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Spectra Paint Quality?



  • Mine is a 2007 and the paint in the front (entire front) same thing. All these years, 3 dealerships and the same thing, no coverage. The latest excuse I got was they don't honor the paint warranty in New England because there is too much road debris. I guess they shouldn't sell Kia's in New England. Be careful with your in cabin air filter (behind the glove box) that can also cause water to build up in your dash board.

    Good luck and do what I plan on doing, next time buy a Hyundai.
  • I bought a white 2009 Spectra in Nov of 2009, and already have a battle zone of spots all over my car. The dealer that i got the car from said my spots were from the color being white, then said from bird poop, then from tree sap, and finally from the sun`s heat and rays. The Kia rep said that they were from chemical burns and best yet, told me to turn it in to my insurance company.......Isn`t he telling me to commit insurance fraud? What kind of company is this...We work hard for our money, they sell us a car that they know is damaged. Let`s try to get them out of this country.
  • I just got a white 2009 Spectra and the same problem is happening with mine, so color isn`t a factor here, and it seems neither is the year. I was told by the rep to file with my insurance co........that`s insurance fraud........WHAT A GEM OF A COMPANY.......
  • In regards to the paint problem, -.I have a white 09 with the same mess showing up all over.what state do you live in, and could you give me the number of the rep that told you that kia is aware of the problem? I live in Iowa and the rep that I talked to, said that they were chemical burns.........any help you can give, will be greatly appreciated.
  • I was reading your post about the paint problems.I have an 09 Spectra that`s white. Same problems as the other people here have. Roof, hood trunk and side panels. Have you gotten anywhere with this matter. My Kia rep said no dice to coverage being honored Chemical burns are what they are calling it. Any help, will be greatly appreciated
  • Have the same problems Mine is an 09, and white. Have you had any luck?
  • Kia doesn't care. The honest answers from the service techs are that you should have bought a shield for the car the day you bought it or else you end up with a car that is peeling and the windshield will be pitted in record time. It is the poor paint and glass quality that cannot take normal driving conditions let alone New England. They told me Kia would never cover paint in New England because of winter salt use etc. Then why do they sell cars in New England??? They couldn't answer that, we are all screwed by KIA, spread the word. And Insurance won't cover it.
  • jenaejenae Posts: 3
    edited December 2010
    It's not just a New England problem. I bought mine here in Texas in June of 2005 and it rarely snows here (2-3 days a year). It's a paint problem. They obviously don't want to accept responsibility for it so are blaming everything else. So far mine is still just in the back of the car, unfortunately it looks awful. Still immaculate other than the paint. So sad there's nothing being done about this when so many people are having this same paint problem. Has anyone gotten anywhere with Kia on this?
  • Looks like I have the same problem as many others. After a small chip on the front bumper the paint began chipping off and further cracking like a boiled egg being peeled. I questioned it with the dealership only to be told it wasn't covered under the warrenty. I was given a referral to a local paint shop to get an estimate and also told they might not be able to fix the problem. I would most likely have to replace the entire bumper! In addition I have numerous chips on the hood as well. I love the car but doubt I'd ever get another Kia. I live in North Carolina so the problems can't be road salt or freezing temperatures! I'm about ready to peel off all the paint and go with an unpainted black bumper!
  • jenaejenae Posts: 3
    I agree with you. I love how my little car zips around and has alot of power. But I won't buy another Kia because of the paint issue. I think it's sad when you have a new car and take really good care of it that you are stuck with peeling paint. I could understand it if the car was 10+ years old or if it was always parked in the sun and never washed. But not when it's parked in a garage or carport most of the time and less than 5 years old. I can't belive there isn't some kind of paint recall or class action suit against Kia yet for this. A new paint job isn't cheap. :(
  • kkelleykkelley Posts: 1
    I have an 04 Spectra with silver paint. Front bumper paint has crackling spots all over. Rear bumper is dulled and feels like sandpaper. The trim pieces on both sides have no paint left on them. The left side view mirror has no glossiness left at all, yet the right side mirror is fine. The trim was where it started and KIA told me there was nothing they could do. The bumpers started showing some decline in 2009 and now look really bad. I keep my cars a long time so I will probably get them re-done. It is a shame KIA doesn't address the paint issue. We are free advertising for them and shoddy paint on the vehicles doesn't make them look good.
  • they took and feel in the spots with paint where it was chipping.
  • i have a 2005 kia spectra black and have no paint issues at all. My car has set out in the sun with no protection at all does not seem to be a problem yet. I actually am pleased with my car overall. Now it has had a few problems like the instrument cluster stopped working,and the passenger airbag weight sensor under the seat quit working. All fixed in a timely manner and with great service in my experience they stand behind their product. i drive my car rough and everything that has broke rather it be my fault or a defect they have always fixed it. Actually that was one of the reasons why I was entertaining the idea of buying another.
  • my 05 spectra paint is in great condition and has always set out in the sun and went extended amounts of time without a car wash. I was thinking everybody who is having that problem should look at their v.i.n and see where they were manufactured maybe there is a factory that needs upgrading.
    But also on that note i feel kia has a good warranty and they stand by it i have been to the dealership forve been i turned a corner way to fast and hit the ditch. It bent my rim so i put the spare on next day bought a new rim witch was slightly different than the orginall (but it dont matter cause it gets covered with the hub cap) A couple months later car started shifting really hard into second gear then started to leak transmission fluid. took it to kia they replaced my seals. A week later it started leaking again and more, Kia replaced seals and rebuilt the front axel that feeds into the transmission. NExt day fluid everywhere by this time i was annoyed but took it to them this time they noticed the rim asked if it had been wrecked i said no, they said that they were tired of working on it and told me they were going to replace the entire transmission. All done at no cost to me they gave me a rental,and when i got mine back it was full on gas washed and detailed. since them not a bit of trouble out of it
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