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Nissan Maxima vs. Honda Accord



  • sebbsebb Posts: 16
    YEah, that is a _hell_ of a deal. There is a 2000 SE Sherwood Green on our local Nissan dealer lot with about 15K miles and it is 22,000 bucks. Same options as you describe. Make sure the thing hasn't been wrecked. Otherwise...ENJOY!!!!
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 271
    I own 1998 SE auto 30 K with all options including heated seats and side air bags. The best trade-in offer I was able to get for the car is 15K. Retail should be no more than 17 - 17.5 for a loaded 98. In NYC area resale values are much lower for a stick, in your area it may be a different story. The only sedan that has higher retail with a stick is BMW 540. I did not have any problem with my car except brakes giving up at 22K. Hope it helps
  • 96_i30_5sp96_i30_5sp Posts: 127
    I took it today to the local Nissan for an oil change and tire rotation/balance. They looked at it underneath, everywhere, the car has never had any warranty work according to Nissan. Of course, it's never been in an accident too. I'm so happy! :) The Ford people showed me their paperwork on the trade-in, they gave the previous owner $16800 so they were happy to make $700 profit from me. I didn't mind it since the car was bargain-priced to begin with.
  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83

    While there are no specific reliability issues to worry about, any car can have a problem. The person buying this car at auction (with your authorization, I presume) sounds like the sole assessor of this vehicle, determining both condition and value. Should there be multiple bidders the value equation will take care of itself - bidding itself determines value.
    But you didn't say what your relationship to the buyer (bidder) is. Is the auction private (dealer), or public? Is he telling you the car will be approx. $18.9k regardless of what he buys it for? These are important factors. The difference between 23k miles and 50k miles on a 98 car is huge. I surely wouldn't want to pay the same amount for cars with that variance in milage. As for the 5-speed, the resale isn't greater.
    Buying cars at auction can be risky, since you don't have the opportunity to check the car thoroughly for mechanical defects, but by and large you can get good value for your selection. I would try to find a 98 with warranty left if possible - just in case there is a hidden problem..That means under 36k miles on the odometer and under three years from the service date (Nissan's warranty). If the warranty book is in the car it should note when the car was put in service.
    But $18.9k for a 98 with 50k miles is high for an auction. Wholesale is well below that. Think of the milage this way. If the car had only 23k miles on it you would be able to drive it 27k more miles before it was an equivalent car to the one with 50k miles. That's two years driving to some people. If someone keeps their car for 300k miles then it doesn't mean so much, but the market says that the car with 23k miles is worth $1500-2000 more. Good luck.

  • ny972213ny972213 Posts: 7
    If you're looking to save a couple of thousand, go with the accord.
    If you're looking for a real driving machine, go with the Maxima.
    Test drive both. If you don't realize a difference, then buy the Honda and get yourself checked out.I was set on buying a Honda until I test drove the Maxima. End of story.
  • On the brochure I have for the 2001 Maxima, it says the top speed for the 20th ann. SE is 143 mph, but the picture of the speedometer scale goes up to 160 mph. Who's gotten up that high? I know you do when you're by yourself so don't even fake it. Can anyone tell by their keen driving senses whether the speed is electronically limited to 143 mph or if it simply cannot get much faster than 143 mph? Why would they tease people by putting that scale on the speedometer if they cannot get there? Does anyone know if it's possible to get one of those 260 something hp Maxi engines in a '97? Just curious.

    Now my other question. I just bought my 97 at the beginning of the year and a single disc CD player was on the features list. However, all the buttons are labeled with the changer controls as well. So I want to be sure that I don't have a changer that I don't know how to use, as the manual is totally useless in the section designated specifically for models equipped with CD changers. So, for those with changers in their previous generation Maximas (or the current generation if the changer is the same or quite similar), how do you load your CD's? In what order do you do what? So am I an idiot with a changer or am I doing everything right and I just don't have a changer?
  • edwardsa1edwardsa1 Posts: 34
    I have a 2001 Max SE. I know two people who have driven them over 120 and they both claim the car has a limiter at ~127 MPH, although the magazines have said 143.

    I imagine the reason the speedo reads 160 is just to make it look more impressive to the casual onlooker.
  • prinjaprinja Posts: 2
    Why are all the Maximas I looked at automatics ? Am I the only one who would rather have a stick? Does anyone have some advice on how I should proceed to get one and still get a deal? So far I got a deal for 23,900 for the SE automatic with Comfort and Convenience and a few other minor goodies.
    Mike from South Jersey
  • jdimottajdimotta Posts: 55
    Has anyone purchased a SE special edition and if so are they giving good deals on them as well?? the regular SE's?...Would like anyones in put on that...Also has anyone seen this car in the new Majestic Blue color??...Thanks...Joe D.
  • edwardsa1edwardsa1 Posts: 34
    I have a 5-speed on my 2001 Max SE, and indeed the availability of the stick was a big player in my choice of car. If anything your desire for a stick should help you get a better deal, as they tend not to sell well. Mine had to be transported from out of state, but I still got a very good price.
  • getz1getz1 Posts: 63
    I test drove both the accord and the maxima and actually found the sporty feel of the maxima to be much less than expected. We actually ended up getting two of the accords, and I thought the accord in the automatic form felt like it accelerated a little faster than the Maxima. I'm sure the 5-spd Maxima takes care of this, but rush hour in Chicago sucks when you drive a stick. I don't know what the numbers are touted to be, but I didn't see any glaring differences in handling between the two cars. Honestly, I didn't find either vehicles to be "real driving machines", as stated by one post. They both are roomy and have above average acceleration, but I didn't percieve any benefit from the 20+hp of the maxima. I was tempted by the discounts on nissans, but usually you end up eating that in resale value. All in all the Hondas have been very comfortable, and I don't regret buying them. Hopefully when I get the urge to get another car, I'll have some decent equity and trade up for the new BMW 330 or Audi S4, both of which destroy the accord and maxima when it comes to driving pleasure. Heck, for under 30k you can get a Acura Cl-S type with 260HP, which makes runs to 60 with an automatic transmission a few tenths quicker than the SE max in 5 speed form. The new gen maxima rumored with 270hp sounds very interesting though.
  • Dude, you must not have driven the cars at all! What did you do? Test-drive them around the parking lot? If you stick it to the cars, you will see that the Maxima comes out on top.
  • sebbsebb Posts: 16
    Joe D....
    No, I did not purchase the 20th Anniversary MAx...but we looked at them heavily before getting the regular SE. We test drove one and ran some numbers with the business manager at a bigger dealer in the Twin Cities. He gave the impression that with the limited number of 20th Anniv. max's (12,500) produced, that real good deals would be harder to come by. However, he also said that anytime he could order one for his lot, he would...just so maybe he can build a nice supply of them (perhaps to give a deal or two). They come with a heftier price by a couple thousand over the regular SE...but you really don't get much more than badging and 5 extra horses. One of the Twin Cities dealers had the 20th Anniversary in Majestic Blue on the showroom floor and it was _gorgeous_. If I could have splurged, I would have just for that color. Very very nice. Wish Nissan would have made it available on all SE's. But I suppose that is their intention. Make a limited number of 20th's and give the buyer a leg up on the rest of the Max owners by offering a very nice color.
  • getz1getz1 Posts: 63
    Oh your absolutely right, I didn't know I was allowed to take the car off the the lot before buying it. I made each one do a complete circle, and I played with the seats. Actually I was a ways away from the salt flats, and was unable to set up the cones for the slalom test. I also unfortunately left all my Dyno equipment at home, and the sales guy probably wasn't going to let me go run laps with either car at the track. I really doubt you'd see much differentce if you "stuck" it to either car. They are still 4dr family movers. For those driving Accords, MaximaGLEs and GXEs (the SE is almost justified) whom think they are driving sports cars, go test drive a BMW 330i and then compare the feeling. Understandable why the price difference is 15 thousand bucks.
    Here's the numbers I could find on the Accord and maxima (March 01 Motor Trend), I believe edmunds ran a comparison on the two in their family sedan showdown as well.
    0-60 Honda: 8.1 Maxima GXE: 8.1
    60-0 134 ft 131 ft
    slalom 56.6 mph 58.6 mph
    1/4 mi 16.2 (85.8) 16.2 (85.9)
    -Not huge differences, with the slalom being perhaps the most notable with a variance of 2 mph. Unless, spending the money on the 5spd SE with the more capable wheels/tires, I don't think performance is an issue. If you like the way one looks or feels over the other, fine, but I don't think either car is going to be embarassing each other at stop lights or on-ramps (unless you roll down you window and tell me that you have twenty more hp).
  • Getz1, why don't you compare whatever can be deemed the pseudo-sport version of the Accord to the SE Maxima? The SE's 0-60 acceleration was published at 6.7 on Edmunds. Can anyone else verify seeing this stat? The SE is more than "justified."
  • getz1getz1 Posts: 63
    I don't think anyone actually considers the acccord a sport sedan, which is funny since it is pretty similar to the maxima in its performance numbers; and the number difference is no where exagerated enough to say the the maxima is the true driving machine when compared to the accord (that's the "I'm proud of my new car" attitude talking). You could however compare the Acura Cl-S (28,900 s navigation) which is about the same price as a loaded SE (28,600) and considering the comprable price it could be considered the sporty version of the accord. The 6.7 sec (motor trend)maxima time is for a manual transmission which, since the topic states automatic transmission only, is a moot point. I did make an assumption in that the auto SE would reach 60 with a time equal to the GXE, feel free to correct me if there is a difference. The automatic transmission cl-s reaches 60 in 6.4 seconds, 60-0 in 124ft, 1/4mi in 14.8 (96.5) which are noticably better than the maxima (motor trend). Of course you lose the 4 doors, however the TL-S is being released which has pretty much the same performance as the 2 door and would serve to haul around the family. Obviously the five speed maxima would handily beat an accord, which I don't think anyone is arguing. I do agree that the maxima has a sportier look than the accord, and the SE auto will post a better skidpad. But, since no one is claiming the accord to be a sport sedan, and the maxima is the self-touted four door sports car, I find this to be somewhat of a marketing gimmic on Nissans behalf as the cars are very close in their numbers. When comparing the maxima se to BMW's offerings, which arguably are touted the leading developer of sports sedans, I don't see the maxima as being justified (especially with an automatic transmission which is akin to pouring ketchup over a nice cut of steak). For 4 grand cheaper you could buy an all wheel drive subaru wrx which destroys the maxima in every performance category, and as such I would consider that a true sports sedan.
    I'm not trying to knock the maxima as it is a fabulous car, but I think the sports car classification is a bit much considering the actual performance numbers. I find it amusing that anything perpetuated as a sports sedan would even find itself being compared to the accord, which is considered the kitchen appliance of the car world. I also haven't noticed any maxima vs. the BMW 330 or Audi A6 (although the price tag would make these equally laughable).
    It will be interesting to see where nissan is taking itself; with the new Z and Q45's numbers we may see a resurgence of the attitude that inifiniti had when it first came out. Unfortunately they tried to ride the lexus cushy boat philosophy and strayed away from producing comfortable cars with great performance (the first Q45 had a much meaner V8 than the past few years have used), the new Q45 is amazing! My wife had a 99 G20 that was incredibly stable when pushed through corners, and if provided the proper engine it could have been a bmw beater. The XVL, proposed with rear wheel drive and 250+hp will be incredible if it handles as well as the G20 did. I am estatic that so many people love the maxima (as evidenced by the twenty other maxima vs. God knows what topics) as it will help nissan maintain its solidarity. Nissan has the know how to make a serious car (ever hear of the skyline?), it's just a matter of time till they are willing to produce a sedan that totally pleases in the performance category. And Boris, if you drive an automatic SE don't let reality hinder your notion of its performance, if you squint hard enough and perform a carotid massage during brisk accleration you will have the notion of traveling much faster than actually registered on the speedometer. There is actually a level of self awareness, as documented by Freud, jammed between the id, ego, and superego which actually governs men and their cars so I understand this need to feel faster and sportier then the next guy. Hey, if a woman can get breast implants to feel better about herself, you are certainly entitled to pick on cavaliers, malibus, intrepids, heck even accords at the stop light. Try cannibalism and dust a sentra se, or would that be fratricide? Enjoy your car!
  • Okay what I've been doing here is trying to convince myself that I did not make a mistake in not waiting for this 260 something hp Maxima. I do drive the 5-speed, but I gotta say that you are making me feel like I possibly spent too soon.
  • getz1getz1 Posts: 63
    The current maxima is a great choice for what is being offered at its price. I actually think that people who are buying maximas now are getting great deals and I believe you made the right decision if you really wanted a nissan. I hate waiting as much as the next guy and would have done the same as you. Drive it for a few years and get the new max offering once it is available. What is nice about the japanese imports is that they are incredibly easy to sell, and have very decent resale. When it comes time to upgrade, you should have absolutely no trouble getting a price you want, especially private party (arrgh, a huge hassle though). If the reports are true, Nissan will have a big winner on their hands with the next gen max. I totally side with your doubts, it happens to every new car buyer. Every time I see an SE go buy with the 17in wheels I get a similar pang in wondering if I made the right choice with the accord. Both are great cars that should serve us well for years, or at least till we get the urge to head to the local dealership and try and get the newer shinier version of whatever strikes our eyes.
    Take care, and try not to pick on the honda guys to much with that fancy drive train.
  • loonee2nloonee2n Posts: 2
    To Edwardsa1,
    I don't know about a 2001 Maxima, but I was in a 2000 maxima that hit 130mph. It wasn't going to go much higher than that. I'd say 135 max. The 160 is for show, unless you want to put a Stillen supercharger in it.
  • Tell me more about this one, "Stillen supercharger."
  • loonee2nloonee2n Posts: 2
    As well as every other high performance part for a car, Team Stillen makes a supercharger for the Maxima. They claim 90 more horsepower for the 2000 Max. That's 312hp. They also have high flow intake and other goodies. You can check it out at
  • speedracer3speedracer3 Posts: 650
    When I was shopping I was looking for a good V6. In the list were two coupes and two four doors. They were as follows: Toyota Solara V6, Honda Accord V6 coupe, VW Passat V6, and Nissan Maxima SE.

    I will only comment on the Honda and the Maxima, because they are the cars in the topic, but this is how they stacked up in my book

    #1 Nissan Maxima SE (which I got)
    #2 Volkswagen Passat V6
    #3 Camry Solara V6
    #4 Honda Accord V6 Coupe

    The Honda's leather seats were terrible, extremely hard and uncofortable. The Maxima seats are soft and confy. The shifting in the Honda is very jerky especially between first and second..the Maxima can bring in the power quick with smoother shifts. The Honda does not feel sporty, lots of body roll. Test drive them hard, and the Maxima is the only one up to task. The Bose in the Maxima is light years ahead of anything in any of these cars. The Honda Accord is a fine car, but not much fun to drive. Also, not a huge issue, but I trust the integrity of Japanese made car better than American made ones.

    Speed <--- Drivin!
  • boatman7boatman7 Posts: 7
    Good morning! Well after looking at EXv6's,Passat
    used S70's and some american junk I just bought a
    01 Max Gle w/roof and changer. It's grey luster
    with grey leather and gorgeous. We chose the Max for it's power, unique looks, (too many accords on the road)it's warranty and reputation. The VW
    warranty was a joke and the Honda people were very hard to negotiate with (so were the VW folks)
    Drive these cars and you will go with the Max for
    it's seat comfort, rear leg room,and general dash
    layout. The engine purrs and the tranny shifts much better then the other two contenders. Best of all was the price. $29K list/paid under $26k.
    We saved enough $$ to order 4 Borbett H's and snows from the Tire Rack to ride out the rest of NY's winter. If you want to deal with a GREAT dealer, try Serafini Nissan in Vestal, NY. Super people to do business with!
  • gerapaugerapau Posts: 211
    The top speed of the Max SE is about 143mph but this can only be achieved under ideal conditions. Most would be lucky to get it over 135mph. As far as limiters are concerned, there are none on the SE with 17" wheels. The SE with 16" wheels does have a limiter due to the fact that the tires are H (130mph) speed rated. The 17" tires are V (149mph) speed rated and are more then capable of taking the Max's top speed.
  • madwolfmadwolf Posts: 1
    HELP !! I'm interested in a '01 Max SE. The problem is after test driving for 15 or so minutes I get an ache in my outer left thigh where the seat hits it. Any advice? Any one else have problems with the seats? Other than that the Max is a great car.
  • kevinw5kevinw5 Posts: 3
    I just went shopping today for a 2001 Max SE with all of the goodies except leather and traction control. My first question is can anyone tell me what a good price for this car and if anyone has purchased this car for 450 or less with 1500 down. I really fell in love with this car today but want to know if anyone has gotten this car for 450 a month with 1500 down. Am I dreaming or is this possible with this type of car. Second, question... is the traction control worth the extra money? Thanks for your help!!

  • sebbsebb Posts: 16
    If you get everything (Bose, 6-disc, microfilter, wind deflector, C+C pkg, splash guards, floormats) your sticker price should be around 28,800 with an invoice of 25,800. Most people seem to be getting a few hundred under let's say you can get the car for 25,300. (Your good price you asked for) Putting 1500 down will take you down to 23,800. Financing at a good rate of 6.9% will be bring your total cost to purchase to about 31,000. This is figuring 6% sales tax and destination charges. Dividing that over 60 months and you get $500/month. The only way I see bringing that down is going with a 72 month loan...or getting a better deal on the Max. (not 6.9% is a pretty nice rate). Maybe if you drop about 1500 in options you will be in for 450 a month. Anyone see errors in this logic?

    About the traction control. It doesn't come in to play very often...but it is nice to have if you live in the northern US. I find that accelerating on a slick surface is much is turning sharply on slick pavement. For only 300 bucks...I find it to be a pretty good value. Good luck! Hope it all works for you.
  • Hey everyone, I also am interested in a Nissan Maxima SE. I just totaled my 1990 Maxima when I hit an Ameritech truck (I was having really bad phone service). I love the new Maxima's and would like to find a 4 door Sedan under 24,000. I am also considering an Accord or a Passat.

    So first of all, what do you think between the 3 choices. I would even consider a 4 cylinder Honda or VW to lower the costs. A Maxima would definitely give me a great V6 engine, but I would likely have to cut down on the options to keep my prices below 24K.

    I was also wondering about using premium fuel for the Nissan and VW. Is this a an absolute necessity? Is this a reason to steer toward an Accord? Am I just being cheap?

    Finally, does anyone know if Nissan is giving manufacturer's rebates during April?
  • antonkantonk Posts: 19
    My dad just drove the Honda Accord EX-V6, and was absolutely appalled at how much he disliked everything about it. He now owns a 95 Maxima SE and has driven the 2000 Maxima, and the Accord does not even come close to either one.
    I would definately go with a Maxima SE.
  • gretel1gretel1 Posts: 2
    I am buying a car for the first time on my own. Have tested several and narrowed it down to the Honda Accord EX with V6 and the Nissan Maxima GLE, Meridian edition. The Honda dealer wants $23,465 and the Nissan dealer wants $27,125. They both said these are near invoice prices. Are these good deals, or are they out of line? Also, anyone know how they compare?
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