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U.S. Paint problems



  • redhead1redhead1 Posts: 7
    Hello-- Not sure, but I hope this is the right place to post this. Am looking for some advice on water spots on paint. I stayed overnight at a motel last night (late party out of town) and when I went out to my Dakota in the morning, it appeared as if sprinklers had gone off and wet the whole hood and front window of my truck. Of course the water had long dried in the heat of the sun and I was left with water spots. I just went out to give it a good thorough washing and a little elbow grease with some wax, but I can still see exactly where the spots are. I'm sick over this-- the truck is only 3 months old, and it's a dark purple color which shows the spots much more clearly. Is there a product I need to look for? Can a detailer work on those spots and get them out? I can't believe as careful as I am about washing it in the cool evenings and something like this had to happen! Help! Thanks for any advice (before I start fantasizing about a trade-in..)
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Try a soft buffing pad and 3m light duty rubbing compound. This will be your best bet to get rid of them. OR wait until the truck is really really dirty and trade it in. Possibly caused by acid rain or some careless dick- head who spilled somthing on it.

    P.S. I know about this, im a body tech/painter and have seen it before.
  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    I would not use any rubbing compound on a clearcoated finish - period.

    If the water spots don't wash off, try a cleaner/wax (Meguiars comes to mind) that is abrasive-free and designed for clear coated paint.
  • bigfur-- I found a bottle of that 3M stuff at Wal-Mart. I have to admit that I did buy a big bottle of the Meguire's cleaner wax first. The Meguire's couldn't take it out.. I was apprehensive about using the rubbing compound even though it clearly states safe for clear coats. It did get the spots about 99% out. I also talked to a guy at work who had other types of paint problems with his Ford Explorer and his paint guy suggested the 3M as well. Thanks for the advice-- I feel a lot better now that the hood looks more like normal. No more overnight parking lots for me..
  • i am interested in hearing about anyone who has had paint / primer problems on chevy trucks around the 1990 year model. i have an S10 Blazer . the paint color is dark blue over silver. at this time the vechicle has 52,600 miles on it. my problem is that the blue paint is coming off , leaving a white primer base . this is a garage kept vechicle with very low mileage for the 1990 year model.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Smoknben, This is a very common problem with any dark blue paint job. Even Ford took it out of their new super duty line up. Check with a local dealer and see if there is a paint warrenty on it(i doubt it but what the hall it couldn't hurt to ask). If not take it to a body shop and have them repaint it brfore it starts to rust.
  • Hi everybody! Just picked up my 1999 Tacoma 4x4, v6. Ilove it! Just one problem. How important is keeping it under 55 for the first 1000 miles? I want to keep the truck for a long time and don't want to seriously damage the engine. Does anyone have some additional tips? please advise!
  • mp1mp1 Posts: 7
    I have a black 93 Ford Ranger, and the paint is very badly faded. Wipe a wet rag over it, and rag has black paint "dust" on it. I can also see (what I think is) primer through the paint in certain areas

    Does anyone know anything about a Ford paint warranty (as bigfur suggested above).... Assuming there is no warranty, has anyone had luck getting Ford to repaint, or at least help repaint their trucks? If so, does anyone have tips concerning how best to deal with Ford? I'd like to hear any helpful stories (positive or negative).

    I'm pretty serious about ordering a 99 F-150 in the Spring, and I was going to start by telling the dealer that there's no way I'm going to buy a new Ford if this is what I can expect the paint to look like in ~5 years. Anyone think this will motivate them to help me?
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    I'd try the friendly routine first. If you start out in a combatitive mode, it's tough to get anyone to help you beyond what is required under the warranty.

    I've heard several stories of Ford agreeing to repaint trucks even though it is not required by warranty. If you let them know (in a subtle way) that you are thinking about buying a new Ford in the future, that can't hurt.

    Also remember that the service department at the dealership you go to will likely need to talk with Detroit before they can authorize a new paint job, so they may need a couple of days before they can give you a definitive answer.

    Let us know what kind of luck you have.
  • BTW, if you are getting black dust, that means that the clear coat is GONE. Get this fixed asap before the truck starts to rust in those spots.
    Good luck,
  • I am looking for info on the paint recall on the Ford F-150 pickup. It was listed about a week ago on the internet. Does anyone have any info on it.
  • 1hopeck1hopeck Posts: 41
    I have read a few of the messages about the poor quality with the 2 stage paint process known as Basecoat/clearcoat. I used to work at city transit bus manuf. that use a single stage paint process that worked great. Then PPG came in a sold us on the Auto industry 2 stage system.
    Needless to say it saved money up front, but we have many field problems with the Basecoat/clearcoat system. It ended up costing us more because of field repairs. The city bus industry is very rough on paint surfaces as they use harsh soaps and brushes from machines to keep them clean. I am a believer in the Single stage.

    My next story with a poor paint job has to do with my 92 K1500 chevy pick-up. It is white and (at no cost) brown specks in the clearcoat. GM said it was Raildust from the truck being shipped from the factory. The bulletin Number is 431701. GM will not take responsability for the damaged paint job. Be careful when one buys a new car as the Clearcoat is so SOFT that is will stratch when one washes the dirt off the surfaces.
    One would think GM and all manuf. could prevent this if they wanted to.
    Rail dust, which comes from the tiny iron particles produced from the friction between the train wheels and the track gets deposited on the surface of the paint (clearcoat).
    Maybe PPG can answer this problem??????
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