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Matrix Transmission Problems



  • My daughters transmission failed after approx 750 klms and 6 days after delivery. 2013 Toyota Matrix delivered evening of 22 Aug, 2013, back to shop for new transmission on 30 Aug 2013.
    my email
    [email protected]
  • First of all, sure you can buy a 6-speed, which is what I did, but that is total crap. Ive NEVER had a transmission fail on me in almost 20 years of driving MT cars.

    Also, lets go through the list of stuff that has failed on my matrix with 155k miles on it.

    Transmission (twice)
    O2 sensor
    Catalytic converter
    starter (twice)
    Rotors warped at 60,000 miles
    air conditioning relay (twice)

    Not to mention tons of rattles, squeaks, and just general poor build quality.

    I love the matrix, and love all the stuff it can do, all the utility etc, but the build quality is definitely shoddy for any car, and especially bad for a Toyota. I also don't really think the problem is just the Matrix. Look at all the issues with the Prius and other cars with stuck gas pedals, etc. Toyota is definitely to blame for trying to grow too big to fast.
  • Hopefully your daughter's transmission repairs will be covered under warranty. If so you might chalk it up to "stuff happens" and remember that occasional flaws happen even in the very best products. In any case your daughter (and you if you're the one who taught her how do drive stick) might find the tutorial at helpful. It's the best method I've seen for learning to drive stick with minimum frustration and damage to the clutch. It's also important to keep in mind (and remind Toyota if necessary) that it is the clutch, not the transmission that might be expected to be damaged by someone new to a manual transmission. The transmission in my 2006 Matrix failed at 65,000 miles, just out of warranty. Toyota paid for the new transmission and charged me about $1000 to put it in. I'm at 131,000 miles now and it hasn't failed yet, knock on wood!
  • we get it, and I sympathize with you, but that is a freak occurrence. That car is under warranty. Get it fixed by them and stop posting over and over.
  • I have been to the dealer several times about this issue but they can't seem to find the problem.
    My problem is anytime I use my Bluetooth to talk to someone who is out of state, something pops like lighting is hitting the speaker or better example is it has the sound that you hear when you tap a jumper cable to a battery post. I can't tell when it is going to happen so I jump when it happens and I am afraid that it is going to cause me to have an accident.
    Why is this happening??
  • scwmcanscwmcan Niagara, CanadaPosts: 399
    You might want to post this in the appropriate forum as I don't think many people with Toyota Matrixes with transmission problems will be able to help you with you GM Acadia Bluetooth issue.
  • circuitsmithcircuitsmith Posts: 117
    edited October 2013
    My Matrix (2006 /w 42K miles) has no squeaks or rattles; no repairs except to replace a clutch that appeared to be badly overheated by the previous owner.
  • The jury is still out on the newer models. You have an 06 but someone just posted their 06 failed at 65,000. You also have about 45000 miles. Most of these transmission failures occur at 60-80k miles. I hope your transmission works forever like it should, but I won't be surprised if it fails. I assume you do all the proper maintenance so if it does fail you will know that is not the case.

    As far as genes squeaks and rattles my exes 05 corolla had numerous rattles that started a few months after buying it new.
  • I have a 2005 Toyota Matrix XR 5-speed with 92,000 miles. I, too, have a transmission problem, and the tranny is being torn down tomorrow to see if it can be repaired rather than replaced. (A USED tranny costs $1,700!!!) I called Toyota and was told by a CSR that my car had a 60,000 mile warranty or five years, so I'm out of luck. I also had the clutch replaced at 60,000 miles. My three previous Toyotas (2 Corollas and a Camry) had much better track records. I suspect that Toyota reliability is slipping and I doubt I will buy another one.

  • zs735zs735 OntarioPosts: 3

    Having driving Toyotas now for 25 years - Corolla specificlly (manual trans); i can definitely say that Toyota has gone downhill from every aspect.
    Fortunately no transmission issues; i drove my last mt till 275k (no clutch replacement) ever either. The more recent ones, i found shifter tends to lock a bit; they had to get it to lube the links; clutch squeeks all the time despite having tried to fix it numerous times.
    i stood by toyota but next vehicle i am definitely moving to honda.

  • josh137josh137 Posts: 1
    my 2004 matrix manual  tranny just went out at 134k this should not be happening and the ridiculous price of these trannys my car is 13 years old my tranny shouldn't cost $2000 I'm all for going after toyota I'm gonna write them next. I say we all start writing them over and over again till they do something. 
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 60,664
    You might consider installing a used transmission, hopefully with fewer miles on it.

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