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Dodge Charger 2006+



  • batistabatista Posts: 159
    Thank you for your ideas. My parking brake sometimes sticks as well. Occasionally I pull on the release handle but it only comes up half-way until I press the pedel and release again.

    I checked forums and googled it and the only thing that came up was differential mount bushings and pinion seal.
    I will take it in eventually but hate the fact that my dealership is so far away and it only happens a couple of times a day. That means I pay for a car rental for 2 days and the incovenience.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Dodge Charger SRT-8 TV commercial that touted the 425HP HEMI engine but then popped the hood to show a "cross", East-to-West, mounted V8 engine.

    To me East-to-West meant FWD and I could not reconcile 425HP at the front wheels.

    Research indicated the Charger SRT-8 engine is actually North-to-South and RWD just as it should be.

    So, did I really see what I remember seeing?

    Somebody screwed up?
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    I agree with everything you said except the part where East -West means FWD.I had two front wheel drive cars with north-south mountings.A 1994 Eagle Vision and 2002 Intrepid.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706

    I did not say, conclude, that North-South would ALWAYS mean RWD, only that East-West always meant FWD...
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    What I'm getting from your post is that you are saying all FWD have East-West mounting and I'm saying they don't.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    What I was trying to say, and maybe wasn't direct enough, is that East-West engine mounting almost ALWAYS means FWD or front torque biased AWD.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Oh, I see...

    "Research indicated the charger SRT-8 engine is actually North-to-South and RWD just as it should be."

    It was to my intent to indicate that North/South engine mounting meant RWD "just as it should be". I was trying to say that with 425HP it was RWD just as it should be.

    Also, I take the position that FWD or front biased AWD can be so hazardous in wintertime conditions that they should be outlawed.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    I have a Charger so I don't have FWD anymore.And I didn't see anything wrong with FWD car with a north south engine mounting.As far as outlawing FWD for winter driving is your opinion .The AWD would out drive my Charger in the snow there is no doubt.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    that may seem stupid, so please bear with the ignorant...

    Is the Charger basically a Chrysler 300 but not as fancy, or are they really different underneath???...i.e.chassis, etc.

  • Marsha, the 300 (at least 2006 and beyond) and Charger ARE built on the same Chassis (which is a Mercedes chassis) and also have same engine options...

    I think the Charger looks more "Sporty", while the 300 looks more "Classy"...
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    300, Charger, Magnum: These are the same car underneath. (Mercedes type rear suspension, Intrepid type front suspension). Rear drive both (AWD available on 300) all The differences: Charger has a slightly larger trunk, more curves in the sheet metal. The degree of "fanciness" depends on the level of each car. While the 300 is generally more luxurious, the Charger can be made nearly as luxurious. I have a 300C (the smaller V8 hemi model--the SRT8 is the bigger V8) which has a good bit of fancy stuff standard--like electric steering wheel tilt, 2 position driver seat memory, etc. Now two years old with 23,000 miles--only problem was a transmission leak from a sensor that plugs into the transmission. Fixed in an hour by dealer.

    Base 300 comes with a 2.7 liter V6 (not available in Charger)
    300 Touring and Limited and Charger SXT come with 3.5 liter

    300C and Charger RT come with 5.7 liter hemi

    300CSRT8 and Charger SRT8 and Super Bee come with 6.1 liter hemi.

  • batistabatista Posts: 159
    Xtec-You were mentioning you have dual exhaust on your SXT.
    How do you like it? What brand? Is it a true dual or split? I am considering buying these
    but worried about drone. The sample clip sounds good but needed some advice.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    I have the Mopar/Borla exhaust,and its set up is like the one your diagram shows.I thought you had the Mopar one.I like it very much.When it was new,it had a mellow sound,now it has a nice sound when your going throught the gears,once you hit 5th and cruise,its quiet.It also helped with my MPG.
    I think it looks better then the stock R/T.The Mopar/Borla are made for the Mopars,so its like a factory highpo exhaust.I'm glad I got mine when I did,on Borla website the Exhaust is almost 1k,I paid less then $400,plus $75 install at dealer.I think I got A good deal.
  • batistabatista Posts: 159
    That's a good deal. If you check out it sells for $548.
    It doesn't appear to be a true dual exhaust.
    This set-up won't give you any HP gains its for a better exhaust note and appearance.
    I have heard this set-up on youtube and it sounds good.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    This setup gives 10hp gain and 6ft.lbs of torque.Its stated on the Borla website.The mechanic who installed my exhaust told me how the stock exhaust was restricted,and this exhaust was a big help.The stock system has a flow of 377cfm,with the Borla its 632cfm,255cfm gain,thats a big differance.Plus its stainless steel,should never rust.
  • batistabatista Posts: 159
    One more question xtec.
    What do you think of this product?
    Is it as good as yours?
    I will be buying soon and appreciate your help.
    It's cheaper than moparpartusa.
    Also, what is a reasonable rate for installation? 1 hour labor?
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    Thats the same one I have,same part number.It says Mopar but is made by Borla.My chrome tips says Borla right on them.Thats what I meant by being a stock highpo system.Its made for that car and uses stock mounts to put it on.I think its a great system.The labor book calls for 1 1/2 hours install.The dealer I take mine to,knows I was a mechanic so they give me a good rate.I bought my system from my dealer for $368,thats mechanics price.
  • batistabatista Posts: 159
    No luck. Product is discontinued.
    Not sure if its worth paying $548+shipping+installation+ taxes when others have payed $200 less. HHP had a sale for $349 last year but it too no longer carries the product.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354 has the exhaust for $382.40.Put in the part #82209611 in the search engine,and it should come up.I almost went with this company, but with my discount,plus no shipping charges,it was cheaper at my dealer.It was 340.80 at the time I looked at Moparmaster.Check your dealer and see what they say,and ask for a discount and see what they do.Most dealers will give you 5% off.Plus you dont get charged for shipping.I hope it works out for you.Good luck!
  • batistabatista Posts: 159
    Not likely they still have it because some vendors aren't updating their product list.
    Can't believe they have no phone number, contact is thru email only. With the holiday on Wednesday not sure how fast they will reply.
    Thanks again. Will let you know if I get lucky.
  • batistabatista Posts: 159
    I tried and the product is discontinued.
    My dealer in Washington state also tells me they don't have it.
    I guess its not popular enough that they no longer make them.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    Thats not good news.I'm glad I got mine when I did.The Borla site shows them, but the price is outrageous 1100.If I find it somewhere Ill let you know.I just checked a few sites,and they all are almost 700 or more.That one you had for 548 is looking like a deal.Good Luck.
  • batistabatista Posts: 159
    Thanks Xtec.
    I contacted and they too don't have it.
    They said I should check back and they might have an upgraded/new part to sell.
    Yeah, $1100 is outrageous. I had the choice to buy a R/T for $3K more instead of my SXT and now a dual exhaust after install costs half the upgrade to an R/T.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    I hear what your saying.If you could of got the deal I had its was worth it,but now it looks like its not with the price they want.Borla probably made so many for Mopar for as a promotion to get their name out and now they are sold out.The SXT still has better MPGs,so thats a plus.Keep looking and maybe youll find a deal.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    I hear what your saying.I did find a website that list the exhaust for 358.50.There is a phone number listed on the site you can call.I hope ot works out for you.Good luck.
  • batistabatista Posts: 159
    Discontinued as well.
    Thanks again for looking.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    I found the dual exhaust system for $395 at The part #cd-dcv6.I was looking at,and thats where some of the people got theirs.The phone number is on the site.Give them a try and see if they have it.Good Luck.
  • batistabatista Posts: 159
    I found this set-up too loud. Did you listen to the clip?
    It's a true dual aluminum instead of your one muffler split into 2 resonators (stainless steel) which is better.
    It sounds a bit too much like a import civic with a fart can exhaust.
    Will wait for the borla if it comes back on the market.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    It had a nice sound, but I do like mine,and it didn't look like the mounts would be like the Mopar/Borla setup.It looks like glass packs,where my Borla looks like a regular muffler.I'll keep searching and hope we can find one for you.I know you would be pleased.
  • batistabatista Posts: 159
    xtec-finally purchased the mopar exhaust (82209611) and waiting for delivery.
    I purchased online from authentic dodge at $389.95.
    That's a good price and looking forward to the sound/look.
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