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Dodge Charger 2006+



  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    "At the drag strip, the Charger was within 2 mph of a Mustang GT's trap speed, should you wish to compare apples and avocados." 1/4 mile Mustang 13.8 sec at 102 mph. Charger 14.2 sec at 101 mph. If you ever have been to a drag strip (and I have) you would see cars equipped the same where one is faster than the other.Track temperature, launch RPM, and many other factors can affect 1/4 mile times. Those stated figures are close, but I would not expect every Mustang GT to beat every Charger R/T every time.
  • jrourkejrourke Posts: 72
    Hi again. I see that the powertrain warranty has been reduced in 2006 to equal the regular 3/36000. Seems contrary to the way other manufacturers are going i.e. increasing 3/36 to 4/50 along with extended powertrain warranties. This is the first Dodge I've ever considered after driving mostly GM and Ford for a couple of decades. What's the track record for this kind of thing? It makes me a little cautious...if it wasn't a problem, they wouldn't be spending money on it so why drop it?
  • frnkrzzofrnkrzzo Posts: 87
    and if you have ever spent time at a drap strip (and im sure you have), im sure you would agree that half a second isnt exactly close. as for the final speed being within 2 mph of the mustang, lets remember that the charger had more time to reach that final speed than the mustang did. its not like the mustang is only going 2 mph faster than the charger after 13 1/2 seconds. the charger in no way has accelleration like the mustang. to suggest that a certain factory charger rt would be faster than a particular mustang is foolish......and the mustang is a heck of a lot cheaper. go figure.
  • gmctruckgmctruck Posts: 186
    "...if it wasn't a problem, they wouldn't be spending money on it so why drop it? "

    Because Dodge and a few other manufacturers have a problem with oil sludge causing engine failure on certain types of engines. Plus it's another way to cut costs since warranty repairs do cost the company money and lowers profit margins.
  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    Similarly equipped, The Charger is only $1145.00 MSRP more than the Mustang. Not a lot for all the extra room. By similarly equipped, I mean adding Leather buckets,Leather wrapped steering wheel and shifter, 5 Speed auto trans, and 17' aluminum wheels (Chargers are 18") to the Mustang as they are standard on the Charger R/T. Surprised you mention that Edmunds Mustang's 1/4 mile time was 14.3 seconds, or Motor Trend's 13.6 second 99.9 MPH time. Let's see Car and Driver 13.8 at 101. Motor Trend 13.6 at 99.9 and Edmunds 14.3 no MPH given. Can you spot the inconsistancy here?
  • Proud owner of a new SXT, Magnesium Pearl Coat. I was pretty sure I was going to buy a Mustang......... till I saw a Charger!! As for looks, the Charger SMOKES the mustang. Not a SINGLE day has gone by since I bought this car (about 4 weeks), that someone hasn't asked me about it, or told me how Awsume it looks...

    As for the speed, 13.8, 14.2, 15.x, I really don't care when the numbers are that close. If it was 18.x, I might care. Other than that, these really are 2 different cars and IMHO, should not be compared. They are of different classes...

    Only able to get 2,000 off the "out the door" price, but acccording to edmunds, people are paying about MSRP, so not too bad of a deal.

    In the infamous words of Roger Taylor - I'M IN LOVE WITH MY CAR
    Got feel, for my automobile....
  • jrnyacejrnyace Posts: 21
    Talking to a Dodge salesman-he claims that consumers were trading these vehicles in or selling them every three or four years anyway and the warranty was non-transferrable-hence the decision to drop it.
  • frnkrzzofrnkrzzo Posts: 87
    if you truly think a charger r/t is even in the same league as a mustang on a dragstrip, i dont know what to tell you. if you're ever in north texas and feeling froggy, i'll be more than happy to take your money. as for the $1000 difference similarly equipped, i saw the one tested in car and driver. it's sticker price was $35500 as tested if i recall correctly. i dont understand why anyone would want a mustang with an automatic, but if you did, a loaded one (interior upgrade package, auto) stickers for around $28000. by my math, thats still a $7500 gap. and ya, i know, the charger is a 4 door. lets face it, the charger is an attempt to compete with the mustang. the only reason it isnt a 2 door is because it would have caused dodge to have more production costs. as it is, they just restyled a body and used off the shelf parts. a weak attempt to compete at best. i sure hope chevrolet builds the camaro....
  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    I suggest you visit the Ford website and build and price a Mustang GT Deluxe with Interior sport appearance package, 17' bright machined cast aluminum wheels, and an automatic transmission, and aberdeen embossed leather trimmed bucket seats. Thos options on the Mustang are standard on the base price Dodge Charger GT at $29,995.00. Still no comment on the different track times quoted by various magazines and websites?
  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    I suggest you look up the producers of "Pinks" a tv show where you lose your car if you get beat at the dragstrip. What the heck if you win you could have a whole bunch of cars to play with.
  • jrourkejrourke Posts: 72
    Went to some dealers today *Ugh...remembering why I hate car shopping* looking for an SXT. Not a single SXT to be found, but got to look over an SE and RT. Seems to be plenty of RTs to be had. Is this where the demand has been and they were concentrating production resources? One dealer said they should get more SXTs in the next week or two. I liked the Steel Silver and Magnesium Pearl colors. A distant third is Cool Vanilla.

    For those of you that have purchased an SXT, are you paying MSRP? A premium above MSRP? a negotiated price? If they are in such short supply, dealers may not be as willing to negotiate, no?
  • Hey, I love my car as well. My wife loves my Charger too. I know what you mean. Good choice in color. I have the same magesium pearlcoat SXT Charger. I get the same reaction from people telling me how sweet she looks. Enjoy.

    I got a good trade in for my Intrepid and that knocked the price down almost $10K plus the $500 finance from Chrysler. As far as how much off the MSRP I got, I don't know. I had 2 objectives financial wise when purchasing the car and I met them both.
  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    Maybe all Mustang GT's are not as fast as yours, Read post 663 in Chrysler Crossfire forum. A V8 Mustang GT getting beat by a V6 Crossfire? I still think a Mustang GT vs a Charger R/T would be a close race.
  • YOU’RE NOT KIDDING!!!!!! I bought a 2006 charger silver steel R/T a month ago. I liked the car and did get people starring at it. BUT.... on 8-12-06 I received a call from a dodge dealer that the new DAYTONA MANGO COLOR was in. I did some research and found out they are only making 4000 of the mango color and 4000 of the yellow. I went and looked at the car......UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! The pictures on the web site do not do it justice. This car is awesome. The sticker is $36,000 but..... The manager said there is an addendum of an additional $10,000.00. I was so pissed that they wanted to add whatever they wanted to that car because it was limited and only a few dealers have it. I called 5 other dealers and 3 didn't have it until another month and the other 2 wanted $5,000 - $8.000 more. Finally, I called the dealer where I bought my car first to put in an order, and they just received one yesterday. I went down there right away and there was no additional addendum. I immediately made a deal and drove away that day. I've had it 3 days and wherever I go, everyone stairs especially the other dodge owners. High fives, thumbs up and “yeah man awesome” are the usual. I don't know if you tinted the windows, but it does make a big difference. Ride on and enjoy... I know I will. I'll send you a picture on your email.
  • corkfishcorkfish Posts: 537
    Anyone putting the Charger in the same performance category as the GTO or the Mustang is cheerleading a bit too much. Don't think you'll see it in the 13's until the SRT-8 is available.The Charger is a nice car and I'd probably buy one over both the Mustang or the GTO, but it doesn't offer the performance or handling of either of these. It's way to big and heavy. And as far as looks? Again, anyone who thinks the Charger is better looking than the new Mustang is probably being less than objective.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,091
    the only reason it isnt a 2 door is because it would have caused dodge to have more production costs.

    OR, more likely, to appeal to a much larger crowd. Most folks looking for a 2-door don't have a big problem with accepting a car that has 4. The opposite is not true.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • Just one question?

    If the Charger is better than the Mustang then why are Charger RTs avialble everywhere and are being discounted $2000-3000 of MSRP while Mustang GTs are rarely seen sitting on lots and are currently commanding $2,000 to $3,000 above MSRP.

    Is it only economics, did Dodge make too many and Ford too few?

    cruis'n in 6th :shades: ,


    P.S.- Ford does make a manual transmission model and it is still a coupe!
  • srvattesrvatte Posts: 9
    i have been reading the charger vs mustang posts for few days and i dont see any sense in comparing two different cars which are in different categories. first of all to let you know i had a mustang gt till 2004 march then jumped on a suv now i have a charger r/t. i dont like comparing cars and fighting about which one would do fast at a drag strip as thats all for books or people who want to keep track of the speed everyday. for a day to day man charger is perfect may be it doesn't look as best as it should have but com'on 4 doors vs 2 doors any day will choose 4 doors as i know how crampy a mustang can be when u have more than 2 people.
    just for comparing both of them from outside may be the mustang might be a better design than charger coz it has only 2 doors. interior i dont think none of them are any great. options wise charger has more than mustang can ever fit in i got mine fully loaded for less than 35K i mean even the side airbags and self sealing tires, gps bluetooth and so on. if you put the same options for a mustang together it might end up some where closer to 30K but still u have only 2 doors and a trunk which can fit a gym bag and tennis rackets.
    i bought it coz it had all the options i want including the power how many 4 door american cars are as fast as a charger just think of that.
    i had both the cars and definetly i am happier with my charger than a gt mustang also i noticed this weekend when i was on a drive on highway 1 that every one has a mustang and for me thats not really special ( its my opinion).
    one more thing i dont care what magazines rate any car as its always biased or one persons view ask a person who is driving it everyday you will get the best review either good or bad, till now i haven't had any problems and not expecting any so cheer up guys this is a good car and definetly worth the money.
  • srvattesrvatte Posts: 9
    i think you should do a little bit more research before claiming something like that in repsonse to the price
  • corkfishcorkfish Posts: 537
    You mean the Crossfire SRT-6 which starts at $46,000? Why is everyone so catty about the Mustang? Is everyone jealous or something?
  • frnkrzzofrnkrzzo Posts: 87
    hey, luke....i read that dodge spent $125,000 retooling a chrysler 300 line to produce your charger. thats it man. that's total production cost. you guys have spent more time in this forum talking about this car than dodge spent on the total developement of it. chrysler/dodge is nothing if not opportunistic. they'll sell this heap a couple of years until all the misguided people who can afford them have bought them, then you'll never hear the word "charger" again. i'll see you in a couple years when you actually try to trade in a DODGE that you darn near paid msrp for. good luck.........and i'd still blow your doors off with my cheaper mustang. and pick up more women too.
  • srvattesrvatte Posts: 9
    i dont think you get the point if you love mustangs then go somewhere and brag about them may beinfront of some chicks who cares
    i know the resale value of a mustang i had one when i was growing up so just keep the 2 doors of your CHEAP mustang to yourself
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    is not on topic here. For those who wish to discuss it, please use the search features on the left side of the page to find appropriate discussions.

    Let's get back to the subject of our discussion now - thanks.
  • OK, OK, I'll bring the forum back to the subject at hand. I enjoy very much my 4 door Charger SXT. After almost having it for 3 months, I still get the jaw/awe struck stares. My kids' friends think its the coolest car out there, and my good friend just likes to look at it every time he sees the car. ;)
  • srvattesrvatte Posts: 9
    finally something about charger, i definetly enjoy my r/t and its a eye turner where ever you go. just been a month since i got it and its the best car i ever had. cheers
  • tom197tom197 Posts: 9
    I am considering a Charger R/T or Chrysler 300C. Please advise what type of real world gas mileage that you're are getting from these vehicles.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,091
    If mileage is a concern, you should REALLY reconsider buying a big honkin V8.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • srvattesrvatte Posts: 9
    right now my r/t is averaging around 17-18 within city not bad for a v8
  • Anyone have 0-60 and 1/4 mile times for the old 440 c.i. Charger RT from the sixties vs. the 2006 Charger? I'll bet they are close.
  • corkfishcorkfish Posts: 537
    The last issue of Motor Trend did a head to head comparison of the Mustang and the Charger ( recreating the Bullitt chase scene). It was a little unfair because they compared an automatic Charger to a manual Mustang, but the Mustang blew the Charger away. They had the specs from the original cars and the old 440 Charger was no where near as fast as the new one. Even though my Subaru Forester is a little faster I would have bought a Charger if it had been available at the time. I'd also buy a Charger before I'd buy a Mustang, but the Mustang is one of the nicest looking cars on the road. A freind of mine took one out for a test drive when it first came out and he said people were pulling their cars over to the side of the road to look at it. It happens to all new vehicles until more of them are sold and they become more common. Even my Forester XT got some attention when it first came out.
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