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Audi TT Audio System Problems

jepyjepy Member Posts: 1
edited May 2014 in Audi
Can someone tell me how to unlock this system? 2001 TT 180HP, I've tried many times, and the code won't work, what else can I do? Thank You, John :mad:


  • phillman5phillman5 Member Posts: 1
    I have an 02 with the Bose Concert Radio. It has the window antenna. The AM radio reception is lousy. Is it possible to retro fit a roof antenna. When I talked to the dealer it seemed there is an amplifier within the hatch roof trim, and the tech did not know about adding the roof antenna. Would any antenna do?
  • leonivleoniv Member Posts: 120
    My 02 roadster had a rubber antennae sticking up from the driver's side rear quarter panel. I'm sure you could retrofit one of those. Reception was great.
  • scottandterriscottandterri Member Posts: 1
    own a 2003 Audi TT coupe - looking for anyone who has upgraded the Bose audio system - have looked at options but each one requires modifications to limited trunk area ( eg. build box or require reduction in floor height to accomodate amp) since the spare tire compartment is too small to use for amp and sub.- had considered Boston acoustics Z line speakers- helix amp, alpine head unit and boston G5 sub - any suggestions appreciated- Thanks
  • pbouzakispbouzakis Member Posts: 1
    Hi there. I just bought a 2001 Audi TT roadster 180hp and I have no idea if the car has a standard alarm installed? I have tried locking the doors with the remote and actually climbing into the car. No alarm sounds! Maybe it has been deactivated. Does anyone know where the alarm is installed and maybe how to activate it??? I know on some models theer is a switch in the central console between the petrol cap switch and the trunk switch. In my car, this switch isn't active (no wires running to it!). Aside from this I dont think and TT roadsters came without an alarm???
  • audi01audi01 Member Posts: 1
    Hi my battery went dead and now when I turn on my radio it flashes up SAFE what does that mean?
  • sun_inchinasun_inchina Member Posts: 1
    I got the same prob. Can anyone tell me?
  • graymistgraymist Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone found the proper code to and method to unlock the radio?
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