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Avalon Electronics



  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    The Lexus Nav Sys is very user friendly and touch screen also. I test drove an ES330 with Nav--wonderful car--just smaller than the Avy. I "assumed" the Avalon Nav was the same--duh--my REAL BAD!!
  • jlsextonjlsexton Posts: 302
    Now I'm glad I did not opt for the expensive GPS but you never mentioned the useless remote start, another joke of Toyota's and you are correct the email address Toyota cares is a joke. not only do they not care I honestly believe my 8 year old grandson know more about vehicles then they do. thank you for an excellent heads up on the other useless and expensive gadgets. By the way, I contacted Denso to see if the prom chip could be re-programmed, they sort of denied thet even made it although their name is on the SMART KEY ???
  • msavalonmsavalon Posts: 49
    After reading all this about the electronics on the Avalon. I am constantly reminded of what I think is a good decision to buy a "base" '05 Limited. It came with nothing extra. I brought an after market Magellan GPS for $350 and it works fine. I've heard nothing but horror stories about the GPS and the remote start. I think too many electronics on the car creates more opportunities for things to go wrong. Nothing is worst than dealing with a dealership that sees only $$$ and tells you nothing is wrong time after time when it's a warranty issue. I had to take my car back twice for the rubber seal around the passenger side door that the service dept said was normal. After I came back to pick up the car, it was in the same condition I left it in. I had to ask the Service Mgr to go out on the lot and compare my car to the other Avalons. He changed the "crunched up" rubber seal. Otherwise, my experiences with this car has been beautiful. I can't say the same for the dealership!!! :mad: Happy Avy driving.
  • ker154ker154 Posts: 1
    I"m asking about post #26 by dawahna. My 1998 Avalon started doing the exact same thing. What was the repair ??? thank you
  • dawahnadawahna Posts: 3
    My very trustworthy repairman said I can't fix what isn't broken. It works, then it doesn't, but of course when it quits I make an appointment, know the rest it works again. This has happened at least a dozen times. The worse was when it was cold and the dark............that was "scary"! No defrost!
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    I feel the same way and have the similar experiences. I have a base 2002, pretty much. No auto climate controls, no computer, no sunroof. Added some suspension parts, but not alot of electronic parts. Found the many Toyota dealerships, not on top of their products. Good all season vehicle, used for a variety of purposes, including gettting to work in winter weather and towing.

  • jrungejrunge Posts: 1
    I am experiencing the same issue with my 98' avalon. Some days it will work perfect and then it will just trip out and the outside temp gauge stops working as well. I went through and looked at all the fuses and relays that were related to a/c, defrost and heater, etc. It was strange because most of the fuses had a black mark on them like somone had gone through and checked all these fuses previously. I have done a little research in this area and have found reccomendations on "resetting the climate control head" but I can not find the correct key combination to accomplish this. Does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this?
  • dawahnadawahna Posts: 3
    Have you had any luck in resetting the climate control head. Just this weekend as we were starting out on a 5 hour trip.........90 something degrees, the fan quit. Changed cars and I just started the avalon and it is working! This is frustrating. Talked with someone this weekend with a 2003 Avalon who is having the same problem. I wish it would just REALLY quit and maybe I can get something done about it!
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