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Toyota Matrix Engine Questions



  • 2003 Toyota Matrix idles rough after engine warms up. Diagnostics code shows it misfiring on all 4 cylinders. It started after I washed engine compartment. Could this be a coil problem or arcing of the spark plug boot? I have taken it to the dealer and they stated it was a fuel problem and run a few tanks of good fuel through it. This did not help. Any suggestions?
    Thank you
  • :lemon: I want to tell you I own a corolla 2009 ce with manual and it does the same thing I have 7000 miles on car GULF STATES TOYOTA TECH tells dealer to erase ecm update re learn customer habits they are fishing I still have problem . It does this not all the time but when it happens it's alway when coming to astop. It feels like when you take off like the clutch engages but the opposite you are coming to a stop The tach shows the nedle about 900 rpm's then it drops also slight miss not smooth right I believe toyota knows there is an issue but won't admit and hope you just fade away I believe there promblem is electronics and these car are built here with crap parts from americans I have a toyota truck made in Japan 1995 she been faithful no promblems in 15 year and also when thru a flood totaly submerged just passed inspection after all this since 2000 Please respond back I LIVE IN TEXAS
  • Wondering if anyone has come across this problem: At speeds between 60-70 mph, without letting up on the gas pedal, the engine will lose about 3 mph of speed. After 10 seconds the engine will either come back at the original speed I was on OR it will increase to the point where I have to either let up on the gas pedal or tap the brake. This problem started in October, 2009 when the car had 24,980 miles. Took it to dealership, they said the computer didn't show any error codes. Problem kept occurring. Took it in again in February, 2010 and told them I was having same problem. They wanted me to ride around with a tech, didn't have time. Had them do the 30,000 mile service hoping that might clean it up. It has not. Any suggestions? :confuse:
  • hi i had a similar problem with my 04 toyota matrix i could hear a knocking noise and couldnt figure out where it was coming from i had it looked at, and had it tested and not one place or person could figure it out on what it was. i got mad and took motor out and took the whole thing apart come to find out it was a main engine bearing that came lose and got chewed up some how my piston bolts came lose on the 4th cylinder so now begins the process of putting it back together. so figured maybe if any one had a similar problem so mine maybe this would help
  • h2oskier
    I have a 2003 vibe stick with 208k and have just started having this same problem. when cold as engine warms up it starts to hunt just as you discribed. would like to know how to fix if possible.
  • rodyarodya Posts: 1
    I'm putting back together a 2007 matrix, but there is one plug I cannot find any receptacle for....

    It's a plug leading from the wiring harness which feeds the ignition coils. At the timing-chain-end of the engine, a smaller wiring harness extends from the #1 ignition's about 16'' long and end in a plug that I can find no receptacle for. Can someone please look under their hood and tell me where this plug is supposed to go???

    Thank you so advance
  • Hi there!

    My 2006 Toyota Matrix just passed the 100k mark before Christmas. I'd like to keep it going as long as I can. Anyone have any ideas on what I should be looking at, concerned about, etc?

    It does need a new Alternator, not immediately but soon. Other than that, ideas?

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