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Chevrolet Malibu Climate Control/AC Issues



  • edarmentaedarmenta Posts: 1
    I'm trying to read your post. What two items did you replace to fix the intermittent ac. Was it the resisetr or the main control module in front of tehd ash.?
  • What part was it that you replaced? I looked and found the climate control console piece (part with knobs) for about $30 bucks. Was that the part, or is it something inside the dash, or was it a resistor, or what? Thanks so much!

  • hop2hop2 Posts: 3
    I have a 2005 Malibu LS

    and I would like to know how to take that control panel out. I have been led to believe the whole dash-panel has to be removed, and I don't feel like going that far. I can't believe they were that stupid as to make it that unaccessable.
  • tkarrtkarr Posts: 1
    Hi, I have the same problem with my 2004 Malibu. I had it replaced in 2006 under warr. After about 2 yrs, the AC light started blinking and it would go from recirrculating to fresh air. Last year on 7/24/08, I had it changed again and I paid for it! $480 bucks! Now, only a year later, it is doing it again and of course it is out of the Warr periode. If this is a big problem, why doesn;t Chevy do something about it!
  • meethosmeethos Posts: 4
    david, it was the whole unit; and it only cost me $30 bucks. It came as a whole unit, just unplugged the old one and replaced.
  • 4chevys4chevys Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 Malibu and the air coming out of the AC does not blow where you have it set. It mostly blows from the floor vents. I have looked for a vacuum leak but cant find one. Should I try cleaning the switch?
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    The switch o-rings might be worn, I think your on the right track.
  • Cleaned the switch but the air still does not blow where it should.
    Sugestions please!!!!!
  • Did not see any o-rings in the switch.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    What seals the ports?
  • I have read all of the posts here and have not found a solution to my problem, yet. I have a 2004 Malibu Classic with manual air. The a/c worked intermittently last fall and then quit. The rear defroster has also stopped working as well as the re-circulating air control. I followed the directions given for taking the control apart and cleaning, but that did not fix the problem. I verified that the botton switches are, in fact, functioning, as in normally open and closed when pushed.

    I removed the a/c relay and by connecting the relay contacts together with paper clips, the a/c compressor will turn on and work (can't very well control the a/c with paper clips all summer!) From the electrical diagrams that I have looked at, it appears that the Body Control Module (BCM) is not sending a signal to the a/c relay.

    Has anyone had any experience with this? BTW, all fuses are good.

    Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    edited April 2010
    Has anyone checked for proper amount of 134a in your ac system.

    Also are the pressure sensors working properly.
  • Thanks gonogo, for the suggestion. I will verify these items tomorrow morning; however, I do not believe that the amount of 134a should affect the rear defroster or the air re-circulation setting, would it? If it does, GM is more screwed up than I thought! After verifying the charge amount and the sensors functionality, I will post again with the results.

    Struggling Farmer
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    You have to start some where, finding out why the ac won't work might solve the other issues.
    You said the fuses are all good, did you check to see if they were getting power with key on.
    If the pressure switch is not sending a go signal to the BCM, it won't turn on the ac.
  • Here's the latest update: The outside temperature took a turn downward (was frost on windshield the last several days). The a/c control is now working exactly as it should. The rear defroster is working again and the re-circulating air control is working. I don't know if there was a delayed reaction to my cleaning the a/c control board and switches or if there is an ambient temperature sensor that is only functioning when the outside temperature is cooler.

    The a/c charge is normal and all the sensors are (currently) functioning correctly. Sure makes troubleshooting difficult when everything is working!

    Does anyone have a suggestion as to what scan tool (besides a GM Tech II) is best for using on troubleshooting? I currently have an Actron model CP9180 which works fine for reading and clearing codes, but not for reading variables from the modules (I have experience using the GM Tech II, but cannot afford one).

    Thanks for the info and I will post more if/when I learn more.
  • the part # for the 2001-2003 V6 and the 2004-2005 I4 model yr is 17-72846 the earlier model yrs are 15-72610 or 15-72609 ACDelco part #s
  • veim3010veim3010 Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    I know exactly what you are talking about I have contacted Chevrolet of USA over it and the dealership where i purchased the car they tell me that its condensation. They want me to spend $80 plus taxes every month during the summer to flush the air ducts out. Meanwhile they are not interested in solving the problem. The problem is that the condensation does not drip out it builds up in the air conditioner and get like your clothes that have been in a washer for too long also builds up mold. In which you breath in when you use your air which also can kill you if it is black mold. Chevrolet of USA does know about this problem and just want you to keep paying to get it cleaned without really fixing the problem. I myself am not happy at all to have to pay $80 every month during the summer plus my regular car payments to not have this problem. I would deffinately look into it also you can get your owners manual and contacts Customer service at Chevrolet of USA about it. I have a case open with a guy named Joseph the # is 1-866-790-5600 ext-32943 if you would like to open a case of your own. It would also go to show that it is a manufacture defect since it is happening to more than one person.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    hope your realized you replied to a nearly 5 year old message in the can get an AC sanitizer at any good auto parts store...spray in the outside intake with the fan on high and it will take care of the problem........its about 8 bucks a can last time I used it.....normally only takes one can a summer.....

    the other way to avoid condensation...and it honestly shouldnt be that to run the heater once a week or so...and burn off all the condensation in the system during the summer....
  • Farmer,
    Did you resolve your intermittent a/c & rear defroster issues? I have a 2003 Malibu and have been experiencing the intermittent a/c compressor & recirculation since the extended warranty expired in 2007. I believe that you and I have a flakey BCM module in our Malibus. Let me know what you come up with.

  • Did you get a chance to check the BCM? I have a 2003 Malibu 3.1 and have been experiencing intermittent a/c and recirculation operation for the last 3 years (doesn't matter what season it is). I believe the BCM is the culprit. Have you been experiencing any THEFT SYSTEM issues? My Malibu used to experience the No Start - 10 minute re-learn process at least twice a month until I tried the resistor bypass procedure. It now starts every time, even after having the battery replaced, but the THEFT SYSTEM light burns steady. Any solutions?
  • I also had 2 Malibu cars, 1998 and 2001. Both my vehicles had the same A/C problem, with that module button switching from the a/c position to off. Here is what I have found about it. The module can be replaced, but it is likely to only be dirty and needs only to be cleaned, (much like cleaning a smoke detector). Go to the link below and there are instructions on how to do the necessary cleaning. Good Luck, it works.

    This works perfectly well... 2004 Malibu, 1 hour, pry tools to remove the front bezel, 2 torqs screws, and the climate control unit pops out. Took it inside, tore it down to the control board, Went over all the contacts with a pencil eraser, then washed it all down with Electrical contact cleaner. I took the 2 dials apart, cleaned all contacts, and replace the grease.

    My GF was going to have the dealer do it for $150 in parts + Labor.
  • Did you ever get the AC straightened out? I am experiencing the same problems as madog0324
  • maddog0324maddog0324 Posts: 55
    I cleaned the contacts for the temperature rotary switch and put a little more bend on the two contact arms. I haven't had the intermittent a/c compressor since. I am still having the THEFT SYSTEM issues.
  • mmgiannmmgiann Posts: 1
    My A/C stoped working along with the engine temp. gauge. The next time I started my car - it worked. Now 2-3 weeks later it has completely stopped working - it just blows hot (outside temp) air. Computer issue? thermostate? Looking to see if we can fix this instead of $$$$ at the dealer. Thank you!
  • The A/C compressor & both cooling fans quit working today. R-134 charge is good. Temp guage works. The car almost overheated in rush hour traffic. It cooled down once traffic started moving. All fuses and relays check out good. The a/c light on the HVAC control lights up, but the compressor does not engage. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • HELP..... So my wife's 2002 Malibu LS has been having similar problems with the AC as well. For awhile now the car has been blowing nothing but hot air. I turn the AC on in car, rather it be on the re-circulate or just regular it still blows hot air. But, the heater works just fine. The A/C compressor is running so I know its not that, so I decided to change the AC compressor relay.. still blows hot air. Car has Freon in it as well (been awhile since it was changed out) but I would still think some cold would come threw the vents, but nope..all hot air. Please help with any suggestions or ideas.
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