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Hyundai Azera Audio and Entertainment



  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557, haven't gotten the gasket replaced yet. Had to take care of the upper control arm on the driver's side first. With that out the way...I will order my spark plugs and a new gasket and take it into have them all done at the same time.
  • elliott1elliott1 Posts: 10
    Will this unit (or the replacement 3300) work with all the speakers that are part of the infinity radio system? Will the XM modulator plug into the SM antenna already installed in my system or will they have to string up a new antenna? Will this unit work with my current steering wheel controls? Thank you
  • elrlawelrlaw Posts: 20
    edited October 2011
    I have an Infinity 6 disc changer MP3 Sound system. CD screen display is showing "Error 2" after reading a CD I've loaded into the unit. I get no sound of any kind from the CD. It ejects without difficulty. I'm getting this message for all CD's whether store bought or burned. Players has been playing all sorts of CDs for the last 75,000 without any propblems. I've tried resetting the unit by pulling the fuse -- no luck I just have to re-program the radio stations. Thought or ideas for curing? Many thanks for you time.
  • by asking hyundai and writing, I was told it could only be replaced. By unit does not even reject the CD. It has been broken about 5 months now and not only is it broken but it drains the battery. After 3 days the car will not start. I was going to buy an after market one but could not find one with large buttons, similar to the original one. And the original one is about $1200. I would even buy that but it does not connect to an external audio player or drive. Its not possible to install any of the later Hyundai units. I did find a Chinese imitation that looks exactly like the original Hyundai unit (and has the same features, I believe) by since I do not install these things myself, this option is not appealing to me as its a very cheap radio.
  • Sorry, I bought my azera used so I dont remember the warranty off the top of my head, but is bumper to bumper only up to 60k miles? If so, I guess you are out of luck there.

    Try searching for double din units on ebay or on the web and you might come across something you like. I would never spend $1200 to replace the factory unit. You can probably get something for $200-300 and spend another $150-200 to have it installed professionally.

    If you are able to get your hands on a used factory system, it is actually very easy to install it, or once again you could pay someone to do it. I would stick with a reputable brand and not one of the asian knock-offs that are advertised online so often.

    Maybe someone on the board has a used one laying around they would sell. What color dash do you have? Do you have XM radio or not? What year model?

    A couple different units on sale in ebay:
    link black cd/cassette

    tan 6 disc
  • cobrazeracobrazera Posts: 352
    How cheap can the Chinese one be in comparison if the Hyundai/Infinity unit crapped out so quickly......or a local audio store can surely set you up with something decent for less than $1200.
    I know Azeras are rare beasts, but have you done a nationwide junkyard search - if you can find one, that would be the best and cheapest solution, IMO.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Quick question...what color interior do you have? I'm askin because my '06 has the tan interior and i removed the factory 6-disc changer shortly after and replaced it with an aftermarket unit. The factory unit has been sitting in my garage. If you paid for could have it.
  • elrlawelrlaw Posts: 20
    Thanks for all advice. I'm replacing Infinity 6 disc changer MP3 sound system with a single DIN Alpine CDE-126BT w/Azera kit/trim. New unit has receiver, single CD, bluetooth, IPod & USB ports. I'll end up with an extra storage cubby below the unit & above the heat/ac controls. All in -- $460. Yeah probably overpaying but it's a local reputable mobile stero shop, I don't have the time to deal with & I'll have someone to carp to if things aren't right.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Can't go wrong with Alpine...not at all. They make some of the best head units on the market. I'm sure you'll enjoy better sound as well as all the extra features your aftermarket unit will provide. :shades:
  • My car is a 2007 Azera Limited with XM. Putting in a used one would just open the door to it breaking again as it will still be two to three years old. Also, I really want the USB stick and option to use an iPod. I see, below, that someone has recommended and Alpine, single space. I will look into that. This is the low cost Chinese one but it does not have XM which we require. http://www.[non-permissible content removed].com/hyundai-azera-car-dvd-player-with-builtin-gps-navigati- on-digital-screen-pip-bluetooth-p-637.html
  • my car is tan. That is a really nice offer. I would love to accept it. I am not sure it will fit as mine is an 07, but I could have someone look at it. Its probably easier to send me then try to figure it out. If it does not work, I'd be happy to return it or just offer it up on craigs list to pass on for free, also. Thanks very much. can you send me a personal email about where to send the money?
  • I forgot to ask if it has XM?
  • thank you for this suggestion. As far as overpaying, the biggest bargain is to have a well done job. Anything else is much more costly.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Only problem is...'06 models didn't have XM. The unit I have is simply just the 6-disc changer w/o XM. It sounds as if XM is a dealbreaker, which is understandable. There are a lot of options out there at almost any price point. I myself, initially swapped out for a double din Pioneer unit that was a CD player with aux input. However, within the last year...I upgraded to a double din DVD player that offers USB, SD slot, aux in, built-in Bluetooth & I can add a back-up camera if I so choose.

    If you want some good shopping sources:

    Sonic Electronix

    Online Car Stereo

    If you're still interested in my OEM unit, provide me with your email address and I'll be in touch with you.
  • elrlawelrlaw Posts: 20
    The Alpine CDE-126BT I bought does not have XM. The same Alpine line -- the next model up I seem to recall, does come w/XM. This line also comes in 2 DIN models w/a screen & many other options but I did not want to spend that much money.
  • I have pretty much the same questions as elliott. I'm looking at purchasing the Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD and it looks like I need the Pioneer GEX-P920XM tuner. How is this done? Can the existing antenna be used? If so, what adapter is needed?

    Does any equipment need to be installed for the steering wheel controls?

    Thanks in advance. :)
  • eallowayealloway Posts: 1
    My Infinity audio system LCD display started acting erratically. It will start jumping and then start scanning through all symbols, numbers and letters and then go black in a rectangular box on the screen. I've tried disconnecting the battery and re-booting but it didn't help. Is there a fix or does it need replacing?
  • elrlawelrlaw Posts: 20
    I had the same problem with my '07 Azera Infinity w/5 disc changer. Considering the cost of pulling the unit, servicing it & etc., & maybe not fixing it after all that you're better off just replacing with a new unit that's got bluetooth & can play iTune & droid devices. You'll be much happier.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    edited July 2013
    Unless it's covered under warranty, your best bet is to buy and aftermarket unit. For the price of a new OEM unit, you could rip out the entire system and replace everything. You have 2 choices...

    #1...take it to a shop and purchase the radio of your choice and have them install it. If you're handy or know someone that knows how to do your money.

    #2...purchase a unit online (huge savings). If you order from a place like Crutchfield or SonicElectronix...they send you the necessary wire harness and dash kit required to install in your car. An added bonus ordering from Crutchfield...they send you detailed instructions on how to pull the OEM radio and install your new one as well.

    Getting the OEM radio out is pretty easy and installing an aftermarket one is just as easy. The only trick will be the wiring harness. I'm not sure that Scoshe or Metra have addressed the pin location in their harnesses for the OEM amp. So it will require pulling the wire out of the harness and placing it in the right slot so you'll get sound. Other than's all about matching wires up and securing them together with butt connectors or wire caps.

    If you want to know more, I'd be happy to help you. I have pretty much replaced my entire Infinity OEM system with aftermarket components. I am still running the OEM amp though (very nice amp) and the OEM tweeters.
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