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  • recently I spoke to the OC-Fire Authority and they mentioned that there are 3 PHILL units in their district.
    So some do get approved.
    I'm currently waiting for my letter from SoCalGas.
  • igotgasigotgas Posts: 2
    CP of an eamil I got today first one like this I got in November.

    A specific production run of the refueling nozzle used on the Phill refueling appliance has been recalled by the manufacturer.

    A recalled nozzle can be identified by the “date code” stamped on the nozzle assembly (please refer to the attached picture). The date code can be found on the nozzle hex nut located next to the black plastic handle. If the date code ends with “YO” it has been recalled and is to be exchanged ASAP.

    Could you please verify the date code on the refueling hose nozzle, thank you? Please let us know ASAP, thank you.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

    FuelMaker Corporation
  • Whats the cost of the PHILL unit for your home? and whats the cost of upkeep
    on the unit?

    How much dose it cost to fill a tank up on the Civic GX at home VS a fuel center?

    I hear honda rents the Home PHILL units? If so how much and dose the Rent fee
    cover any up keep?

    I'm looking at getting a 08 Civic GX and I'm trying to see what the best way
    of going about it is?

  • The unit runs between $3900 and $4300. Upkeep can be quite expensive if the unit needs repair after the warranty period is up. There is no such thing as a repair for less than $1000.

    Refueling coasts vary depending on your gas co. SoCal Gas (Sempra Utilities) and PG&E offer discounted rates for home refueling. $1.41 this month, vrs $2.30-$2'84 at the pumps. Check for details about public refueling rates.

    Honda now handles the leases on the Phill now. For more info call 310-781-4450 and speak to Christine or Eric. A purchase must be done through Fuelmaker at 866-my-phill. The last warranty program I was aware of was $788 through FM and is worth it's weight in gold for many owners of the unit, as the original warranty is only 12 mo.

    One of my Phill customers that has had several problems (but is under warranty still) said that FM told him that there was no extended warranty program anymore. I have yet to confirm this. I have all the print material from FM in the files section of civicgxngv in Yahoo groups, as there is no way to post it here.

    I would suggest that the Phill is ideal if you are driving 50-60 miles per day or less. Over 100 miles a day and a Phill is not for you. Get an FMQ2-36 as it is designed to handle those gas volumns and will be cheaper to maintain in the long run.
  • What do you think about the leases on the Unit from Honda? would that be a
    good way to go if you are buying a new GX Civic?

    How much more is the FMQ2-36 Unit and are there any rebate or deals on them?

    I hear there is a $2000 off from So.Cal. Clean Air or something?

    So at home it would be $1.41 plus the cost of power to run the Phill unit?
  • freedmlfreedml Posts: 43
    I had a similar experience to #143 in City of Los Angeles, except neither the inspector nor his supervisor had ever seen or heard of Phill before. I didn't tell them precisely WHAT I was installing, I just pulled a permit to install a 'gas appliance' and showed them the approval symbols on the manual.
  • thebundothebundo Posts: 5
    Well, I'm new here, but have been lurking. I bought a new GX today at Dublin (CA) Honda. I take delivery Monday. I already have 2 hybrids, an 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid and a 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid. I previously had a 2004 Civic Hybrid. I'm looking forward to this new area of "green". I want to get a home station somehow, and hook it up myself. I'm a contractor, so it's easy for me. Just need to find a unit at a good price, probably a FMQ2-36
  • A Phill is out of the question for self installers unless you find a used one, which is virtually out of the question. Watch EBay, CraigsList, and's "Marketplace" forum for used FM units. They show up on an infrequent basis, but they do show up. Just avoid the FM-3, as it is no longer supported by Fuelmaker for parts.
  • fchanesfchanes Posts: 2
    Has anyone had problems with a sticky air flow valve on their Phill unit? Mine is acting up and Fuelmaker says that only a Certified repairman can fix it. They won't sell me one direct. I can easily replace it. Any thoughts on how I can obtain one? Thanks.
  • freedmlfreedml Posts: 43
    You're sure it's the 'air flow' sensor and not the fan not moving enough air? I've heard of several fan failures but no 'air flow sensor' failures. We located the fan and some less expensive fan substitutes on a thread. If it's truly the air flow sensor I would remove it and see if there are any markings or other hints for where it came from. Had my fan failure not been covered under warranty I would have fixed it myself. Not allowing FM dealers to repair certain things in the field or do more economical swaps than their 'installers' is a HUGE mistake by FM.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,555
    I came here out of curosity and I've read about 30 of these posts.

    I'm scratching my head wondering WHY in the world anybody would buy one of these units??
  • I would be interested in knowing how your search for an FMQ-2-36 went. I also have a GX and am looking for an FMQ-2-36. And I'm in your geographic area - PM me if you would be interested in doing a FMQ-2-36 install.
  • PHILL will not save you money. If you have one at home the fuel will cost you more (maybe a lot more :mad: ) than buying it at a station (even a CE station! ;) ). It is strictly for convenience. And, it is so slow that sometimes you will wonder whether it's really convenient after all.
  • roderroder Posts: 1
    has anyone seen documents on how they rebuild the phill unit? Mine gives occasional error codes, not always the same ones. It also has taken longer to fill, which makes me think the compressor or dryer are going out. Yet it has low hours.
    I only want to get it working well enough for my 20 mile a day commute that I have now.
    I also smell too much natural gas when it first starts. . .which makes me think the solenoid valve that operates the dryer is going out. Not sure.

    My unit was filthy dirty from operating outside, makes me wonder why they don't have a air filter on the unit?

    No I don't want to pay $1000.00 to fix it at this time.

    photos of inside phill unit:
    phill photos
  • September of '06? Sheesh. I live in Brea, and I got my Phill in August of '07. Nobody needed an inspection from me, certainly not the installer, Mike Fossler, owner of Doctor Drain plumbing (plumber He had me e-mail him some photos of the installation site, came out, and took care of business. He quoted me $1400, but gave me a $200 discount because the installation was so easy. Mike is a man of integrity and charges very reasonably for plumbing work.

    Months later, when the city repaved our alley, we phoned the city and complained that we wouldn't be able to refuel our car when the alley was being worked on. They sent a fireman to take a look (free of charge), and he was happy with the installation. That's the last I heard from anyone on the subject. In fact, Brea wanted to support alternative fuels so much, they cut us a check for the difference between refueling at home, and refueling at stations while the alley was blocked off.
  • Fuelmaker has recently been placed into bankruptcy and a sale is being negotiated. To read up on the latest news, go here:

    As the unit is not field servicable, you may have a time getting it back into operation without help from someone in the know.
  • fly737fly737 Posts: 2
    I just bought a Civic GX and found out that DMV is no longer giving out the HOV (white sticker). Does anyone know if this is true? I called DMV today and asked about the HOV sticker for my car, and that person kept on saying that they are no longer giving sticker for the HYBRID Vehicle (yellow sticker).

    He kept saying that the maximum numbers had been reach and that they are done with Hybrid. I know that they are done with those Hybrid HOV sticker, BUT what about my Natural Gas? Are they done with Natural Gas Vehicle as well?
  • ikirikir Posts: 11
    To my knowledge the white stickers are still available. I had the same problem when I bought my GX in 2007. Several employees aren't aware of the difference between the white & yellow stickers. The main customer service call center in Sacramento are more familiar with the stickers. When you call the DMV, your area code will direc you to the nearest call center. I believe there is one in Sacramento and one in So. Cal.

    You should fill out the form and send it to the DMV. Make sure you fill it out correctly. It took about a month from the date I mailed the form until I received the stickers.
  • fly737fly737 Posts: 2
    Hey, thanks for the info. I mail it in already, and just hoping that DMV will have one more sticker for my car.
  • bo12bo12 Posts: 1
    I m looking for hose for my phill
    anybody has it or know where I can buy or repair it?
  • You're going to find that the Phill is a non field servicable unit, however I once did a Google search for this item and came up with a couple of sources for them, mainly thru Phill dealers. I suppose that you may be able to find a disgrunteled Phill dealer or two that may still have them in stock. Here is one example:
  • I have had my phil unit for three years and it now needs repair. I have been trying in without sucess to get the company who purchased the Phil Unit company to respond to my request for repair.

    I have left countless messages both by email and phone mail. I even volunteered to take it their location for repair without sucess. Does anyone know if there is an independant repairer of the phil units?

    The Edmunds post on them being responsive and reliable is a bunch of &^#(#)$.
  • freedmlfreedml Posts: 43
    If you're in LA/OC I will give it a try. contact me directly
    freedabet at gmail dot com

  • I've fixed mine myself 4 times already because the company is so helpfull... You can email me at my username at gmail
  • robmmarrobmmar Posts: 3
    I have tried to gather product information on the "Phil Fuelmaker" as well as other CNG compressor/pumps.It seems that there have been quite a few Phil owners who have had reliability problems with there units. How long can one typically expect a unit to last? Is it repairable at a resonable price? Is everything up in the air due to the recent sale? Is there another product out there?

    Thank you
  • freedmlfreedml Posts: 43
    they are supposed to last 6000 hours which is about 2000 gallons (gge). a lot of us had failures, in and out of warranty. they had been VERY expensive to repair with FM, don't know what will happen now. everything is up in the air right now.
  • pkarlsenpkarlsen Posts: 2
    I cant tell you how many times I contacted the new phil unit owners about repairing or replacing my phil unit. Because mine is not under warranty it appears they wont even acknowledge that I exist.

    I have an electrical short in mine and want to know if anyone out there knows someone that can look at it. I have it off the wall just sitting on my repair bench. I can ship it anywhere if anyone knows of anyone.

    I have my own seperate meter so I was paying a lot less then at the pump. On another point do you realize that even though the price of natural gas goes down clear energy never reduces the price of gas. Thanks
  • hal21hal21 Posts: 1
    I also have a Phill unit that is dead. I sent it in to have it re-furbished and after I got it back Fuel Maker went out of business. Couple of months later the new unit died and like you, Impco has no record of me and I'm not on their warranty list. Anyone ever find a solution to this sort of issue. Any local (USA) repair facility that anyone knows of.
  • The Phill is not a field serviceable unit. Some have attempted repairs themselves when confronted with this type of situation, but in many cases unsuccessful. Some buy other dead units and try to cannibalize them. Personally I's just scrap it and get a used FMQ or FM4. Field serviceable, faster, cheaper to rebuild... better unit all the way around. You may find more helpful info here:
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