Oh yeah, can your wife drive a stick? Mine can't so I think I'll be getting the V ;)

    All of this, then I read about the 06 models will have a new sports package with 18" sneakers and the sport tuned suspension. Add custom exhaust, air intake and perhaps a chip and now your over 300HP, looking and sounding good. Call it a "V-lite."

    So it's a classic battle of mature husband/father versus 35 year old kid out of Manassas, VA that has some money now. I'm making a move out of my 04 later this summer, into one or the other.
  • billherrmannbillherrmann Posts: 111
    with post 6167. Got mine in Feb.Cannot imagine wanting or having more power than CTS delivers [255 ft lbs really steps out].
  • raleighraleigh Posts: 98
    Thanks for the comments, twest88. Where did you read about what the '06 models will have? Will the "new" sports package be any different from the '05s (other than 18" wheels)? Of course, I seriously doubt that we will be able to get an '06 at employee discount prices. That makes for a very attractive deal, right now, all things considered.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    I don't think that information on the 2006 CTS has been officially released yet. But there is an online order website intended for use by GM dealers that does show some information on some 2006 models, including the CTS. There is an 18 inch wheel sports package with its own suspension tuning shown. It will have 225/50 tires and a tire pressure monitor.

    The present discount prices may be too good to pass up. However, even at the discounted price, a CTS_V is probably going to cost about as much as a 2006 CTS without discounts.
  • raleighraleigh Posts: 98
    Does anyone happen to know where I might find the gear ratios for the 2005 CTS 6-speed?

    Many thanks if you do.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    first thru sixth: 4.15, 2.33, 1.53, 1.15, 1.00, 0.79; reverse 3.67; axle ratio 3.42 Note: the CTS_V uses a different transmission
  • raleighraleigh Posts: 98
    Many thanks sis002. So, it is a really a 5-speed with overdrive. Nice. :D
  • I read an article about the "next CTS" in the Chicago Tribune which is supposed to feature a "stunning front end borrowed from the Cadillac Sixteen concept..."
    Does anyone know where we can see these shots of the next CTS?
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    GM invited a bunch of auto critics to their Design Dome to show off all of the new 2007-2008 vehicles that are coming. This has been written about by Auto Extremist, Detroit News, et. al.

    To my knowledge, there are no pictures to be had (verboten). You can expect to see many of these vehicles in concept form, if not final production, at the Detroit Auto Show next January. You may get spy shots of them before then...

  • sevenfeet0sevenfeet0 Posts: 486
    Yeah, I noticed that too about the DTS. The knee bolster does intrude too much into the cabin. For most people, it's probably a soft bolster in case of a wreck. But for me, it's an inch I'd like to have back.

    I've driven the DTS and I like it, especially as a previous thrice Deville owner ('80, '91 and a '76 I still have). But the CTS spoiled me rotten after one drive.

    The CTS still sings to me but right now I'm leaning Volvo if I get a new car. The Volvo will probably be better for my wife (it'll really be her car anyway since she'll drive it more with the future baby). If I have a good year at work, I might look at a 2004 CTS with a revamped dash and engine. I doubt I could afford the CTSi, and a manual transmission with my legs (40" inseam) is right out anyway.

    And I'll check out again the prospect of a late model LS400. It's been awhile since I've sat in one.
  • Hey Tom...i'm experiencing the same wear and poor service from my tires. Did you ever get the dealer to help you out?
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    Do you have the 05? I have an 05 with 8500 miles. I need to watch mine if yours is an 05.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    CTS 2.8L - C$35,555
    CTS 3.6L - C$39,600
    CTS V - C$68,430

    Lower MSRPs. Nice to see the 3.6 stickered under $40K again.
  • jpnmassjpnmass Posts: 45
    So those prices are lower than 2005 in Canada?

    I heard the US prices were higher for 2006.

    CTS 3.6L - 33,880 vs 33,135 now.

    The 2006 does include the wood trim and XM standard on the 3.6L.
  • frankk1frankk1 Posts: 1
    Considering purchase of CTS - but concerned about rear-wheel drive.
    Hoping for comments from owners living in the North. How is this vehicle in
    the snow??? help!
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    I live in PA and drove my CTS in all the weather that we had last winter. The traction control does a great job of controlling wheelspin. Almost too good as I was unable to fishtail on command.

    I have heard that most people put snow tires on for the winter. I'm considering that this year, but it all depends upon how much tread is left on my all seasons. If I have fun this summer I'll need them.
  • batistabatista Posts: 159
    It's because the American Dollar is much weaker. One Canadian Dollar was worth $0.60 US a few years ago and now its worth $0.81US. It's about time car prices reflect the weaker US dollar.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Lower MSRP base prices for Canadians. Not a lot lower but nice to see. Cadillac doesn't need to lower a lot, it has great cars that sell well with out too many incentives.
  • batmansctsbatmanscts Posts: 63
    frankk1: Type in the word snow in the search feature and you'll get a lot of opinions about CTS performance in snow from folks across the country. It is not an AWD SUV, but it isn't bad either.
  • I have a 2004 CTS with Goodyear RS-A P225/50R-17 W rated tires. I've been pleased with them, but need new replacement tires and am looking at Michelin Pilot Sport A/S and Bridgestone Turanza LS-V as possible replacements. Would appreciate feedback on these or other replacements you have tried. Interested in wet/dry performance and tread life experiences.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I have four cars. Two of those are an 05 CTS and an 05 Honda Accord. The Accord has the Bridgestone Turanza tires. I have not driven them in the snow since I bought the car mid-April. They run perfectly smooth. I have been pleased with them. The difference between the Bridgestone and Michelin is that the Bridgestone has a firmer ride. They are a tougher tire with their sidewalls. The Michelin has a softer sidewall and gives a softer ride. The softer sidewall would not be something you would want if you were driving a lot of "country" gravel roads. The Michelin would not be the tire for that. For street driving like most of us do, the Michelin will give you the better ride. They are both good tires.
  • Your insurance payments must be killer!

    Is the 05 CTS fully loaded? What do you think about the 06 with 18" wheels, more wood trim, and the auto/manuall shift mode?
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    My insurance is about to get really bad. My son will turn 16 in October. That will be the killer. My 05 is the base Cadillac CTS, if there is such a thing with Cadillac. It listed for 34,070 and has automatic and satellite radio. I purchased it December 26. I have not read anything about the 06. I am glad I purchased the base because it has everything that we would want. The criticism has been the interior from other people. The plastic on the door does look pretty cheap, but that is GM; always saving a buck.

    I like the pure automatic that we have. It is very fast. I personally would either want a 6 speed manual or an automatic. I would have bought a second one with a 6 speed manual, but I think you would have a difficult time selling it or trading it. I am not sure how the bigger wheels would look.
  • kath72366kath72366 Posts: 1
    My 2005 CTS front tires were completely worn on the outside after only 2 months. The dealership replaced tires and blamed it on a problem with the alignment.

    Today only 3 months later the car is back in with front end problems. When I drove it onto the lot, I'm not sure what happened. One tire is straight the other is turned to the side. This car has serious front end problems.

  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I really hate that you are having this problem. I have not encountered that on mine yet. I would really be upset about the alignment. That sounds like a frame problem. If you are not getting service at your dealership, take it to another one and try there. This is the first Cadillac I have had. GM seems to want to take care of their Cadillac owners. It is one of their profit cars. As you know, it has not been true for many of their other brands. I would not let up until I got something done about it. An alignment is a simple thing, if that is what is needed. Any "ding-dong" dealership should be able to take care of that.
  • I concur that GM is trying to keep Cadillac owners happy. They've been able to make a lot of Euro-converts with the CTS, and have attracted a younger demographic that represents future business. It would be suicide to let down this new customer base. GM vehicles and plants are now starting to win quality awards, and once they rationalize their product line-up, they'll be back on track.

    In my own case, just this month, at 4000 mi out of warranty with no extended, my AC compressor "disintegrated inside" (direct quote from the service advisor), necessitating what would have been well over $2000 in repairs. Basically, the whole system was full of debris and needed to be replaced. The dealer, whom I had used for my regular maintenance since new 3 years ago, negotiated with GM to pay all but a $100 deductible on the repair, without me even asking (though, of course, I would have screamed bloody murder if they hadn't offered to do anything). Loyalty does seem to have its privileges ;)

    This, combined with the happy news on Canadian MSRPs for the 2006 CTS (see a few posts above), might just tip the balance on whether my next car will be a Cadillac. I was almost ready to defect after the AC went on the blink.
  • twest88twest88 Posts: 6
    Raleigh - see page 307, #6109 for details on the 06 models.

    Spoke with dealer about Supercharger for CTS on 06. I'm likely to trade in my 04, get the 06, and add the supercharger. The sport suspension with 18" should take be able to handle. My V-lite could be in my garage by end of Sept.
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