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Dodge Charger 2006+



  • jrnyacejrnyace Posts: 21
    Has anyone else had any problems when turning on the blower-Hot air blows out for the first 5 seconds before switching over to cold. Another problem I have is with the tire pressure monitoring alert. The ( ! ) lit up on the dash-but checking the air pressure- I found only 2 tires 5 lbs. lower the the other 2. Would this cause the alert to pop up?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,095
    If i'm understanding your description correctly, that is pretty much normal for any car. Fact is, the AC compressor is not engaged until you turn on the switch, so the air CAN'T come out cold immediately. The compressor needs to kick in and the cold air needs to then circulate its way to the cabin.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    They are designed to signal if a pressure is 5 lbs under the recomended presssure.
  • ..."Has anyone else had any problems when turning on the blower-Hot air blows out for the first 5 seconds before switching over to cold"...

    I believe there is a TSB for this particular AC problem. It's fixed by a computer update if I recall correctly from my reading one of the other Charger forums.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    congratulations on your Charger R/T.To bad you had to find out about the tire feature so fast, but it saved you some headaches.I have the Charger SXT with R/T wheels and tires so it looks like yours without the HEMI.I have the sunroof also that I love,but did not have the noise you mentioned.Good luck and welcome to the Charger board.
  • Has anyone experienced a loud water trickling sound in the passengers side dash when its raining? And is there a fix for it?
  • I am looking for advice on some kind of coating that dealer wants to apply, he says that my red Charger RT will have brush marks from car washing if I dont get the coating to protect the paint finish. I didnt want to get it so in the end they gave it to me for free but I know of an 89 Taurus that looked very bad after a few years after getting some kind of coating. Any one have an opinion on this??

    THANKX - Jim
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    The coating that the dealer has will not stop brush marks.Its suppose to stop your paint from fading.If you wax your car with a high grade Wax you will be doing the same thing.I would not use a brush on your car from the car wash.Thats the worse thing to do,as it will cause scratch marks.The clear coat on these cars are easy to scratch.You should use the softest material to wash and clean as well as wax.I hope this helps.
  • Gosh- I couldn't think of anything worse for a new car than a car wash. Those brushes are full of cinders, rocks, and numerous other debris that will scratch the crap out of any car. Why people insist on using them is beyond me. Like the previous message states-washing your car intelligently is the best way to do it. Spray all the heavy mud, bird poo and other debris off first. It's even a good idea to go through with a rag soaked in kerosene and wipe down the lower panels that may have flecks of tar on them before your washing. Soft cloth and sponges are the best to use. Stay away from those "dip in the bucket" scrubbing brushes on a stick-like the ones at the ready-washes. Those spray on coatings that promise to eliminate waxing are a farce. I used MOTHERS liquid wax on my RT and it's absolutely stunning. I learned my lesson when I bought a new $2000.00 sofa with the fabric protector-only to peek in the back warehouse to see a couple of morons spraying it down with cans of protectant that I could have purchased myself for $10.00. Good luck waxing.
  • Rob,
    I read about your $100 over invoice deal with interest and excitement. I am confused, however, because I did the math and came up with a very different set of numbers.

    For the V6 at $100 over invoice, I get $23482, $2602 less than your quote of $26084. I was hoping you could explain this discrepancy, because it looks to me that you are paying at least $1000 OVER MSRP, not $100 over invoice. From Edmunds:

    Invoice MSRP
    20758 22320 Base price V6
    2944 3200 SXT package
    138 150 18" wheels
    179 195 Sirius
    24019 25685 Subtotal
    100 100 add $100 over invoice
    613 613 (add Fees you mentioned
    24732 26398 Subtotal
    1250 1250 subtract rebates ($500 + $750)
    23482 25148 Total after adding fees and deducting Invoice MSRP rebates

    You may reply to me via private email if you prefer.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,095
    his original post mentioned tax being in the final price, but he didn't list it as a separate item. You are also missing the 6-cd changer from your list, not to mention the destination charge
    i just did it real quick in the pricing calculator here on Edmunds and came up with an invoice of $25,062 with destination.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • Ah yes, that xplains it. Thank you gbrozen. Sounds like a great deal. Has anyone else here gotten a deal like that? Or should I head down there?
  • robviarobvia Posts: 19
    Just saw the message up above, thanks for answering since I was away.
    My car is in Miami at the huge lot next to the airport. It was built on 10/21/05 and arrived on 11/08/05. Now we wait for it to be delivered to the dealer on a transport truck. They have no control over when this happens, and they can't call, or go pick it up. If they call, it will be delayed even longer.
    Jeffrey Fair has been giving me updates thru e-mail all this time. We tracked the car on its journey thru Danville KY, Jacksonville FL, and now Miami.
  • Well that is very interesting. Where do they come through Jacksonville? I know the city backwards and have never seen a Dodge lot anywhere.....

    I know where the Ford trucks come in and that was a great help when we bought one of those. I had a connection that worked at the rail yard. When new trucks came in, he'd let me walk through, look at the stickers for one that matched my needs, and as soon as I found one that precisely met my specs, I looked to see where it was going, and went directly to THAT dealer and made an offer. Yes, I know the dealers will "find you one" but they play alot of games with that program (like telling you about the ones THEY want you to buy) Some make a big fuss out of it and try to talk you into something that isn't quite what you wanted. There are also alot of other issues that come up when they start trading between dealers. Too many people get involved and everyone wants a cut, and that diminishes the buyers bargaining power.

    Good luck. I will be checking back to hear about your new car. I may try to get a similar deal here in Jax, if not I will be calling your man Jeff! :blush:
  • robviarobvia Posts: 19
    I'm not sure where the cars go thru Jacksonville.

    I have taken deliver on 11/15/05 for less than what I expected. I ordered the car and figured it would cost $26084.23. The price of the car went up slightly, but there were extra rebates thrown in at the end. My final price OTD was $25,864.07.
    So yes, the deal went thru better than expected. Thanks Monarch Dodge of Lauderdale Lakes FL.
  • I hope you are enjoying your new ride. I know the incentives went up from $500 in October to $1000 for November, was that the extra rebates? Question for those who special ordered....I have always heard you get whatever incentives are in effect when you take delivery, but I heard someone mention their dealer let them "lock in" the current incentives at the time of ordering instead. What has been your experience?
  • What kind of gas mileage are folks really getting on the v6?
  • robviarobvia Posts: 19
    You'll probably have to talk to your fleet manager about the incentives. In my case, there was a $500 rebate for hurricane Katrina I was given when we ordered the car. 2 months later, I was told the price of the car went up slightly, but there were more rebates added in. When I went to pick up the car, the buyers order was already filled out for about $200 less than what I expected. I figure I got a good deal because they knew I would say nice things, plus I made a web site but can't post the link here.

    I only have 150 miles on my car so far. I just filled it up and reset my trip odometer. The V6 doesn't have the fancy computer with the MPG and compass. It also doesn't have a garage door opener. That's a special electronics group option (AFC) found in the RT package which costs $580. I miss the MPG computer and compass because I had it in my last car. But I can figure out my mileage by seeing how many gallons I use at each fill up. Ask your dealer if they can add option AFC to an SXT. The Trip button on the V6 cycles between odometer, trip odometer, and temperature outside.
  • Thanks.....I'm slow, what is a K&N filter and what does it do for you? :confuse:
  • A K&N air filter is a special air filter that uses oiled cotton gauze sandwiched in between layers of wire screen. The factory air filter restricts a higher flow of air- cutting horsepower. The design of the K&N filter catches debris-but allows more air intake to feed the engine. I have had success with these in the past and they only run about $75 for the air filter at Autozone or Parts America. The whole cold air intake that replaces your factory box runs about $250.00-like I said -look on ebay. They promise to add 22-26 horsepower. It sure feels like it.
  • robviarobvia Posts: 19
    My SXT just passed 300 miles, still breaking in. I calculated 18.57 MPG, all city driving. I think it will get better.

    Just had Lo-Jack early warning installed, really neat idea. They give you a little black key remote with no buttons. If the car is moved, and the remote is not around (towed or stolen), it e-mails and calls you.

    The manual said brief full throttle accelleratons contribute to a good break in. So this morning I nailed it on the highway and hit 100 with no problem. I'd say the SXT will top out around 115. Nothing wrong with that for the family people, that's who the SXT is made for. It's plenty fast enough, yet people continue to rag comparing it to the hemi.
  • It' taken a long time but Dodge is going to replace my Charger. They determined the paint was defective. There is a lot of paperwork that has to be completed.
  • I missed it, what was wrong with your paint? Of course I think most new car paint jobs suck, and I am planning to special orfder my charger, so I am concerned about this.
  • Has anyone else read the nice review motor trend had on the Charger in their car of the year issue? The Honda civic won-but the Charger scored VERY well in the catagories they listed. If the 300C had not won last year I know this would have been the year for the Charger! I still can't get over how much I love this car. I'm storing it for the winter and I'm patiently waiting for that first spring day to take it out again. Believe me-ITS KILLING ME!!!
  • Need help. Got a dealer quote for around 24K (w/ destination) for the SXT has anyone paid less than that? Also never owned a rear wheel drive car, how do they do in bad (wintery weather)?
  • has anyone had problems with there head liner in the back they told me that they left it down so that they cold work on the sattelite radio if needed
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    My SXT has the 3.5V6 which is plenty for me.My MSRP was
    27795.The dealer took off 1300 of sticker,plus I had 500 rebate,and they gave me good price on my 02SXT Intrepid.The
    last couple years Chrysler cars have better value than GM,
    and Ford.The Gm cars seem to ride better when there is 1or2
    people,4or more you will get a bad ride where the Charger keeps it ride.I had 2LH cars that rode great with 5or 6 people.AS for fleet or police I think you will see them start coming around.I worked on police cars for 23years,and that is one reason I been A mopar man my whole life.I saw how each manufactor designed things and Chrysler I think had the best designs.As for a muscle car I guess the jury is still out,but I owned a 68 road runner and I would call the new Charger a modern day muscle,it has the looks.
  • Oh, yes, Dianne. While driving on the freeway with my windows down, I kept hearing something flapping. At first I couldn't determine what it was. Then when it was a little safer for me to turn around to look more carefully, I discovered that air was getting under the head liner right below the satelite antenna and making the whole headliner flap. Later, :( I couldn't find any way to secure the center area to prevent it from reoccuring so for now I just don't drive fast (freeway) with the windows down.
  • spokesspokes Posts: 14
    Hello all, and Merry Christmas.

    I've been shopping for the Charger RT up in Northern California and have not found a dealer willing to go below MSRP. I was hoping some of you Charger "brothern" out there might clue me in on any dealers you know of that are working with the customer from Invoice up in price.


  • worrworr Posts: 45
    My first price was $600 over invoice on a R/T that had modest options. Here is the exact quote:

    If MSRP is $31,890 I will sell the Charger RT to you for $30,747 minus $1000 Chrysler financial cash = $29,747 plus tax, title, license fees.
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