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Dodge Charger 2006+



  • 1 "Ford" Horsepower = 1 "Dodge" Horsepower = 1 "Chevy" Horsepower, right? So if 2 cars with the same H/P, are also equivalent in weight, then the only variable in a race would be the driver. Since the Mustang's weight is at least 12% lighter than the Charger, I certainly hope the Mustang would win.

    I'm just trying to get edumucated, in order to understand why the comparison is still being made. I would expect the Mustang to be faster...

    Knowing this wealth of info, I would still buy the Charger...
  • WOW you have two 2006 Dodge Charger RTs That is awesome!
  • tom197tom197 Posts: 9
    What type of mileage are you getting on the highway? Does the R/T have the cylinder shut down package like the Chrysler 300C?
  • srvattesrvatte Posts: 9
    hi, i havent tried on the highway yet havent been on the interstate to check the milage, but with in city traffic i mean in los angeles i am getting around 17-18 and i think that is excellent as i had a nissan murano before this and it used to be 19 in city for a V6.
    yes this does have the MDS system where the 4 valves shutdown automatically when crusing.
    what kinda chaarger do you have?
  • pmac06pmac06 Posts: 5
    I just spent some time checking out a RT today and it was a very nice care but in the 30's seems a bit high.
    I would like to know from someone how has one how it really handles and have they had any major problems besides the A/C I keep reading about.
  • eagle41eagle41 Posts: 54
    I looked for and found a base R/T. The car is equipped well enough as it is.Get one to two thousand off the sticker and there you go. I live in Florida and have no complaints with the AC. The workmanship is quite good.
    Living in Florida ,because most houses don't have basements makes your garage space valuable.I didn't realize how big the car is until I pulled it in mine. That's my only complaint.
    Good luck !!
  • pmac06pmac06 Posts: 5
    Thanks...I really like the options and the car handles really good for as big as it is. Living in PA the RT model with a few extra options are going for 35K...I really like the mustang GT's but there is just no room and 1/4 mile comparison they are pretty close from what I have read giving the size difference. In about Feb when it is cold and they are setting on the lots...I believe they will be willing do deal a little more..But If I can get a good deal now I'll probably go for it. What kind of gas mileage are you getting?
  • eagle41eagle41 Posts: 54
    I lived in the Princeton NJ area for 52 years before moving to Gainesville last year.
    I'm must be going through my third or forth childhood by me getting the Charger. I had a 69 Charger when I was 17.I also was interest in the GT but the back seat thing was a big factor.I also didn't like the amount of problems talked about on the mustang board.
    How do you think that the rear wheel drive will handle up north?
    I'm getting about 17 miles around town and 25 on the highway.
  • Anyone that has bought an '06 Charger have one in the Stone White color?? I am waiting on mine to be shipped to Florida and I will be the first one in my town to even own a white one. Just curious.
  • blackrtblackrt Posts: 2
    I have owned my Brilliant Black R/T for about a month. I fell in love with this car the first time I saw it. In the past I've owned a Bonneville SSC and a Camaro IROC Z28. At the time, I loved both of those vehicles. From my experience, I know I would never want to own another 2 door coupe, being 6'1 and 250 pounds. It's just not practical for me. The Charger performs like a champ, turns heads, gets thumbs up, you name it. Gas mileage is decent in the city, at 18 and IMHO pretty good on the Hwy. Once you drive one, you'll want to buy it. The ride is very smooth and very responsive. Power on demand is the best way to describe it.
    I payed $31400, with the heated seats, pwr adjustable pedals, dual zone ATC, electronics convenience group, and a sunroof. This car is well worth the investment. To all the doubters, I say, DRIVE ONE. :shades:
  • has anyone experienced this condition with their charger? this seems to be an ongoing problem with the 300's and the magnum"s...jackg
  • eagle41eagle41 Posts: 54
    I haven't noticed any pull to one side or the other.
  • "well worth the investment"? dodges perform the same as Enron stock as an investment. i think i'll just light a wad of hundreds on fire instead.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
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  • utterutter Posts: 79
    How is the bose speaker system Black R/T?
  • srvattesrvatte Posts: 9
    it is boston not bose and its is terrific
  • tom197tom197 Posts: 9
    I do not have a charger. I am currently driving a Honda Accord V-6 and was looking for something larger. I am 6' 3" and in the Accord I feel cramped. The Accord does get great mileage though. I average 27 miles per gallon with the V-6 driving from Long Beach to Laguna Niguel each day. I have been considering
    the Chrysler 300C, the Charger R/T and the Mustang.
  • eagle41eagle41 Posts: 54
    We just got our bill for putting the R/T Charger on and taking my 2003 Wrangler Sport off our insurance policy. Get this ,for the YEAR the charger is $588. to insurance with full coverage. I think my wrangler was at least $100. more.
    I live in Fl instead of my old state of NJ. (I wonder what it would be to insur there?)
    I know I'm getting older but I had no idea that it would this cheap!!
    I almost did the mustang GT thing . I wonder what the insurance would have been on it ?
    The Charger is pure stealth !!
  • About 2 months ago, i went to a dealer to see the 300c. I loved it. My Saab aero lease was ending and i wanted a new car. While i was bringing the 300 back, I stopped and looked at a charger on the lot. It was a mean looking ride. I drove it about a week later and loved it. It had plenty of whip when you got on it, although it did feel a little heavy. After spending a tonne of time arguing and haggling with dealers al over the region, I was able to get a couple of guys to practically give me the car. I got the selling price down to about 200 bucks over invoice, and a nominal amount of money down. i went to the dealer that had the car thaqt I wanted and I couldnt do it. I new that while this is agreat looking ride, and it drove pretty well stop light to stoplight it wasnt going to work out. 'The inside of this car is shameful. Maybe it was after I got a good look at one that wasnt prepped, but I just felt like this thing was going to be a cheap looking piece of turd once it had 10000 miles on it. Not to mention that this was still going to be a fairly expensive lease for the car that you get, even with a good selling price. I can't wait to see what happens with this car. I bet it is going to be a typical American plastic rattletrap. Why cant they just use some acceptable quality materials for the inside of these cars? For a few dollars more I got a BMw 330i which i love. It is a manual trans (why wasn't this available on the charger?), it is plenty fast, and handles like it is velcroed to the road. Not to mention that i will not have to pay for a single oil change, wiper blade, or anything while i have this car. Oh and the fit and finish of this car is solid. nothing too fancy, just quality naterials, assembled properly. Chrysler could have made this an Incredible car, but as usual, they skimp on quality. Trully a shame. I bet there will not be a Charger being produced by 2008.
  • shane1vshane1v Posts: 11
    I'm not a car techie, just love the look and features of the new charger(power/safety/room).
    So, that said...!
    What kind of mileage are people getting with the V6 SE?(I cant afford the Hemi)
    How will the 18" rim option affect mileage/ride?
    Does the stock stereo on the SE have MP3 capability?
    Any "serious" negative experience with the Charger yet?
    Thanks!! :D
  • You know I have to admit the Charger's interior is my least favorite party of the car, but for looks and power like that i could live with it. Anyway what you were saying about quality and stuff...I admit American cars by and large use too much plastic in the interiors still, however what's also known is that BMWs maybe be put together great and use good materials...but as I recall just about every Euro import has a lousey quality reputation.
  • eagle41eagle41 Posts: 54
    I agree with what your saying . It's funny that people complain about the Charger because it doesn't look like those of the past. In reality the interior of my 69' Charger wasn't too great by any means !! As a matter of fact you could put the 06 Charger interior into the 69 version and it would fit right in. I 'm very pleased so far with my R/T .
    I did the BMW thing when I had a loaded 328 i . For the price, and I only paid $28500. for my Charger this is a far better car. Speed, ride, stereo, trunk space, and interior room are far superior.
    Oh by the way ,I'm thrilled with the amount of insurance that I 'm paying on it also !.( see several threads up)
  • blackrtblackrt Posts: 2
    Yes it is a Boston Acoustics system and it sounds great. It can be a little bass heavy, but I'd rather have too much in that area than not enough.
  • What I'd really like is the SRT-8 version in black or red, it is by far the coolest looking of the Chargers (new and old in my opinion)...combine it's looks with a 425 hp hemi, sport tuned suspension, upgraded brakes, and all I can say is



    Hope I can scrounge up the money for this bad boy :D
  • eagle41eagle41 Posts: 54
    I wouldn't mind having one of those myself !!

    On the other hand I don't think I would be paying $588. a year insurance on that monster !!
  • srvattesrvatte Posts: 9
    i dont think bmw 3 series is better than charger in any means except for the interior, but interior is not everything.
    performance wise charger r/t kicks A$$ of 3 series and may be even 5 series (in terms of power) and all bmws look alike whats the big deal this car looks different than thousands of cars on road. i am very happy with my charger R/T even interms of milage which averages around 18.0
    you cannot ask more for what you pay for 32K fully loaded with GPS moonroof bluetooth all power and the main thing 340 horses enough legroom and trunk area.
    try to get that with a bmw at that price.
  • lol you might be able to get a bmw at that that is like 20 years old and falling apart =P
  • yositoyosito Posts: 55
    So you are betting there will not be produced a Charger by 2008 ? and I bet your BMW 330i will not last that long before giving you BIG HEADACHES , do you want to bet??
    If you think Chrysler is not giving you quality, give your BMW a very CLOSE look at it, any time the Charger is by far a much better car.
    You bought the BMW because you didn´t get the deal you wanted, so maybe you bought the BMW just because.
    You´ll always see from now on a Charger or a 300C in front of you, sorry my friend you made a terrible mistake.
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