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Nissan Maxima vs. Honda Accord



  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    Some love it's styling, while others hate it.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    First the styling of the Accord: I do not like it at all. It doesn't even look Japanese. It looks half Japanese and then half American. I notice a trend with Honda and Toyota lately. The latest Camry and Accord look part Japanese and Part American. Past Accords and Camry's never looked like that. I think its part of the Domestic 3 buyer whining about the Japanese bland styling. I think Honda took out the 20-30 year old male buyer with the new Accord. Any Accord from 1990-1997 has had had younger buyers in the 20-30 year old age range. 1998-2002 Accord had some younger buyers in the early 30's I would think. I don't think the 03 Accord is going to be on younger buyers hot list.

    As for the current Maxima I thought the best Maxima design was the 1997-1999 one. The 2000+ is better looking than the current Camry and Accord but still wouldn't buy it. The Max is a good car but the front end and back end just don't match. I wish the Japanese would stop trying to cater to the domestic 3 buyer with exterior designs 2000 model year and up already. They are making some of the younger buyers mad especially me.
  • 2zmax2zmax Posts: 140
    In reference to your post # 354:
    I see that you are an accountant, since you like the accord so much. Your idea of a project consists of fixing the cell width on your spreadsheet, when you count someone else’s money. I think that the only reason you stay on all the posts related to Accord is to convince yourself that you made the right choice by buying this ugly car, no matter though, I don’t think that people even pay attention to you when you drive your very unattractive vehicle, you have nothing to worry about .
    Unlike you I get to compare the cars I talk about and DRIVE them for more then 1 day.
    My so called "in-depth" project was 2.5 Million dollar control systems upgrade for #3 largest cement producer in the world, and it has nothing to do with the value of my wife's Maxima. I just compared 3 cars and expressed my honest opinion,
    only I did not choose to attack anyone on this post in particular. However in your case I will make an exception; Like I said before, if you really think that your accord is such a great car- good for you, but my 350 Z will not only look 100 times better next to your accord, but also blow the paint of your doors, in any gear - get it, got it, good.
    Now lets get on with it…
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Is that Excel or Lotus 123 that you were referring to? I know how to do it with Excel.... :)

    Also, can you refer to the CEO of a cement producing company as a cement head?

    Hey, after 5 hours of CNN, anything would seem funny!
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Actually I'm not the inventor of the term. I plagiarized it from someone else (was it you, anonymous?).

    The beam was great for space utilization, and perfectly fine when you travelling on a smooth surface. But if you hit a bump, or two, in the middle of a curve at highway speed.....
  • volvownervolvowner Posts: 37
    2zmax - Let me say that I had no problem with your original post (#352), and mikek37 shouldn't have responded in the way he did. OF COURSE you were giving an opinion, that's what 98% of these postings are! However, my opinion is that you discredit the Honda Accord and its owners.

    Allow me to stereotype for a minute: Accord owners are not boring, just well-adjusted with a secure self-image. Your posts (352 and 403) are full of comments about ugliness and what other people will think of you at stoplights and who can beat who off the line. Do I wish the Accord had a more attractive shape in the rear? Sure. Did it affect in any way my decision to buy what was by far the best car for my needs? Not for a second. The look of the car in no way affects its comfort, handling, interior refinement and ergonomics, safety or reliability, and all of those are the reasons I bought the car. You can think whatever you want at the stoplight and I won't care a bit. People with similar approaches to you are the ones who buy a monster SUV when what they needed was a minivan, and they pay dearly in purchase, gasoline and repair costs to protect their fragile feelings of self-worth by projecting the adventurous outdoor image they wish they could fulfill. I choose to drive an Accord and send my kids to private school, and even though I could do both I also choose to save for an early retirement.

    When I'm 75 and comfortably, even affluently retired for nigh on 20 years, I'll regularly be offered shopping carts and "fries with that" by people who overspent buying and repairing cars that projected a sufficiently _____ (pick one: sporty, rugged, macho, regal) image of them, and used the same poor logic in maxing out their debt on the right clothes, house, etc. Read "The Millionaire Next Door" and you'll see what I mean. In the meantime, enjoy your Z. I owned one in the 80's and had a good time in it, but I've matured since then. With luck, you will as well; if not, I might just see you at Wal-Mart.
  • speedracer3speedracer3 Posts: 650
    Thank you for that speech on being thrifty and saving for your retirement. I fail to see your point though, since we are talking about two affordable mid-sized sedans. The price differences are miniscule, the main difference is that one car is fun, the other is boring. I chose the fun one. Maybe you should copy your post and paste it at the BMW 3 series board.
  • volvownervolvowner Posts: 37
    My statements were directed more at 2zmax's comments about his 350Z and his derision of the look of the Accord and the personality of those who drive them, not about a fundamental Maxima vs. Accord comparison. They're both quality cars with good value, and the difference between them is a matter of taste. If the redesigned Max had been out when I needed a car, I would have given it serious consideration.

    Clearly, the price difference between those two sedans will not affect anyone's retirement, nor should any single car purchase as long as they don't get ridiculous. I agree with you that my comments would be more appropriate on the BMW board, or any of the many others that offer image cars in the $40K-plus segment, but this is where the discussion was, and as an Accord owner, I can't be accused of being an interloper on the board.

    My main point was directed toward the tone of his comments, which are symptomatic of many people's need to buy stuff to maintain their image. A significant percentage of our country is spending themselves into the poorhouse doing this.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The subject here is the Maxima and the Accord. It is NOT each other.These comments stereotyping owners are out of bounds and totally unnecessary.

    Stick to the cars. If you want to get personal with each other, take it off-line.

    Thank you.
  • mariner7mariner7 Posts: 509
    I agree with carguy58 in #402 that there are several styling themes in the Accord, and they all clash with each other. The car that reminds me most of the Accord is the current 7 series, with its awkwardly heavy butt. The Accord is worse in that its front is also awkward. BMW has the common sense to redesign the 7, supposedly. Let's hope Honda has the same common sense.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    I don't take a liking to the 7 Series either. Anyways, the Accord looks like a Civic in the front. The Accord coupe looks better than the sedan but they totally took the sportiness out of the coupe with the recent redesign. I honestly do not know what Honda is trying to do with their styling as of late. The Accord Coupe is better looking than the 7 series I'll give Honda that much. Honda and BMW always have that timeless styling that worked for them in the past. I guess Honda saw Nissan and Mazda coming in the styling department so they had to change something with their styling and BMW saw audi coming.
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    People called the 98 Accords ugly too and now almost 6 years later it is aging very well. Honda, or any manufacturer, is never going to please ALL the people ALL the time or you would only have one brand of cars.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    I'll admit I hated the 98 Accord at first. The 96-97 Accord was one of my favorite cars back in the day. Anyways. yeah I did take me a few months to like the 98 but it looked Japanese the latest version looks American on the back end and Japanese on the front end. I have tried to like the latest Accord but I just can't do it. Its just very bland to me especially the back end. I understand Honda is not going to please everybody all the time. The 03 Accord is the first time Honda has really really dissapointed me. I feel like the latest version of the CR-V as a decline from the last generation styling of the CR-V. I also felt like the RSX was a decline in the styling department from the last generation Integra. The RSX is not a bad looking car by any stretch but the previous generation Integra had something in the styling that the current RSX just doesn't have. To me Honda's best looking cars they ever designed was the 1992-1996 Prelude, the current MDX and 96-97 Accord. Could also throw in the 2nd gen Legend in there especialy the Legend Coupe(Now that was a looker and still is!) The NSX is not affordable enough money wise for me to buy so I'm not going to include that on the list.
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    Just goes to show you styling is a preference. I like the RSX, the new CR-V, and the new Accord. The Legend Coupe was nice but the sedan was better. Also prefer the more triangle lights of the 94-95 Accord vs. the 96-97. So you don't like the new Accord .. there are alot of people who do. Saw about 20 of them on the road yesterday. Coupes, sedans, V6, 4 cylinders, LX, EX, etc.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    I didn't say I didn't like the RSX I just said the last generation Integra was better looking. I like the Legend sedan too. The 94-95 Accord was good looking too I just like the 96-97 better. Can't agree with you on the CR-V and new Accord those are the ones I totally don't like. I have seen alot of new Accord's around where I live too.
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Posts: 393
    This continuing debate over the styling of different makes, especially the perceived "boringness" of Honda Motor Company designs, is something that I think is actually healthy/interesting to talk about. I say this because as forums like Town Hall become more popular, manufacturers may have their "spies" studying the preferences of current, and prospective customers, so they have designs that appeal to a broader audience.

    Concerning current designs, I prefer the "sportier" look of Nissan, over the more IMO "classier" (whatever that means) designs of Honda, but I do think that Honda's designs aren't as bad as some propose. The success of the styling of the Accord depends on what series( LX, EX etc.) it is; the sedan with wheel covers looks pretty bad to me, while the models with alloys look pretty classy despite the "Buick Skylark tailights". The coupe is definitely a success as I have seen a lot more of them here at Penn State than the sedans. I like the RSX, and TSX, even if they are a bit bland, but I seem to be in a minority who doesn't like the MDX.

    I guess what I am trying to say is, different companies have varying philosophies on design (Honda is more clean-cut, classy, and Nissan is perceived as more sporty), but at least they don't look like GM cars, or Toyota (the Japanese Buick):)
    I wouldn't dismiss a certain car/truck just because of styling, even the Accord with its "questionable" rear end, because you would be ignoring the other positive elements such as nice interior, and perceived reliability of previous Accords.

    Accords and Maximas are both great cars!!! I would certainly pick those over the wallowy boat called the Camry.
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    I love my Accord to death. It has more than enough power, I actually like the looks, it's comfortable, nice stereo, heated seats, good climate control, and I got 33 MPG on my last tank of gas. Not too shabby.
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    ... and I am comparing a loaded 03 Accord EX V6 Sedan with a loaded 03 Max (SE or GLE) but I am disregarding styling preference (which can get quite subjective). Let's put Max's sweet VQ engine and great HIDs in the Accord and, in exchange, the Max gets the Accord's better four wheel independent suspension. Now, don't we have a great value-packed sedan that everyone can live with? No name calling and no stereotyping :-)

    Ah - if only car manufacturers know what we really want!! BTW, the 04 Max is trying to do that, but its MSRP is not very user-friendly. Oh, I always forgot .... let's throw in AWD as an option for those of us who live in the snow belt.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    Honda's styling is not bad at all. I just don't like the direction they are going in now. I thought Honda styled cars alot better than alot of companies did in the 90's. They were definately better than Ford and Toyota at styling cars in the 90's. They had cars that could touch Chrysler a little bit in the 90's like some of the cars I mentioned before. I just think Honda is settling for "getting by" on their designs now rather than really thinking out the design process. I don't think the latest Accord was really thought out enough in terms of exterior design. It just looked like it was thrown together. The design for the MDX was really thought out and I feel like the design team spent alot time thinking out the design process on that car. Ironcally enough the guy in charge of the latest Accord project was also heading up the MDX project from what I understand(Charlie Parker.)
  • mariner7mariner7 Posts: 509
    I was on the bus this morning, looking at admiring the Accord of 2 generations ago: clean, simple, elegant. I guess the TSX is the true descendant of that last compact size Accord. I was wondering why Honda is only planning to bring over 15000 TSX a year. There's your answer: it'd cannibalize the Accord. I'd consider the TSX, never Accord, just because of design.

    The last half of RSX is really neat design. I just don't like that severely drooping nose and headlights.

    I'm with you on MDX too, it's very impressive. Too bad Pilot has none of the flair!
  • 2zmax2zmax Posts: 140
    I just realize that this forum solely exists for the following purposes:
    1) Maxima owners defending their car's honor, by making statements such as: "More powerful, better looking, more sporty and more fun"
    Let's analyze this for a moment:
    a) More powerful => yes, a little bit, but enough to make a difference.
    b) Better looking => purely subjective opinions, unless the consumer report comes out with a score for style, this argument should be pure speculation at best.
    C) More sporty, once again purely subjective.
    d) More fun=> define fun,

    2) Accord Owners Defending their car's honor, and trying to prove to others and themselves that they did the right choice, by buying the Accord and not the Maxima (even though they secretly wish they bought the "sporty, and more fun to drive" Maxima. Right?)
    And once again the list of arguments goes on and on and on, most of it are pure speculations, with NO real EVIDENCE.

    The bottom line is, we like to play this game and see if we can convince each other that my car is better; good luck to us all.
    What happens to an object that is pulled to the opposite sides with the same amount of force:
    IT DOESN'T MOVE, kind of like this message board.
  • monte4monte4 Posts: 101
    I would have to agree that the 94-95 Accords especially the EX 4door still look great. They were the best looking Accord made and the 90-93 Ex's were good looking as well.
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    I for one don't regret buying my Accord over a Maxima for one second. Sure the Maxima is fast .. but if I wanted a comparably fast Accord it's available. Don't need the extra room of the Maxima. I am single with no kids. If all I cared about was safety then the Accord is the better choice over the 2000-2003's and the 2004's have yet to be tested. My 4 cylinder 5-speed Accord gets great gas mileage and has ample power to keep out of it's own way. The Accord has a 4 wheel independent suspension. The Accord has every feature I want, although the BOSE in the Maxima is nice.

    So while I don't argue that the Maxima (at least the old ones) is a very nice car I have never looked into the garage and wished a Maxima was there instead of my Accord.
  • volvownervolvowner Posts: 37
    2zmax - I could debate the finer points of your post #421, but I'd rather say that I agree with your larger point, that each camp has certain strengths they can point to to back up their opinion. The other interesting ingredient is the leapfrogging evolutionary path the cars take. Right now I'd take an Accord over a Max straight up (due to safety, refinement, gas mileage, interior ergonomics), but after the 2004 Max comes out it may be a different story. Keeps it interesting!

    What are you Max fans expecting from the new model?
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    Has been in the showrooms for a couple of weeks. For one, I'm not impressed with any particular aspect of the car. Overall it's a nice package, but no longer in my shopping plans.
  • speedracer3speedracer3 Posts: 650
    I am not a big fan of the 2004 Maxima. Don't like the styling or the price tag. I am big fan of the G35 though. I think the G35 embodies the "four door sport car" slogan that Nissan used to describe the Maxima.
  • even though it is off topic, the styling of Accord generations has come up. The 93 EX is definitely classic. Also, has anyone else noticed amazing a well-maintained version looks? It could easily pass for a year or two used car in a showroom. I wonder what paint they used, because DX and LX models always have those rust spots on the rear fenders, whereas EX model do not. The blue on 93 SE coupes is also really nice and rare. The 95 EX sedans with the small taillights and 7 spoke polished rims also look really good.
  • going between an Accord EX w/ Leather and a Maxima SE and SL at the Minneapolis Auto Show. My impressions is that both cars look better in person than in photos. The Maxima's slightly larger size and more extroverted styling gives the car more presence. From the inside, the Maxima feels larger with a more open greenhouse than the Accord from the front seats. Overall, I thought the Maxima was a cut above the Accord (which it is marketwise). This is consistent with Nissan executive's statements that the Maxima is meant to be a more substantial car than the Altima, which competes more directly with the Accord. I think a more consistent match-up is the Maxima vs. the TL both in size, price, market placement and performance. That said, I wouldn't hesitate to pocket the extra $$$ both in purchase price and long term ownership (gas/insurance/replacing 18" tires, etc.) and buy an Accord EX w/ leather and 5 speed manual.
  • monte4monte4 Posts: 101
    You and I share the same opinion on the Accords look at post number 423.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    Not as good styling wise as the 96-97 or 98-00 but I still do like it alot. Alot of people like the 94-95 Accord's. Thats intereseting. When I buy a new car in 6 or 7 years a new Accord will be out. I hope Honda has the common sense to go back to its styling routes with the 8th generation Accord rather than "americaninzing" another generation of Accords like they did for the 7th generation.

    I do agree the Accord looks better in person that does in photos but still its a far cry from last generation or generations of Accords before it because of the "Americanizing" of it.
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