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Toyota Camry Hybrid Bluetooth/Phone Questions



  • I have a 2010 Camry Hybrid and a Blackberry 9650. All worked well until last night. I was leaving a message on one call I was on and trying a call coming in. When I get into my car I get the connection made message. When I go to speed dial it takes me to a call saying talking a showing time of call. I can clear by transferring call. When I go into speed dial is shows it is calling the number but no ringing or connection. When I deleted the phone a re register it, it says another phone is connected but there not any other phone. Any way to fix this problem.
  • david_txdavid_tx Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    I have a 2010 TCH and have the same problem, with listeners hearing garbled sound quality on their end. Sound quality in car is fine. I have adjusted the gain, but only achieved a small improvement. Dealer service has been useless on this issue.
  • Having the exact same problem. Deleted the phone from the Bluetooth registry and then reinstalled and still happening. No other phones registered. Anyone got any ideas?
  • Thank you so much. I have the same year of Camry. I recently upgraded to a Droid X2 and had forgotten how I conneced my old phone to my car bluetooth. On top of that the owner's manual didn't match my car set up so I didn't know how to delete the old phone either. While waiting for the dealership to research I found your information. I am keeping this for future reference.
  • I have a 2009 Hybrid and have not changed my phone but suddenly I'm getting failure to connect messages. I've checked the car setup and it is set to auto connect. I've checked the phone and it's set to Bluetooth on. Any suggestions?
  • blileblile Posts: 1
    edited January 2015
    I have a 2007 camry hybrid. I found this Bluetooth receiver for cheap online. It works awesome. I tried several to connect my iPhone 6. Most didn't automatically connect. But this one works like you think it should. Hope it helps someone.

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