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Cadillac CTS - Quality that lasts?



  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    I'm sorry that your CTS shut down on you, mgruca05! I hope you got where you needed to go safely.

    Is the mechanic you're using one of our GM dealerships? If so, we'd be happy to check into the progress of the repair. Please get in touch with us by emailing

    GM Customer Service
  • ghealerghealer Posts: 1
    edited September 2012
    I have a 2008 CTS FI sedan with 116,000 kilometers on it. I bought it new !
    The list of issues has been much longer than I had ever expected from a Cadillac.
    Most recently I noticed some fluid leaks in my driveway. I took the car to the dealership to be informed that my 4 year old Cadillac had a rusted out Transmission Cooling line at the fitting to the Radiator. I was told the cost to repair was $330.00 plus tax if they did not damage the radiator while taking the steel fitting out of the Aluminium Radiator. If there was damage then the bill would be much higher. I am picky about keeping my vehicles clean and particularly the underside in the winter . I have NEVER had a line rust out on Vehicle with 3 times the mileage or age. I'm told there is no coverage from G.M. for this. This is the most recent of a lengthy list of issues over 4 years.
    This Cadillac has not come even close to my expectations.
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