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Lexus GS 450h Audio/Entertainment Questions



  • Never mind... I didn't realize you were referring to the Nav screen.
  • I fear I am losing my proverbial erection over this car. I went to the Chicago AutoShow yesterday and checked out the other Lexus sedans: the LS, IS , and ES all have an AUX input. I threw out my cassette tapes long ago, so that's sort of useless in the GS.

    I'm guessing that the GS must be due for a dash overhaul. Maybe for '08? Anyone have any ideas about this?
  • Dash over haul.. they need to stop having their attorney's design these features.. The dash has everything you could want while in park.. it is driving this is the problem. Everything is in gone! I hate this car everytime I drive it.. 3500 miles and they are painful. Lexus has ignored my opinion and as a LIFETIME Toyota person (hence the Celica1977 user name) they are loosing me FAST. Can't wait to get rid of this car. Hybrid is cool but it cost you a lot. Go a get a car that lets you enjoy the experience.. this is just a shame.. Can you say Acura..
  • I wonder if this would work on the Lexus:
  • I know there's a bypass for the 06's (menu->volume->top left corner, bottom left, top left bottom left -> hold down override) that allows you to enter destinations while the car is in motion.

    I've read elsewhere that this does not work in the '07s. Can

    Can anyone confirm this is true and if there is a different code available for the 2007s? Thanks.

    (I've tried searching for this, but can't find info specific to the 2007s...)
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