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New Hyundai Azera Owners Experiences



  • With reference to DRLs they have their own issues such as drivers fail to turn on their lights in the evening; note tail lights do not go on with DRLs. Bottom line Hyundai needs to update
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    That would only be driver error then. If you coupled DRL's along with automatic can't go wrong. My '07 Saturn Outlook operates that way. During the day...the DRL's are on and when dusk hits, the headlights activate turning on the tail lights and all. Worrying about cutting lights on when I need my wipers is a non-issue with that vehicle. On my Azera though, with the lights set on auto, there are times it's dark enough when it's raining that they come on automatically, but not all the time.
  • Now that the gray Michigan winter weather has arrived, I usually drive with the lghts turned on manually. With a dark colored car, I want to be seen by the other drivers on the road. They turn off when the car is shut off.
  • rminorrminor Posts: 40
    I just leave the lights on all the time. They go off when I turn the engine off and I don't worry about having lights on as it gets dark. Just turn the dash lights up during the day, down at night.
  • I agree regarding lights and wipers, as many states now require this, including Illinois. But, really, what is so difficult to simply turn on the lights manually when it begins to rain anyway?
  • You have everything in your car that I have in mine execpt the auto adjust pedals (i'm the only one driving my car so I don't need that) and the auto wipers. I don't think I would want that either, especially if I was to try to wash my car. I paid $22k brand spanking new!

    Secondly, if you want just your back heated, you can buy one of those cheap massage seats for that feature. In most cases, when someone turns on the heated seats its not for theraputic purposes, but to stay warm, hence both the cushion and the back heating at the same time.

  • You do have daytime running lights, just turn them on during the day, when you shut the car off, the lights will go off. Come on people how lazy are we really? Think about it. It's almost as bad as the Lexus parking the car for you, sheesh.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Only problem with leaving the headlights on all the time is you shorten the life of the bulbs. I did that very same thing with my '02 Sonata and I was replacing bulbs once a year.

    With the Azera, I'm going to add an angel eye kit and have those just stay on all the time and leave my headlights in auto mode. That way, I have something that's lit at all times. With the angel eye lights, they are led's so they will quite durable and long lasting.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Actually Msazzyindc...daytime running lights aren't the same as your regular lights. In DRL mode, the lights don't burn at full intensity and the rest of your lights aren't activated...for the simple fact of preserving bulb life. When you leave your lights on full time...then any light that's not and LED type light, will have a short life-span.

    It's not about being lazy...actually, lazy is leaving your lights on so you won't have to turn them on when it starts raining. The whole point of this discussion was to have cars set up so that the lights come on automatically when the wipers are activated. Think about how many times you see cars driving around in the rain with no lights on...especially dark colored cars. It's a combination of being lazy and not having consideration for other drivers on the road. So, if you take it out of their hands and make it automatic...then there's one less issue that someone can gripe about, right? :blush:

    Now...the Lexus parking itself...that's truly one for the books. However, that just means we are on the path to being able to just jump in our cars and telling it where we want to go and it does everything...we just sit back and enjoy the ride. BBBBBOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!
  • scbobscbob Posts: 167
    In 2003, my Camry had DRL's, but you could opt to turn them off. Not sure if they still have the option or if other cars do. Sort of defeats the purpose of DRL's.
  • Turning on the lights in the rain has nothing to do with being lazy my other two cars both turn on the lights with the wipers as did the Jeep that I owned. What I find strange is that the Azera's wipers will go on in auto mode as it starts raining, and my contention is who ever forgets to turn in the wipers as opposed to how many people forget the lights when they activate the wipers. I am thinking that upgrade might only be a software change in the computer or at worst a couple of bucks for a relay
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    RE: 551
    I have spoken with the Service Managers of my local dealership about the "lights on with wipers" issue. He claims that it can't be changed at this time with a computer software fix, but agrees that a relay could probably be installed that would create the desired function. If someone has infact added the relay, I would appreciate learning the exact procedure.
  • In regards to the DRL, that is new news to me. Learn something new every day. My truck (over $30k) had DRL and since I'm behind the wheel of the car, it's no way I would know exactly how many lights are burning. But I feel like for what we are getting for the price of the car what's the problem with turning on the lights while driving. For me, I'm not behind the wheel that many hours at a time that it would be detrimental to the life of my headlight bulbs.

    However, having my lights on auto, i really like the fact that when I'm driving in a tunnel or a dark area, it automatically turns on my headlights.

    I'm still nervous about using the auto transmission gears. :P The car might go crazy while driving. I need to go to an empty parking lot and try it out. :shades:

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Once it was explained to me, I got out the car and checked it out. In my '07 Outlook, when the switch is in auto...the headlights are on, but the dash lights are in daytime mode and the tail lights are not on. When it starts getting dark and the the auto on feature kicks in, the dash lights get dimmer (night mode) and the tail lights come on as well. It was explained to me that when the headlights are on in DRL mode, they don't burn at full intensity I also have the option of turning the DRL's off, automatically comes back on once I cut the car off and then restart it.

    You have nothing to fear using the Shiftronic feature. Maybe you just need someone to show you how to do it and then once you get used to'll find yourself doing it without a thought.

    Hope your Thanksgiving was happy, safe and blessed!!!
  • "You have nothing to fear using the Shiftronic feature. Maybe you just
    need someone to show you how to do it and then once you get
    used to it . . you'll find yourself doing it without a thought."



    Glad to find someone who uses the Shiftronic feature the same as I do!
    Love that 'hill holder' also. ;)

    When slowing down and your transmission has downshifted by itself back to "3," does
    your car lurch to "1" skipping "2" altogether before you have come to a complete stop?

    My dealer "shined me on" and told me that that is normal. I don't believe so, but
    if your car is doing this also, please comment. I don't believe this is "normal"
    as my car does not do that when I am using straight "D."
    How say you Mike? :confuse:

    Thanks in advance. :D

  • derrelhgreen,

    My car does exactly that...downshifts from 3rd to 1st without EVER seeing 2nd.
    My dealer told me that ALL Azeras are like that.

  • Re: # 556

    "My car does exactly that...downshifts from 3rd to 1st without EVER seeing 2nd.
    My dealer told me that ALL Azeras are like that."


    Thank you for responding.

    So there are at least two of us that are upset so far.

    Do you think that it is right for our cars to lurch into first gear while the car
    is still moving? I think mine is still at about five mph when it does that.

    Let's wait and see what allmet and possibly some others may say
    before we agree that Hyundai needs to address this problem.
    Just because a couple of service writers say that "this is normal"
    does not mean that we have to live with that.
    After all, no one's car does that when in the fully automatic "D" position do they?

    So why should we have to put up with that jerking as our cars
    drop into first gear before coming to a complete stop.

    IMHO, our transmissions should backshift from third to second and then down to first gear
    only after the vehicle comes to a complete stop as happens when in the "D" position.
    Why should the transmission act any different when in the Shiftronic phase? :confuse:

    Constructive comments please . . ;)

  • dborthdborth Posts: 474
    My dealer "shined me on" and told me that that is normal

    Typical rope-a-dope from the typical Hyundai dealer. It's not normal, mine doesn't. Don't tolerate it.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Derrel...I LOVE using the Shiftronic feature when I'm driving. Don't get me wrong, there are times I'm lazy and I leave it in automatic mode, but for the most part...I use it like I'm driving a manual. I really don't think twice about any lags in downshifting or upshifting for that matter...there are times I actually don't even think about the's just become second nature to me. I guess I had more time to get acclimated to it with my '02 Sonata because it had the same set up. Only difference, it was a 4 speed. I had to get used to the new shift points with the Azera, but once I did...that's all she wrote!!! *grin*

    I tell you what...downshifting manually has come in handy a couple/few times when you pass a cop going a little faster than you should, instead of mashing on the brakes (which is one thing they look for), I can simply downshift and bring the speed down without him knowing. ;)

    I have to admit, I THOUGHT I recalled my transmission shifting down to 2nd automatically when in manual mode. I paid attention the other day and it does indeed go from 3rd down to 1st by itself. The only reason I never really paid attention to that is that I manually downshift when I'm slowing down anyway. When you do it, then it will go into 2nd. I think the programming was done thinking that if someone is not manually downshifting, then they must be coming to a stop, so...skip 2nd. I don't know if that makes any sense.

    When you have the transmission in automatic mode, I think it goes through the full progression when it downshifts. I mean...I think it only drops to 1st when the car hits under 5 mph. Here's one way to find out...when you're coming to a stop, when you get down to about 15 mph, switch the shifter over to manual mode and see what gear the transmission is in. Do it another time and wait till you get just under 30 mph and switch it over to manual mode and see where it is then. the same thing when the car gets down to about 5 mph. I guess this is one way to see what the tendancies of the transmission are.

    What you think Derrel, make any sense to you?
  • My Azera does not shift like you mentioned. You might try disconnecting the battery for a couple of minutes and then reconnect it. I was told once by a dealer that it will reset your transmission. The instructions were for a Ford and quite frankly, I do not know if it is true or not but always worth a try.
  • jkolehjkoleh Posts: 38
    Purchased a new 2007 Ltd Ultimate end of October 2007--after 2020 miles and two months, I am more pleased than not with the Azera. I came from a 2004 Chrysler 300M Special, which was also a great car but doesn't measure up to the Az's quiet, comfort, and features. Did corner a bit better, however.

    Best liked features include the many small luxury touches I keep discovering, like the damped grab handles in the roof, the front floor well lights--least liked feature is the inability to dim the dashboard lights as low as I like them at night. Car runs like a train on the I-state--smooth, quite, and comfortable.

    After 2020 miles of driving, 45 per cent on Interstate, and 55 per cent cold weather suburban/city, overall MPG is running 21.9. Looking forward to a long trip to FL in 4 weeks .
  • gamlegedgamleged Posts: 442
    Check out the "Low-key touches of luxury" thread... :shades:

    gamleged, "Hyundai Azera - Low key touches of luxury" #1, 6 Dec 2006 7:43 pm
  • There is a control on the left side ,on the dash that dims the dash lites; Look for a little wheel or ask the dealer
  • I too had a 300M and love my Azera. The big feature I miss from the 300 was my auto dim outside mirror. I have a 2007 Ltd Ultimate which I now have owned for a full year, 9,000 miles. Great car, love driving it. My mileage is not so good since I only drive 2 miles to work, at 19.1, but when I go on trips I'm getting about 22. Everything works perfect on the car and I've never needed to take it in for repairs.
  • jkolehjkoleh Posts: 38
    I know about the dimmer wheel for the dash lights---but it really doesn't dim them to the point of almost being out.---could shut my eyes, I guess.
  • gamlegedgamleged Posts: 442
    Mine adjusted all the way down is sufficient, but I could stand a little less light. When I first turned on the lights at night, they were all the way up and I think I got a little sunburn until I located the dimmer... :shades:
  • psu3psu3 Posts: 15
    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here and this is my first post. Got our new 2007 Azera Limited w/ ultimate package on Monday. Drove it home from NJ to PA. (50 miles). Since then I've been reading the manual, attempting to adjust and personalize vehicle settings. The manual is lacking somewhat, so I went on-line to gather information and came across this site. Appears to be the most comprehensive Azera forum.

    After reviewing many of the posts, it appears that there are many opinions and people willing to give sound and technical advice. It appears that the manual is not totally thorough and that many obtain additional Azera information from this forum.

    I'm not even sure I know what questions to ask to get important supplemental information. So I'm asking for someone to provide perhaps an item list of hot topics that new owners should be aware of or items that the manual is lacking. With the list of topics I could then use the search feature to review the suggestions previously provider by the forum members. Thanks in advance.

    Happy Holidays!

  • gamlegedgamleged Posts: 442
    Welcome to this forum!

    Try this: Backspace from this thread to the Hyundai Azera forum. Find the "Search Hyundai Azera" SEARCH function in the gray bar immediately above the "Add a discussion" link and type in the word "program" sans quotes. This will call up the Azera posts which concern things like the dealer-provided programming of the "limp-home mode" and the automatic door locks and that the service should be free, but that some dealers charge if you don't hold your ground.

    If at night, you seem to have a black bar limiting the range of your headlights, search for "headlight" and see the posts regarding adjustment of the Azera's headlight so the black bar can be raised.

    Do a search for "cabin" to read about alternative suppliers of the $30+ cabin air filter!

    Check the thread, "Hyindai Azera Climate Control" to learn about the... well, climate control function, and to find out how to actually turn off the AC while retaining all the other climate control features (thread link below).[email protected]@

    This should get you started... ;)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    That's great advice, gamleged, thanks! There's just one thing - the "backspace" key will behave differently depending on how someone got here (which could be any of a myriad of ways!). Best thing to do is suggest people go to the Azera group link and then follow your suggestions. ;)

    That link is handy at the top and bottom of each page in the group on the "You are here" line.
  • Has anyone put in remote start as an after market addition?
    I'm trying to find out if the shop had to change remotes or you could
    have it using the original equip. remote. I'm in the NY area and am looking for a place to have one installed.
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