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Infiniti M35/M45 Real World MPG



  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    As more details come out on the new M's, a couple just don't make sense to me: the new models get LESS fuel economy than the ones they replace, and, they have less headroom than the outgoing model. These are two areas that are a major concern for my new car search criteria. The M was near/at the top of the class in headroom, which is why I bought it. Decent gas mileage was a goal, but not crucial as long as I fit. Both parameters went in the wrong direction. So, it's search other platforms for my next car...they lost me as a customer. Next year's hybrid might improve part of that, but unlikely to recover the lost headroom.
  • Yes I have got 2007 m35 up 160. It was flying.I strongly recommended you trying it out.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I know some people are going to say that this is phony baloney but I have personally found out that what gas you use does make sometimes a 4-5mpg difference in a car; I used to use Exxon and Hess 93 Octane in my 2010 Max Sv AND 2005 FX35 and was barely getting EPA on the sticker for mpg!

    I got so fet up that I switched to Shell 93 Octane, after several family members and friends recommended it and after about 4-5 fillups with Shell I noticed a dramatic improvement in all mpg categories, city, highway, avg, etc!

    Just a suggestion to help clean out your engines and get better fuel economy; if you don't have a Shell near you try using turkey hill or one of the other top tier gasoline companies!!
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    I'm going to try this. In the past I've found no difference between using regular and mid grade and premium....which suprised me. I'll give Shell premium a try.

    One problem is that octane ratings aren't all equal....some measure a the bulk tank, some measure at the pump some probably measure in the lab. I always have this lingering concern because all the gas you see in those huge bulk tanks is regular and the higher octane is created by adding additives at the bulk plant or at the truck. Those additives cost money and they require a human to so something to add the additive. There is a cost incentive to maybe miss adding anything. I know, it's paranoia....but there really is no way to know what you a putting in your tank. Now when you use an off-brand, you are really taking your car's life into your own hands...because those stations have chosen to make more money by offering an maybe saving a little more is even better.

    Darn...where is my shrink when I need him?
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