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Lexus ES 350 and Bluetooth



  • vitahawkvitahawk Posts: 14
    Great, thanks for the responses.
  • sparkumsparkum Posts: 2
    I have the Lexus 08 ES350. My bluetooth behaves like some others that I have seen posted. After pairing the phone , whenever the engine is shut off, the phone has to be "paired" anew.
    Has anyone had this problem rectified?
  • sparkumsparkum Posts: 2
    Hi everyone
    I have an 08 Lexus ES350. The car is 5 months old and the "pairing" of my phone is an issue. When I shut down the engine, the phone "unpairs" . Then I have to do the process all over again when I start up the engine.
    Any advice guys?
  • My Lexus dealer has provided customers with a "Bluetooth Valet." We can call and e-mail him with questions about Bluetooth in the vehicles we bought at this particular dealer. He tells me constantly that Samsung phones do not pair reliably with the Lexus Bluetooth hands-free system. I had two Samsung phones and both would pair with my Lexus RX400h, but not every time. I'd say it was about an 85% success rate. He did tell me that Motorola phones pair 100%. My wife has a Motorola PEBL U6 and it pairs up every time. So do Sony Ericsson phones. I tested the SE and they work great. And I've been using an Apple iPhone 3G for about one week and there are no problems, it works 100% of the time but the call level is a little low (this can be adjusted by an internal Lexus menu). You must also "authorize" your Samsung phone to recognize your Lexus Bluetooth hands-free, then it will do the pairing automatically. The "authorize device" option should be in your phone's Bluetooth menu if this is an issue. But keep in mind, Samsung phones will still fail to pair about 10-15% of the time, even if they are set up with your car correctly. It's just the nature of the Bluetooth technology in the Samsung... they make very good phones, but they don't pair with our Lexus vehicles 100% of the time :(
  • sonnywsonnyw Posts: 1
    My phone has been working great,then it stopped and unable to re-set it??
    thanks for any help
  • I paired my iphone.....then after replacing my phone, I paired the new phone......then I drove a different lexus and paired this phone too........when I went back to my car, now I cannot get the phone to pair.....I am choosing the phone but then it doesn't come up to put the passcode in my phone to pair it...........HELP anyone!!! I am electronically challenged!!!!
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