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New Hyundai Azera Owners Experiences



  • scbobscbob Posts: 167
    Cruise control always gets better mileage than any driver. The computer can adjust much quicker than we can go from eyes to foot.
    If I am not going to change speed for five miles or more, I set the cruise.
    Interestingly the new EPA MPG's are compatible with what Consumer Reports has been reporting for years.
  • royaltyroyalty Posts: 27
    Well I finally got fed up with my Hyundai Azera Limited and traded it in. The horrible seat had caused so many problems with my back that my doctor suggested I get rid of the car. I have replaced it with a new 2008 Honda Accord and am amazed at the difference. Much better seats. Gimmicks in the Hyundai (stereo, rear sunshade, rain sensing wipers) are now replaced with solid engineering. The difference is amazing. Wonderfully supportive seats with side bolsters. Better ride with none of the rattles and clunks that the Azera exhibited. I only wish I had bought the Honda Accord to start with as they gave me a HORRIBLE TRADE-IN. The Azera lost $6,500 in just a few weeks. I can just imagine how much it would have depreciated over a few years. I know the Honda will hold its value much better but it doesn't matter as I intend to keep the Honda for many, many years as it is just too nice car to part with. Gorgeous styling, beautiful interior, great voice-activated navigation, great stereo (through only 6 speakers and a subwoofer) which doesn't buzz in the trunk like the Hyundai. Quiet, comfortable ride. I could go on and on but I now understand why Hyundai's are sold so cheap. It's because compared to Honda's, they are.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    RE: 452
    Just think, if your doctor told you to get rid of your Azera, you should get a tax deduction of your loss as a medical expense.
  • dborthdborth Posts: 474
    Re 452. Whatever you do royalty, under doctor's orders or not tell us what you really think...don't hold back.
  • drdonrsdrdonrs Posts: 164
    Wow! Everybody's back is different. I drove Acura TL's for years(6 of them)and both my wife and I had always had our backs snipe at us. My son has an 07 Accord and I can't sit comfortably for any length of time. Our Azzy, is without any doubt, the most comfortable car I have ever driven and that includes Acura TL's and Legend, Sterling, Maxima, Diamante, Chrysler New Yorker, and assorted Buick Electras to name a few. I also take "umbrage" with your trashing the Azera, you are in the minority. Anyway good luck with your new toy.
  • The Azera has the most comfortable seat I have ever had. Have driven Audi's for the last 20 years. I will say,however, you need to get the seat adjusted just right. For a while I had the seat back reclined to far and had back pain. I remembered when I first got the car I had locked in a setting that was very comfortable. My son had driven the car and moved the seat. When I went back to the original setting the pain went away and it has been fine for the last few weeks. More upright back with this seat is better. 2007 Azera. No rattles, no noise of any kind. Fabulous car.
  • It seems this post would be more appropriate on the Honda Accord forum.

    In my opinion and my wife's opinion the driver's seat and the passenger's seats in the Azera are much more comfortable than the seats in her former Accura, the upscale version of the Honda line.
  • garym1jgarym1j Posts: 46
    Same experience. My dealer also failed to remove the rubber covering on chrome strips. Too busy putting on his license tag advertisement and sticker. (I had them take both off. I need to be paid of advertising.) :D
  • garym1jgarym1j Posts: 46
    No, you are not alone. Brandon Hyundai, Brandon, FL missed it also. They also missed the rubber covering for chrome strips. Oh, well. :D
  • colloquorcolloquor Posts: 482
    Trade-in any new car within a couple months of purchase, and you will lose money every time.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Honestly, it sounds to me like you were simply looking for an excuse. I guess you couldn't take the pressure of those around you questioning your decision to purchase the Azera to begin with. If you had a dollar for every time one of your friends or family members said, "A Hyundai??? REALLY???" You would probably have been able to pay cash for it, huh? LOL

    Looking at the Honda Accord, not sure exactly what is so gorgeous about it. It doesn't have the lines like a Benz, Audi or anything of that ilke. Gorgeous has never been a word to describe an Accord with. It is a bit edgier than past Accords, but still...rather safe.

    The front end suspension noise is an issue that only existed in the early 2006 Azeras, so not quite sure what you were hearing.

    Funny how you're quick to call the wonderful standard features that come with the Azera Limited gimmicks, but yet...I'm sure they played a big part in your decision to purchase the Azera initially.

    You're about the only person I've ever heard say that the ride in the Azera is not quiet or comfortable. Heck, even the car magazine reviews give the Azera high marks on comfortable ride.

    As far as your comments on being cheap...WHOA!!! Put your bitterness aside for a minute, swallow your pride and really take a look at the Azera. The way the car is made and put together, it's actually a value because it's definitely better than the price would indicate.

    Not sure what price you paid for your Azera, but I would guess around $27,800, taking a $6500 loss really isn't that far off. I soon as you drive any car off the lot, the value depreciates 20% off the bat. If I'm close on the price, the hit you took was around 23%. In perspective...considering it was a Hyundai, that's not bad at all!!!

    Happy motoring! :P
  • One thing you forget, ask him to bring it around and perhaps see how fast it is.
    I'll be betting on your H for sure.

    I wonder how much those high-end Hondas are before tax and license when compared
    to what people are paying for a fully equipped Limited with an MSRP of $31.4K?

    The '08 Accords have been out for a relatively short time and I'm sick of seeing 'em already.

    Here in Southern California, it is possible to go for several days without seeing any Azeras.

  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    LOL Nah...I would have no joy in picking on his "gorgeous" Accord.

    Considering what he gave up in his Azera, he paid more dearly than just the $6500 he lost in depreciation. I get an Accord equipped nearly as well as the Azera, he's easily looking at $30K+.

    I've only seen a few of the '08 Accords here in the DC area, even though they do look better, I'm still not impressed with them. Went to Chicago this past weekend (Friday to Monday) and I only saw a grand total of 2 Azeras between Breezewood, PA up to Chicago and back.

    Sorta makes one feel we are in an exclusive club. ;)
  • royaltyroyalty Posts: 27
    Forgive my bitterness. Getting low balled on the trade-in value from the dealer that I bought it from was insulting. His telling me how low he could have sold it to me for and using that as an excuse did not help. I will say I really did like my Azera - look at my earlier posts. I enjoyed the roominess, the power, the silky smoothness of the throttle and trans, the stereo, the turn signals in the mirrors, etc, etc. There were so many things I liked that I found it hard to believe the seats were causing my back pain. I also found so many people that LIKED the seats and found them to be most comfortable that it confused me. I took a ride in the Sonata and found the Sonata leather seats to be more comfortable, more supportive and more adjustable than the Azera's. It was when the dealer told me how much money it would cost me to trade DOWN to the Sonata that I got ticked. If there had been any way to get the seats comfortable in the Azera I would still be driving it. Most car upholstery shops do not want to touch any new cars as the seats have air bags and/or sensors in them and they are scared to mess with those. I added bolsters, padding, you name it in an attempt to work around the discomfort but nothing cured it. I LOVED the upright seats in my XG350L with the long cushions and wish I had kept that car but that is water under the bridge. Everyones back is different. Everyones comfort and discomfort levels are different. I look back on the seats in my old Saturn and they were horrible but I put up with that for 10 years as I didn't know any better and I had less income so I could not make a change. I am wiser now and I realize my very bad back needs a certain kind of support in a seat which unfortunately was not the kind used in the Azera. It also is not the kind found in most new cars as I sat and drove a LOT of different cars searching for good seats in a nice car. What's funny is the seats in the 2008 Mazda Miata were quite comfortable FOR ME. Not sure if they would be for everyone and that was absolutely not the car I was seeking but I test drove it just to see. The seats in the Saturn Aura were pretty close to what I sought and the engine and trans were great but the rest of the car was cheap, cheap, cheap. Again, it is all in the driver and what they seek in a car. The Azera rattles I mentioned were in the passenger seat which was in three times to the dealer for repair and was never resolved. I know there are many Azera fans on this forum and I was one of them (with the exception of the uncomfortable and rattling seats). The Azera is clearly superior to previous Hyundai cars. It is amazing the progress Hyundai has made and I wish each and every Hyundai owner good luck and enjoyment with their car.
  • royaltyroyalty Posts: 27
    Good idea! I may try it.
  • royaltyroyalty Posts: 27
    No. I made the purchase myself. No one around me questions me on my purchases. My mistake was not driving the car long enough to notice the problems.

    I think the Azera is a good looking car. The bulges on the rear quarter panels set it apart from other cars. I liked the styling on it the very first time I saw it, either in pictures or in person. I also like the styling on the new Accord. Honda finally went with some aggressive styling which works very well on the coupe. I like the edgy styling. Note: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Forgive me for calling some of the options gimmicks. I think my problem was I did not use a lot of them. The sunshade I used occasionally. The turn signals in the mirror were nice from a safety standpoint. The memory seats/mirrors/pedals were nice if there were other divers in my household but there are not so that feature was not used. I really liked the radio. The speed with which it read an MP3 filled disc was VERY nice (try some other so-called MP3 capable radios in other makes and you will see what I mean). I liked these options initially but realize afterwards that they were not critical to the operation of the car. I should have refrained from calling them "gimmicks".

    I paid $26,500 which I thought was a good deal. Finding out afterwards I could have bought it for $24,200 at the same dealership was a bitter pill to swallow. Getting offered $20K for it was insulting. I know a car loses a lot of value after purchase but $6,500 in a few weeks? 25% depreciation? Ouch. Hyundais do NOT hold their value. Great if you keep the car forever but hurts if you trade-in every few years.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    I'm sorry to hear that seat comfort was the reason you had to let the Azera go.

    I agree with you in that Honda finally gave the Accord "some" edge, but in my opinion...still not enough. Based on this last post from you, it would seem that the decision to let the Azera go was actually more difficult than first assumed.

    $26,500 on a Limited w/Ultimate was still a good deal. If it makes you feel any better. I purchased my '06 in Feb. '06 (Limited w/Premium) and I paid $26, 081.

    Yes...the depreciation is 25%, but's a Hyundai, right? Trust me when I tell you that the depreciation being 25% is an improvement from before. However, to say they don't hold their value...when I traded my '02 Sonata GLS in after 4 years and 105K miles, they gave me $5K for it. I paid $16,800 for it. Considering the mileage, I didn't think that was a bad deal at all. As far as the value on my Azera, I'm not worried about it. My plan is to drive this car until the wheels fall off!
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    Just wondering why you didn't just purchase a premium replacement seat such as a Recargo, if your only disappointment was the seat comfort. It probably would have been a whole lot cheaper.
  • Audi's also depreciate badly. Hyundai can't be worse.Cal Bears Rosebowl!!!!!!!!!
  • scbobscbob Posts: 167
    Check to see what he sells it for. The local (Upstate S.C.) Toyota dealer is advertising a 2006 Limited with Premium for $21,000. From past experience, he won't go lower than 20.
    The seats are different, not as soft as on my Camry XLE, but still comfortable. It is like some people prefer soft mattresses to firm ones.
    Went to Acura and told them I wanted to drive the car on the interstate for about 30-40 miles R/T and would then buy it. My back hurt so much after 20 minutes, it was unbelievable. No matter how I adjusted the seat or the lumbar, it just got worse.
    By the way, the suspension is a problem on the 2007's as well as the 2008's. Hoping new struts will improve ride in mine.
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