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Dodge Sprinter Gas Mileage



  • Would you mind sharing where or how it was that you got your Sprinter at a $7k discount? I'm looking to buy one now, and they're selling for a premium.
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    Oklahoma... got a dealer van (passenger, 624 miles) that was in stock on spec. Bought 2004 model in 2005.

    The Sprinter has not caught on here yet for passenger use. I see alot for businesses, especially delivery, medical, Cleaning companies, etc. Not very many passenger vans though.

    Special order is just not going to get you a discount anywhere that I know of. We also don't see them going for a premium here either. That may change with 2007 models.

    I was assured by the dealer that I could have taken mine up North or to Florida and have made a profit on it... I am pretty sure he was right.

    Apples for apples to Ford/GMC it is not really higher... 3/4 ton, diesel, high roof, 10 passenger, long oil change intervals, MPG, etc. If you find all of these in a FORD I know it will cost MORE than the Sprinter. My dad has a FORD that matches all but the high roof and even that van was about $45K list ($36K used with about 20K miles on it). My Sprinter LISTED for $37K+ and I paid $30K (plus a 500 dollar transport fee).

    Any idea how much it costs to add aftermarket high-roof to a FORD or GMC van?

    Oh yeah, the local Mercedes Owners Club wants me to join... I've put it back in Mercedes trim as it was supposed to be born and it is a bit of a novelty to them.

    KenB :shades:
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    Power Service (white bottle, red and black lettering)... 8-16 ounces per full tank in Sprinter will supposedly get you down to well below 0F (I think about -20F).

    I have only been down to about 12F above, but no problems using the treatment. More likely, you need the heat on the fuel filter instead of on the battery.

    Other Power Service diesel additives are for other conditions/purposes (silver/gray bottle, for example, is Cetane Boost).

    Power Service treatments are advertised to be equivalent to standard diesel in fuel tests (for warranty purposes). I think this was #2 Diesel and free of sulfur (yet lubricating), but I don't have a bottle in front of me as I write this.

    KenB :shades:
  • Hey-has anyone run their sprinter(mines an '04)on bio-diesel, either straight or a percentage in regular diesel? Thanks
  • ponchovponchov Posts: 14
    A dealer tried to get me to allow them to change my fuel filter at 12k miles.
    The service writer told me the new filter would improvem my mpg.
    Then I told him I was averaging 21-23.....he then suggested I would get even more.

    Anyone ever get this BS, sorry, I mean suggested maintance?
  • jftfijftfi Posts: 10
    I have a 2004 High Roof model loaded, purchased new. I have never done better than 19mpg and 18 is the average, in town or highway. I change the fuel filter every 10,000 miles with the oil and filter. Want to trade? Check the tire pressure. The manual calls for 80psi and if I drop to 50psi for a smother ride I lose about 2 mpg. I have now been told that reducing the tire pressure below spec. will effect the stability control system. Good luck
  • I do run my tires at 75 psi & they are going to be replaced in 5-6K miles more for a grant total of 30 K miles on New Conti. Ouch!
    I'm easy on the acceleration & try to keep from kicking in the turbo.

    Can after market fuel filters be used in the 08 CAD Sprinters?
  • raaberaabe Posts: 1
    I have a 2006, 2500, 158 wb sprinter with about 500 pounds of tools on board. I think i have a 3.72 rear end not sure but assume its that because i get about 20 to 21 mpg
    can a lower ratio rear end be installed lets say a 3.29 or so to improve mileage since i really never put it under any heavy loads and if i did it has that lower gear shifting ability to compensate for engine stress ?? Has anyone ever done this? :confuse:
  • ponchovponchov Posts: 14
    My 08 has a 4:10 final drive.
    I tried a slightly taller & slightly narrower tire than the stock conti size.
    Big mistake! The narrower tires made the rain groves in the freeway wiggle my van all over the lane. Yes, I had full psi, 75-80. But the real bad news came in my drop in mpg.
    From my usual 17-18 mpg, towing a trailer w/ 4 to 5 DS bikes, to 12-13 mpg. & the take off was nothing to write home about either.
    Went to my dealer & the tech figured out the ratio change & the revs per mile at the rear tire. It just wasn't that much of a gain in lowering the rpms but the throttle peddle was sure pressed way down there from the stock size tires.
    After a thousands plus miles of really bad mpg both loaded & unloaded, I went back to the stock size tires & will never mess around w/ prefection again.

    My 2500, 144 is turning 2,400 rpm at 65 mph by the GPS reading. I easily earn 21-23 near empty & trailer less. But loaded & trailering the above I earn 16-18 mpg.

    Something happens at 70 gets real fuel hungary.

    Have got 12 mpg in west TX doing 80+ on I-10 form El Paso to San Antonio while loaded & pulling 5 DS bikes on a heavy trailer.

    I don't punch my turbo from light to light & try to pass while going down hill.
    No cruise control when in the hills or mountains.

    These bread box designs are not w/o huge vaccumes at the rear, which do a big sucking job over 50 mph. I'm thinking about building an enclosed pointed trailer for my bike hauling & maybe a tail cone for the rear of the Sprinter. Should look interesting.
  • We swapped a 35ft Allegro Diesel pusher for this 23.5 ft View in 2007 and have put 81,500 miles on it. The fuel tank is nominally 26.4 gal compared to the 90 gals we used to carry. My wife is very happy with the way it handles/parks and I am happy because I don't have room for a lot of tools ( too much re-modeling for relatives). We cruise at speed limit (or plus 5) and get 17-18 mpg. We lost a tranny on I-5 in the heart of Spokane last Labor Day weekend but had extended warranty coverage, have gone through 3 turbo-resonators til I got a solid Aluminum tube from Amazon. Had an outer dual blow at 70mph but can't complain because the OE were 60,000 warranty rubber and we had 65,000 on the View. We have written to Dodge and Winnebago about things that could be improved but no responses. I find that it does better at hill climbing if I put the cruise control on before starting up. We carry our standard Poodle and a 20 lb cat (the kids are all grown) and occasionally a third adult. We have a home in FL and travel in the summers so no issues with freezing temps.
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