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Matrix Transmission Problems



  • I am very tempted. You are probably right. May not do any good but I certainly intend to stand my ground and if that fails I do plan to talk to an attorney. I just trusted them too much and never thought to ask any of my friends to listen to it. They'd always been super nice to me at other times and I figured if you can't trust the people you bought it from, who can you trust. I've always had good experiences with car repairs before. Sad thing is, I have loved that car except for this. They offered to buy it from me for $1500 or offer $3000 in trade. Last year, I checked and with the low mileage and the condition it's in, the trade value was $9,000. They would probably repair it for about a grand and turn around and sell it. It's really sad that companies are that way.
  • thanks. i will keep reading. to be continued . . . . .
  • I was on a heavily traveled highway just before mine blew out. How can this NOT be a safety issue? I will be calling National Transportation board along with other organizations.
  • Well, I suppose I will find out next week if my dealership will make the same offer.
  • As you can see from recent posts, I would be very interested in knowing whatever came of your experience on I40. I don't understand why a recall hasn't been done.
  • Would be interested in knowing whatever became of this as my '03 matrix transmission just bite the dust at 72,000.
  • Well, I got no where with the dealer. did give me the number for Toyota corporate office. Can't afford a new car payment right now but will bite the bullet and get new transmission and hope it lasts for a couple of years yet. I will be in contact with Toyota, and will call every number I have found on this forum.

    Any suggestions from any mechanics out here on what questions to ask or anything I need to check with my dealership with concerning the repairs?
  • I also had to have my clutch replaced! Now my manual transmission is shifting itself. I'm so disappointed in my Toyota; my last Toyota/Corolla was about 15 years old before it died.
  • avocadosavocados Posts: 1
    We just joined the club. Our 05 has 159K miles on it, and, now it's worthless. It was our only 4-wheeled transportation. :(
  • carman1234carman1234 Posts: 1
    i have a 2005 matrix i bouth it wit 84000 miles on it and have had no problems wit it it now has over 210,000 miles on it and sill have had no problems wit it or the tranny. and sill have no lights on over all this has been a good car for me
  • eileenmeileenm Posts: 1
    I blew my transmission yesterday with 110,000 miles. They are telling me $4200 for the transmission & $1900 for the coupler which normally goes with the tranny.
  • If you have the time you can go the Attrition route, but most of us don't have that luxury. I just vote with my wallet (I bought a new 2011 Honda) and tell everyone what happened to my Toyota.

    I will never buy another Toyota. I had blind faith in their quality and reliability, but I will never trust them again.

    What bothers me most are the people who post on here how they went out and bought another Toyota. Good luck to them. I don't like to live life by chance.

    Don't hate. Forgive them for their ignorance and move on with your life.
  • 2010mat2010mat Posts: 2
    I'm concerned about the tranny problems. I have new 2010 matrix with just 6600 miles on it. took a trip through the mountains and experienced some shifting and power problems in the Sierra Nevada range. It was a 4000 mile trip through Wy,Id,Or,Ca,NV and CO. (lots of mountains) Only experienced this problem in the last 500 miles. When I got back to Boulder I took the car in for oil change Etc. and mentioned the loss of power and shifting problem to the mechanic. They took it for a drive and told me it was probably the altitude changes and the sensors needed a few seconds to respond to the air difference. But they noted it on the work papers in case there was a problem in the future. I'm not a mechanic and have no idea whether this is an accurate possibility or not. But I guess I'm asking if others have had this problem with this trans...or if "noting it on the work order " is actually of any use for future problems?
  • hillhumhillhum Posts: 6
    NO NO NO ! I live in the sierra nevada mtns. And that altitude stuff is crap. Take it back and make them look at their technical service bulletins. Tell them you know there is one on this, and you also noticed a louder than usual noise when it was happening. Have them look at the transmission coupler assembly. Mine started EXACTLY the same way, and toyota knows about this issue but doesn't have to deal with it because its only a TSB and not a recall . If you wait, it will get worse, and if you get past 60k, toyota will hang you out to dry....get it looked at again! Good luck
  • 2010mat2010mat Posts: 2
    My car didn't make any noise it just lost power quickly, no matter how much gas pedal I applied and shifted from gear to gear and back again. It never did this in the mountains prior. I checked the service bulletins and don't really know what I'm looking at...lock/latches or powertrain, cooling etc. but nothing on tranny. thanks for the heads up though will continue to research.
  • I had my transmission rebuilt back in 2007, at 65,000 miles (under extended warranty, thankfully). But now, at 135,000 miles, problem is back again, like clockwork. Rear main bearing failure, same as the first time. I don't advise anyone to purchase a manual version of this car. I am going to trade it in for something else, which is too bad! The car was perfect for me in every other way! But I am not paying $1800 to rebuild the transmission every 4 years or so. I actually emailed the shop I took it too last time and asked them how many of these they see (its a huge, transmission only shop, so they probably have seen a bunch).

    What worries me though, is that there have been numerous people on here who have been driving and the transmission just seized up on them on the freeway. That can be very scary/deadly, so now I am afraid to drive it! I have an old 4Runner, so I guess I am in better shape than most, but the 4Runner is 23 years old and has 230,000 miles on it!

    I am so dissapointed. My previous car, a 93 Civic Si, had 180,000 miles when I sold it in 06 and the guy who has it said its at 200,000 now...same tranny, same clutch, same rotors.....that was a reliable car! :confuse: :sick: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Well, I found this forum on Friday, when I discovered the horrible noise emanating from my 05 matrix with 59k on it is the transmission. Toyota says it is the countershaft bearing and replacement of tranny is $3k. Much as described on here. Mechanic there admitted he has seen it in 5 cars, yet Toyota "does not know of this problem." They are checking with Toyota rep to see if they will do anything for me, but my hopes are not high.

    Like everyone here I'm very disappointed, as I paid more for a Toyota to have a reliable car. Yet clearly didn't get that. My last was a Honda, 11 years before selling, no problems. This is total [non-permissible content removed] and Toyota won't get my business again. It seems clear that folks have been having these problems for 5-6 years now and Toyota is still ignoring.

    I am probably going to a transmission shop, since they will actually fix the transmission rather than just replacing it. They said dealers don't fix transmissions because they don't have rebuilders on staff. A tip to others with this issue- get a second opinion and don't trust the dealer.
  • Toyota refused to "extend my warranty" (car has 59k and is 6 years old). So no help from them. One dealer gave me a customer service number for Toyota. I'll try, but forgive my lack of hope.

    Repair shop is quoting around $2200 to repair, depending on what they find when they take it apart. He did point out that at least the parts they use would not be Toyota parts.
  • Not shockingly, Toyota has refused to take any responsibility, just saying my car is over a year out of warranty. I know a lot of people on here talked about calling Toyota corporate, filing lawsuits, etc. Anyone make any progress? :mad:
  • I have same problem, want to put a 6 spd in. How did your swap go? Any problems I should know about? Would be grateful for any info you give. Did 5 spd clutch work or does 6 spd have different splines? Thanks for any info you can give.
  • cman5cman5 Posts: 1
    I just submitted a complaint with the National Highway Transit and Safety Administration (NHTSA) which has the power to force Toyota into issuing a recall. Please do the same. While the chances are low that the defect actually gets investigated, this is really the best chance of getting something done.

    Please follow this link:

    It's very quick and easy to fill out. Be sure to select "Power Train" and "Matrix", not "Corolla Matrix"
  • Addendum to my earlier post. My problem was not Toyota's fault. A shop that fixed an axle seal 4 months ago put no tranny fluid back in car. They paid for a new transmission. Here's hoping I don't have these problems you have all had! :-)
  • It's looking like I may be having the same issues as everyone else here. My 2006 Matrix is making odd growling noises, whines when it's shifting and tonight I noticed my dash lights looked dim. I've taken it to the dealer twice and they swear they can't find a problem. The second time, they claimed the found the problem, but charged me for a new water pump. As soon as I got in and turned the key to bring it home, the sound was back. My mistake was turning it off to go back inside to get the technician. Once back outside, I couldn't get the sound to repeat, even when they looked under the hood and crawled underneath. But then on the road, of course, it came back. By then I was almost home and was so angry I just went home to figure out what to do next. Now the problem seems worse and I fear how much it's going to cost me to resolve this.
    I'm wondering if I'd be better off going to a transmission repair shop, instead of the dealership. I'm afraid to drive it anymore!!! :mad:
    Advice/feedback welcome!!
  • Oh boy where to start? I bought the car certified new from a dealer ship after I can back from the military, I had it just over a year when things started breaking. The driver side panel inside the car that us between the door and windshield the plastic price broke off, the driver side plastic panel to hold on controls snapped off the controls, the clutch went at 126k the windshield was put in properly by them and it was set wrong and snapped and broke, the newest thing is my boyfriend and I were driving and all of a sudden we heard what soundedike a by break and rattle In the door. The 5 hours later when we getting ready to leave work the who driver side window shattered, the recall for the bolts were done last year when I got the clutch done, I brought it back to them Saturday they wouldn't let me watch the door come off from out side the shop, the only brought me out after about 2 hours and telling me that it was a PLASTIC tab that broke, not a bolt.. Some thing sounds really sneaky. Nothing mechanical breaks bc I take care of it, but it's all the damned plastic.. What do I do now
  • mk9mk9 Posts: 1
    I had the same problem with my 2003 matrix last December. We were driving around a corner and it just quit. So thankful we were'nt hurt. I hear now they changed the engines. According to Toyota, there wasn't a problem. So why change? I'ld love to go after Toyota !!!
  • Has anyone filed a complaint with their local Attorney General's office or consumer group? Or what about a letter to a consumer watchdog on a news station? Obviously, Toyota is aware of this issue, but apparently needs to be reminded how dangerous this can be and forced to do something about it.
    In my case, I've taken the car to a local mechanic who also didn't think there was a problem. I know that noise is not in my head!!! Yet, nobody can be bothered to look into my suspicions on the transmission and see if I'm right.
    I'd love to see this problem get recalled before something serious happens.
  • Have the 1998 Corolla with the engine problems - small pistons and the 203 Matrix with the transmission problems and idling problems- would recommend you NOT buy Toyota. I thought Toyotas were very reliable but having seocnd thought.
  • I have a 2003 Matrix basic - auto trans seems to shift down for no reason. Dealer found no problem - but I know something isn't right. Anyone else have this?
  • My 2003 Matrix just died in the middle of traffic, with my 8-year-old in the back seat. We had opted not to take the freeway because the gears had suddenly started acting funny - this is after I had taken it to the shop, who said they didn't see anything wrong so maybe a tune-up (which we did). We nearly got hit several times, sitting in the locked and dead car in the middle of the road. If we had taken the freeway chances are we would have been rear ended - with my son there. Toyota as yet not taking responsibility. We had clutch replaced 1-1/2 years ago already. Transmission blew so badly that is melted the core, making it not salvageable either - so $3800+ quote. Car basically totaled. DO NOT take your fears of car lightly! Go to dealer and insist on new transmission! :lemon:

    Anyone getting together a class suit?
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